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Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: New 'Vampire Diaries' Posters!

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: New 'Vampire Diaries' Posters!

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder show their bloody hands in these new character posters for the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries.

The posters, also featuring Paul Wesley, Michael Trevino, Candice Accola, Steven R. McQueen, Zach Roerig, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt, and Kat Graham, bare a Latin phrase below each picture. Click inside to see all posters and for the translations.

The Vampire Diaries returned last night on The CW. TVD premiered to great ratings, 3.48 million viewers, and was up nine percent in certain demographics! It was also the best premiere in two years for the series in women 18-34.

DID YOU WATCH the season four premiere of The Vampire Diaries?

Elena Gilbert (Dobrev): “Tenetur per sanguinem” – “Bound by blood”

Damon Salvatore (Somerhalder): “Sanguinis est reatus” – “Blood is guilt”

Stefan Salvatore (Wesley): “Venit honos salutem” – “From honor comes salvation”

Tyler Lockwood (Trevino): “Amor habet me.” – “Love possesses me.”

Caroline Forbes (Accola): “Amor est immolare.” – “Love is sacrifice.”

Niklaus Mikaelson (Morgan): “Sanguis potestas est” – “Blood is power”

Rebekah Mikaelson (Holt) : “Osculum proditione mortiferum est” – “Betrayal’s kiss is deadly”

Elijah Mikaelson (Gillies): “Sanguis est in aeternum” – “Blood is forever”

Bonnie Bennett (Graham): “Libera nos a mano” – “Deliver us from evil”

Jeremy Gilbert (McQueen): “Sanguis est fatum” – “Blood is destiny”

Matt Donovan (Roerig): “Vulnera sapientia” – “Wounds to wisdom”

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  • Jc

    You know you could also add Paul Wesley into the title. He’s a main character too and you never give him any credit..

  • blane

    This looks seriously cheesy. Is it a teeny bopper show?

  • kelly

    I’m so tired of this show being the Nina and Ian show. It is really starting to turn me off from the show. Just to let the Delenas know. You are NOT the majority as you all think you are. Think about it. A couple of million people watch the show. So unless you literally knock on every single door and ask people who there fav’s are you don’t know why they watch the show. Oh and before you try the “Ian wins polls” think about it the polls usually have under 100 votes so well, you get what I’m saying. Alot of fans love Bonnie, Jeremy, Stefan, Caroline, Tyler, Elijah and Rebekah. This season will have Damon and Elena getting together and I cannot wait for the ratings to go down down down.

  • Noah

    If my grandma would see this, she´d dies…

  • guest

    Well its all about tastes and opinions.I stopped watching the show a long tine ago because of Stefan and Elena relationship.

  • bubbaness

    Trevino flat out brought it last night.

  • guest

    And by the way..the show has been starting to have ratings problems a long time ago. It has been down season by season.The show is going circles and fooling fans.JMO of course

  • Really!!!!!!!!!

    @guest: I like the show alot but i agree the show is going in circles this whole Elena and Damon crap is boring now make them sleep together already then she can pick from who she thinks is best in bed sounds good to me and now shes a vampire she will like it better come one now CW.

  • Hera

    You switched Stefan and Damon’s Latin sentences!!!

  • Chups

    As much as I love TVD I’m so sick of Elena and Damon and this freaking love triangle. After last nights episode I have to wonder if Bonnie is ever going to get some action…she is the one always saving every ones life.

  • Bonniefan1

    When is Bonnie ever going to get a story-line that doesn’t revolve around her sacrificing her life for everyone in Mystic Falls? She’s constantly being used and abused! She has no friends, the only person that ever loved her was Sheila and she’s dead.

    Wow, kudos to Vampire Diaries being the #1 show for its 4th consecutive year!

  • Viggo

    This art is ridiculous and disrespectful with catholics and christians overall. They’re not saints and this show is appellative and empty. The story and specially this actors are monotones.

  • starsh

    They are monotones? That makes little sense. However, if you were to look back over the history of Catholic art representation, the church had very little problem portraying ordinary people (Popes, cardinals, even important Italian gentry) as saints. It’s also important to remember not all people are religious, and no-one cares about offending Atheists. Try and develop a sense of perspective: there is nothing disrespectful in copying a style of art, religious or otherwise. Its an unavoidable part of the modern condition. If one were to avoid offending everyone, or being unoriginal, films wouldn’t get made at all!

