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Brad Pitt: Chanel No. 5 Campaign Teasers!

Brad Pitt: Chanel No. 5 Campaign Teasers!

Check out these new videos teasing Brad Pitt‘s campaign for Chanel No. 5, which will be released on October 15.

The 48-year-old actor will be featured in both a commercial and print ads for the fragrance company, but will only be associated with the No. 5 scent.

Brad‘s commercial will debut on October 15 with the print campaign coming in early November, according to WWD.

In the meantime, three teasers have been released featuring Brad‘s seductive voice saying short phrases. Check them out below!

Brad Pitt – “Are You Going Somewhere?”

Click inside to watch Brad‘s other teasers…

Brad Pitt – “Do You Feel Lucky?”

Brad Pitt – “What’s the Mystery?”
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Photos: Sam Taylor-Wood
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  • busted

    I really enjoyed the teasers. Mysterious. And Brad looks great at any angle. It is a gift as they say. Can’t wait for the full one on Monday..

    looking good as always Mr. Pitt.

  • awwww

    cool, I can’t wait to see the whole ad.

  • Jassie

    Oh, I see why his ex wanted to reveal her ring today……….. Sexy Brad Pitt’s luxury endorsement is released. Chanel, now that’s classy.
    You lose, Aniston. You will always lose. Why? Because you lack substance and you are just plain mediocre.

  • KTS tweets

    Madeleine Daisy ‏@Madelelion

    Killing Them Softly is perfection. Holy shiit it’s beautiful. I LOVE films like that.

  • darth

    His looks are soooo overrated. His face has always been very apish. And that smug, thinks-he’s-so-cute smirk he always has on his face doesn’t help in making me like him any more.

  • OlympusMons

    So SEXY voice! :-)

  • neer

    (Bringing over here a very funny comment from X thread…)
    Oh dear @ 10/08/2012 at 3:13 pm
    Also, the pic looks like mommy seeing him off to his first day of college highschool .”Mom, not in front of my freinds!!”

  • busted


    Not sure what the hell your are talking about. You don’t see his face in the ad just a back view. Stop hating and saying stupid stuff

    and really I doubt brad gives a bigshit that you don’t like him. Now run along ugly.

  • woman spanish

    What a voice! the most attractive I’ve ever heard!

  • Alice

    Brad really has great sexy voice.

  • Danny

    Love it, I haven’t used channel since in my 20s but I will try it again.

  • Angel Among Us!

    @Darth….Spoken like a true jealous ugly a$$ whore! :)

  • Rose

    This is it, no one is ever going to convince me that this woman, the Dirtbag, is not stalking Brad and Angelina. SS and her guru knew that the Chanel ad was coming out today. SS and her guru rushed to put out the piece of glass to coincide with Brad’s Ad campaign. This is one sick woman.

  • Marieme

    Ditto #6

    Exactly what I was going to add. Brad has the sexiest male voice alive (rowr!) and his woman has the sexiest female voice!

  • BW

    Very nice Brad Chanel teaser. On the other hand, Maniston is so predictable. That pic does look like mom to son. haha

  • neer

    (From Brad’s previous thread…)
    Rose @ 10/08/2012 at 3:26 pm
    @Ssshhii_baby: Shi, remember that beautiful picture with Angie caressing BrAds face, with his eyes closed? I believe that’s the photo SS was trying to recreate. I have to admit. That’s one of my favorite Angie and Brad’s photo.
    That’s EXACTLY what’s on my mind when I saw X staged photo.
    I think that the pic wherein AJ was caressing tenderly BP’s face w/ his eyes closed was at Palm Spring2011 w/ AJ’s tattoo at the back shown.. I remember it very well because it’s one of my favorite AJBP pic too.

    X really is a STALKER, no doubt about it!

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @darth: doesn’t matter if you think he is good looking, or if you like him. his wife Angelina and his beautiful children loves him!!! both him and Angie have the sexiest voice! i wear Chanel Coco Mademoiselle but man!!! his voice is so seductive!! I might have to go old school, and get Chanel 5..

