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Kate Bosworth: SK-II Skincare Launch with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: SK-II Skincare Launch with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth is stylish and sparkly at the SK-II skincare line launch held at David Jones on Thursday (October 11) in Sydney, Australia.

The 29-year-old actress, who is the new face of the SK-II skincare line, was joined on the red carpet by her fiance Michael Polish.

Kate Bosworth epitomises the classic beauty that SK-II represents and we welcome her to our expanding family of ambassadors around the world,” SK-II said in a statement about Kate.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Stella McCartney dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and a Proenza clutch.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish of the SK-II skincare launch…

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kate bosworth david jones skincare launch 01
kate bosworth david jones skincare launch 02
kate bosworth david jones skincare launch 03
kate bosworth david jones skincare launch 04
kate bosworth david jones skincare launch 05
kate bosworth david jones skincare launch 06
kate bosworth david jones skincare launch 07
kate bosworth david jones skincare launch 08
kate bosworth david jones skincare launch 09
kate bosworth david jones skincare launch 10
kate bosworth david jones skincare launch 11

Credit: Brendon Thorne; Photos: Getty
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  • Shelly

    She has flawless skin with and without makeup

  • taz

    that dress looks like the thing i use to cover my school books with.

  • Tanter

    The new hair colour works well for her – but I think she looks “off” in the face and her skin (or is it the makeup) does not look good in these pics (HQ?). Certainly not for someone only 29..

  • ladybug

    @Shelly: To repeat from another post: Flawless. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    @Tanter: I think the darker hair color is much much better for her than the platinum blonde she’d been going for for some time.
    I like the color of the dress, but the shapelessness of it isn’t doing her any favor. Though, at least it covers her knees. And she’s not so drunken giraffe posing in these photos.

  • Lauren

    Why doesn’t she ever do anything with her hair? She seems to think that it’s so flawless that she doesn’t need to really style it. In reality, it looks thin, dull and lifeless. Get a curling iron or something FFS. Take some biotin.

  • Jeannie

    Those close up pictures are not good. She looks so much older than she is. I like the color of the dress, but the shape does nothing for her.

  • huh

    A very $$$ and glittery potato sack dress

    I looked at Getty to see who went to the event…..i didn’t recognise any of them.

    there were some Aussie bloggers. fashion reporters who have to kiss the celebrity ass and the Australia version of KB Lara Bingle.

    Who i think looks the same as KB but healthier and tanner but just as annoying and famous for dating /ex-finance of a cricket player and being a “model” and i use that term very loosely She did an ad maybe 6yrs ago and is still holding on to her 15 mins. I wish Lara would go away as well as Kate.

  • Macy

    That’s what I thought. It looks like a sparkly bathtowel. Doesn’t do her any favors.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: That’s it, it’s a bath towel wrap:

    @Lauren, this is her doing something with her hair. At least it’s not in a severe bun.

  • rtyrt

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  • Mara

    From far away she resembles heather graham.

  • Journalistic

    I think she’s so beautiful and has great style – it’s definitely not typical Hollywood style and she certainly doesn’t cater to the majority; she dresses much more high fashion.

  • Nicole

    Her “lips” look ridiculous..

  • ladybug

    @Journalistic: You’re typing words in English, but they’re not making any sense. She dresses ‘high fashion’ for red carpet type events, like this, but then so does just about everyone else.

    Or do you mean this when you write ‘high fashion’:

  • Ella

    Funny that a skincare brand would choose a spokesperson who is very aged in the face…

  • somali girl

    What did she do to her lips?

  • Karen Martin

    She has a beautiful face. I think she needs to darken her hair color though because the light hair is drowning out her face.

  • Nice

    She looks lovely.

  • ladybug

    @Karen Martin: This shade is tons better than this shade from last year:

  • Blackcat9

    Why the HELL! Would anyone choose this FACE to represent a Skincare Line an expensive one at that! I have one word ROUGH! Look at the WRINKLES under her EYES! Please, Kate! NO MORE BUTT FAT in the lips! I know it’s the only fat on your body but they are lopsided and look like they are going to explode! But, THANKS for covering those HIDEOUS KNEES!

  • mforman

    The close up photos of her face are awful. They really show just how bad she is looking. The creature needs to stop injecting her lips, they are swollen, they are uneven and it looks like she had it done right before the event. For anyone who doubts her use of botox just look at that huge forehead. The wrinkles around her eyes are showing more and more, it is like she cannot even cover them up anymore. This is not the face of a 29 year old, who has taken care of herself. KB has destroyed herself and now there is no going back.
    I cannot believe a high end skin care line would not have had her makeup done better. KB’s face looks oily and totally washed out.
    The dress is too long and too big for her, it does absoulutely nothing for her and of course she has to pose that ridiculous way she does with her feet.
    At least we were spared the usual photo of her and the hobbit looking into each others eyes and laughing, even though in that photo their smiles never touch their eyes.

  • Jimmy

    Wonder why this post has so few comments. Probably because it discredits all of the negative comments so frequently made on this site about Kate’s unique beauty and shows eveyone that if a global brand like sk-ii is willing to make her the face of their company than maybe just maybe what a few ppl have said in the past, that Kate is well liked in the world of beauty and fashion probably has some merit and just becuz a bunch of posters with low self esteem can hide behind their computers and make negative comments without consequence doesn’t take away the fact that kate is probably doing better than most of you career wise, since youve all made a career out of saying negative shit about her. Losers. Best wishes to u Kate!!!

