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'Unapolegetic': Rihanna's New Album!

'Unapolegetic': Rihanna's New Album!

Check out a naked Rihanna on the new artwork for her newly announced album Unapolegetic!

The 24-year-old entertainer revealed the artwork and title of the album earlier in the day on her Twitter account.

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“The side effects of #R7 are starting to kick in, less than an hour!” RiRi teased on her Twitter account before releasing the artwork. “#navy is it that time?” she added.

“My NEW album “UNAPOLOGETIC” will be released on NOVEMBER 19th WORLDWIDE #Navy” she finally revealed!

ARE YOU EXCITED to hear Rihanna’s new album???

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  • Nataliya (Natasha) Stasyi


  • anon

    i like her but she should really take a break and enjoy life, she has been realizing albums back to back

  • anon


  • Truthgottabetold

    I’m more excited to see the rest of her naked body… smh

  • Nataliya (Natasha) Stasyi

    This’s beyond creativity…

  • Chris

    Maybe the cover of her new album in NEXT YEAR will be better. BTW her tatoos are horrible.

  • madeleine


  • Carter

    I’m a fan of hers but lately it seems like she’s just been losing it and everything. Like she doesn’t even fully sing at concerts anymore, in almost every video she’s always stopping in between them and letting backup do it. And her personal life but that’s not any of my business. This album cover looks cheap, like something you could make on a computer but I’ll just wait for the next single or whatever.

  • Ouch!

    I love how she thinks she’s so controversial yet she must be one of the most boring artists of the decade!

  • TrinityJ

    Holy crap another album!! I dont know why she works herself so much! It won’t kill her or her career if she takes a break! She’ll probably make even more sales if she waits before releasing her next album. Give the fans something big to look forward to. But whatever, its her life!

  • Yohji

    Another album? It’s like she knows she won’t be relevant in a few years time, so she’s just churning out as many albums as she can.

  • Rima

    Album title is not Side Effects but Unapologetic by the way

  • Santeri

    i LOVE IT !

  • nn

    for a while, i was pretty convinced that it said “fart” on her face.

  • nn


  • SophiaB


  • marisol

    What does “navy” mean in relation to Rihanna and her fans?

  • ashhey


    Rihanna IS in the army and has military training. A lot of stars have.

  • DB

    Can she just shush-up and go away for a while? Perhaps grow up, mature and come back a more substantial person?

    It would be nice not to see her plastered all over the place for about 3 years.

  • try again

    She’s unapologetic that she screwed over what few fans that “looked up” to her. Put on some clothes and get mental help.

  • Rihanna

    @marisol: it is from the song G4L on her Rated R album…”we’re an army, better yet a Navy”. That’s how “Rihanna Navy” comes into place

  • jamie

    This album looks like the cover of her other album – Rated R, look

  • Ana

    I think she really needs a break from Music. Rest, relax a little and give us a break. I cant stand her music anymore. I used to love it but now I cant even look at her face. Im tired of her and she could really use a break from all of this.

  • GGGive

    i think this will be my favourite album from her

  • Toni

    Didn’t she just come out with an album a year ago?
    She really needs to take a break after this album because 1)all of her songs from all of these albums are starting to sound the same and 2) shes getting overexposed (if she hasn’t already) and it might hurt her mentally in the long run.
    Mariah did it and you saw what happened in the early 2000′s when she had her breakdown after all of those years of album after albums (and she actually wrote her music).

    That’s why I appreciate Sade because she will do an album, take a ten year break and enjoy life, go into the studio and make a great album, and when it comes out it becomes successful.

  • John Mayer

    I would’ve been more “shocked” if Rihanna had been fully clothed.

  • Steph

    let her do her thingg

  • ha

    Well, you guys are complaining about Rihanna releasing an album every year, yet you criticize Christina Aguilera for taking a four year break between her albums???? I don’t get you people….

  • somali girl


  • Charlotte

    You have mispelled unapolOgetic :)

  • sami

    i was thinking black man

  • Noooooo!!

    She is a another Beyonce! Slamming you with trash music and not given anyone a chance to miss their trash music. Geez!!

  • realonthetruth

    @Nooooooo!! Sorry but in no way is she like BEYONCE. 1st Beyonce is by far one of the best in the industry, she’s great at singing/performing/dancing unlike Rihanna. Also Beyonce don’t put out a album year after year. Plus Beyonce music has never been trash. Known your facts before talking fiction.


    damn it riri…..take a effing break before you lose it. gush i forsee a trainwreck already….and no taking a month vacation to naples or st bart aint vacation…am talking about one year off to relax, breathe in and think about ur next positive move that wont back fire …cough cough ie making bffs with Breezy.



  • Samm

    Am I the only person who is just sick of this girl? I get taking advantage of popularity but this is like her 6th album in like 5 years or something. I just don’t care about her music anymore because you know that 2 days after this album drops there will be a new song released for the next album. Why bother?

  • Lok

    She looks shemale
    WHy she keeps releasing albums?? None of them go number one

  • Pola


  • Jovi92

    Why today’s artists think that:
    Controversial= Naked?????

    she’s becoming so boring, and predictable

  • LUCAS 6.6

    she never win?

  • ken

    @LUCAS 6.6:

    Rihanna is hot right? Nude and black boobs

  • LUCAS 6.6

    she never like hot

  • Emily

    She needs to take a page from Ke$ha. Go on vacation, disappear for a year or two and get herself together, then come back. The more you throw yourself at people, the less they want you.

  • Ladygaga calling…………..

    wtf? FReaking gaga!

  • LUCAS 6.6

    @ken: rihanna hot for you

  • Lala

    I love it

  • nicky

    to all the haters on here, that Riahanna reign just wont let. Talk all you want, comment all you want but this bad bitch will always be making her money unlike some of us. Poor Haters want half of what Rihanna has. its understandable it called BAD MIND

  • nicky

    furthermore, Rihanna dont currrrrrrr, in your face Unapologetic

  • Jacqueesha

    It would’ve been way more hot if instead of her body & face being covered with words it was covered in bruises.

  • http://Hottie Ash