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Nicole Kidman: Keith Urban Opened Up My Sexuality

Nicole Kidman: Keith Urban Opened Up My Sexuality

Nicole Kidman shows a hint of leg on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar‘s November 2012 issue, on newsstands October 23.

Here’s what the 45-year-old Paperboy actress had to share with the mag:

On early fame when she was married to Tom Cruise: “In those early years, it was like, ‘I’m here and I’m clutching onto your arm, and it all feels a little overwhelming and really strange. And I was shy. Deeply shy. I didn’t feel comfortable at all. But I felt very comfortable at home.”

On her husband of six years, Keith Urban: “He just gave me confidence through just being very kind to me and understanding me, opening me up to trying things, my sexuality, those sorts of things.”

On not having a perfect body: “All of that other stuff becomes less important. Like, I’ve always had a little belly. I mean, now that I’m 45, they don’t say, ‘Oh, she’s pregnant!’ as much. But I’ve got skinny arms and legs, and then I’ve got a little belly.”

FYI: Nicole is wearing an Emilio Pucci gown and a Cartier cuff on the cover.

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Photos: Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar
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  • rachel

    the answer she gave about sexuality is gross. boring old nicole kidman with her frozen face

  • Mia

    I’ve criticized NK for not staying close to her adopted kids in the past but I now realize that I WAS WRONG and am sorry for it. We, public, don’t know enough to judge !

    And, as Tsquared said, if you look at pictures of her with Bella and Connor when Tom and Nicole were together you can really see how much she loved them. She’s really a loving mother of 4 ! course now Connor and Bella are teenagers so it’s normal not to see them with their mother as often.

  • ewwww

    ICK! She’s all of a sudden so seedy….talking about sexuality and opening up….ewww

  • linda

    She looks good here. I am dying to see her in the Grace Kelly movie…

  • dontchaknow

    She’s gorgeous and she is so blessed to have Keith in her life, as he is just as lucky to have her.

    It didn’t take long for the haters to slither up here, did it..

  • fact

    @linda: Botox and photoshop

  • Moh123

    Gorgeous lady

  • Ashley

    I don’t understand how she was chosen to play Grace Kelly. Charlize Theron or Diane Kruger would have been better.

  • Love The Shoes

    Love her! Really do and I think; believe she and Keith are going to be one of the rare HW couple success stories. Maybe it’s because they live in TN lol.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Ashley: I see it but I do agree about Charlize though who I love equally.

  • Sunny


  • Barbara

    I so understand the thin arms and legs, with a bit of a belly comment. I too am built like that.

  • jj

    to compare nicole kidman, an excellent actress, a beautiful woman, with Diane blasphemy!

  • jj

    she’s a real star, beautiful elegant and talented

  • Beautiful Actress

    Julianne Moore – Naturally beautiful and more talented


    Grace Kelly’s own son highly approved for Nicole to play Grace. Her features are way closer to Grace’s, to me, than Charlize and for sure those other actresses everyone had mentioned. I think Nicole is perfect to play Grace. She seems to me so much happier and relaxed married to Keith than she ever was with uptight TC. I agree with Love The Shoes Commentor….I think she and Keith will be together a long time.

  • Janne

    outside this of world gossip, where has only losers She is highly respected for her talent, elegance and beauty

  • DB

    Hey, if she found a different partner who was more patient and understanding and encouraging than previous partners, I think that’s great.

    Sometimes it takes a few tries to find the right sort of person for you. It’s not easy. The divorce rate is staggeringly high, so it seems many people have to keep working and working to find the right person to fit their personality.

    Throw in the fact that she lives a Hollywood existence, with all the hyper-criticism that women face to be perfect, and I would imagine it could be pretty damn daunting and hard to feel comfortable in your own skin.

    If she’s in her mid 40′s and finally coming into her own as a mature, confident woman, more power to her. And more power to her husband for being a good partner.

    I hope they stay happy for years to come. Life can be short – enjoy it while you can.

  • @

    Wow good for her! She deserved better than gay midget Tom Cruise. What a waste of her time that was. She’s such a gorgeous woman and it would’ve been a waste to stay with him any longer. Now she’s with a real man she can actually have sex with. Good luck Nicole and Keith may God bless you and your lovely children.

  • kayle

    she is 45!..she still looks gorgeous and hot

  • landa

    she is one of the most successful actresses of Hollywood she is oscar-winning, Emmy-winning, Golden Globe winner she made several successful films

  • DB

    @@: Jeesh! What a horrible thing to say.

    She seemed genuinely in love with Tom and he with Her – at least until it fell apart at the end.

    Gay Midget? What a childish bunch of name calling.

    Just not cool.

  • michele

    who makes negative comments about her are the fans that woman useless loser parasite Katie holmes

  • ModaMont

    these pix look really nice, Terry Richardson did a nice job !

  • janekay

    @DB: agreed..she was with Tom for about 10 years and by her own admission she was very happy for most of those years…let see how long her current marriage lasts…and we all know how perfect everything can seem until it falls apart…take Heidi Klum and Seal for example…happiness is not guanranteed…

  • Ashley

    Just to clarify: I think Nicole is a good actress but she in NO WAY resembles Grace Kelly at all.

