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Brad Pitt: 'The House I Live In' Los Angeles Screening!

Brad Pitt: 'The House I Live In' Los Angeles Screening!

Brad Pitt sports a blazer at the premiere of his upcoming documentary The House I Live In at Sundance Cinema on Friday (October 12) in Los Angeles.

The 48-year-old actor was seen posing with his director Eugene Jarecki.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The documentary, which Brad executive produced, centers on looking “inside America’s criminal justice system, revealing the profound human rights implications of U.S. drug policy.”

In case you missed it, check out Brad on the cover of the November 2012 issue of Interview magazine.

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Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: Getty
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  • Kirsten

    Brad always produces interesting films/documentaries. I love how intelligent, beautiful and passionate he and Angie are.

  • Carly

    The film is a Sundance film festival winner.

  • Eva

    He is so ruggedly handsome.

  • tamsin

    I love the irony in Pittyfool Pothead producing this documentary! He wants that Oscar by any means necessary! Ahahaha.



    He has no talent, uses his money to buy self-respect for his cheatin’ ways, and he so sucks as an architect. I pity those people who have live in the houses he designed. He hides behind his production company to stay alive in hollywood. Jolie basically ripped out his balls and he doesn’t have an identity.

  • Lesile

    He looks so much hotter without glasses. I see the twitter pics with no glasses. so gorgeous.

  • tamsin

    You can tell from the puffy eyes that he’s desperately trying to conceal with those shades that he was toking up before they took those pics. LOL.

    Where is his babymomma, the one that loons claim that he’s still with? What happened to the promise for the future?

    And what happened to the “international” superstar” that loons claim he is? Why is his latest bomb doing so poorly in Europe? LMAO!!

  • awwww

    He is beautiful. swoon.

  • che

    he’s handsome
    but you can tell the smoking is getting to him

  • Just Sayin

    Brad Pitt never ages,just grows beard and hair.

  • Wonderbust

    aww this documentary looks so interesting and is already a Sundance film winner plus it has a high RT score..on another note please ignore tamshiit and just thumb it down remember its the weekend and its favorite thing to do on weekends since it has no friends is to spam this board because its “fun”, thumb it down and don’t engage, it will just talk to itself all night long.

  • Wonderbust

    special thanks to bdj for first bringing us the news of this project a few weeks ago. At the time I didn’t realize how critically acclaimed the documentary was. dammn has Brad missed a beat yet Babel, Benjamin Buttom, Inglorius Basterds, Tree of Life, Moneyball, KTS, the House I live in , all of these movies have been critically acclaimed or won some type of award.

  • tamsin

    Here loons I’ll throw you a bone. Learn what an “executive producer” means:

    An executive producer (EP), sometimes called executive in charge of production, is a producer who was not involved in any technical aspects of the film making or music process in the original definition, but who was still responsible for the overall production. Today, however, the title has become ambiguous, particularly in feature films.

    Motion pictures

    An executive producer of a motion picture is often the person who found and bought the literary property that a film is based on, such as a novel or play. He might hire another producer to develop the project further. If the project gets the green-light to go into principal photography, he might hire a line producer to watch over the production day to day. Since the 1980s, however, it has become increasingly common for the line producer to be given the title of Executive Producer, while the initiating producer takes the “Produced by” credit. On other projects, the reverse happens, with the line producer taking the “Produced by” credit. So the two credits have become effectively interchangeable, with no precise definition.

    The executive producer can also be a person representing a financial investor in a film project, such as a film studio or a distributor, but who is not directly involved in the day to day production. It can also be someone with other special interests in the project, such as the author of the book that the film is based on, or one of the film’s key actors who has been instrumental in persuading the studio to do the film. In such cases, the executive producer credit is mainly honorary.

    There you go loons, if anything it might mean that he could be trying to take more credit than what he deserves. LOL, it’s clear he’s so jealous of the success that Clooney and Affleck have nowadays. Ahahaha.

