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Jennifer Aniston: Boston Business Meeting

Jennifer Aniston: Boston Business Meeting

Jennifer Aniston rocks a pair of eyeglasses as she heads into a business meeting on Monday (October 8) in Boston, Mass.

The 43-year-old actress left the meeting later in the day and kept her left hand covered to avoid onlookers seeing her engagement ring.

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Over the weekend, Jennifer and her fiance Justin Theroux were spotted leaving their Sante Fe hotel together, where she flashed her enormous engagement ring. It’s the first view we’ve gotten of the rock – be sure to check out the pics!

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Credit: Stickman; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • A

    That ring is the ugliest effing ring I’ve ever seen. It looks so fake and obnoxious.
    And how come she always pops up and make announcements when Brad or Angelina make announcement and have things to promote!? It’s not a coincidence when you do it all the time!
    Jennifer is really pathetic now and she isn’t aging well either. I kind of feel sorry for her and her fake relationship. How sad.

  • So Hot


  • JL

    Great look!

  • Sorella

    Why is she wearing open toe sandals in October in Boston, weird. She has the oddest taste in footwear. It looks like her on-call hairdresser had the day off, she looks so average here.

  • rachel

    Granny needs more attention. One picture is not enough for this dbag

  • df

    What is the point of hiding her ugly, tacky ring today when she was purposely showing it off to the paps with Mr. Munster?

    Did she Google herself and see the majority think it looks like a piece of salt rock??

    A big ring does not equal better or beautiful.

  • Joe


    You sound like a jealous hag loon! Seriously loon, take your miserable self back to the Pitty thread. You are making a fool out of yourself!

  • DB

    Wait – so her going to a business meeting merits a STORY?

    For Serious?

  • marisol

    She looks so ridiculous covering her hand like that. I’m assuming she sold pix of the ring and couldn’t officially show it until those pictures came out.

  • Isha

    As Manny mentioned in the previous post, that ring looks of poor quality. Yes it’s huge but appears to be extremely cloudy. Makes you wonder why she took so long to show the ring and it looks like she’s trying to hide it.

  • Nothing But Love

    It’s so sad to see some of things written here. What people put out are often a reflection of their inner self.
    Looking good Jennifer and again beautiful ring.

  • Margaret

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  • df


    UH…there is nothing about Jen to be jealous of. Only her money really.

    She has average looks, a huge nose/chin, bad skin.

    She is boring as h*ll with nothing to talk about besides her hair, yoga and body.

    Multiple men have left her neurotic insecure self and she has no talent!

    Tell us what Jen has to be jealous of.

  • cammi

    hashing out the pre-nup details at the lawyer’s office? she does not look camera-ready here. her ring suits her perfectly – just like her, it’s attention-seeking, zero elegance, crass, and not subtle at all.

  • JL

    Peoples demands are endless!
    Every hater talked about “no ring” yesterday…
    Here is the ring…
    But “a poor quality” for now…
    What’s next?

  • Isha

    @df: A piece of salt rock is exactly what that ring looks like! You would think he would have taken a relative or friend with him when he picked out the ring.

  • angie

    love you sweetheart, am so happy for you and we all know how you and justin adore eachother

  • JL

    You may jealous to her Charisma -
    any news and you may see peoples reaction.
    An “average” look?
    But not for producers – she is on Business Meeting as you can see.
    Your own comment convinces you envy to all her life.

  • just asking

    Is she wearing a wig. Her hair is so far down her forehead. Her hairline looks like Teresa from Real Housewives of NJ.

  • Isha

    @JL: Maybe people did talk about “no ring”, but I was not one of them and what if I were… I saw the the ring in previous picture and my first thought was, that ring is huge but it looks very cloudy, maybe it’s the quality of the picture. Then this picture shows up and it appears like she’s hiding her hand. Do I know that for sure? No. It’s just my opinion, one that I am entitle to have.

  • an opinion

    I’d hid that ugly ring too.

  • Isha

    @just asking: She may be wearing extensions, but her hairline has always been far down on her forehead. I noticed that when she was on the tv show Friends.