  • love&hate&black&white

    Chanel 5; the BEST! I have it and I love it!!

  • Rose

    I love the teasers. Can’t wait for the rest. Brad Pitt is the man. No wonder his x came out today with a ugly a$$ ring. She should be ashamed of her self. As Braid said, their should be a statute of limitation on stalking your x husband.

  • huh

    Lamey says Maniston’s ring is like a chubby gurgling baby. Angie’s ring is lean and sharp, totally Angelina Jolie.

  • Passing Through

    Ruh roh…Chanel is slowly trying to kill the twolls. Bad Chanel, bad! .Just one more week until twoll heads implode…again…

  • Passing Through

    On another note….I was goofing around today looking at the pix from Angie’s St. John campaigns and I’m ROTFLMAO at an article I ran across saying St. John is currently for sale. I thought the non-model actress model was supposed to save the day for the company after they felt their brand was overshadowed by Angie when she managed to make their old lady clothes look fashionable and elegant? What happened to that? Oh wait…I know…sales actually DECLINED with Ms. Titanic as the model. Go figure. The story says that St John sales are predicted to be around $253.9 million after selling $269.5 million in 2011. Which are both a far cry from the 2nd year Angie modeled for them. Their 2007 sales was $355.4MIL. The article said they shot themselves in the foot by hiring Angie but fail to report that St. John Sales were only around $310MIL when they signed Angie in 2006.

  • Rose

    @neer: Hi ne’er, it’s so clear now for all to see, this woman is stalking Brad and Angelina. This can’t be a coincident.
    The Chanel Ad is bad!!. Brad’s voice is so sexy. I can’t wait for the reveal of the entire Ad. :-),

  • busted

    @Passing Through:

    oH wait.. you mean Kate Winlet.. the real woman can’t sell clothes to real women.

    Funny I don’t recall seeing any current pictures of Kate in any ad or commercial. But Kate has a Real figure that REAL women can relate to. Heck St. Johns could rerun Angie’s ad campaign and those pictures would still look current and awesome. She is just perfect for any brand. She just has that thing you want to see.

    I’m not upset. I’m kind of glad especially after the shady way they did things with Angie. Love how Karma comes back to take a bit out of a ass*

  • geez

    Maniston makes so easily to laugh at her. She is stalkish, unoriginal.

  • Yoki

    I love Brad. I wish I can find someone who looks extactly like him when he was 24. God damn, he was hot before and he’s hot now. OOOOOWWWWWWW, he’s hot! I love how he cares about important issues!

  • neer

    Re Lamey’s take on X ring staged photo
    “…. These are exclusive images released by Film Magic, always celebrity friendly and a trusted go-to for celebrities when they need to stage photos. But why now? Why this?
    Well, it’s Monday. Which means she’s made the tabloid deadlines. These pictures will be all over every magazine this week. What else happens this week?
    Brad Pitt’s ads for Chanel No5 will finally be released on October 15.
    A coincidence again?
    And again?
    And again, and again, and again?
    Always a coincidence, isn’t it? It’s never, never, EVER a conspiracy.
    By the way, speaking of Pitt’s ads for Chanel No5, do you feel lucky?”

  • Yoki

    I love Brad. I wish I can find someone who looks extactly like him when he was 24. God damn, he was hot before and he’s hot now. OOOOOWWWWWWW, he’s hot! I love how he cares about important issues! I love him so happy him and angie are together! Jen wasn’t going to give him thoses kids!

  • QQQQ

    Funny write up from Gawker about the ring, but as usual Jared always with the moderation bull.shite.

  • Dakota

    Love Brad’s teasers for Chanel #5. Sexy voice! I wondered what he would wear for the commercial. I kinda thought he would be in a suit or tuxedo. But, I am happy with this look, it’s sexy with his long hair, which I love!! Have a great day JP fans.

  • geez

    Maniston makes so easy to laugh at her, she is so stalkish and unoriginal.

