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LeAnn Rimes: Sweatpants & Dinner with Eddie Cibrian is Heaven!

LeAnn Rimes: Sweatpants & Dinner with Eddie Cibrian is Heaven!

LeAnn Rimes stocks up on some supplies at Maddy’s Market on Tuesday (October 9) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 30-year-old entertainer also bought some Halloween supplies including two big pumpkins!

“Lunch withy BFF and market for dinner with hubby. After the weekend I’ve had pure normalcy is welcomed!!!!!” LeAnn tweeted that day. “Sweats, pork roast w/ veggies, my hubby…. Heaven! I love when he comes home… and I’ve got dinner ready. It feels so Lucy and Ricky :)” she tweeted later that evening.

20+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes grabbing supplies at Maddy’s Market…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 01
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 02
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 03
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 04
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 05
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 06
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 07
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 08
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 09
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 10
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 11
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 12
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 13
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 14
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 15
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 16
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 17
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 18
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 19
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 20
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 21
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 22
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 23

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • WONDERful

    lucy and ricky?
    hahaaaa….go away.

  • dobbi

    She loves when he comes home? How about IF he comes home.

  • lori

    “therapy” obviously worked wonders for her.

  • cherry

    shut up leann, pleaseeee!

  • LeAnorexic

    I thought she was at death’s door due to her “massive infection?” What’s Eddie doing right now Le? Hanging out at his co-ed gym meeting women? Is that why he takes off his wedding ring when you’re not around?

  • Colleen

    Does she know in real life Ricky was an abusive alcoholic?

    I noticed she didn’t say ‘when my husband comes home from work’ because we all know the douchebag doesn’t work.

  • nomorerimes

    So she called her favorite pap photographer and let him know where she was going to be and when. Where was he when she was in “treatment”? Does he only show up when she calls him? Just an opportunist–not a real pap artist! What a cushy job sitting by the phone waiting for LR to make his job so easy! Where are all the paps who nose things out and come up with the good story???!!! So what if she went to the store–normal people do that all the time. And LR is so abnormal that she is trying so hard to look normal???? Come on MIke–give us the real grit!

  • Jill

    It’s good to see her looking happier.

  • Mimi

    Let it go and leave her alone bullies!

  • Cece

    I have to think that if she had really learned anything at all in therapy, she would not feel the need to constantly update everyone on her daily life.

    A few weeks of therapy is a joke. If she actually wants to improve her life (and not just use therapy as another PR tool), she would shut down the twitter and continue to figure out why she’s so needy.

  • Mimi

    @Cece: Maybe YOU should figure out why you’re so OBSESSED with LeAnn? Psycho!

  • mkay

    She is crazy…cray cray personified.

  • Mimi

    It really doesn’t matter how many “thumbs down” I get, you vicious people will all have to live with yourselves. I pity you all. You must be very lonely because I can’t imagine any of you judgmental, mean spirited people having friends.

  • pikachu

    Yeah for someone who was on the verge of death like what 10 minutes ago… By now those who buy her music and concert tickets are the stupid ones and deserve to be treated as such.
    Oh and constantly talking about food and how much you love to eat and stuff is a notoriously known symptom of anorexia. In fact constant bragging about something – like your love life – is always suspicious.

  • Mimi

    @pikachu: And constantly following the comments about someone you supposedly hate and actually quoting some of them makes you a stalker!

  • oky

    @Mimi: Hi Leann. We all know you troll on JJ and other boards. You are certifiably crazy. Nutjob.

  • Mimi

    @oky: Just because I don’t agree with bullying hardly makes me a troll. Aren’t YOU the pot calling the kettle black? Shame on you!

  • Mimi

    It’s very disheartening to me that my comments about bullying are being tagged with “thumbs down”. What a sad, sad world we live in.

  • Melissa

    She has done her fans a great disservice lying about having dental problems, cancelling on them at the last minute and then being all over the net, at events, going to dinner, tweeting, smiling and posing for the paparazzi.Trust me, even her diehard fans are getting sick of this behavior and are talking amongst themselves. If she really was suffering from such a “massive infection”, she would still be under treatment and certainly wouldn’t be happily posing and smiling for what seem like very obviously staged photos. Why is she doing this to herself? I don’t understand why she seems completely determined to ruin her career permanently. She is making all the people who call her a liar look like they are spot on and all of us who have defended her look like fools.I have defended her on JJ, People, and Celebitchy in the past but won’t be wasting my time doing that anymore. People aren’t bullying her. They are calling her out for being dishonest and for being apparently so desperate for attention from her husband and everyone else that she is faking illnesses to avoid her work commitments in order to stay close to home so that she can keep an eye on her husband. Marrying him is going to be her downfall. Sad to see what she has become. Won’t be buying her new single when it drops in December. Already wasted money on a hotel to see a show that never happened.

