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Robert Pattinson: New York City Solo Stroll!

Robert Pattinson: New York City Solo Stroll!

Robert Pattinson goes for a solo stroll through the Manhattan streets on Monday (October 8) in New York City.

It was just announced that the 26-year-old actor’s upcoming film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will be premiering at the 2012 Rome Film Festival, though none of the talent is expected to show up to promote the flick.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Robert Pattinson

A new banner poster for Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was just released featuring Rob, Kristen Stewart, and the rest of the cast. Check it out below!

FYI: Rob is wearing a Levi’s trucker jacket.

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Summit Entertainment
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  • Robsten_Fan

    I’m sure he miss his girl – KStew… :) <3

  • Lore

    he looks so handsome I can’t wait to see him back to LA with his girl

  • Rob es mejor que ella!

    Love seeing him <333333 ROBERT PATTINSON IS SO HOT!!!

  • Mary

    I bet Rob is sad because he has such insane psycho fans

  • bl

    my heart just skipped a beat.. didn’t expect pics of him tonight!
    looking handsome !!
    hobo rob :)

  • Jackie

    Rob looks great!

    That Breaking Dawn banner art looks fierce. It should’ve been used as the ‘Final’ poster.

  • sue

    Yes, Rob is free. No Kslut anymore.
    He’s finally single.

  • ANDY


  • sarty

    gay. he looks an idiot as usal

  • Carrie

    I have a friend that swore she saw him in NY on Thursday at dinner, and now I see she was probably right. Rob looks great.

  • carol

    Bellisimo robert !!!

  • Mary

    I’m so happy. Rob in NYC ALONE :DDDDDDDDD
    I don’t want see the tramp’s face with him.

  • http://Hottie Ash

    He looks amazing

  • celine

    Wow! He looks really good!

  • lol

    @sarty: Are you trampirefans?

  • LISA

    @Robsten_Fan: OMG SHUT UP!

  • MegCH

    Cute look! Glad to see the beard is under control. Ha! No, but seriously, it’s nice that he had a chance to catch up with Tom. Side comment: I really don’t get why excruciatingly private celebrities insist on living in LA where the paps are everywhere. Even NYC seems more “relaxing” on this… and that’s saying something.

  • Lilly

    @ Robsten fan. Um No he does not. Thats in your delusinal head sweetie

  • Mik

    @Lore: They are ghosts in LA. Only questionable sources (fans on Twitter and Instagram) seem to actually “SEE THEM” around LA.

  • SunnyAutumn

    mmm. mmm sexy…….

  • Mary

    Stay there. don’t go to los angeles. thank you

  • sarah

    He looks great. NYC and London look good on him, much better than LA. I’m slowly moving from being Kristen fan to becoming Robert fan. He’s still young, and he and Kristen really weren’t together all that long. In those circumstances, it’s usually better to move on. I hope he finds someone more suitable for him. Someone he can trust.

  • XxXxX

    So not “sexy” or “handsome” or “bellissimo” to me…..Oh well, I guess beauty is suggestive

  • emma

    Yes, Rob. Stay in NYC as much as you want. Let the Kslut be out of your life for good.

  • RobsPatty

    Rob looks hotter than evah! I’m sure the humiliation of K-Stew’s cheating scandal hurt but he handled himself with grace and dignity. Whether comes next Rob will always shine the brightest. Bring on QOTD, Mission Blacklist, and The Rover.

  • Cindy1158

    OMG HOT!

  • Janet

    Haters can say what they want, Rob will wipe the grin off your face with his actions = he still prefers Kristen to all of you. HAHA!

  • Love Fairy

    Can’t wait to see him with a new girlfriend and can’t wait
    to see Kristen with a new boyfriend. Can’t wait to see them
    both get back to work especially to see Kristen’s next
    projects. A fan of both.
    They’re both gaining the weight back and look great!

  • SAM

    This article is about your idol Robert Pattinson yet all you can talk about is Kristen Stewart. Who are you really obsessed with?

  • emma

    Know the difference. His fans know we can’t have him. But we wish him a decent GF which is not the lying cheating wh0re that’s kslut.

    He deserves someone who loves & respects him.
    Kslut can bang her douchebag director. they are both trash.

  • yesiam

    @XxXxX: I think you mean “SUBJECTIVE”. That was funny.

  • Janet


    Poor Emma, she’s pissed that Rob is going home to Kristen and she is humping her pillow, the only action she will ever get with that nasty personality of hers hehe!

  • Peace on Earth

    @SAM: I think you are generalizing. Not every one is talking about those things. Ignore the bad comments and move on.

    If you engage in the negativity, it will continue. That’s why it hasn’t stop. Both sides are at fault.

  • Beautiful KStew

    @sue: Oh, Sue! Denial is a cruel place to be! The truth will always be the truth, even if you don’t want to acknowledge it. He’s still with Kristen Stewart. Accept it!

