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LeAnn Rimes: Sweatpants & Dinner with Eddie Cibrian is Heaven!

LeAnn Rimes: Sweatpants & Dinner with Eddie Cibrian is Heaven!

LeAnn Rimes stocks up on some supplies at Maddy’s Market on Tuesday (October 9) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 30-year-old entertainer also bought some Halloween supplies including two big pumpkins!

“Lunch withy BFF and market for dinner with hubby. After the weekend I’ve had pure normalcy is welcomed!!!!!” LeAnn tweeted that day. “Sweats, pork roast w/ veggies, my hubby…. Heaven! I love when he comes home… and I’ve got dinner ready. It feels so Lucy and Ricky :)” she tweeted later that evening.

20+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes grabbing supplies at Maddy’s Market…

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leann rimes halloween supply shopping 01
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 02
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 03
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 04
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 05
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 06
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 07
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 08
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 09
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 10
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 11
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 12
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 13
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 14
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 15
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 16
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 17
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 18
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 19
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 20
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 21
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 22
leann rimes halloween supply shopping 23

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • timetoretire

    Why doesn’t she just retire and stop this ridiculous pretense that she still has a singing career? That way she can keep an eye on her husband full time and not worry about pesky work commitments that interfere with her monitoring of his activities. She would be able to stop lying about her “illnesses” as well and spend more time modeling her prolific bikini collection for her paid for paparazzi buddy Mike. She could fully embrace the punchline of the joke she has become.

  • Steph

    this photo show the extent of how much has changed with leann’s face, and its not just weight loss. some serious things have changed with her face over the last year or so..

  • Dee

    Kind of funny how she talks about relaxing in sweats at home, whien it shows her shopping in a black leather mini skirt and 6″ stiletto heels. I swear she must alert the paparazzi anytime she runs an errand. Why else would some random photographer be hanging around a parking lot in Calabasas?

  • nomorerimes

    Of course she calls her buddy, the paid for—lazy pap when she goes out. But only whenshe wants her pic taken–you will notice there were no pics of her going into “therapy” or going to the hospital at 3 am because of her “massive infection”.. And no paps when EC going out to see his mistress(es). Selective papping, don’t you know!!

  • Dee

    Got it, Okay she pays her Paps, like she pays her fans. Being a California Native though, I knew that while Calabas was a very nice community, it isn’t a celeb magnet…..Good thing IMHO. Any way,

  • Dee

    Calabasis is famous because, while still upscale, it is both beautiful, and private. That is all part of it’s allure.

  • Caroline

    I normally wouldn’t bother commenting on such an old thread but LeAnn has RUINED her career completely. She’s now cancelled 6 of 7 shows of her tour (fans are not happy to put it mildly) to promote her new album. She claims to be incredibly ill but still has JJ post these silly staged photo ops and “stories” quoting her Twitter account. She is still tweeting her fans non-stop as well. She is completely screwing over her fans in order to keep an eye on her husband and it is awful to see a person who had so much promise, so long ago, become such a wreck of a human being over a man who has already proven himself to be untrustworthy and is basically treating her like she is his cash cow. The fact she is suing someone who she basically stalked, cold called and verbally abused is just the cherry o the top of her crazy sundae. The saddest part of this is that LeAnn seems to want to make others pay for HER mistakes and wants to drag as many people as possible down with her as her life and career implode. What a train wreck she has become. I don’t see how she can ever redeem herself in the public eye. I think she’s just gone way too far now to ever bounce back.

  • homegurl

    Ed is full time with my friend now, he’s not hiding it anymore, he meets her at the gym and it goes from there.

  • nomorerimes

    Sure wish he would just admit to everyone that he made a HUGE mistake with LR, tell us how crazy she is and leave. He could make a mint with the mags telling his story, getting his pic on the cover and earn some (?) respect back by doing this. Might even salvage his career. I know I will never watch anything he is in until he gets rid of SleazeAnn! TIME TO GO, EDDIE!!

    @homegurl–Have your friend tell him what I just wrote. She would be doing him a favor by letting him know what a lot of us think.

  • Carla

    So the women who says she is anti-bullying encouraged her twitter fans to text bullying messages to Brandi Glanville. So who broke up whose family?