  • Ako si Gladys

    Brad and Angelina = epitome of elegance and beauty
    :-))) hi everyone!!

  • Haha

    Why is he wearing sunglasses inside? At night?

  • Tamara

    He’s so dreamy….Sigh…

  • fyi
  • KTS tweets

    Harry Saddler ‏@MondayStory

    Saw “Killing Them Softly” last night. Proof that words, written carefully and delivered expertly, are the best special effect of all.

  • tamsin

    I love that my stalker is once again out on the loose as soon as she sees me posting she switches to that alias. Poor loon, who claims to have gone to college. Who’s going to believe that when homegirl can’t either spell right or use proper punctuation? LOLOLOL.

    If only that loon could explain to me what happened to the “global superstar” that is bigger than Depp, Smith and Downey combined, the “King of Hollywood” who once again has released a major box office bomb. Why is KTS tanking in Europe? Why is Pitty “Killing The box office Softly”, one bomb at a time? Bwahaha.

  • tamsin


    You’re asking a question you already know the answer to. Why do potheads do that? Because they forgot their eyedrops!

  • Linda

    The older he gets, the hotter he is.

  • groundcontrol

    Kudos to Brad for backing the kind of movies that need to get made.



    Brad Pitt as Mayor Quimby? Gandolfini as Homer? One Simpson parallel aside, Killing Them Softly is a snooze.

  • KTS tweets

    Thomas Caldwell ‏@cinemaautopsy

    @PogonophileMelb Yes I have reviewed KILLING THEM SOFTLY. It’s one of my favourite films this year!

  • Wonderbust

    exactly aging like fine wine, why else would the most iconic fragrance EVER hire him to be their FIRST male celeb spokesperson reposting what CHANEL said about Brad
    Brad Pitt was “an obvious choice,” the brand explains. “There is no actor alive that compares with Brad Pitt, whose talent, popularity and looks are legendary, in the same way that no other perfume compares with Chanel No. 5, which was created by Ernest Beaux.

  • groundcontrol

    You don’t see many 48 year olds with stomachs that flat. He is aging beautifully.

  • wow

    Brad looks great

  • ahhh

    OMG, he looks horrific.

  • Kathy

    Such a gorgeous man but would love to see him clean shaven.

  • Wonderbust

    heading to bed but just going to leave you with a comment that a poster made on another blog in reply to a troll that was so mad and pressed over why Brad was chosen to be the face of Chanel

    “Because millions of women consider him to be extremely sexually desirable jojo. And focus groups which comprised representative members of the target demographic for the product confirmed to Chanel that they found the concept of Pitt addressing the product as if it were an alluring woman an engaging and provocative one”

    also side note I was on necole bitchie(popular African-American blog) and wow those ladies love them some Rasta Brad, they were all going crazy over his pics, trust and believe Chanel would not spend 7mil if it were not worth it

  • tamsin

    Ahahaha… deluded much? Poor loons, we all know (as Truth kindly pointed out) that the Chanel campaigned has failed to spark the interest that they were hoping. Pitty thinks he is still hot and young, but the problem is that he’s high all the time so he doesn’t realize how badly he looks when he takes a look at himself in the mirror.

    I love that he was in hiding for several months when he stopped living with St. Angie, but as awards season draws nearer, he’s getting photographed more and more in hopes of getting noticed by the academy. Sadly that won’t happen. Desperation, thy name is Pittyfool Pothead. LOL

  • plez
  • Truth teller

    @Carly: it has a 5.4 on imdb. pittstain is trying for that George clooney producer attention. George did it better because he actually had his beard on his arm. Chanel must be so embarressed at their voice’ appearance. He looks like a slob with grease stains and guido multiple gold necklaces…………and the biggest diss …….. he can’t even get jolie to support him. :-(
    Bwhaha ahahah

  • Teller of truth

    @Carly: it has a 5.4 on imdb. pittstain is trying for that George clooney producer attention. George did it better because he actually had his beard on his arm. Chanel must be so embarressed at their voice’ appearance. He looks like a slob with grease stains and guido multiple gold necklaces…………and the biggest diss …….. he can’t even get jolie to support him. :-(

  • notyourfriend

    gorgeous in every way possible

  • plez

    @Truth teller: Rating on IMBD are a joke because people vote without even seeing the film. Brad always dresses like this and Chanel hired him. Stop whining because Aniston’s ring is almost unanimously consider UGLY and everyone knows she paid for it herself.