  • JL

    )@an opinion:
    Should you married Justin too? :

  • JustinWantsAFrontlaceWig

    Playing hide and seek with that “Halls Cough Drop” on her hand? Everything is so staged with this 48yoa hag


  • Isha

    @JustinWantsAFrontlaceWig: You probably right, way to get attention! By the way, your screen name is too funny…

  • babs

    I taugh it was Barbara Streisand at first and the ring does look cheap. If I were her I would get a real stone and hide this thing. Big does equal quality and now we know why she’s been hiding it.
    I’m surprised. Doesn’t Justin know that cameras pick up on this stuff and actually make the diamonds shine even more with the glare?
    Her diamond is not real, it’s not flawless and it’s too bad. Bubble gum quality and cut.

  • itsmichelle

    Why are people on here so negative and hurtful? Leave Jen alone and let her live her life. She is happy and that’s all that counts.

  • justsayN

    Funny how Brangelina fans are attacking Jen’s ring ONLY because everybody thinks Angelina’s ring is ugly and gaudy. So you attack jen’s ring out of revenge. Sorry, but Angie’s ring is still the ugliest ring we’ve seen in a long while. If Jen’s ring was small, you’d be mocking it. Sorry. But Jen’s ring is not ugly no matter how much you want it to be.

  • snicker

    Obviously she sold the ring pics to some loser who couldn’t even get a clear shot of it. She needs to keep it hidden now, or maybe it’s gone back to the prop department.

  • Cece

    From Lainey re: her ring “reveal”:

    These are exclusive images released by Film Magic, always celebrity friendly and a trusted go-to for celebrities when they need to stage photos.

    Why so needy, Jen???

  • Isha

    @snicker: SCREAMING OUT LOUD!!! Some of you could take your material on the road and make a boat-load of money off of Jennifer and Justin. I would pay to come see you.

  • Joe


    Goodness…. I guess you have been involved in all her relationships and know exactly what happened and when, right? Bless your heart, I guess you are one of those uneducated fools who, believes everything she/he reads on the Internet or in a gossip rag. Please!

    I refuse to dignify your ridiculous comment any further…

  • WRONG!

    huh? have you looked at the posts from around the web..its NOT only brangelina fans that think the ring is UGLY..go look on lipstickalley not a pro-Jolie site at all they ALL think the ring is ugly, go on ONTD the largest livejournal forum on the internet they all say the ring is UGLY, go on gossiprocks a gossip forum that is not pro-Jolie they all say the ring is ugly, go on dlisted one of the biggest Jolie bashing sites all the comments say the ring is tacky and UGLY, even Jen fanson the net are saying the ring is ugly

  • df


    Face it, Jen’s ring is tacky no matter how hard her fans try to act like they like it. It looks like a ring pop or from the candy machine. Like costume jewelry.

    As long as Jen is not alone her fans will love any guy she is with, even if it was Charlie Sheen!

    Angelina’s ring is classic and flatters her finger. Nothing cheap or tacky about it. It looks designed, unlike Jen’s ring which look like the jeweler just glued an ugly chunk of diamond to a band.

  • WRONG!

    dlisters bash Jolie a lot and many of the below posters even come on the Brangie posts to troll but even THEY think this ring is fug..sorry Joe and Co the consensus is the ring is tacky and gaudy

    Submitted by DianaDeath on Mon, 10/08/2012 – 7:07pm.
    Fug ring.

    Submitted by Gigaboob on Mon, 10/08/2012 – 7:07pm.
    Do not like. I blame Kobe for this bigger is better shit.

    Submitted by Hekki on Mon, 10/08/2012 – 7:00pm.
    Sorry, but I think stones that big look fake. Even though in her case I know it’s probably not.

    Submitted by Hotmami on Mon, 10/08/2012 – 6:59pm.
    That ring doesn’t seem very Aniston to me…I thought she’d want something smaller and more classy. That shit is bordering on Kardashian tacky. The stone is gorgeous, though.

    Submitted by Joeb on Mon, 10/08/2012 – 6:54pm.
    Jenniass’ ring looks like some moonstone, maybe a South American quartz. Jewelry Television problably only has 29 more left in stock. This costume item makes Pitt’s token of lasting love look tasteful.

    Submitted by M.E. on Mon, 10/08/2012 – 6:18pm.
    I know a picture cannot show the quality of a diamond, but that looks like cheap fakery from the dollar store.

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I used to buy myself more real looking cubics from Gottschalks11

    Submitted by DiamondDogs on Mon, 10/08/2012 – 6:11pm.
    That ring looks so tacky and fake. Very much like the costume jewelry I use to play with at my grandma’s house.