  • don’tlikeliars

    More lies from LeAnn. She claims to have had not one, but TWO “surgeries” yesterday and to be in severe pain but was able to make herself a delicious grilled sandwich this morning. Most people would be eating soft foods, not a panini as they are crunchy and not easy on sore teeth and gums. This kind of thing along with the staged photo ops the day, or day ofter she claims to be too ill to perform, or in too much pain to think, make her look like a liar. What a tangled web you weave Margaret.

  • don’tlikeliars

    Oh yes, and by the way Margaret, it’s WHOLE grain mustard, not long grain. One of the varieties of rice is long grain. I worked at a gourmet food shop all through college and never saw a jar of “long grain mustard” in the 4 years I was there. Of course, if it was an imaginary sandwich with made up ingredients, I suppose long grain mustard could be one of them.

  • nomorerimes

    Read that Carrie Underwood really had a great concert in LR’s state. She is so sweet and such a success! And well-liked by all! SHE has a career–bet LR is so jealous! But then with all her “massive infections’ and mouth troubles she just can’t do concerts at all. But can eat what she claimed! Simply more lies out of her mouth!

  • Vera

    Her getting behind anti bullying campaign is like Hugh Hefner getting behind an anti nudity campaign, From all I have learned about her, she is the proverbial mean girl.

  • lulz

    @gwen: Oh jeez, looks like “why” has made it to this site too. I’m no fan of LeAnn, but you have serious mental issues regarding your deep obsession with her.

  • lulz

    @Dee: Proof that LeAnn hired that photographer (which we already know), the market is in a little town past Calabasas called Agoura. NO paparazzi hang out there like they sometimes do in the Calabasas Commons. She called this guy. Residents of Agoura know paps do not go there!

  • Lenora

    Hiiii Brandi theres evidence YOU fed info to BB. Your dirty deeds will come to light boo.Thanksss for helping legal And thank you Adrieene! Kristi, kim n Jezi r bigmouths on blogs click click SSs

  • betty

    @Lenora You don’t want to bring Brandi in this mess because Leann dirty deeds are already coming to light and her so called friends are deserting her and giving the 411 on her deeds. Leann has the most to lose her credibility and reputation are already mud and only will get muddier.

  • Jessie

    @Mimi: you would know since that what you’ve done to Brandi since day one LEANN

  • Marco

    I don’t know about you but I think Brandi is beautiful. I can see why LeAnn would become obsessed and would want to become her. LeAnn is homely looking.

  • Jessie

    Why is the Queen of all bullies getting any attention on this site? Why is this even newsworthy? She went to the store dressed like a prostitute. BFD. Leann in another ugly outfit posing for paps. What else is new.

  • Jessie

    @Lenora: Are you talking about Brandi’s friend Adrienne?

  • Dee

    Yep Lulz she skipped out on her more practical sweats, wanting to look sexy, while she posed and smiled loading her trunk.. After all, how many of us smile from ear to ear while loading our trunks alone,? Especially in such painful looking shoes lol. She knew she was being photographed, and probably wished she were in Malibu instead, so she could have been wearing another bikini instead.

  • lulz

    Oh jeez, looks like “Tess Ann Guest/Anon” has made it to this site too. I’m no fan of LeAnn, but I have serious mental issues regarding my deep obsession with gwen. I could have gotten away with posing as a LeAnn hater, but my obsession with gwen always gets the best of me. See how I couldn’t make one negative comment about LeAnn without first fulfilling my urge to troll gwen. You can tell that I was banned because once again the “I hate gwen” posts start back up after a period of inactivity. Can you guess what names I am using on Celebrity Bitchy and Gossip Rocks? Yeap, LeAnn has me posing as a hater, she is going to use all the information that y’all say to me in the lawsuit she has against kim! So be careful what you say to me about LeAnn, it will come back to haunt you! Yes I also made the post as Lenora! Check out the times, a post about gwen, a negative post about LeAnn to bait yall, and then a post obsessing over my hatred for Brandi, Jezi, Kristi, kim!

    PS-Do you know where I got the name Lenora from? Lenora Crichlow. A British actress!

  • betty

    lulz or whatever I bet the Smileys can match whatever was said about Leann with the remarks made by Leann & bullies. to others. Her twitter fingers and theirs have been busy also. So the criticism of Leann continues.

  • marshal

    HOPE Brandi was worth it gurls

  • Teaganor

    Tsk tsk Radar mobile version diff then web haaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa

  • betty

    Marshall&Teaganor Worry about Leann the Smileys have support never underestimate your opponents and we still support Brandi!!!