  • Hello

    @Mary: Honey, you’ll be seeing him with Kristen Stewart eventually. They’re still together and they don’t give a dang what people think about that. Fans and haters don’t rule their lives. Sorry. They love one another. It is that simple.

  • Hello

    @Mary: Honey, you’ll be seeing him with Kristen Stewart eventually. They’re still together and they don’t give a dang what people think about that. Fans and haters don’t rule their lives. Sorry. They love one another. It is that simple.

  • Goodbye

    Gotta love how Robstenians think they are the only ones allowed to have conviction on their opinions.

  • Hello

    @emma: Uh, I think YOU’RE the one that needs to STFU! I know it stings, just burns that he’s still with Kristen, but that is reality. Their love and relationship is rising above all the hate and negativity. Reliable sources have confirmed their reconciliation. Hater meltdown in…..3…..2…..1!!!!! Sorry the truth hurts so bad.

  • True love never ends

    “And most people, you know, when they love each other and they have a problem, they work it out. It’s like the same thing as Edward and Bella. They want to work through everything together. They want to be together and they’re willing to fight to be together. It’s not like they have this love story where they’re in love and everything is great every single minute of the day. I don’t think that exists. But I definitely think people meet each other and they want to fight to maintain a relationship for the rest of their lives. I mean, I don’t see why that would be a crazy idea.”——–Robert Pattinson

    Ha! Haters, read it and weep! Looks like Rob is applying this belief to his real life. Too bad, so sad for you!!! True love is worth fighting for! Rob and Kristen Forever!

  • True love never ends

    @Goodbye: Gotta love how delusional haters keep denying reality! Oh well. If the delusional want to stay delusional, what can you do?

  • Goodbye

    @True love never ends: Exactly. No point in trying to convince crazy Robstenians of their craziness. ;) (Don’t you see you are doing the same thing? The only difference is that you are of a different opinion. Truth is either way it doesn’t affect either of our lives.)

  • Bad Example

    @True love never ends: Funny how fans directly relate them to the characters they play. Aw, that’s cute (and delusional) of some people. Don’t you know that Edward and Bella have often been used as an example of an unhealthy and obsessive relationship? Should I quote those too? Take their relationship out of fiction and that’s what you get.

  • Jenny


  • Jenny


  • Jenny


  • Jenny


  • True love never ends

    @Bad Example: In a recent interview with “The Independent”, Robert Pattinson had this to say when asked about shooting Twilight:

    “Probably that bit in the first one, when Bella is in the hospital and she says: ‘Don’t ever leave me again,’ and I say, ‘Where am I going to go?’ or something like that. I still think that’s my favourite scene in it mainly because it was so different what happened after it. We made up the line there and then, that’s how different the shoot was. Like, every movie afterwards, the idea of making up lines was just unheard of so I loved that bit.”—Robert Pattinson

    Sorry to all the haters, but Rob still looks at Twilight with fondness. That is, afterall, how he met Kristen Stewart.

    All the hate for Kristen Stewart REALLY needs to stop! Rob loves her and would surely be disgusted by all the nastiness directed at her. She made a mistake. She’s ***GASP*** human! Oh my! Get over it already. He’s moving on WITH Kristen. Deal with it. If you take Edward and Bella’s names out of Rob’s quote, you still understand what he’s saying. Rob has a very realistic view of relationships. That was my point. He knows they’re imperfect and to hold one together, you have to WORK for it. He used Edward and Bella as an example because, even though they are fictional characters, they endured countless struggles in their relationship, but ultimately, they overcame them. In other words “Bad Example”, he is saying that you CAN spend your life with one person.

  • Fyou

    If they want privacy they should stop acting! i guess the millions of dollars and sucess they have don’t make them happy. Rob and The tramp can make their movie that way stay out of lime light.

  • Bad Example

    @True love never ends: He can look at Twilight we all the fondness of the world. It has giving him lots. He doesn’t bite the hand that feeds him, so good for him. He is paid to promote the movie. But just as often, he doesn’t take it as seriously as you apparently does. He also has a sense of humor about it (the plot) and recognizes its flaws as a literary work. Nothing wrong with that. There’s plenty of quotes from him as well.

    The thing, I haven’t even said anything about KS. You are the one bringing her name up. I’m just stating facts. I’m also focusing on fan reaction. Just because you love Robsten doesn’t mean that you aren’t overreacting or that you aren’t as overly invested as some of people you call “haters”. Bringing up the characters actually does a disservice to their personal relationship because it makes YOU look like you can’t separate the two. Plus, Edward and Bella aren’t the best example of a healthy relationship to begin with. I stand by that and it’s OK that we disagree.

    “In other words “Bad Example”, he is saying that you CAN spend your life with one person.” I never said you couldn’t.

  • mya

    He looks like a really hot garden gnome :D