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'Girls' Star Jemima Kirke Bares Baby Bump for 'Vice' Feature

'Girls' Star Jemima Kirke Bares Baby Bump for 'Vice' Feature

Jemima Kirke shows off her bare baby bump in this photo spread for Vice magazine’s latest issue.

Here is what the 27-year-old pregnant Girls actress had to share with the mag:

On how she got into acting: “My friend Lena [Dunham] asked me to be in a movie that she was making with her parents’ money called Tiny Furniture. She didn’t have enough to pay anyone, and I guess it was slim pickings, so she asked me to be part of it and it was a success. Afterward she was offered the TV show and invited me to work on it. I never thought it’d go as far as it has.”

On how she met husband Michael Mosberg: “Really short story, actually: We met in a doctor’s office. I had bronchitis, and I don’t remember what he was there for, but I liked him and gave him my number. We’ve been together for four years and married for three of them.”

On dating advice for her children: “If I have a boy, I’ll probably just tell him to be nice to women. Being humble and sweet is the hardest thing you can do. Stay confident and don’t act desperate, because I guarantee whomever you’re into actually sucks way more than you think they do. There is always something they’re not telling you that will bring them down a notch in your eyes.”

For more from Jemima, including a completely topless photo, visit!

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Photos: Richard Kern/Vice
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  • CCC

    F***ing gross, this is why I am Gay

  • DB

    Not exactly the most classy photo-shoot there, eh?

    Then again, the show itself is pretty gross, so I suppose it’s to be expected.

    You’ve topped off my “Yuck” quotient for today, thank you.


  • Anastacia

    those photos are just.. wrong somehow.

  • somali girl

    @CCC: its not gross but, she needs to keep it private. At this stage it should be for her future family only.

  • Anna

    This photo-shoot seems like a photo documentary story on the real, non-glamorous side of pregnancy, not a pregnancy photo-shoot of an actress.

  • DB

    OMG – just noticed they had a fully nude topless pic of her on another site listed in the article.

    I’m a guy – I went there – and damn if I wish I didn’t.

    It really, really, really is not attractive, and I’m baffled as to why she thinks that she should be showing all of this in the first place, much less in the way she is choosing to show it.

    This world – it baffles me.

  • Peeta

    she makes pregnancy look so effing disgusting

  • kelly

    @CCC: I’m not gay. But, I really agree with you. Just nasty.

  • A

    @CCC: Yeah, let’s body-shame women, a*shole.
    Even if you’re gay, guess what? You came from a woman.

  • حبيبتي

    @CCC: fa**ots are gross. That’s exactly how your mother carried you. You useless qu!eer

  • DB

    @A: She’s shaming herself by the way she is presenting her pregnancy, imo.

  • Gem

    @حبيبتي: You do know that this site is run by GAYS right? This is a GAY site

  • somali girl

    I hate seeing exposed pregnant bellies too especially at this stage.I think pregnancy scares me…

  • Louise

    Come on, Jared. This is ridiculous!

  • حبيبتي

    @Gem: what’s your point?

  • Stacy

    I like the picture w/the shirt when she is touching her belly, that was cute
    other than that…. no comments

  • MMM

    Eh…these pics are not pretty. I bet that’s intentional. But why pose for them??

  • gross

    but she is friends with lena dunham, right? That’s explains a lot.
    Lena dunham is the most disgusting thing ever.

  • Gilmore

    What is so wrong with a pregnant woman being confident enough in her body to want photos taken of her? Just because you’re not comfortable with it, doesn’t make it necessarily wrong. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. She chooses to document it rather than be shamed of it and that’s great.

  • Creed

    People like you give arabs a bad name.

  • Creed

    People like you give arabs a bad name.

  • DB

    @Gilmore: Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, but her photo shoot seems to give the impression that she feels disdain for the pregnancy instead of the happy, joyful experience most people perceive it and hope it to be.

    She doesn’t look proud of her pregnancy – she looks annoyed and inconvenienced by it, at least in these photos.

  • Anna

    @CCC: these pictures are not glamorous but I could list a few aspects of gay life which are even less glamorous. I have tried having gay friends, whom I always respected, but their negative comments towards women and straight men infuriated me too much.

  • Gilmore


    Hmm.. I never got that impression, just thought she was posing. I remember seeing another spread of her pregnant and she seemed pretty pleased in that one. Different interpretations I guess..

  • JMG

    I think she looks beautiful, as usual. The photos were taken by Richard Kern and he is known for his untouched, raw and sexual photographs. If you’re looking for ultra-photoshopped, “pretty” pics of pregnant celebs, go to Vanity Fair not Vice lol.

  • JMG

    *unretouched, not untouched

  • SunnyAutumn

    She’s showing the real deal of pregnancy, not some photo shop pics like most celebs. The ice cream pic was a bit of a stretch though.