    It’s just like casting Michelle Williams to play Marilyn Monroe. Just no. She is short and skinny. Marilyn was taller and full figured.

  • michele

    Ashley is a fan of dawson’s creek, therefore she is a fan of Katie Holmes

  • love&hate&black&white

    Reading between the lines, if, as she says, Keith opened up her sexuality, are we to understand that her sexuality was (closed) with Tom? Perhaps this is all just to promote her raunchiness in Paperboy; why else would she reveal her private life with Keith?

    To “Love The Shoes”: they live on the road, as Keith said: they are “nomads”. They are only in TN part of the time. Kidman spends more time on sets than she does at home; wherever that may be. That’s fact, and not an opinion.

  • DB

    @love&hate&black&white: Could be that Keith is just a perv. :)

    After all, just look at her new movie – she squats and urinates on a man.

    If that’s progress in terms of sexuality, I’ll pass…


  • DB

    @janekay: What seemed to concern me at first was, if I remember right, that she had dated Lenny Kravitz and thought they’d get married but they didn’t and then I think she jumped right into dating Urban, who had to go to Rehab around the time they first got married.

    Just hope it all works out. Sometimes, life can be a bumpy ride.

  • sid

    why is she still getting quetions about Tom Cruise? LEAVE HER ALONE.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    Keith didn’t come into this marriage w/o a lot of experience with the female sex, and he could charm anyone. There was a lot of talk around Nashville, that he’d never settle down. But she tamed him, and he seems to have taken to it. Saying this, I hope the next time Nicole gives a interview, when asked about her previous marriage, she’ll say let’s move on, that was all in the past.

  • dontchaknow


    She didn’t “reveal” anything about her private life with Keith. All she let the interviewer know was that they have a healthy relationship inside the bedroom, as well as outside. What wife wouldn’t be proud of that?

  • Sincerely concerned

    Give it up. Everyone wants to know why TC divorced NK so crudely!!!!!!! I really think all the stories about NK being considered a suppressive person by her children is just vicious!! I so hope scientology gets more exposed. Shame! Sounds like she was a hanger-on with TC. And what’s this about being shy??? I hear she was naked in The Blue Room. …don’t call that shy!!!. Personally, so glad KH dumped TC so he got a taste of his own medicine. I mean, he’s 50 now so he can’t so easily be spraying the testosterone around….. And rebounding. To DB: apparently NK was not so talented or “discovered” when she was with TC either so get off of KH ‘s back. I mean ok to nail her for her BO issues and lack of fashion sense when she supposedely a fashionista. But lay off the actress stuff!!!!

  • Bill

    Good what a bunch a crude women on this site.
    Your comments sure say a lot about YOU! Not about Nicole Kidman.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @ewwww: It’s all talk…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @dontchaknow: That’s because it’s all hype…Don’t cha know…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @DB: Keith is a beautiful man…But this is publicity…Nothing more…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @DB: She did date Kravitz…But she was with Steven Bing just before she went for Keith…

  • love&hate&black&white


    If she did not want questions about Tom, her PR people would say that questions about Tom are out of bounds, or Nicole would say that she won’t answer questions about Tom; it’s that simple! For her, it is useful PR, quite clearly.

  • love&hate&black&white


    You are putting words in her mouth. She stated that her current husband ‘opened up her sexuality’ and ‘took her out to sea’. If that is not a revelation, then I don’t know what is. It also implies that her sexuality was not opened up when she was with her previous husband. Anything else you’d like explained?

  • Mia

    Reading this article makes me like TC even more ..he’s pure it seems.

  • Mia

    …..altough I like NK and KU too !!

  • Not Just Tom

    @love&hate&black&white: also, says something about her relationship with Lenny Kravitz and the other men she dated before Keith.
    So we are to understand (even if it is a little TMI) that until Keith her sexuality was lacking and confidence was low?

  • dontchaknow


    Says you lol

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Bill: if you’re talking about ME, I am just saying that she SAID that she was a fresh off the boat just 3 mos. (in her article here) before he “sucked her in” to the magic world of Tom. And I meant that TC /Scientology is vicious for using her children as pawns. Absolutely loved her in Moulin Rouge!!! I believe that was right after the dump!!! Hope KH can do the same. I am all about empowerment when faced with hardships!!!

  • Melissa

    Beautiful cover! I’d open up my sexuality with Keith Urban too! She’s a lucky lady and she’s been an inspiration to him. They’re a great couple!

  • 1urbanfan27

    @love&hate&black&white: Took her out to see…Funny…I know exactly where she got those words from…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @1urbanfan27: Pardon…Out to sea…

  • Sincerely concerned

    People always want to know why when something happens suddenly. ….KABOOM: they’re getting a divorce. And for Tom, he IS the common denominator. I believe life is KISS – the why is, there is only so much ego u can fit into a marriage and that’s his.