  • susan

    She looks sickly

  • sunnyo

    just as Alfred replied I am taken by surprise that anybody able to make $5663 in 1 month on the internet. have you seen this web page >>> silver16.comLATEST NEWS

  • betty

    Leann this is one of the reasons the public sees you as a phony your constant need to be seen or relevant. Your life is nothing to be envied but you keep putting it on display You have a cheating husband that doesn’t work, kids that aren’t yours , a career going nowhere, bought friends a little family, past accomplishments and money. While your peers are racking up recent accomplishments and money you keep parading your dull life on display. You are criticized because you don’t have anything worth projecting except your illnesses and Eddie drama. Why not try doing something worthwhile without publicity

  • Deedee

    Um, am I the only one who doesn’t pose like that while putting groceries in the car? Sad and pathetic!

  • betty

    Mimi Save your pity for Leann she needs it she back to the same BS she was doing before” rehab” tweeting and fame whoring so don’t blame the public because it has become tiresome.She must be love starved to keep needing this constant look at me attention. If this is the type of attention she craves this is all she will receive and all the criticism or hate as you call it and it sells no albums or tickets for concerts,

  • Abby

    24 pictures of this fking gross bitch really? Ed must be so grossed out having sex with her. No wonder he cheats. We all knows he’s with her ONLY for her money but still. She is so weird and so unattractive and so crazy. And gross. So gross.

  • Caroline

    OMG, most staged looking photos ever!!!! I thought she was totally out of commission with pain? Guess for a fame w h 0 r e like Leann the Liar, she’d rather look like she is a complete faker than miss an opportunity to get her picture taken and sent out to all Lean friendly media outlets. Wonder what her fans who had cancelled concerts think about the fact that she obviously lied about her “massive infection”.

  • Jason

    My friends family flew her grandparents and two of their kids across country to see LeAnn Rimes for their 60 wedding anniversary and she cancelled. This cost them tons of money and they were all looking forward to her show. They will never be able to duplicate this trip. They are all no longer fans of LeAnn.

  • SaraMonda

    I couldn’t agree more, MiMi, these women are sick.

  • Melissa

    @SaraMonda: I am not sick. I have traveled twice for concerts that were cancelled at the last minute. My time and money are just as valuable as LeAnn’s are. What angers me is that hours after both cancellations, she was photographed out and fine. I’m not the only person who has become a former fan because of this. It is very unprofessional behavior.

  • Rebel

    @Mimi: I have a serious question for you. If the people who don’t like LeAnn and post about it and tweet about it are “bullies”, what are LeAnn’s record producer, his partner, her stylist and hairdresser and others who work for her and are her friends who do the same, but to her husband;s ex wife. I saw proof of this behavior, that seemed to have started years ago, on various websites where screenshots of what they wrote and have continued to write were displayed. Are they bullies as well or does that title only apply to people who aren’t fond of LeAnn? I neither like or hate either woman but wonder if you think LeAnn doesn’t own any responsibility for public backlash.. I think that the word bully is being misused badly in this scenario.

  • elaine

    geesy pete, Bet her moutn smells like a cess pool.

  • KissThis

    I find it hilarious that she states normalcy is welcomed. Please… She can make herself seem as apple pie as they come, but she’s still the one calling paps everyday. Humble people who want normalcy don’t do that.

  • Candisha

    She is ridiculously thin…

  • Cax

    Mimi, if you were SERIOUS about being anti-bullying, you wouldn’t support the BIGGEST BULLY on Twitter. People here are OUTING a bully – LeAnn. Take the hint and stop being an apologist for bullies like LR. For you defend an evil vindictive child-abusing bully like LR, it shows you support bullying and are possibly a bully yourself. At the very least, you have no morals and no awareness of who and what real bullies/bullying is. Shame on you for SUPPORTING BULLYING. :(

  • Cax

    hmmmm maybe Mimi is Leann? I notice she didn’t deny Oky’s allegation. Further, LR RTed the JJ article tweet – now WHY would she do that, why would she retweet an article by paps that allegedly stalk her? UNLESS, she arranged with JJ to photograph her? Normal celebs dont rt pap stuff about them, only links to valid interviews they’ve done. Seriously, why would LR rt a pap article/photos? Celebs just don’t do that. They just don’t. So I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Mimi’ (or is that Wee Wee?) is LR.

