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Barack Obama Releases Sarcastic Big Bird Campaign Ad

Barack Obama Releases Sarcastic Big Bird Campaign Ad

Barack Obama‘s reelection campaign has just released a new sarcastic ad featuring the big star of the moment – Big Bird!

The legendary Sesame Street character was recently a target of presidential nominee Mitt Romney during last week’s debate as he plans to cut funding for PBS.

“Big, yellow, a menace to our economy. Mitt Romney knows it’s not Wall Street you have to worry about, it’s Sesame Street. Mitt Romney, taking on our enemies no matter where they nest,” the narrator of the ad says.

Big Bird is compared to such corporate criminals as Bernie Madoff, Ken Lay, and Dennis Kozlowski in the ad.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Obama campaign’s Big Bird ad?

Barack Obama Releases Sarcastic Big Bird Campaign Ad
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  • April

    Ok….it was funny the first five times it got used, now it’s just old. This tells me how much Obama feels secure in this race, when the only thing he keeps coming back too is the Big Bird thing. Move on and move out of the White House Obama, it’s time.

  • pickles

    Thanks Jared!!! I love this!!!! it really does say all you need to know about Romney.

  • pickles

    Thanks Jared!!! I love this!!!! it really does say all you need to know about Romney.

  • Andrea

    I’d vote for Obama even though I’m from Argentina

  • corrupt 2 party system

    Don’t Vote.
    It only encourages them

  • Mimi

    LOL, hysterical!!!!

  • Proud to be an American

    This is what is wrong with Obama. We borrow 10 million dollars a year FROM CHINA to keep PBS on air. That’s why we are in debt and our dollar is losing it’s value. Sesame Street and Big Bird would be picked up by another station if we got rid of PBS and saved the money. Get real people..wake up. Obama is not America!!!!

  • repukelicans

    I lives in northern Bible Belt Hillbillyville USA and I’ll tells you that them there plastic Romney/Ryan signs is a multiplyin’ like weeds here .

  • billyjoejimbob

    people has gots to tighten there belts
    we needs more wars and more militery supplies
    we has all gots to chip in and pay for them banker’s debts
    and hands off them 1 billion planes and 20,000 dollar terlets

  • Truthie

    I want to see an AD where Big Bird knocks Romney out. Can’t wait ’til election night when the heads of Republicans EXPLODE!

  • ha

    Big Bird is very rich off merchandising, he doesn’t need too continue mooching off the taxpayer, besides Obama already quit, ck out his new 35million dollar digs in Oahu.

  • ha

    Big Bird is very rich off merchandising, he doesn’t need to continue mooching off the taxpayer, besides Obama already quit, ck out his new 35million dollar digs in Oahu, bought by the Hyatt family.

  • dobbi


  • MyBoyJim

    An ad like that in Europe and everybody would be ashamed…
    Do you ever thing about the money BOTH parties spend to produce sth like that and the election campaign in general? It’s INSANE and you are like: “Yeeeahy our country is heavily in debt, our shool and health care system suck but yeeeeaahy such a cool ad”


  • uh

    whaa.. called it.. knew it was only a matter of time before he made an appearance. i swear the most random ppl on this site lately. its creepin me out.
    but seriously this is what obama is doing? syria is burning to the ground and this is what he’s doing? if i was american i’d seriously have a hard time voting for either of them.

  • somali girl

    Big bird for President.

  • Jen in Rehab

    MITCHLyingRomney will say anything because teabagTRASH don’t care about the FACTS they want their country back

    @#7, borrowing frm China did not start w/this President, why didn’t u Nuts complain about 2 wars,bail outs and trillions in debt when GeeDubYa was in office???

  • DemiTasse

    The amount of $$$ spent on PBS is so small it was ridiculous for Romney to talk about it. It is almost non-existent compared to the amount of money Romney wants to spend on Defense, and tax cuts for rich people. And yes, we do borrow money from China. It’s to pay for the tax cuts we give rich people. The Defense department didn’t even ask for that money either.

    I hope people will vote.I don’t want Romney messing with my student loans or the fact that I can still get healthcare on my parents’ insurance even though I am over 18! If I was to get in a car accident or something, it could bankrupt my parents if I didn’t have health insurance.

  • pickles

    I think Romney hopes people are really dumb and not informed. I am sick of all his lying.

  • pickles

    I think Romney hopes people are really dumb and not informed. I am sick of all his lying.

  • Lynn

    Obama said he was going to go thru the budget with a scalpel and trim the fat! Well, he DIDN’T (Surprise just another promise he DID NOT do) in fact he hasn’t even had a budget, he just keeps spending all of OUR tax papers money! He is currently campaigning in 2 new buses he bought for 2.2 million with tax payers money! And on top of that he doesn’t travel in the buses, he flies in Air Force 1 from location to location and meets the bus, Which is costing us more money.
    I can’t even believe this new attack ad, what a joke. Totally making it something it isn’t, this isn’t about WAll Street, it is about unnecessary spending. When you don’t have enough money to pay the bills, you cut out the extras, it is what most families have had to do. It is what Mitt Romney is planning to do and it is common sense!
    I TRUELY feel that Mitt Romney is a brilliant business man and he is exactly what American needs to get us out of this mess! We certainly can’t take 4 more years of obama!

  • BBin2012

    @10 Yeeeeeesssssss!!

  • Marie

    and now Sesame Street is telling President Celebrity to remove this ad. They themselves say they don’t need public funding. Obama, leave politics and go into Hollywood where you really want to be and let the real men, the grown ups run this country.

