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Watch Vice Presidential Debate with Joe Biden & Paul Ryan!

Watch Vice Presidential Debate with Joe Biden & Paul Ryan!

Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan square off in the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate held at Centre College on Thursday (October 11) in Danville, Kent.

This marked the second of four debates during the presidential election and the only debate between the vice presidential candidates before the election occurs on November 6.

There were no topics that were off limits during the evening, which was moderated by Martha Raddatz of ABC News.

WHO DO YOU THINK won the vice presidential debate – Joe Biden or Paul Ryan?

Watch Vice Presidential Debate with Joe Biden & Paul Ryan

30+ pictures inside of Joe Biden and Paul Ryan at the debate…

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  • alex

    I believe firmly in my heart that Americans deserve affordable health care. I’ve seen way to many people become sick and go broke because a family member becomes ill in their family. Or have had friends whose family members passed away because they couldn’t afford health care insurance. I can’t believe Romney wants to repeal Obama’s affordable health care act. What does he know about the middle class, NOTHING

  • bahha black sheep

    Anybody but Obama…just don’t feel like voting…stupid 2 party system

  • Voter

    President Obama & Joe Biden…LOVE this country and want it to do well no they are not perfect,but they want us and this great country to grow…and yes some people are frustrated and want a fast growing economy and the truth is yes this is the TRUTH go ask the experts on this like i have,the economy is growning maybe not lighting fast but it is,and truthfuly it does have alot to do with the President,and does Romney/Ryan love this country too yes and i am sure they have good plans,but if you TRULY in your heart think if they come in and will give us 12 million new jobs like thast then you are not being realistic. We are on the way to brighter days but people it takes TIME President Obama never once said (go and look for him saying these words but you won’t find it) it was going to be easy NEVER,so i am giving The President my vote,cause the economy has gotten better these past few years,and i wanna see how great it can get with President Obama as the President of the United States of America,and i am not saying Romney would be terrible,but i am saying we should continue on the path that we’ve gotten some improvment with so far and see how far we can get.and my father has been employed the past two years he was outta work for a while and yes it happend under George Bush i know some people are gonna hate that but it is the truth and my family and I lived in NJ at the time it happend and unemployment wasen’t even as high in NJ then then it is now,and unemployment has fallen altogethere and some states and cities with unemployment as high as 10 percent should also remember it also depends on who your Rep,Sen,and Gov is i live in Illinois now and we have Pat Quinn as our Gov and he’s pretty damn good,yes he’s a Dem,but he has a very Good Plan,and does not believe in sending outsourcing American Jobs to make a profit and has and will never do please when you vote please vote responsible,and not outta anger or hate or fraustration.cause we are on the right track but it takes TIME nobody is GOD and will fix any problem at the snap of a finger.

  • Isha

    @Voter: OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!!

  • Isha

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!!

  • Voter

    the Middle class has to be strong for the economy too grow nobody forget that that is how it was when Clinton was president and the country was doing well and the richer also paid abit more in taxes and the middle class less i taxes cause thats also how you help balance the budget,and improve the economy cause if you or i have more money in our pocket we’re gonna spend it.

  • CL

    Give them hell Joe! I would never vote for somebody who has conservative views as Ryan and Romney.

  • Isha

    Joe Biden was the winner in tonight’s VP Debate. Extremely knowledgeable; very confident and direct; simplified details facts; called-out all the Romney/Ryan campaign lies. Yes, Joe Biden was the “Fact Checker” tonight! Great JOB

  • “FACTS MATTER”-Joe Biden

    VP Joe Biden made Lyin’Ryan look like an unqualified amateur. Unlike last week with Matt Romney10.0, Biden came in with FACTS and spoke the truth. Obama/Biden aren’t chameleons that customize their views according to the majority that’s currently sitting infront of them. They remain consistent in their campaign and their policies. As for Bidens’ smirk and interrupting goes, now you know how the Democrats felt last week. Biden was simply pointing out the truths while false imformation was being fed to the American people. The hypocrisy and double standards is disturbing, to say the least. Very vindictive and manipulative behavior, in my opinion.

  • ^

    **MITT. Apologies for the grammatical errors above. TTF (Typing Too Fast).

  • Jared

    Romey Ryan 2012!!

  • RupertSanders


  • Looselipz

    If you give a vote to Romney/Ryan, you can bet we’ll be sending troops to Syria.
    I’ve never heard so many lies come out of 2 mouths.
    Those knuckleheads would be better off starring in a Reality Show.

    Obama/Biden for another 4.

  • Melissa

    Ryan was great, Biden was disrespectful giggling the whole night. Romney/Ryan have my vote!

  • Lou

    I’m not American but the idea of Romney becoming president truly scares me. What happens in the US affects greatly the world economy and security. I have followed this campaign and it alarms me what a power greedy, shameful and unscrupulous lier Romney is. He changes his speech according to the viewers. He promises but presents no affective solutions. He lacks diplomatic sensibility. The world does not need a war with Iran.
    I have always believed in Obama’s honesty and determination, but economy growth takes time. And I also believe that Americans deserve affordable health car, as I have in France. Please, give him 4 years more.