  • Rose

    This is from “Your Giant Engagement Ring Looks F u c k I n g Stupid, Jennifer Aniston.”

  • 2Park5

    Sexy just like the man

  • marina

    My posts cannot gothru.

  • lol

    Everyone thinks Maniston bought herself the ring since midget escort can’t afford 1/100 of the ring. LOL.

  • love Them

    Love the teasers. Brad is sexy.

  • cee

    Jennifer Aniston is hilarious. She is so pathetic. Poor Angie she is stuck with this woman for the rest of her life. What a stalker Aniston is.
    She stalks the JP’s over and over again. I feel bad for Angie and Brad. I also feel bad for Angie fans because even when you put in Angies name in Google or anywhere all the hags who use her to gain attention pop up. Like CH the hag and JA the stalker. By the way does anybody really think Squiggy acutally paid for that ring?

  • Frenchy

    Yes, yes yes!!!!!!!!!! More more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Waving to all JP fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I saw her ring. Her fans rant on and on about Angie pimping her ring. Look at the ho now. I’ve never seen her touched his face like this since they hooked up. Suddenly, her hand managed to get in front of his face. Wow! Talk about being private. Can we say Media Wh@re.

    Anyway, not because I dont like her but the ring is truely ugly. I dont care if it is raw, unprocessed, unbleached or whatever. It is ugly. There’s no thought put into it. I like simply ring too but this is just plain.

    Must’ve cost him Iron 2 & 3 paychecks. Well, I hope his investment pays off.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Meant to say Iron Man

  • The Real Emma

    Sexy Brad!!! Can’t wait for Oct 15. Poor guy can’t do anything without Sad Spook riding his coattails. She outta be ashamed.

  • Halie

    OMG I love his hair. Totally sexy!

  • yap

    Angie’s ring is lean and sharp just like Angie. Maniston’s ring is chubby and stupid just like Maniston.

  • Dc

    What a sexy voice! Can’t wait to see the entire ad.

    Miss him and Angelina.

  • tamsin

    LOL at this non-news. Are you happy now loons?

    The only thing that will be interesting to see is how Joe Wright will manage to make this pathetic drunktard look sober.

  • wow

    Brad Pitt is just so freakin sexy.

  • notyourfriend

    i brad at any angle anything and everything he and his family does…

  • Rose

    This is so funny from I’m bringing it over for the fans.
    “Oh hey, here’s a picture of Jennifer Aniston rocking, a zillion-carat engagement ring that her fiancé Justin Therous “gave” her though I assume Aniston bought the ring herself six years ago and stated it in a safety deposit box until the day she finally found a man who would properly pull off being dressed liked a 1930′s fighter pilot. This is a big rock. A Hugh rock. A very expensive, obnoxious , stupid rock.”

    “When it comes to engagement rings, there us a fine threshold between beautiful and gaudy, and Aniston just hopped inside an IROC and made skid marks on that threshold.”

    Every one now has the Dirtbags number. Desperate, needy and stalker comes to mind when looking at SS life.

  • dawne

    Here we are, as Huvsy planned, talkng about Brad and Ticky at the same time……….now don’t you think it odd that Jared let the last thread run up to 3k but suddenly at 500 posts he puts up a new one on Brad at the same time he puts up the Ticky ring thing………c’mon, I’m no conspiracy theorist but you’d have to be one day out of the womb to not pick up on this obvious play.

    The ring is god awful. Is she trending on twitter…..didn’t thinks so unless they get the ‘stalking’ thing or the ‘butt ugly ostentatious ring he couldn’t afford’…….even Lamey is finally figuring it out and that is a mouthful.

    So between Jared and Huvsy, here we are after waiting patiently for the debut of Brad’s ad, talking jointly about Ticky and her garish ring.

    Sometimes I get really fed up with Jared. He is in on the poke game, fully anted up.

  • The Real Emma

    I’m going to buy some Chanel this Christmas, that’s for dang sure and I’m going to think of Brad’s voice every time I put it on : )