  • Tessa

    @betty: I don’t know the history of what went on between Leann and the women she is suing, but from a PR prospective, she is really digging herself a huge hole to fall into. I don’t have anything against Leann Rimes per say but can’t for the life of me, understand why she would contact a person with a private Twitter account, while out with others she met on Twitter, put the call on speaker in a busy restaurant and use profanity the way she did. It makes her look like she is seriously unstable. She may well win because she has the time and money to waste with this nuisance lawsuit, that kind of reeks of a publicity stunt, but the damage she is doing to her already tarnished image and career will be impossible to repair. People already think she’s a cheater, home wrecker and nightmare step-mother, does she really want to add vindictive bully to the mix? Doing this and posting all those anti-bullying links and preachy quotes, just make her look like a complete hypocrite. To be honest, I don’t think she has people around her who actually care about her. If she did, this wouldn’t be happening. Also, i think that Mimi is Leann herself. I’ve read that she trolls sites reading comments about her and believe it. She obviously has an “agreement” with JJ to post these inane stores about her that are always positive.

  • erika

    (name withheld NOT) said she told her no after a while.

  • betty

    Tessa In order for Leann to win the burden of prove is on her and she has to prove her case and in her petition she asked for a jury trial and that jury will decide. I read the Smileys are counter suing so she has her work cut out for her because they are gathering info on her also . All that BS she espouses on twitter won’t work because in the courts only facts are presented If she thinks that tape makes her look bad the trial might nail her coffin.. It will take more than positive stories to help her, her actions speak louder than anything.written about her.

  • Bebbettee

    BB never discussed releasing audio or disseminating it? SS here SS everywhere!!!Reason main media ignored audio clips? Bcuz they cud be sued. Audio is ILLEGAL God save you poor ignorant souls

  • marleyfurball

    “she knew about recording in march. she could’ve sent a cease and desist (letter)
    BB laughed about that!!! Jokes on you foolz
    Eileenhoover breakdown wif ncriminatin SS foolzzz
    Dont worry gurls Kristi knows for FACT Le broke!!! haaahaaahahaha

  • betty

    We will see who the joke is on after all is said and done and believe Leann will be the butt of a lot more jokes likes she is now. Regardless of how much money Leann has she will need it her career has already taken a dive and with those cancelled concerts and her continuing illnesses she will need it to hold on to Eddie.

  • marleyfurball

    dat 4 sure boo!!!!

  • henrietygangsta

    40 old rap Mom haaahhaaaaahaahahahahahaahah

    Worldwide!!!! the WORLD hates Le!! haaaaahahaahahaaaaa
    NEWS gurls theres a BIG world out there beyond Radar and blogs foolzz

  • Glorida

    Kristi == dumber then squirrelturd
    “Posting a recording online isn’t illegal” Wait and SEE boo!!!
    Perez got 20 comments!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa

  • William

    @Glorida: “squirrelturd”….LMFAO!!!

  • nomorerimes

    For someone who is addicted to twitter–LR isn’t posting as much as before. What do you want to bet she has opened a new twitter account and given it only to her true (paid) friends! Keep eyes open!

  • betty

    @nomorerimes GOOD!! That way her private twitter friends will have to hear about her BS blissful life and lies because the rest of us are sick of it.

  • nomorerimes

    @betty: That’s true but I just don’t trust the lying, cheating, immature piece of crap! Silence is golden! But sometimes a silent child is one who is getting into mischief, if you know what I mean!

  • swettybetty

    @betty: You aren’t sick of it. You LIVE for it. You LOVE it. You can’t stay away from her twitter feed. You go there daily. You are sick. And you are a liar.

  • betty

    @nomorerimes In Leann case silence is golden because whatever she does is her version of the truth and facts.@swettybetty I live and love for Betty.! Leann exposed her business and bad behavior to the public so if I never commented again there would be a host of others to succeed me. That’s the problem with Leann and enablers always trying to blame or cover up her misdeeds. There come s a time in life we have to face up to the consequences of our behavior and Leann is not exempt.

  • Steph

    i found it interesting that emma watson started doing harry potter at age 9 and continued all the way to age 22..and look how she’s turned out: sweet, smart, humble and well adjusted even though almost her entire life was devoted to the hp franchise for over 13 years, working and traveling almost 24/7. …. and then i think of leann using “being in the public eye” and saying she’s been “touring” for years, since she was a child, and how HARD it is to be her and we all just don’t even know. maybe leann and emma should be twitter buddies.. one would hope the humility would rub off.

