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Blake Lively & Diane Kruger: Chanel Celebration!

Blake Lively & Diane Kruger: Chanel Celebration!

Blake Lively is stunning while attending a Chanel Celebration on Tuesday (October 9) in New York City.

The 25-year-old Gossip Girl actress was joined by gorgeous actresses Diane Kruger, January Jones, and Elle Fanning.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

The event celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Bijoux de Diamants collection, which was created by Gabrielle Chanel.

Earlier in the day, Diane was spotted wearing her favorite jacket to keep warm in New York City.

FYI: Blake is wearing a Chanel dress and jewels, and Christian Louboutin shoes.

20+ pictures inside of Blake Lively, Diane Kruger, and January Jones glammed up for a Chanel celebration…

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blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 01
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 02
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 03
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 04
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 05
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 06
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 07
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 08
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 09
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 10
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 11
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 12
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 13
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 14
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 15
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 16
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 17
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 18
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 19
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 20
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 21
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 22
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 23
blake lively diane kruger chanel celebration 24

Credit: JustJared; Photos: Starpix
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  • e

    Damnit, came here to hopefully see what Blake’s ring looked like but that betch already has her hands covered. Darrrn. But she looks beautiful!

  • ellen

    she is aging fast. hard to believe shes in same age group as jen lawrence, kristen stewart, emma stone and amanda seyfred. i mean mila kunis and alexis bledel (her friend) are five years older than her but look way younger.

  • Pol

    God.. Ugly dresses!

  • lana

    “stunning” is definitely a stretch for Blake. that dress looks awful on her, and I don’t know why but she really does look a lot older than she is. her so-called sense of style definitely seems to be waning as of late.

    Diane looks beautiful though, as always.

  • LOL

    Surprised. Blake hasn’t been at a fashion show in ages!!! Almost a year
    I thought Ryan was keeping her locked down.

  • rachel

    boring dresses on ugly and boring girls. blake lively is one ugly looking woman

  • jd

    @LOL it wasn’t a fashion show, just an event.

  • @2

    There’s no need to pit people’s looks against each other esp when its solely to denigrate one individual.
    Honestly women are the biggest b8tches

  • Chace

    Elle Fanning looks……….interesting?

  • -.-

    blake is only 25?
    she carries herself like a older woman.
    and she cant wait to sell those engagement pics
    cause she is hiding her ring any way she can.
    but the hype has gone down. sorry boo boo.

  • -.-

    @Chace: i know, but that’s okay she’s only 14.

  • kate

    blake´╗┐ <3

  • ricku

    FAIL! The tag says Blaje Lively.

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  • Chace

    Why would you sell engagement pics when there was no engagement announcement and everyone has seen the engagement bands already?
    The never-was-there-hype (what wedding hype? it was a month ago) has gone down but you still had to mention it.
    Do Blake haters even apply logic?

  • lora

    Elle Fanning is so cute

  • -.-

    @Chace: wedding pics you know what i mean.

  • Philly

    January Jones has lost a lot of weight.

  • Lou

    Diane Kruger looks the prettiest one here.
    What the hell is this excess of pale makeup on January Jones face?
    I hate Blake’s dress and she’s so average looking. Only in dreams she will be as glamorous, talented and sexy as her husband’s ex.

  • Lou

    i love Elle. She’s always cute.

  • juli

    Diane Kruger has ugly legs

  • Sunny

    Blake’s fake boobs are disgusting. Elle Fanning is so cute!

  • Warren

    Sexy Elle wins as hottest woman among these.

  • poon

    Blakey is the FUGliest!!!

  • Lea

    Blake is so beautiful!!

  • Geez

    I love the colour tone of Blake’s dress.

  • clara

    Elle looks stunning!!!!!!´╗┐

  • pixie

    They looked like of the same age – like some 40 yrs old trannies … well of course minus Ella Fanning

  • tsquared


    She already sold them to Martha Stewart Weddings.

  • imho

    @#2 Ellen
    If Blake would turn into a brunette, she could easily play Alexis Bledel’s MotheR in movies or in tv shows… and btw, Alexis Bledel is actually six year older than Blake. Among the SOTP gal, Alexis is the oldest (& the prettiest) while Blake is the youngest (& the most homely if not for her facial & body surgeries).

  • @30

    LMAO. I wondered how long it would take the obsessive oppressive Alexis Bledel fans to start their attacks. ( Amber fans tend to be cool though) Only Leighton stans left and the ‘Kill Blake’ posts shall commence.

  • kace

    How the hell does Diane Kruger look younger and fresher faced then Blake Lively?

  • parfoise

    Looks like Blakes age & looks have grown more rapidly after she got married. Her face looks so washed-up here and badly needs long hours of sleeping.

  • Go Blake!

    As usual a record number of comments in short time for someone with so many haters. Hmmmmmmm

  • hhhg

    Blake looks like she’s aged quite a bit. I don’t know, it just seems that way.

  • GO HOME Blakey!!!

    Well from the looks of it, Blake is still one of the most hated in HW next to umm… KSlut Stewart LOL

  • intric8

    The problem isn’t Blake’s beauty fading, it’s the fact that she’s pictured next to Diane who looks so pretty for her age

  • Nano

    Blake looks plastic from head to toe! And why so tanned? Looks awful! Loved her when she was younger, though!

  • pinkydoo

    Blake was never good looking. She is actually a pretty ordinary woman to me. If you throw on some Chanel on anyone, they would look amazing. She on the other hand looks like she just woke up after spending all night sleeping in a trailer park.

  • geoxx

    that is to say that Blake Lively got an unfortunate face & and an awful genes.

  • laura

    I love Blake and she’s gorgeous, but that dress doesn’t give her justice. It makes her look fat, it’s very badly cut!
    The colors are very pretty, though!
    Super skinny Diane’s dress looks like it’s falling of and has no shape..
    January looks a bit scary and Elle weird but always better than other super sexualized 14 year olds (like the Jenner girls, for example!).

  • kleigh

    That was Blake Lively?!
    I initially thought that its “Sarah Jessica Parker” LOL
    Seriously though, Blake is just like Victoria Posh Beckham; both badly need those high fashion outfits & accessories just to make them even look good.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    A gathering of gorgeous blondes

  • guest

    January looks like a 90′s Gwyneth Paltrow . Blake needs to lay off that trashy fake tan.

  • Jess

    Blake Lively is so annoying, purposely covering her hand when that’s never how she used to pose, she thinks she’s so good, she’s actually lame.

  • Lou2

    Let us re-establish the truth. Elle Fanning is nice-looking, but in these photos she looks like a clown. Diane Kruger is one of the my favourite actresses. Very elegant always. Blake Lively does not look old, is not ugly in the least and the dress is beautiful. The colours together are great. Sarah Jessica Parker? Naaa. Women are terrible. You know the saying that behind a great man there is always a great woman. What’s behind a great (of beautiful) woman? Another woman b*****g on her and a man staring at her ass. So true.

  • Hey Blakey Fakey

    Dont you ever dare to forget what you really, really look like…

  • bea

    diane kruger is damn prettyyyy wish i could have her face

  • nicole

    love this, Chanel never goes out of style

  • summer

    diane kruger can never look bad.