  • DB

    @Anna M: I think it’s an extension of the entire vibe of the show and the actresses / actors in it. The show is GROSS. The sex scenes are disgusting and crude. The dialog is vapid.

    So perhaps an actress working on that show extends that same vibe to her personal life.

  • Sindra

    Tina, I totally, totally, totally agree!!!

    And to CCC: You think it’s gross to be pregnant which is like the most natural, beautiful thing in the world, but you don’t think it’s gross to put your p/e/nis in another man’s a/n/us or have him put his p/e/nis in yours which is totally unnatural????

  • S

    Now THAT is how a real pregnant woman looks like.
    And whoever thinks this is gross is some totally repressed prude. Sorry for you if you believe the artificial airbrushed sh*t in the tabloids.
    And she does not look like she disdains her pregnancy! She just doesn’t put on that fake bliss face that pregnant women are supposed to show because motherhood is the fulfillment of womens’ life and s*it. GEE!
    And by the way, by the time you have hit this stage of your pregnancy, most woment don’t feel very blissful, but rather just heavy and tired.

  • Lou

    @S: word!!!!!

  • LOL

    And there you have it anyone who believes there are still somethings that ought to remain private is trying to subjugate women. Anyone who steps out of their home or has friends who are already mothers know what a real pregnant woman looks like. Any woman that thinks this tacky and OTT is anti women.
    We all take a s8it in the loo, sometimes its watery sometimes its painful, but because its done privately does not make it a secret or mean anyone is ashamed of the fact. This is Kim K behaviour dressed up as some form of pretensious expression. This is Art BS. The Emperor truly has no clothes.

  • taz

    @DB: how is the show ‘gross’ (mature btw) i think it’s amazing. it’s finally a show that doesn’t involve vampires or 20 yr olds that wear gucci but live in the suburbs or sing every two seconds because thats realistic.

  • DB

    @S: When I have stomach trouble after getting food poisoning and I’m feeling sick and gross and looking sick and gross, participating in a photo shoot and then sharing that with the general public just never seems to come to mind.

    So if she’s so miserable with her pregnancy at this particular point, why would she feel it necessary to share that with the general public?

    Is this some sort of Anti-Pregnancy PSA or something?

  • DB

    @taz: Have you seen the show? The sex scenes between the main character and her sort-of-boyfriend? The whole “shooting semen in the shape of a continent” scene? Are you KIDDING me?

    The girl is not respected in those scenes by her mate, and she doesn’t seem to respect herself at all. She let’s him use her, apparently without any enjoyment on her part, and it’s all filmed about as off-putting as possible without actual plumbing shots.

    Puhleeze – even fans of the show should be able to recognize that it is what it is and not have to try to deny it.

  • laly

    Why? Just why… no one want to see this.

  • Joe

    Arn’t they aping the teen mom ridiculousness? If so, I think it’s hella funny.

  • Sabrina

    @Sindra: Stop talking/writing about naturalness when you don’t have a clue about it. Please define the term “natural” for me…
    I am a heterosexual woman who doesn’t think that pregnancy is the “most (natural and) beautiful thing in the world” – so what??
    And if you think that only gay men have anal sex you must be very naive…

  • May

    she looks like a pregnant drug addict!

  • taz

    @DB: yes i have seen the show, and i love that it’s real. women are disrespected in this world and they dont shy away from it. people have s e x in many different ways. you are either 12 or the most immature person in the world. s e x isn’t disgusting or to be seen that way, it’s consensual. the only time it’s disgusting is when its forced.

  • yep

    @S: i know, i’m going to guess most ppl on this site are 15.

    and I’ve seen her other preg’ pics — she’s smiling/holding her belly.

  • DB

    @taz: I just disagree.

    I don’t see how showing the degradation of women is in any way a good thing.

  • Josephine

    like Bernard implied I’m in shock that a single mom can get paid $9074 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this web site (Click on menu Home more information)

  • pervis

    that is naaasttttyyyy

    pregnant broads are gross

  • taz

    @DB: because people aren’t raised tree houses. its realistic. glossing over it doesn’t help anyone. and it’s not for children, its an adult show. and every adult has been degraded. not sure why the show is wrong in any way?? i’m more offended by glee – that show is a grind away from soft core p orn (but its meant for kids/teens?)

  • Pretty Ka

    @JMG: Totally agree with Gilmore and JMG. Nothing wrong with these pics… I actually think they’re very good, very honest and raw, not like the photoshoped crap we get fed in most magazines and imagery out there.

  • Athena

    Is she okay? She looks like she has gas and is trying to hold it in.

  • So

    Jemima I think you and the baby look beautiful!

  • Sean

    I’d still tap it :D

  • somali girl

    @Sabrina: no homosexuals and deviant heterosexuals mess with the human sewer. There is nothing natural about anal sex which later leads to anal cancer. Ewww!!