  • Viggo

    It’s a lack of criativity. Probably just to draw the attention and try to elevate the audience, what I doubt.

  • ash

    It’s a flat out silly show but I admit I’m hooked.

  • ash


    It is but you will love it.

  • Dave Franco

    I like how CW makes Nina Dobrev out to be the star of the show, but she’s a terrible actress. And Ian’s incredulous stare is annoying.

  • vamp

    i see how majority of the “stelena” fans take to this post to bash delena….. if you wanna watch it, watch it for the show and not for the ship. no need to insult the actors who give it their all to make the story happen…. and try acting mature for a second…..

  • ana

    are you kidding me ? it’s been allllll about stefan and elena for so long ! I think the main problem is elena , she is a hooker and can’t decide ! In my opinion she should find someone else !

    by the way , damon will always save elena , stefan won’t (did not)

    Hopefully this season will be darker and less about elena and her lovers

  • http://khydyrova Karina

    I looove this show no matter Elena with Stefan or with Damon. I just love this triangle and it’s will be interesting to watch how thier relationships develops (;

  • Like

    Get over the love triangle…. it is based off a damn book and in the book Elena ends up with Damon. After many switches back and forth between Damon & Stefan. Even the author of the book says she is Damon/Elena.

    The show toy with the three so much because it gets fans talking.

  • amy

    @vamp:”vamplover” why is it that you think that only stelena fans make negative comments about the show? Have you and your delena complainers ever thought that the MAJORITY of the fans who watch this show LOVE THE REST OF THE CAST????? and are so freakin tired of the Ian and Nina show. Some of us love Klaus, Bonnie, Tyler, and Jeremy you know.

  • Mirabella

    TVD Fandom is falling apart…I’ve never seen so much hatred everywhere:( It makes me SICK :( If you don’t like the show or the writing or whatever DON’T BLAME IT ON THE ACTORS OKAY! Gosh people are so immature its crazy.

    But I have to agree on the triangle thing….its annoying as hell!!!!! :(

  • Nikki

    I used to enjoy this show so much, but I’m getting tired of Elena always trying to save everyone, while in the end, everyone, BUT her gets injured. Not watching it anymore.

  • danielle

    Well switching the topic–I could so see Ian as Cristian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey.

  • Kris

    @Jc: and he is also way hotter than Ian. I know, not that important, but just sayin!

  • Alms

    @Jc: Totally agree with you.

  • florence2

    I too think it has turned into the Ian and Nina show and everyone else Including Paul has got pushed to one side especially in season 3, I used to love Paul and Nina as a couple in the show but after the way season 3 turned out I hope that they don’t end up putting them together as Stefan and Elena and that they give Stefan a new love interest.

    I’m sick of seeing Ian playing Damon with his shirt always off the stupid smirkng he does and since season 1 they have been imp,lying that he and Elena will get together so the writers should just get on with it otherwise I can’t see this show which showed so much promise getting to. Season 6 even the fan’s and some web sites for the show are fed up with it.

    Slightly off topic this bit but I hope they don’t cast Ian for fifty shades of grey and pick someone else.

    And I also love with the quotes above that Damon get’s the salvation but Stefan is still the guilt and Paul’s picture should have been in the heading too.

    It’s due to start here in the UK on Monday but I’m honestly not that bothered about watching it after seeing season 3.

  • Vamp

    @amy: Yea, Cause the first episode was ALL ABOUT DELENA right??? Jeez. It’s not the point of stelena or delena, and the other cast does matter a lot, but since the show is born off a FREAKING LOVE TRIANGLE, u can’t help it…. And not to be rude, but all I am seeing here is Ian and Nina bash…. Do I see any Paul hatred? Us DELENA FANS as you call us have the slight courtesy to not bad mouth the actor…..

  • maria

    The only reason i still watch this show is because of Ian and his fantastic portrayal of Damon.

  • Alice

    It’s exciting to finally see all of the character photos and learn what the translations mean. They all say so much about their characters and the journeys they will take this season. I can’t wait to see some of these themes come into play as I watch this season on my Hopper. The 2,000 hours of recording space have been amazing with my late work schedule at DISH coinciding with a lot of my shows. The premiere was a great start to what seems like an amazing season. I have a feeling that the events are preparing for something big. It will be interesting to see how the gang handles the new troubles that wait on the horizon.