  • Cax

    Rather like how the marvellously upclose and personal photos of her engagement ring, which she said wasn’t a set up (yeah, given the ‘poses’ and clarity, I’m the Pope!) became her twitter pick at that time for months. Like as if she’d use the photo some stalker pap took, rather than her own PROFESSIONAL and AUTHORISED publicist photo? See? It doesn’t make sense.

  • Tami

    its weird that the day leann is out and about doing lunch with her bff then off to the markerts… is the same day that the crazy posters are MIA on just jared.
    and then the when JJ releases the article about said day, the crazy posters are back.

    everyone knows leann reads this blog. EVERY COMMENT.

  • Tami

    now this is the kind of article JJ and the rest of the media should put out… THE TRUTH.

  • Big Head

    Her perverted “I have clean undies” pap Mike Kamara took these pics, you can always tell if the credit says GSI. He used to be Flash City, or Flesh City, something like that and they canned him for doing nasty things. Gross. But LeAnn likes it dirty

  • Julie

    i actually feel sorry for LeAnn. Unlike other country stars like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert, whose careers are still skyrocketing, she is a has been at only 30 years old. She literally has nothing better to do than Tweet, fake illnesses and stage photo ops that she has to pay for herself. Come on. That is really, really sad. She chases down people who don’t like her, berates them and then sues them because they expose what a maniac she has become and cries bully when she herself is behaving like one. Poor, poor LeAnn. Her career is over. People will forget that she ever had one and all they will remember her for is this last few years of ridiculousness. Poor pitiful woman.

  • gwen

    Eddie was spotted without his wedding ring on Monday, so it comes as no surprise that onTuesday Leann prances around in a shotrt skirt while she flashes her wedding rings. Leann and her staged photo-ops are like “Where’s Waldo”, except instead of finding Waldo you point out the flaws in her staged photo-op.

    1) Look who took the photo. AKM-GSI, the same pap agency who was on the private beaches with Eddie and Leann when they were in Cabo and who just so happened to get photos from within Eddie’s birthday party. So this is a staged photo-op.

    2) Who goes to the grocery store dressed like that? Someone who knew the paps would be there because she called them. How is Leann any different than Courtney Stodden because she too goes to the grocery store dressed in ridiculous outfits just like Leann to get attention?What exactly is she trying to accomplish by prancing around in a tiny skirt and no bra? Prove that her husband isn’t cheating on her because she is “sexy”. Who has to put that much effort into dispeling cheating rumors?

    3) How did AKM-GSI manage to get these photos of Leann at the market when they didn’t even get any photos of her arriving or going to rehab or going to the ER for her “massive infection”? Leann called them.

    4)” Lunch withy BFF and market for dinner with hubby.”

    So once again Leann is forced to hang out with her husband’s mistress because if she doesn’t her husband won’t spend any time with her.

    5)” After the weekend I’ve had pure normalcy is welcomed!!!!!”

    Well her husband is cheating on her, so it’s not surprising that she had a weekend like this. These weekends where she has to fake illnesses to babysit her cheating husband shouldn’t come as a surprise to her either.

    6) “LeAnn tweeted that day. “Sweats, pork roast w/ veggies, my hubby…. Heaven! ”

    Now why would she tweet a thing like this? Could it possibly have something to do with the fact that her husband was caught without his wedding ring on Monday making the media write stories about Eddie cheating on her? If her life with Eddie was heaven, she wouldn’t be have the need to constantly bombard the internet with “happy family” images.

    7)”I love when he comes home… and I’ve got dinner ready”

    What she loves most is the fact that Eddie bother to come home at all, but then again if she wasn’t giving him his allowance she would probably never ever see him.

    8)” It feels so Lucy and Ricky :)”

    Of all the couples to compare her marriage to, Ricky and Lucy is the worst couple in HW. Why? Because behind the scenes, Desi was cheating on Lucy a lot and he was a drunk.They fought all the time. Subconsciously Leann is giving out hints about the state of her marriage. Either the media is too afraid of herr lawyer to say anything about it or Leann is paying them off to ignore it.

    Did Leann make this reference because she and Eddie are going to be Desi and Lucy this year?

    9) Why is she flashing her wedding ring like that? To counteract the stories about her husband not wearing his ring.

    10) 30 year old entertainer? Leann is more like a professional attention seeker who will do anything and ride anyone’s coattails just to get her name in the press.

