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Lady Gaga: Fame Fragrance London Launch!

Lady Gaga: Fame Fragrance London Launch!

Lady Gaga rocks flashy nails while attending the launch of her new fragrance Fame at Harrods on Sunday (October 7) in London, England.

The 26-year-old entertainer was spotted blowing air kisses on the carpet.

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Gaga was recently honored as a peace activist with the LennonOno Grant for Peace Award.

Lady Gaga is one of the biggest living artists of our time,” Yoko Ono said. “She is not only an artist, she is also an activist, using her art to bring better communication to the world. She is being acknowledged for her activism, and how her album Born This Way has widely changed the mental map of the world. And how it has made us deal with the future world, which happens to be here already.”

FYI: Gaga is wearing custom Brian Atwood shoes.

15+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga at her fragrance launch in London…

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lady gaga fame fragance london launch 01
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 02
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 03
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 04
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 05
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 06
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 07
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 08
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 09
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 10
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 11
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 12
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 13
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 14
lady gaga fame fragance london launch 15

Photos: Getty, BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Katy Hit Perry

    so much UGLY in a person

  • hmmm

    she looks like edward scissorhands…………WEIRD

  • wren

    I think she is nuts, totally self absorbed, very much like Madonna, but I like her. Wouldn’t want to be in her tsunami, but appreciate that she does break new ground and also pays her dues to charitable efforts.

  • Sarah.

    Wow.. so who is she copying now? Lana del Rey? She looks like a freak show..

  • Carla

    She looks so unusually normal here?

  • KissThis

    I was going to comment that she looks pretty, but then I saw the sh!t on her hands… o.O

  • Olive

    She seems less confident since she gained weight.

  • rose

    she could look pretty if she wanted to. instead she chooses to wear ridiculous things and make herself look “unique” ha. and i agree about the confidence/weight thing. she should actually be happy that when she has meat on her body, her figure does not look “big” at all, it looks good…very womanly.

  • rachel

    her life is center on being a publicity whore anyway possible. she lack alot in her personality so she has to be different in way she dress and acts in the front of the camera. nobody should be worshipping her.

  • Claire Mélusine

    @Sarah.: Exactly my thought about looking like Lana

  • Lillian

    like Phyllis implied I’m shocked that some one able to profit $5775 in a few weeks on the internet. did you see this web site (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Claire Mélusine

    And really Yoko? really? still the same little person using big words to picture small, false and idiotic ideas. She should probably stop getting high -.-

  • Chloe

    The more hype she tries to get she more boring she becomes.

  • Lady Caca vomits caca

    There is new footage of Lady Caca vomiting on stage, in Barcelona.

    “Edge of Bullsh*t” is still being played in the background. Lady Caca doesn’t sing live. She uses playback.

    Lady Caca is 100% sh*t. Real disgusting, useless sh*t. Nothing but a troll and a manufactured clown.

  • Jack

    I think people should get off the womans case a bit. A few years ago when she was wearing all these mad outfits everyone was giving her crap then and i could actually see why, but now when she is actually calming her dress sense down and be classy, everyone is still giving her crap. She cant win. I think she is very unique with the things she does. So what if she is crazy sometimes, its what makes her. There’s one thing most haters forget.. and its the fact that she has her own Anti-Bullying society ( to try and stop bullying and she donates mega amounts of money to numerous charities, so its not all about her, she helps us too. Singer, Designer, Has her own perfume, Donates Charity, Actress in 2013? What more do you haters want from her.. You say she cant sing, but put it this way, if she was sh*t at her job, why do so many people love her (30million followers) She must be doing something right.

  • dooliloo

    Really Yoko Ono? Kissing ass much or are you high? Unlike your former partner who, controversy or else, actually had an impact on the world you praise some idiotic self absorbed singer who just jumps on any occasion to stay relevant?? Seriously let me sing “Imagine” again for you…

  • The Real Emma

    I don’t think Ono should be giving out awards with John Lennon’s name on them, he is not here to vote.

  • commonsense

    I don’t know why people keep harping on her weight gain, it’s not like she’s overweight. She’s still pretty skinny.

  • S

    She looks pretty

  • dooliloo

    It’s about the influence I say, clearly not that she should mention Lennon, but for someone who has seen changes through the 70s 80s etc and so on, well she should know better. That is my opinion I express out loud, you are free to disagree of course.
    and to Jack… Gaga saying she “started the conversation” for gay rights in America is incredibly insulting to the everyday people and non-profit groups who have worked and campaigned non stop for pro-gay changes within their community for years. And this self-absorbed woman comes and flushes it away? How about she keeps quiet? She’s not a evolutionary feminist; again plenty of people were gay rights crusader before it was some kind of fashion thing nowadays. She’s not doing anything new. She’s not an avant-garde. Grace Jones was dressing with outrageous clothes before Gaga was born and still had class.
    She got criticized for her extra pounds and next thing is she starts a so called “body revolution” and yet flaunts her “surprisingly” back to toned up body a week later, coincidentally topped by “I suffered bulimia”, as if to justify herself… Revolution right!
    Call me a Gaga hater, I’m simply allergic to bullsh!t, nonsense and hypocrisy.

  • ze

    Seriously! This is no longer ART, this is madness. Something really wrong with this woman. Period.

  • just saying

    She almost got it right until I see tha hands…ugh!

  • Looselipz

    Ugly inside and out…filled with contradictions….and the fake accents….can’t stand her …and BS that she’s liking her fat body…I’m sure she’s on Jenny as we speak…

  • TheOne

    The extreme hate on this blog. You guys should do something with your middle-aged lives instead of trying to tear someone else down.

  • TheOne

    @Looselipz: Your comment is disgusting. People like you are what’s wrong with society.

  • lana del rey

    why the F—- is she copying LANA DEL REY… omg.. is there any living thing that she didn’t copy yet?????

  • lana del rey

    who the F… did her hair? she looks bold in front.. gaga, dear, if u wanna try to copy ur queen lana del rey.. do us the dignity of copying ur legend with a decent way…. is there something else that this creature didn’t copy yet??

  • claws up monsters

    Please join our new Lady Gaga fan site

  • stephanie



    GAGA The GREAT !! Gaga can go both ways with her hair color. She rocks it out. It’s count down time for the little monsters who are going to the BORN THIS WAY BALL TOUR. I brought my tickets last month and I am so ready to see Gaga when she tours in the U.S.

  • Lydia

    Of course she’s ripping off Lana. After people caught on that she was ripping off Madonna and countless others, she’s has a new muse to emulate.

  • Olivia

    I like her hair like that, I tought about Lana too but Lana didn’t invent brown hair you know.

  • Rebecca

    Well according to some stupid Osbourne girl Lady Gaga is pregnant. All I can say is that she does not look pregnant and I think she looks awesome. She looks healthy and she looks good.

  • somali girl

    She is still ugly even after nose job. Poor rat looking creature.


    Love the hair and the dress! She’s definitely moving in the right direction…

  • claire

    Wow, Donatella Versace CAN make a person change her style.
    But no Gaga, go back to monster outfits.

  • claire

    Wait, I just read that Yoko Ono praised her??
    WTF?? You think that if John Lennon was still alive, he would have said that??

  • yep

    beautiful hair and love the color on her.

  • Love The Shoes

    She really looks or should say, reminds me of Amy Winehouse in this pic.