  • Verite

    First thing, how is it Ian and Nina’s responsibility to control how the media portrays them or the show on their websites and magazines? Just Jared chose to feature them only in the headline. And you know why? Because they generate comments and interest as this entire thread demonstrates.

  • florence2

    Having watched the cw clip for season 4 it seems that they still just prove once again that Stefan understands Elena a hell of a lot better than Damonbut all that Damon is interested in doing is making her drink human blood knowing that it will confuse her and in no turn no doubt turn to him. Seems to me that it looks like they are still going to be pushing for Damon and Elena and are going to give Steele a fan’s them for a while as a couple and then switch to deelena once again so it’s season 3 all over again with just a few new face’s added to the mix.

  • Verite

    florence2, Funny thing is Paul Wesley has publicly said in interviews and conventions that he does not agree with how Stefan is written in solving Elena’s issues. It should be interesting to see how different the writers choose to do things now that Elena is not some helpless vulnerable creature that needs to be protected by Stefan. Now that she and him are “equals” in strength and immortality, will he suddenly not coddle her anymore?

  • smyles

    I have to say that I hate that she picked Stephan, there’s NO spark!!!! I love Damon and he loves and would do anything for Elana…she’s just so super boring when with Stephan. I think they messed up when they made the show go to Stephan and Elana yet again! ugh….

    as for Caroline and Cluas…I’d like to see that explored a bit.

    As for Bonnie….they do use that poor girl. She had a brieg sl with Jeremy but they messed that up making Jer love the dead girl. Give me a break.

    They better step it up or although I love it I”m gonna stop watching and I’ve seen every epi :(

  • art student


    I’m sorry but I have to respond to this. Uncreative? First of all, take an art history class before you start ragging on creativity. Throughout history art has been copied time and time again. In fact, all art has be copied to some effect. Even religious artifacts. Nothing is original anymore because art is so widely popular. I think the fact that they took this stance is creative. Are they the firsts ever to copy these poses and artistic style? No. Of course not.

    So let’s go over being disrespectful to other religions. Early Christians destroyed Pagan religious artifacts. They even stole pagan pieces and plastered it on to their artwork. They copied their work to try and convert them into becoming monotheistic. The disrespect here isn’t so much to the Catholics, Christians, or even Pagans for that matter. Unless you’re just looking to be offended. The disrespect is to the artists by attempting to make a bigger issue out of something beautiful and that’s what art is. Beauty. And that’s all this is.

  • drew

    This show is awesome.. Sorry haters, but if you’ll think about it, the twists and the different connections of the story makes it different from other boring show. And yes, I agree, its been Stefan and Elena for a long time. And Stefan should stop pretending to be as good as saint, there’s no challenge in that kind of relationship.

    The story will get better I think, the season has just started. :)

  • nevergonnatell

    I’m sorry, but due to Matt Donovan, I will discontinue watching the show. He can’t act for his life. I’m sorry, and I seriously feel bad for writing this, but it needs to be said. Miley Cyrus acts better than Zach. How he gets roles are beyond me. He has no feeling, not convincing, and all his facial expressions are exactly the same. It doesn’t even seem like he tries to act. Sorry buddy, but you don’t look like Ian, and can’t pull that off. That’s my two cents. This show is becoming horrible. If they kill Zach off, I will give it a second chance or if they give him some good acting lessons.

  • BD3

    Are Ian and Nina still together anyways ?

  • Silver663


    No, the latin is correct, however it does seem that way doesn’t it?
    However Stefan is *SPOILER*looking for a cure*SPOILER*
    So that is why “though honour comes salvation”, however I have yet to belive the “blood is guilt” sh*t so far but we may see though the season.

  • Xox love Damon

    I love the vampire diaries but is so true no one likes Stefan just becuse he’s the one that gets Elena in the show and everyone loves Damon because he doesn’t get Elena which is kind of sad because he’s always getting really bad comments like he shouldn’t be on the show and that is just so mean I mean I love Damon but u have to give some credit to the other guys like bonnie ,stefan,Caroline,mattetc

  • alice

    new posters of vampire diaries are sooooo cool . i love them so much.

  • Pedant

    “Libera nos a mano” is incorrectly translated. That means deliver us from hand. I guess it’s on the poster too. It should read “Libera nos a malo.”