  • gwen

    So after prancing around in a leather skirt and no bra and smiling really big for her pap friends, people are saying that Leann canceled another concert. Really? How is it that whenever her husband refuses to go on tour with her, Leann suddenly comes down with a “sickness”? How can she be dumb enough to use the sickness excuse again when her paid mouthpieces wrote about how “sexy” and happy she looked “buying” (posing for the paps) supplies at the grocery market and she was drinking alcohol and eating raw fish on Saturday after she had taken anitibiotics for her “massive infection”?

    I hope that she isn’t gearing up for “I’m pregnant surprise!” card. Was Eddie spotted without his wedding ring? Yeap, it won’t be too long before she is leaking stories to her paid mouthpieces about how she and Eddie and the boys are welcoming a new addition into the family.

    On another site someone said that Eddie has been working, so this would explain why Leann Rimes has been on damage control overdrive since Friday. Her fear that Eddie is sleeping with someone while on the set is taking over her sanity. Sometimes I think that Eddie purposely does things to drive Leann into craziness.

  • Melissa

    She has cancelled ANOTHER show! I know people who were attending and they are on a FB group of LeAnn fans and when they complained, they were attacked for having the nerve to question the fact that she has been photographed out, happy and healthy, tweeting about her normal activities and even doing Halloween crafts, but she still cancelled, saying she was ill. It is always last minute as well so people will have already made the trip for nothing. Seriously, I used to defend her but this has gotten ridiculous. People have traveled to see her and she is repeatedly canceling last minute and them photographed doing other things that a person who was “ill” would not be doing. I feel so stupid for giving her so much slack for so long. I said it before. Unprofessional to the core.

  • Melissa

    Oh, and they called my friend, one of the few people who bought “Ladies and Gentlemen” last year a “hater’ for saying she was disappointed and hoped Le would get her act together soon. Apparently, in Le’s world, she can do no wrong and is above all criticism, no matter what it is regarding.

  • Melissa

    Oh, and they called my friend, one of the few people who bought “Ladies and Gentlemen” last year a “hater’ for saying she was disappointed and that she hoped Le would get her act together soon. Apparently, in Le’s world, she can do no wrong and is above all criticism, no matter what it is regarding.

  • Laura

    LMAO! How ridiculous is it that after her hubs is caught shopping without his wedding ring, she shows up at the market flaunting hers? SO sad that she seems hellbent on proving how crazy she is. She seems so impulsive, just a loose cannon, and totally insecure. Girl needs a “5150″ like Britney! Pretty sure we are watching the Leann Rimes total mental breakdown timeline in progress.

  • betty

    @Laura If wedding vows are not respected what can a ring do. Leann flaunted her ring while married to Dean but cheating with Eddie.A cheater will cheat ring or no ring vows or not.

  • Juile

    Poor Poor Leann, Miranda Lambert’s Facebook page has over 4 million Likes and 35 thousand talking about her, Carrie Underwood (who Leannie claimed hasn’t paid her dues) Facebook page has almost 8 million Likes and 43 thousand talking about her and Taylor Swift’s page has almost 35 MILLION Likes and almost 400 thousand people talking about her. Little Miss Margaret LeAnn rimes has a whopping 175,600 Likes and a mere 1000 people talking about her. How humiliating for her. You’d think the fact that her career and “star” have fallen so far would make her get her sorry azz out on tour and keep her obligations to her ever dwindling fan base, but, no, she just keeps on cancelling. She cancels and then is photographed hours later grinning from ear to ear and putting on a show for the paps. She is seriously deluded and in deep denial about the state of her career. How can she possibly think that this new album is going to get her back on top when she is so ungrateful to the fans she already has? I know that the diehards seem a little slow on the uptake when it comes to her lack or professionalism and obvious penchant for lying about the reasons for cancelling, but even they will have a breaking point. Poor, poor LeAnn.

  • Delia

    There is a Chinese fortune that says “I hope that you have fame and fortune early in life” and it is actually considered to be a curse against the person who receives it. Leann is living proof of that curse. She peaked at 13 and has been on a long downward spiral ever since. I don’t know how much lower she can sink to keep attention on herself. It is really pretty tragic.

  • Bonnie

    She is without morals IMO. How many celebrities waste their time calling non- fans, to cuss them out , and demand to know why they don’t like them? Even worse, she sent her fans plane tickets, so they could sit with her over lunch while she had the whole conversation on speakerphone! Legal or not, it is still an invasion of privacy. She starts it all and labels the woman a bully, Hmmm interesting. I also love how she canceled her concert claiming she had a massive dental infection, yet was photographed smiling that grinchy smile of hers the very next day. What a phony.