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Jennifer Aniston: Living Proof Spokeswoman & Investor!

Jennifer Aniston: Living Proof Spokeswoman & Investor!

Jennifer Aniston has teamed up with hair care brand Living Proof to be the company’s new spokeswoman and an equity partner!

The 43-year-old actress is expected to have “input into new products, package design and other business areas in exchange for her equity stake, which they declined to quantify but called ‘meaningful,’” according to the Wall Street Journal.

“We believe that beauty and brains are the best formula. She represents everything we represent as a brand,” CEO Jill Beraud said.

Jennifer said she tried the product out with her hairdresser Chris McMillan and tested Living Proof‘s frizz-fighting powers while shooting We’re The Millers in North Carolina in “100% humidity”. The end result was that the No Frizz cream left her with “great curls”.

“You want to be part of something that’s exciting and authentic. You can’t get more interesting than these scientists,” Jen said of joining forces with the company, which is making waves for its true scientific approach.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Aniston’s new partnership with Living Proof?

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  • Looselipz

    Perfect selection. Jen has great hair, no bones about it, and never extensions!

  • watson

    I use this stuff!! this brand is considered litte known? really? they sell at sephora!

    can they come up with a no frizz cream for fine hair? please?

  • Who?

    Who has beauty and brains?

  • Never extensions?
  • watson


    so clever you are.

    given the visibility smartwater has gotten, sounds like the CEO knows exactly what she’s doing.
    just came back to say – got some ring shots in that article as well. still can’t see it properly – can she just quit playing coy and HOLD IT UP TO THE LIGHT. PLEASE, and THANK YOU.

  • Whatevah

    ROFL wtf beauty and brains? errrr shampoo is definitely the brains and looking at aniston the conditioner is the beauty for sure.

  • rachel

    such a loser you have no beauty or a brain. your hair looks like crap grandma.

  • Who?

    @watson: Visibility is different than intelligence. I agree 100% with visibility. She also plays the Hollywood game well enough to make her multi-millionaire. But “brains” is pushing it.

  • HAHAHA!!!


    She is dumb as a box of rocks!! If it wasn’t for her pr guru she pays millions to she would be washed up like the rest of Friends! Kevin huvane is the brains for this empty shell called Aniston!

    She really nows what she is talking about:

    You can’t get more interesting than these scientists,” Jen said

    WTF does that mean!!! What is she 12! You guys that climbs in her butt to promote this twit floors me!!

  • Isn’t that a Stretch??

    Since most of her hair is now full of fake hair????

    Yet for Aniston lies & fakeness are okay to dupe the public as long as the check hits her bank.

  • watson


    she’s been in the industry for almost two decades and pretty successful transitioning from one medium to another, and taking on other roles in projects as well. I think it takes a certain amount of brains to keep to that level of success for so long. Part of it is definitely playing the PR games (tell me any celebrity that doesn’t play this game), but being a pap magnet doesn’t necessarily translate to bigger pay and yet she still manages to make a lot of money without doing big budget films, Disney or action or blockbuster franchises. I think that’s unusual in the industry, and to me it indicates a certain level of business savvy. So yeah – i think she’s got game and to me that indicates she’s got brains. Saying otherwise is just your bias showing… if it appeases you, and i assume you’re a brangeloon, Jolie has got great game too.

    Besides, Jen has gorgeous hair, and that’s her signature so this makes sense to me!

  • watson


    i don’t know why you waste your time. you contribute to her fame as much as her fans do. What floors me is you taking the time to comment on a thread for someone you clearly hate.

    The publicist can only do so much honey. rest of it is all on the actual person. Otherwise, Kevin’s remaining clients would be equally as famous. Aniston is clearly one of Kevin’s top shelf clients – that indicates that she is very much a contributing factor to her own fame. Kevin is not some devil pulling strings – it’s such typical loon talk, and automatically invalidates your points.

  • Bad Choice

    There are real beautiful women in HW with real beautiful hair that would have been a better choice and a fresher choice. Aniston is not beautiful and her hair is ragged from all the extensions over the years. So once again she will be selling her fakeness to fools who believe her hair is all hers. She is not so smart she just pays out the ass for people to bring her ideas and tell her what to and not to do. That’s what they pay pr folks for and dupe you into thinking they had something to do with it so you’ll spend your money buying their junk. They just want her because she is a pr ho and she likes the attention and will do anything for it but the problem is she can’t move beauty products. if she could then she would have been doing it for bigger vendors rather than a no name brand. Hell her own fragrance was a dud. This will be at your local Walmart soon as well.

  • Lacie

    I think she’s making a lot of money promoting shampoo. At least she’s not promoting a stupid movie again.

  • Oh Boy

    Watson another Aniston defender because she needs it!

    Umm Watson, it was mentioned that they contacted her representative (Huvane) and he hocked it to her and got the deal for her in another article. So your argument is pointless. She is his top ho because she pays him the monies to stay relevant. She is nothing but a tabloid celebrity nothing more and she knows it. She should have took that money and invested in her craft then we would probably be saying something different about her, otherwise we can say what we will about Aniston because she pays to put it out there. It’s not like comments made about her is making her a movie star. Just a tabloid gossip fodder. She is the 43 year old Kim Kardashian.