  • ladybug

    @Jimmy: Why so few comments? Law of diminishing returns, usually when she has several posts in a short time period, the later ones get few comments.

    “becuz a bunch of posters with low self esteem can hide behind their computers ” Project much?

  • tw

    This is hardly a red carpet event. She is at a department store hawking face goo. Yeah, that about fits her. I hear there;s a Ralph’s opening next month, gird your loins for the coverage.

  • Gladys

    She looks gorgeous because she is gorgeous! She has beautiful skin and features. I’ve met her and she’s even prettier in person. Nice as well.

  • Keira

    This hair color is not complementing her skin tone, like the platinum blonde used to. I thought she always looked so fresh-faced back in the old days when she had this adorable platinum blonde bob. So sophisticated and chíc. This look is awkward.

  • ladybug

    @Keira: The platinum blond never complemented her skin tone, it washed it out. Much like all the beige she likes to wear. She looks better with darker hair and darker colors, like the dark blues, reds and greens. She looked better with the bob, but despite the hair color, not because of it.

  • Harpo

    Good lord she’s beautiful. A golden girl!!

  • Lois

    She is way beyond SK-II’s help; a SKI mask would be more fitting. I bought SK-II ages ago because of the lovely and talented Care Blanchett, this SKIIza could not sell me ice in the Sahara.

  • huh

    ok i know we make fun of Kate and that she calls the paps and all that but seriously

    she is doing more press here to day and looking at the pics being tweeted she looks tiny!! and not in a good way.

    i know her knees are pointed inwards and it makes her legs look smaller but look at the rest of her!!!

    EAT GIRL!!!

    she says she exercises but thats bullcrap. and its BS to say she naturally that small when we can see your bones it NOT natural.

    if ur bored just look up her name on twitter and the twitter pics will be there.

  • ladybug

    @huh: Ok, maybe it’s the angle (or lack of photoshopping) but she really looks unhealthily skinny in that pic, especially the legs.

    “The Stunning Kate Bosworth”. That would be no, not from that angle. Is Marie Claire Australia that ass-kissy normally?

  • Eresyn


    oh lord…her face in that picture…her whole body!!! wth??? i don´t know about angles, but she looks terribly skinny, and that can´t be healthy AT ALL…just IMO

  • ladybug

    @Eresyn: That photo reminds me of Lainey’s post from Sundance:

    In person Bosworth’s thinness is even more jarring than you expect. So much so that both Dylan, camera, and Josh, producer, mentioned it first. Boys aren’t supposed to be so judgy and observational about this kind of thing. In this case, it’s because whatever it is that they’re judging walked up to them and punched them in the face with its obviousness.

    There were times when Bosworth would move behind Lake and completely disappear. And Lake is pretty slender too. Next to Bosworth though, seriously, even Lake looked round. For those of you who still want to argue that she doesn’t actively maintain this standard, google Blue Crush. Josh thought that she might fall over from the cold and her fragility.

    Yeah, yeah, she’s ‘naturally slender’, blah blah blah. And she is. Or was. But that’s unhealthy looking for being so ‘naturally slender’.

  • Huh

    I think she has gotten much smaller in the past few months. Her legs and arms are the biggest indicators. Now, I have small wrists and lower limbs but I feel like her legs are equal to my forearms. Her jaw as well. She isn’t aging very well though for someone who is constantly claimed to be so fresh-faced and dazzling – I saw a close up of Michelle Pfeiffer on the red carpet within the past year and she looked much better.

  • ladybug

    @Huh: One of the reasons she’s not aging as well as she could be is from the weight loss in 2006. While she gained some of that back, she never really got back to pre-2006 levels. Lose too much fat in your face and you lose elasticity and plumpness. Add in the high probability she’s had chemical peels and it’s not a good combo. But yet, she has ‘flawless’ skin, per her fans.

  • Greta

    Kate looks stunning at the SK-II launch. Elegance and class. And she looks beautiful in the videos.

  • Taylor

    She is so boring. Does she even act anymore? I only ever see her at premieres and in pap picks. She seems like an empty shell to me.

  • Tanter

    I’m not a fan (obviously) but I do not understand how anyone can look at her and NOT see that she is not well. I don’t know what’s most scary – her size and condition or that it’s being totally ignored by her fans and the media?

  • ladybug

    @Tanter: Well, she still looks better than she did in 2006. As tiny as she is I still don’t think she’s anorexic, but I do think she tries to maintain a lower weight that she did in her late teens/early 20′s.
    She also inhabits the world of HW and fashion, and neither of those two worlds embrace healthy weights for women, so in her world that tininess is more the norm.
    Per her interviews she loses weight when stressed, so if it gets commented on she can say it’s stress. Which it may be, but maybe she should work on ways to reduce that stress? Yoga?
    I don’t think maintaining this tininess is doing her any favors. She may technically be within a healthy weight for her frame/height, but I think it’s coming back to bite her in terms of her skin tone/condition, especially in the face.

  • Lovely

    She could put on a few pounds but she has a tiny frame similar to Audrey Hepburn’s. Her petiteness is rather lovely. Heavier weight or an athletic body isn’t attractive on everyone.

  • ladybug

    @Lovely: And yet she was able to gain 15 lbs of muscle onto her frame for Blue Crush and looked great. But not only did she not maintain the BC weight, she’s tinier than she was before BC. That’s not really healthy, sorry, no matter how many excuses her ‘fans’ come up with.

  • Wow

    Ooooh – I think she’s so pretty!

  • David

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