  • pup

    Romney/Ryan 2012. I will NOT let the government run my constitutional right as an american. If I don’t want health care, I shouldn’t be forced to pay for it! That’s what friggin’ “Obama Care” is you bunch of idiots! Peace out.

  • Lou

    I meant “effective” and “economic growth”.

  • Romney/Ryan A Global Threat

    @Lou: I’m also not American but the thought of Romney/Ryan winning scares the crap out of me. They are bigots and think women are mens servants who belong in the kitchen. But what scares me most, is their willingness to go into a third war. Really?! Oh my gosh, Lord help us. SOS, save our freakin’ souls. With the worlds, not just Americas, but the entire worlds economy in the toilet for over 10 years; with people barely making it and surviving paycheque to paycheque, is revenge or “winning” really that important? (whatever “winning” means. Loss of lives means nothing to these hot headed men). A third war will kill what’s left of us. Obama was right, Romney does shoot first and then aims later.

  • Marigold

    At the start, VP Biden was pointing finger and he was very defensive.

    Hm. I’m not an American but you know. I think people who are throwing or pointing whose fault are for me not a good leader.

    A good leader for me is the one who humbles himself.

    Just saying!

  • DeeQ

    I’m not american so I can’t vote so I can’t involve myself in these debates but I do have to say that Paul Ryan is a handsome fella! :D He looks like an older Matthew Morrison lol

  • Don’t be so naive

    @Marigold: Nooo, a good leader is one that speaks the truth and looks out for the 100% of its citizens. Not just 53% that voted for him and kisses his a.s.s. Wouldn’t you get angry knowing someone is telling a lie, to your face, and possibly getting away with it? Biden was frustrated. Romney lied through his teeth last week but he lied with style and passion, therefore he got away with it. He must’ve had one of OJ Simpsons’ lawyers prep him.

  • Isha

    @Marigold: Joe Biden was simply “pointing” out the facts! You have to listen to what a person is saying and what they are not saying, not body language. A true leader for me is someone who is honest, sincere, and when you ask them a question they don’t avoid the answer and if they do answer they don’t mislead the people with half truths and out-right lies!

  • Isha

    @Marigold: Curious, most thought Obama was extremely humble and presidential during last week’s debate. Who do you say won the debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney?

  • SHar

    I dont even live in the USA so I am not for one side or the other but in my opinion Joe Biden knocked it out of the park tonight. He made Ryan look like a blithering idiot and had a factual rebuttal for anything he was asked and that Ryan said. All I can say is that God help you guys if Romney and Ryan get it. It is a disaster looking for a place to happen.

  • SHar

    Sorry I found him to be ugly. First thing I noticed.

  • SHar

    Biden, like Obama last week was just frustrated at all the lies Ryan was spouting. Talking to Ryan and Romney is like hitting your head against the wall. Nothing penetrates their brains and what I saw Biden having to do was clarify things Ryan was saying so the public wouldnt be misinformed. He was laughing because what Ryan was so off target with was indeed laughable. I would really have someone in the White House that will get passionate about certain topics and wont be afraid to defend them. Biden did what needed to be done tonight – showed the people who Biden and Ryan really are and what they really stand for and it is lies and deception – but yes I will give it to them – they very calmly stated that.

  • بحبك

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  • بحبك

    owner philippins loser do it ban for us without reason i love all hollywood celebs but philippins do it ban

  • Go Paul

    Thank you Paul Ryan for having the restraint to not reach across the table and pummell that obnoxious. condescending, rude. arrogant piece of garbage.

  • Sly

    Now its is a fact that Dems are the party of A-holes……….what’s new.

  • Danny Boy

    If anyone was persuaded to vote for Obama because of Joe’s oratory, they are as much a jerk as Joe. They endorse the real life example of an old, once brilliant brain too long on drugs.

  • http://google sintra08

    First, I apologize for my mistakes in english. I’m not American and do not live in the U.S., however, love this country with its wonderful people. Well, I think the U.S. is a huge country and we can not forget that at any time and specially in the 20th century that a president has inherited many problems from different orders as the current President Obama…
    George W.Bush began his administration in January 2001, in September, there was the terrorist attack on the WTC, April 2003, Iraq was attacked with their consent, causing a great civil war there, frictions with other countries in the Middle East, beaks state, banks gaining more money, increasing unemployment and Americans losing their homes because they can not pay their tuition more and even then with all due respect, he was reelected. Eight years of damage in power and there has never been a president who sowed so much hatred in the outside world as G.W.Bush and everyone wants that President Obama inherited all these problems resolve the previous government in 4 years, that’s impossible, why not give him one more chance? Right now all must unite and fight together through the steps that have been taken forward. The American President and his deputy are people of integrity and good character, who say what they think and think before you speak. I wish you all vote with conscience, thinking about the future of our children, not what is best for us, but rather what is best for them. Good luck to the Americans because these people deserve wonderful…

  • AMY

    Ryan has a hot body. He dated a black chick. He doesn’t seem liek the average republican to be. He’s way to cute. :D

  • Ryan won

    Biden made a fool of himself as usual, desprately interrupting and laughing inappropiately at the wrong times, was really weird.
    Ryan won on the issues with class and the facts.