  • Teller of truth

    @plez: it’s either airbrushed or he had work done. You can’t fool those of us who have seen the real Pittstain. Poor old man wishes he was young. He is tackier than hell with all that gold. Icky.

  • lurker

    he looks great, wow trolls now are so usless,they just whine and write rubbish

  • Teller of truth

    A little reminder of what the real pittstain looks like.


  • Trolls Make No Sense

    Brad looks hot, um how could Brad be trying to be like Clooney when it was BRAD who was nominated for producing a film last year so wouldn’t it be Clooney trying to like Brad since Clooney has never been nominated as a producer to a film, gosh why are trolls so dumb…when Clooney and Afleck loses the best picture race to Silver Linings which has already won major film festivals what will the trolls say

  • Is he on crack?
  • lurker

    @Teller of truth:
    no need to change your name hmmmm lunatic

  • Is he on crack?
  • pathetic truth

    omg,starzila shows up again,bwaahahah,the movies that brad produced last year all got nominated for oscars.dam it starzila do you have any life any friends any job,is your life only brad 24 7,even when everybody ignores you.know this starzila you are nothing but a pathetic mental b itch witn no life who realy needs to go to rehab,,i am out,have fun pathetic b itch

  • Teller of truth

    @Trolls Make No Sense: errr because he sees all the good publicity George is getting for Argo and Ben affleck and pittstain wants some of that. With Chanel and trying to garner attention with a unintentionally hilarious photoshoot he still can’t get half of what Ben has achieved. In his interviews he clearly tries to diss Ben by saying,I would never direct a movie because I would rather be a dad. like directors can’t be dads at directors at the same time. Ben affleck is on a roll up and brad is on a roll down. Ben even has the better woman.

  • Passing Through

    Why the hell is Tampon The Crackhead here whining? Brad’s documentary probably advocates less time for drug offenders like Tampon. You’d think she’d be in Crack Ho Heaven over this documentary. Man…talk about ingrates…

  • Teller of truth

    @pathetic truth: do you ever sleep?

  • Trolls Make No Sense

    yes lets believe the obsessed troll rather than one of the most successful high end fashion companies that has produced the most iconic perfume to date, you are right troll i am positive that Chanel did not do their research when choosing Brad they did not do a test run with the demographics that the perfume caters to, they just randomly decided to give Pitt 7mil, gosh why are trolls so dumb. as the other Poster said Ben A is busy gushing over Blake(even though she is not even in the movie he is promoting nor is she his wife or even ex) and Blake is busy gushing over Brad

  • Trolls Make No Sense

    @Teller of truth:
    Bens last movie made 4mil WW and his womens last movie BOMBED big time. a poster already posted the receipts from la times and yahoo calling Jen Garner out for being box office poison..Garner has no career thats why she is always on a pap stroll

  • Trolls Make No Sense

    @Teller of truth:
    likewise Clooney saw that two of Brads films that he produced last year got Oscar nominations so he wanted a piece of the action…once again how can Brad be copying Clooney when Clooney has never been nominated for an Oscar for producing but Brad was nominated as recently as last year, also Argo isnt winning any best picture at the Oscars if it can’t even win at any of the film festivals, secondly Brad wouldn’t even win an Oscar if the documentary was nominated because the award goes to the director, and Brad is not the only producer, gosh you are slow