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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Low Profile in the Big Apple!

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Low Profile in the Big Apple!

Mila Kunis and her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher keep a low profile as they leave their apartment and head to the West Village for dinner on Wednesday (October 10) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actor and 29-year-old actress are currently in town while Mila works on her film The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.

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Earlier in the week, Mila and Ashton cuddled up at a table while having dinner together.

10+ pictures inside of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis keeping a low profile…

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mila kunis ashton kutcher low profile in the big apple 01
mila kunis ashton kutcher low profile in the big apple 02
mila kunis ashton kutcher low profile in the big apple 03
mila kunis ashton kutcher low profile in the big apple 04
mila kunis ashton kutcher low profile in the big apple 05
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mila kunis ashton kutcher low profile in the big apple 10

Credit: Christopher Peterson; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Ashton’s a Lucky Man

    Love her! Beautiful women with a down to earth personality.

  • ha ha

    can’t stand these a-holes

  • porkchow

    he will turn her into the biggest hater on earth, look he already has her hiding her face. what a puppet !

  • ec22

    wow what haters coming out of the woodwork. favorite hollywood couple that seems so anti-hollywood bc they’re grounded and normal, hence covering their faces. love seeing new pix of them, especially with them both happy and comfortable around each other to scrub it up in sweats/repeated outfits.

  • A

    frumpy and dumpy

  • gtrgf

    this chick dresses funny as crap.

  • notyourfriend

    oooh babe let’s go incognito ….let’s put on glasses and hats and wear the same color jackets so we can look just like a hollyweird couple that matches

  • porkchow


    you can’t have both you either have to be hollywood or anti-hollywood and that is why they are so lame , they want both like they deserve it or something. it’s not hate it’s a commentary do you know the difference ?

  • dr benway


    Sure, they’re so private! One day they’re all over each other in front of paps to get more press, next day they put on shades and cover their faces because by the way, they’re very private. Real rock stars. And the Esquire photos are the living proof of how private and anti-hollywood Kunis is.

  • csa

    no sense of style! thank God she is now hiding that bloated face!!!!

  • reg

    Great looking couple, seeem really happy together. The sad haters can keep hating all they want, doesn’t change the facts.

  • Ec22

    @porkchow you can have both. And mila does have both. She does Hollywood events and is a celebrity by namesake but yet she is a private person with her personal life and friends. In fact all of her friends aren’t even in the business. She doesn’t go to events. The difference between hate talk vs commentary is you don’t even know the facts about mila to make these judgments, FYI.

    @dr benway did you even read the esquire article? If so you’d find out that actresses are sometimes backed into the corner to do these kind of shoots which wasn’t the case for Esquire but just saying, and that she only agreed to the shoot bc the article itself juxtaposed this “Sexy means taking your clothes off and selling out!” dumb mentality sme of you have. Who wins the Sexiest Woman Alive title and turns it down? No one. But ahe made it all her own by her interview and have you not seen her GQ and early career day pics for Maxim, Stuff, Cmplex, etc? Part of her knows whats required in this business, even if it means doing uncharacteristic unclothed shoots while making fun of the magazine itself throughout the interview. It’s a career boost to have directors and producers lining up with interest at what’s cursor in Hollywood.

  • chelsea

    She’s a gorgeous woman. But sweatpants to dinner? I mean yeah to the grocery store, but at least put jeans on for dinner.

  • dr benway


    You sound like you work in her PR team. Btw, the Sexiest Woman Alive title is something you buy not win. She did Esquire for more publicity, stop kidding yourself with juxtapositions and other nonsense.
    I know how it works in this business and am well aware they have to do this stuff in order to stay in the spotlight – if they want to get hired for major productions that cost megabucks, that is. Publicity and advertising is the backbone of showbiz and capitalism. Celebs get paid/hired to attract crowds and help sell a product (movie, TV show..). How much they’re worth depends on their ratings/popularity. What is idiotic and phony however, Mila goes around blaming paps and tabloids for lack of privacy and then does stuff to garner more attention (PDAs with Kutcher..). Paps don’t chase Kristen Bell & Dax and many other celeb couples. It’s not something you cannot control, PR industry takes care of all that. Mila’s decision was to become a major celeb and that’s fine.
    Just don’t play the victim and complain about tabloids/gossip because then you sound like a hypocrite. Mila clearly seeks the attention and if you believe the way this Kutcher/Kunis story is being presented and handled has nothing to do with it you’re delusional.

  • Dynamo David

    If Ashton truly Loves Mila so much, why doesn’t he just file for divorce from Demi, pay the cost for his philandering ways to Demi and marry Mila? Then, when he gets tired of Mila — as he did with Demi — he can fool around on Mila. Then, Mila can file for divorce from Ashton and he can pay her for his philandering ways.
    OR, Mila can show us just how smart she really is: dumped the cheap-skate philandering clown now and move on to a more real man who will respect her be loyal to her and a guy she deserves to be with.

  • Stu

    What is the brand of tweed jacket Ashton is wearing?
    Can anyone tell from the pics?
    (its not LL Bean)

  • csasucks


    u have a lot of problems, don’t you csa?! in every mila’s article u have a lot to say… gosh,.. don’t u have other better things to do aside from bashing mila kunis… get a life moron..

  • http://dh iii

    I think Mila and Ashton look stupid identically.. there are no sense.

  • kelly

    @iii: You compose a sentence like that and call them stupid? Priceless.

  • csa


    i just have fun with your replies , guys!

  • nick

    @dr benway: And you sound like someone that buys into conspiracy theories way too much. The Esqure opportunity is not bought, it is something the mag comes to the agent and actor to request, and they decide if they want to do it. The agent does not approach them. You think Rihanna or Angelina Jolie needed it to push their career forward? They didn’t, and neither did Mila. But when you are given an opportunity it makes perfect sense to take advantage of it.

    All of these women understand how the game is played. If a few years there will be the new face in town as the media and business moves on, and they are just taking advantage of the moment. Nothing wrong with that. It is not the fault of Mila or any other actress to be hounded by paparrazi and when they use high powered camera to take pictures from a personal home it is certainly not warranted or wanted by the actor. At a certain point, yes even actors are allowed to have a life…I know that is difficult for you to realize. But because they have reached celeb status does not mean they need to remain locked in their home 24/7. They should be allowed to walk in the park in NY or down the street and enjoy time with their signifcant other, like thousands of ordinary couples do. Yet because they are celebs this is the reaction it gets. Paps don’t chase Dax and Kristen because nobody cares…they aren’t anywhere near the same level…it’s all about who sells mags and who gets more attention to make people hit their website. The only thing that is delusional here is your attitude.