    Obama already quit, his people are secretly planning his retirment in a 35 million Oahu estate…ask the Pritzkers.

  • ciruni

    @Ryan won – “if Biden made a fool of himself as usual ” – then why are you shocked…. He is authentic, calls it as he sees it and not a liar and conniving like ugly Ryan and Mitt… At least Biden says how he feels and what you see is what you get = perhaps that is why he has been on congress for so long eh for thought for you and YES RYAN YOU ARE NO JOHN KENNEDY! :-)

  • Truth
  • MrJeffery

    Joe Biden was incredible last night. I appreciate that he looks out for the marginalized and the working class not just the Donald Trumps (who do not need another tax cut). His answer on abortion was stunning and really hit home that we have such a stark choice in this election. Go out and register if you still have time & vote Obama / Biden!

  • pickles

    @“FACTS MATTER”-Joe Biden:

    Thanks! I wonder why the news media hasn’t really picked up this part of the debate.. “Facts Matter.” He said it to the moderator as if he was talking about the press, but he was also obviously talking about Romney & Ryan. I wanted to stand up & cheer when he said that.

    You have to ask yourself what kind of political party thinks they are going to win an election when they go all over the country trying to stop people from voting. These are people who can tell you everything that is wrong with the other person, but they don’t want to talk about their own plans very much.

    What kind of politicians go out here and lie constantly? These people lie so much they even disagree with themselves! They tell so many lies that they can disagree with themselves from one speech to another even in the same day! Do they really think we are all so stupid? What are they afraid of?

    Facts Matter.

  • Jen in Rehab

    Biden Won!! Biden is nobodys fool he is an expert on Foreign policy he had an answer for every Lie that came out of LameRyans mouth.

    Loved it when Biden said “We are leaving’ in ref to the 10+yrs war in Afghanistan

  • Jessie

    What should scare people about Ryan and Romney, but particularly Romney is he can change his views one hour to the other and never blink. How do people see that day after day and STILL want to vote for him? I would bet my life that this guy could lie his a’ss off and pass a lie detector test. He’s just that cold blooded.
    Ryan got b’itch slapped last night. Welcome to the big boy’s club.

  • Micheal Steven

    Romney/Ryan for 2012. We don’t need a pop stars in washington, we need the real deal.

  • Fulton F Fortner

    @bahha black sheep:

    So join a whole lot of us who are also tired of it – vote Libertarian.

  • Tdo

    I’m voting Obama/Biden 2012. Then I can pay more in taxes and honestly, they know how to best use my money.


    @Jessie: It’s the other way around. Alot of people are scared about Barack Obama in 2008 and now. On the surface, it may seem like Biden did well but he did not. Biden dug a deeper whole for Obama to get out of. He lied when he said the Obama administration did not know that the Libya Ambassador wanted more security. Biden lied when he said Obama was not blaming this terrror attack on a movie. That’s a lie. For almost two weeks Obama apologized for America and blamed the killing of our U.S. ambassodor to Libya on a 15 min youtube video. You have to be a stupid fool to believe that people were killed over a movie. This was done on the anniversary of 911. Obama is liar and has been all this time. He has no plan for America. Romney is going to win the election. OMG- Obama Must Go !! Save America and vote for Mitt Romney. I want to be safe and Obama has in place a bill to cut the Military. Why would you do this when the Middle East is in a uproar right not and Iran has a nuclear bomb comming sonn. Obama Supporters please wake up. Its ok to change your mind and vote for Romney. He wants to help us. Obama is only making it worse and he should have never been elected president. VOTE ROMNEY PLEASE.

  • marcus

    Your turn Obama.Joe showed you the way.Treat Mitt as the lying,two-faced shill that he is.We already know,do you?

  • Lou

    @sintra08: Great words!!!

  • Art

    Right from the start of the debate I felt that Paul Ryan was more direct and on-topic than Joe Biden. When Biden kept straying from the topic of the questions to talk about all the ‘wonderful’ things the Obama administration stands for and has accomplished it made me think that he was dodging the issues. The funny thing to me is that many people are accusing Romney and Ryan of being liars. I believe the Obama administration has already proven itself to be far less than truthful by continually contradicting itself and not meeting the promises they made all through the term. We are not better off after Obama’s term; not even close.

    Many people say that it ‘”takes time to fix the economy” and that it was “ruined under Bush”. Well, that ruination began after Democrats took control of Congress in 2007. But even that wasn’t the only contributing factor. Most economists interviewed agreed that the recession was caused most directly by long-term trends, especially a bust in housing prices and high energy prices, rather than by political factors. Any economic growth we may have had during the Obama administration has been the slowest this country has ever seen and I sincerely doubt any of it could be contributed to Obama.

    I view my self as politically independent and after watching this debate, listening and watching the debaters, and doing some research on the “facts” claimed by both parties I can safely say I would feel much safer with Romney/Ryan for 2012.

  • Isha