  • somali girl

    Beauty? Lol! Yes she is a beautiful tranny alright.

  • somali girl

    @Looselipz: she’s worn the same tired hairstyle forever with the same tired face.

  • http://Justjarde Mis

    Love it

  • http://Justjarde Mis

    I like her hair

  • http://Justjarde Mis

    Jealous loons

  • http://Justjarde Mis
  • http://Justjarde Mis
  • http://Justjarde Mis
  • JL

    Luxury hair is Jennifer’s trademark.
    Whose hair is better in Hollywood?
    This is a great news.

  • JL

    Nobody has a better hair!

  • http://Justjarde Mis
  • JL

    Thanks for the nice videos!

  • lol


    just like smartwater she is trying to make bank. The movie roles are going to dry up more and more especially after this latest dud flops. So she is trying to make money by endorsing any and every product she can. This is why so many people with a brain know this woman is not worth as much money as they claim. One would think she would invest in a good movie role.

    But then she has always been about her hair. so yes this is an ideal match.

  • http://Justjarde Ann


  • http://Justjarde Ann

    Smart woman

  • http://Justjarde Ann

    Jenny A sure is a busy gal these days. I love how she does things by herself, no need to be part of a branded couple. Justin is the cherry on the cake, NOT the cake. In addition, her achievements of the past few years are even more impressive, considering the negative and bought media. Jen is a strong woman a good example, not a clingy cadaver

    Amazing woman

  • http://Justjarde Ann

    I’m kind of excited about this product. It sounds good.

  • wooooow

    make a life,people..u are so freaking jealous and angry.SHAME ON YOU.Jen looks good and you all are just freaks,Brangelina f{cked up lovers.miserable

  • 2Park5


  • JL

    She has enough money
    to have the best and the biggest diamond in the world.
    So shut up.

  • Oh yeah

    yeah right ..the shampoo people didn’t know that maniston real hair is so damaged by her use of coloring her brown and kinky hair into blond and chemically straightening it? As for her BEAUTY AND BRAIN bwahahahhahahahhahahhh!! Huvane really work hard for the money to make ANUSton something SHE IS NOT!! Anuston beauty is chemical peel and botox and two times rhinoplasty .. her beauty is all FAKE .. and she’s not even that beautiful!!

  • Pity about Pitt

    SMART choice Jennifer…

  • 2Park5


  • missy

    Ridiculous! it’s like she never can stand it whenever her “friend” Courtney Cox gets a gig and not her. Courtney is now the face and spokesperson for Pantene haircare. And guess what? Jen does the same thing! she has done this for years. When Courtney got her own fragrance, Jen did too. If Courtney was in a commercial for the EB foundation, Jen did the same for St. Judes. Always after Courtney. B**** Courtney seems a lot more genuine than her for sure! and she has waaay better hair naturally.

  • Dammit JPTrolls!!

    Stop rushing to fill the first page with crappy comments before fans!!
    have a nice cup of tea. chill out. shhhhh…

  • :)

    @Oh yeah: SHHHHhhh…everything is ok. sit down. take your medicine….

  • Lacey

    I adore that picture of her! beautiful~♥

  • Nothing But Love

    Go Jen

  • Piper

    so proud of Jenny. in this age where we see increasingly more blatant and outrageous attacks on women and women progress everywhere, she’s changing the world one beautiful head of hair and one bottle of smartwater at a time.

    way to help out! way to make a difference! so glad you use your fame for good! let’s see that rock again because yay, you are also totally getting married, girlfriend! no, you’re not vapid or shallow at all. you are a brave, fierce woman who’ve been through a amicable divorce 10 years ago but it like, still totally totally hurt your feelings!

  • Brad’s Trolls are Spastic

    Bradley needs this stuff. That shit on his head he calls hair sux.
    Go Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andy

    i love this woman, a real definition of beauty and intelligent

    Aniston is a shrewd business woman. instead of just promoting and talking to the product, she buys into it’s stock!! Smartwater sales rocketed after jen signed on and also bought shares!!

  • andy

    Jen Aniston sure is a busy gal these days. I love how she does things by herself, no need to be part of a branded couple. Justin is the cherry on the cake, NOT the cake. In addition, her achievements of the past few years are even more impressive, considering the negative and bought media. Jen is a strong woman a good example, not a clingy cadaver!

    cant wait for your wedding gal, justin is one hot hunk

  • shane

    I love women and not the clingy ones who cant function on their own but a strong independent beautiful women, who are confident in themselves and can stand trials and tribulations and jen is the definiton of one. a classy woman you are and i tell ya justin theroux is one lucky dude. wish you all the best maa’m cos with your good heart your loved ones will always be more than your enemies. You are america’s sweetheart for a reason

    i have no doubt that this hair care line will achieve a great success because growing up i saw alot of women imitating rachel hair. you got this classy and smarty woman

  • downtoearth

    Brad endorses products all the time. He’s doing one right now. So that means his career is washed up too according to your reasoning…

  • Lori

    Beauty and brains? lol you kidding me!