    Submitted by HomecomingQueen… on Mon, 10/08/2012 – 6:11pm.
    HATE IT.

  • jmho

    Poor Jen, first off she had to wear that gawdawful Jennifer ring around for the last year and now she has to wear this thing. Even if you love a guy, it might be hard not to start resenting having to wear that junk every day.

  • jmho

    Oh, I forgot about the ring that fits on two fingers, hahahahahahah!!! Oh, poor Jen, you gotta know it’s killing her.

  • Kikicohen

    @rachel: lmao! Ditto the sentiments, plus the fact that she always looks SO paranoid ( self-important), when she’s not “dolled up”. It’s as if she views herself as SO important that she assumes the entire world is lurking in the bushes!!

  • ellie’

    I love her ring..Its beautiful…just like Jen & Justin..a true beautiful couple..

  • ellie’

    I love her ring..Its beautiful…just like Jen & Justin..a true beautiful couple..

  • kelly

    Beautiful ring for a GORGEOUS and talented woman. Congrats Jen and Justin. Look at all the jealous people with there negative comments. Jen is gorgeous, love every film she has ever and will ever see, filthy filthy RICH, can travel and do whatever she wants, lives in mansions, shops and buys whatever she wants. Like these idiots saying the negative things wouldn’t trade places with her. For the ones about to say, umm, “no I wouldn’t”. Go back to you exciting lives. Lol You know you’re kidding yourselves. GO JEN GO! YOU ARE THE BEST!

  • tsquared

    I’m wondering if that is really her engagement ring. It is really ugly and really huge. More like a cocktail ring or something. And it doesn’t look like a diamond at all. More like a smokey quartz or topaz. But if she is happy that is what counts.
    However, I must say I really hate that bag she carries. It is extremely ugly and cheap looking although I’m sure it is expensive.

  • Ivermom

    She looks super cute in those glasses!

  • Isha

    @jmho: And you know what, this is just the beginning of a relationship full of disappointment from him. Not that Jennifer is all that, but this guy is way out of his league. He should have done like Oliver Martinez and not even tried with a diamond. It’s obvious, Justin does not have any money, and if I’m wrong and he does, then I say he is selfish, buying such a poor quality ring. Sad because we all know his lifestyle has improved a 100-fold since being with Jennifer.

  • WRONG!

    so anyone who thinks the ring is fugly and gaudy is jealous?are you jealous of Kim Kardashian and do you wish you were her because according to you if we think a massive ring is ugly then we are jealous..if i were to be jealous of any celeb it certainly wouldnt be 43 year old take Jennifer Lawrence any day, the better more talented Jen

  • paintgirl302012

    I think it’s funny – all the talk about the ring and jen…
    first thing i noticed was that rob pattinson’s bodyguard was helping her out. that guy covers quite a few folks.

  • paintgirl302012

    I think it’s funny – all the talk about the ring and jen…
    first thing i noticed was that rob pattinson’s bodyguard was helping her out. that guy covers quite a few folks.

  • kelly

    @WRONG!: Hon, If that helps you sleep better tonight, good for you. You, me and everyone else are looking on sites that talk about celebs and there exciting lives. Meanwhile, we ALL would LOVE to live Jen’s looks and her life. Jen is GORGEOUS/TALENTED! She doesn’t look 43, she looks much younger.

  • Grandma

    The consenus on the internet, is that she paid for the ring and it is ugly.
    Brad’s commercial is coming out this week, so she had to show an engagement ring after being engaged for two months.

  • chelsea ugly


    Grow the hell up. Just because someone may not have Jennifers life does not mean she is living a better one. everyone is not jealous of this woman . and everyone is not wishing to be her. I guess that is what her pathetic fans do. sit around wishing they were Jen and living her life. I think that explains why when she got divorced they acted as if it happened to them. That is what one call PATHETIC. And honey Jennifer is not Gorgeous. You need to look up that word because it does not apply. She is ugly, but looking at those candid shots she looks every bit her 43+ years. That is not a bad thing just life. Just like you JA fans didn’t like Angie ring well guess what there are load of people that dont like Jennifer’s ring. and that doesn’t make them jealous.

    OH and Jennifer is not your Friend. get it. She just played a friend on TV.