  • Jessie

    Lynn @ 10/09/2012 at 11:41 am-
    When Obama took office he didn’t know he would have such a hard time with the party of do nothings ( The republicans). They blocked everything, not on principles, but because they didn’t want to work with a Black President. They said without shame that they would rather see America fail than Obama succeed. These are the people who you think will be better for America?
    These Republicans are the same ones that said let the American auto industry go out of business, but voted to save the financial institutions. Lest you forget, it was on Bush’s watch that the money was allotted to big business, the banks and the financial institutions. Obama just use some of that money to help the auto industry who, by the way, has paid that money back and are doing as well as can be expected in this economy. It’s not that we manufacture a lot of things in this country, so for the Republicans to say let the auto industry go was an insult to the foundation that built this country, manufacturing.
    Republicans are for the rich only. They don’t believe in helping others, but conveniently forget that they didn’t become rich on their own. Everyone gets help in one way or another, even Romney’s own family. I read somewhere that he was for a 20% flat tax rate. That would again be a win for the rich, although it would be more than most of them are playing now. Twenty percent for someone making $30,000 a year is a bigger hit to their quality of life than for someone making millions.
    I think government in general is flawed because flawed people are running it and there are too many divisions of it. That’s not likely to change no matter who is President. But I would be ten kinds of stupid to vote for someone who has already discounted 47% of the country as people who pay no taxes, are lazy and feels entitled to government handouts.
    Given the fact that he’s only bothering with 52 percent of Americans to get their votes, that leaves only 1% who Romney will truly work for and that is the rich. Anyone who thinks that an average salary of $250,000 is middle class needs to get his head out of his Middle class has moved WAY down from that number.
    No, the country’s problems have not been solved, but they are on the mend. Americans have short term memories and are short patient. No one will be you back to pre -2004 in short order. This mess was left to Obama by George Bush and the Republicans.
    With the Republicans refusing to help for the most part, how was he suppose to be any further along than he is? The Republicans didn’t even go into their plan until the debate and only because they HAD to. Ryan doesn’t want to discuss the math because it would be boring. He doesn’t even know the math. These are people who think YOU are stupid and I’m afraid that they may be proven right.


    If this is all Obama can do to attack Romney after his poor debate performance, then I know he will lose. Other countrys are laughing at us. We have a president using puppets to attack another canidate. This is so immature. What you Obama supporters dont’ know or don’t care to know is Big Bird and Sesame St is run by a billionare and they do not need the public funds and Obama gave them a million dollars from the stimulus bill. DO YOUR RESEACH PEOPLE!! OMG- Obama Must Go. VOTE MITT ROMNEY.

  • kristin

    @OBAMA WILL LOSE THE ELECTION: Thank you! this is a sad attempt at a presidential ad. seriously this is what Obama shoots back with? IMMATURE. and the worst part is, judging by all the comments on this, just proves how stupid most people are because almost everyone on here loved this ad. Obama puts out retarded stuff like this, and people fall for it, because everyone just sucks. open your eyes people. a presidential candidate just released an ad about Big Bird. what are we 6 years old? educate yourselves! Obama has done nothing for us in the last 4 years, what makes you think hes gonna start now?…this country is hopeless

  • Lynn


    I’m curious , what is he lying about?

  • Devin

    Seriously Obama is this all you got? Really not the issue on the table what about the jobs you promised?

  • Lynn

    Jessie @ 10/9/2012 2:44pm

    Hi Jessie, Thank you for you’re reply. First, Obama and the Dem’s had COMPLETE control over the House and Senate for two full years. Obama could have passed anything he wanted for two years, yet he didn’t! So you can’t blame the Republicans for that. And this has nothing to do with him being half black.
    As far as the auto industry, Romney thought it would have been better to have them file bankruptcy and then break the unions. And NO they have not paid back all the money they still owe around 26 million dollars. And apparently you didn’t realize but then Senator Obama also voted for the Financial Bailout!
    Your comment that Republicans are only for the rich is just not true. I’m a republican and believe me, I am NO where near rich. Just because someone is rich doesn’t mean they don’t want to help, in fact Mitt Romney gave 29 % of his income to charity, far more generous than Obama, in dollar terms as a percentage of income. Romney is NOT for a 20% flat tax, I’m not sure where you read that but I would do some research so you have the correct facts.
    As far as Romney’s comment about the 47%, he is simply stated that they will not vote for him regardless. He was speaking in terms of voting, He didn’t call anyone lazy. Romney isn’t going to work just for the rich, that is ignorant. He himself said the rich are doing fine and will continue to do fine, no matter who is president. And it is Obama who uses the $250,000 as a mark for taxes, NOT Romney. So Obama needs to pull his head out of his a$$… And the middle class is shrinking under Obama, everything is going up. Gas, food, utilities, taxes, health care, everything costs more but our incomes are down.
    Did you realize that the Dem’s took control of both the House and Senate in Jan. 2007 under Bush. Barney Frank took over the House of Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee. The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy? Banking and Financial Services!!! I’m far from stupid, I may not be the smartest woman around but I am educated, I work hard and do my own research. I don’t fall for the typical scare tactics Obama and Biden use. I suggest you do the same. I understand that you are a Democrat, tell me what it is you like so much about Obama?

  • lh

    and your comment shows everyone what you’re truly like.

  • lh

    @DemiTasse: are you retarded? Are you are complaining about how much money hes spending for defence and in favor for keeping pbs? Get your priorities straight or GTFO of this country.

  • TW

    Funny !

    I think Bird should run for President. Or one of the parties should have atleast considered him as a vice presidential running mate with all he has done for society and the youth. I owe my education to Big Bird. What do you think ?

  • TW

    Big Bird for President !!!

  • TW

    Big Bird for President !!!