  • anon

    @swettybetty: THIS. Your comment is dead on. Does she (betty) harass and follow other cheaters? Like Angelina, Kristin Stewart, Sienna Miller? No. Just Leann RImes. So, she must be a friend of Brandi’s. If not, she is a sick obsessed follower who wishes Brandi would notice her. . Like a sheeple. I hate sheeples.
    Or is it K.M.Y. (gwen, gross, why?) using multiple personas?

  • nomorerimes

    @Steph: PLEASE–I wouldn’t wish for my worst enemy to be twitter friends with LR! LR would contaminate anything and anybody she comes in contact with. And even bleach wouldn’t get the stench and bugs off!

    @anon–LR is just so easy to despise and follow–she makes everything so public–pretty soon we’ll hear about her bowel movements–oh wait–she does that when she sings! At least AJ, KS and SM are not papwhores with every little aspect of their lives. And they didn’t gloat over their lives like LR!

    By the way, before you suggest it–I am not gwen, nor Betty. I think for myself and have lots of friends that, unlike LR, I do not have to pay for. And I do not know Brandi at all. Don’t even live in the same part of the country. (But then that wouldn’t matter to LR–if someone kisses her behind, she pays for them to do it in person!) I just hate for people to cheat but worse still for people to cheat and brag and hurt people. LR is supposedly sooooo happppppy! Happy people don’t have to put all their happppppinesss out there for others to see. People can tell if others are happy by the way they act in public and EC does not look happy at all. Not with his cling-on clinging to him like she’s afraid he’ll slip away from her. Men do not like that! So tell LR –she got her prize now just shut up and enjoy all the miseries she has with him–wondering what he is doing when he does get away from her for a few minutes. And tell her to start checking his things there at her place–I’m sure they are slowing starting to DISAPPEAR! Haaaaa!

  • gwen


    Sickitten/Tess Ann/jasperkitty/irena, what does that make you since you are once again up at 4 am making more posts about me, Brandi, and Betty, but not just any posts-the very same posts that you have made on your ANDITFEELSLIKEX twitter account? A sick obsessed follower who wishes that Brandi would notice him. Since you are also posting the very same thing that Ginger Hines has been posting on twitter about Brandi and the BBs, that makes you a sheeple. And it also supports ROL story about how Leann is telling her fans what to say and post about Brandi!

    How exactly do you know what betty does? For you to know for a fact that betty isn’t posting on AJ, SM, or KS, you would have to be following betty’s every move. So thanks for admitting that you are stalking betty. By your own logic that would make you a friend of Leann’s, why else would you obsess over betty on this site just like you do on twitter.

    Doesn’t Leann have this article linked to her twitter page?

  • gwen

    Is Leann purposely making Eddie sick to prevent him from cheating or seeing his mistress? Early in the week, Leann tweeted that she was very proud of her apple/feta mustard sandwiches and then today she tweets that both she and Eddie have had a “violent stomach bug” all this week! Good job Leann, you managed to prevent your husband from seeing his mistress this week by giving him diarrhea and inducing vomitting! It’s like the scene from “Something to Talk About” with Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid . How interesting because the name of the cheating husband in that movie was also Eddie! Leann is taking cues from movies on how to deal with her husbands affairs.

    How interesting that Leann’s “sickness” will be cleared up by Sunday just in time for her “happy family” photo-op or to babysit Eddie while he is on the set filming.

    Question: If Leann was so sick with a “violent stomach bug” all this week, how come she was able to rearrange her house with her BFF from Nashville so that she can convince us just how wonderful her life with Eddie is by appearing on another episode of Interiors?

  • Glorida

    Le will be on Katie Couric!! If she a hasbeen like stupid BB think how did she pull this off? haahahahaahahaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Kristi and Jezi always gets it WRONG

  • betty

    @Anon Leann is the only trick always vying for attention Angelina got her own thing going and Kristin has a career, Sienna has her own family. All Leann has is a cheating husband, fading career and claim to Brandi kids. Outside of her perpetual illness what else is newsworthy about her..Her hunger for attention will be her demise because she has been outed as a phony and fake and all the interviews won’t help her.