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Jennifer Lopez: Thanks for the Special Memories, Berlin!

Jennifer Lopez: Thanks for the Special Memories, Berlin!

Jennifer Lopez leaves her hotel en route to her concert performance venue on Saturday night (October 13) in Berlin, Germany.

The 43-year-old entertainer, who was joined by beau Casper Smart, performed to a pumped up crowd at the O2 World arena later in the evening!

“Berlin!! So many memories bought back tonight…Thanks for making it another special one!! #LOVE! #DanceAgainWorldTour2012″ JLo tweeted after the show.

Also pictured inside: Casper going for a jog around the city earlier in the day.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez heading to perform her concert…

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jennifer lopez heads to concert 01
jennifer lopez heads to concert 02
jennifer lopez heads to concert 03
jennifer lopez heads to concert 04
jennifer lopez heads to concert 05
jennifer lopez heads to concert 06
jennifer lopez heads to concert 07
jennifer lopez heads to concert 08
jennifer lopez heads to concert 09
jennifer lopez heads to concert 10
jennifer lopez heads to concert 11

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  • rachel

    just go away jlo with your stupid smile. another superficial douche

  • beth

    what will it take for this woman to go away?

  • Bill

    ew! Dark roots coming out of her head. She’s braindead!!

  • Good to Go Good on Good

    She’s beautiful!!

  • Darinluvsdeb

    Where I can get me some of those sunglasses??? ?

  • Verity

    Miss Lopez looking good! Love the jacket.

  • Darinluvsdeb


    Oh yes and that jacket is smokin

  • Sissi

    Funny that the ones who say “go away” are the first to post comments!!!
    And yes she looks gorgeous and HAPPY!!!!

  • dd

    All celebs have ground rules before interviews.
    Ben really does want to be asked about Lopez, because it get’s him more publicity and or he still cares about her, and maybe he really wants to be a jerk to Garner because he knows he can get away with it.

  • Not Dead

    I think the world of her!

  • Don

    Casper ,my brother, where have you been!! I missed you

  • Arthur

    Will she be in London anytime soon?????

  • Voyage

    I wish I was there

  • Sissi

    Show today in Antwerp Belgium:SOLD OUT!

  • Adidas

    I want her good look!!

  • Isha

    JLo is rocking-out in the all black. She really looks good for her age, all she need’s to do is find a more mature man.

  • jerk

    Ben should have refused to speak about JLO, in his interviews and spare his wife the embarassment, especially since there were rumors recently about Ben wanting to direct JLO in a movie.

  • Really?

    @#17: are we in junior high? Do you think after 6 years of marriage and 3 kids she is insecure about J-LO…rubbish! He is a grown man, he can talk about whatever he feels like…like it or not J-LO is part of history, I am sure Jen made peace with that ages ago…

  • Really?

    by the J-LO is hot! Luv her!

  • She Stinks!

    Look like the JHO trash fest continues all over Europe. This tacky talentless old tramp is a disgrace to the entertainment industry. She cannot sing, dance, act or design clothes. In the USA, she is LAUGHED at – she got fired from IDOL and her record company will soon dump her due to lack of sales, again. Married 3 times, ignores her kids all done with no class or taste.

  • lovely

    @She Stinks!:

    WRONG at even 42 Jennifer is still TEACHING all the younger wannabe dance music artists how it’s done. She’s too fly for those cornball people who are taking hip hop classes trying to be hip. Dance-house-techno music lovers in Europe adore Jen as she bought that music from the underground to mainstream. Now all the singers think they have the swagger for dance music. Even Justin B thinks he’s that cool. Please….

  • Mikee25

    @She Stinks!:

    How sad that you always have something to say about JLO…..You are absolutely sad for going on here being a total JERK…..I think you need help…and YOU STINK!! Not Jennifer…..the funny thing is that whatever you think of her, she still is rich and famous and your wasting your time talking trash…who’s laughing now LOSER!!!

  • Elena


    I doubt it! Her team is known for reporting false numbers. Certain shows in the US were supposedly “sold out” when People who were there said that they were not even close.
    Why would anyone want to spend money on this lipsyncing circus?

  • Lulani

    Go home and look after you kids! I’m sure you can afford to take a break from the industry for a little while! Is she afraid that noone will care for a coneback? Let the plunger generation have their time too!

  • Sissi


    You are naking assumptions.I am tellimg what i read on sites in Belgium.If you can read and understand french you´ll find out all the news about her show!!

  • Sissi


    Yes.London october 22.

  • Andamentothat

    JLo, please share your stylist with Kim k. That girl needs some help! JLo is totally rocking this look. Love the shades and jacket!

  • Lisa

    FYI if you see her pics, Jlo always travels with her kids.. She is a great instyle know how to dress mom. Unlike Jenn Garner that dresses her kids in rags.

  • She Stinks!

    @Mikee25: Ah yes, my stalker is back. Mikee25, also known as Sissi. You love me, you know it. Now, back to JHO Bag. When will her sex tape come out? When her career tanks even more! ha! She is on her way back to obscurity!

  • Jester

    @She Stinks. Your brain and your mouth stinks. Go away from this sight.

  • Poochie

    @Elena #23. All tickets sold out in Australia. Can’t wait to see her. She is absolutely beautiful.

  • J


  • Elena


    Poor Aussies! I thought that they had better taste in music, lol!
    She might be beautiful -and even that is debatable- but she can’t sing. If folks want to pay money to see her parade around in silly catsuits, it’s their choice. But her shows are circus acts and not concerts. I much rather spend my hard-earned concert $ on a real artist who sings live, like her ex, Marc Anthony. Now we are talking TALENT!

  • dada

    Nice but fake hair.

  • HoneyWest

    I think you’re the worst of the worst to be talking about Jennifer like that and you don’t her at all so why go there? She can sing and dance, and act, if she couldn’t do any of those things she wouldn’t be where she is today. It takes hard work and sacrifice to get there! I think you’re jealous as hell and your life has to be miserable because you don’t have what she has. She’s got money, two beautiful kids what more can you have. Oh! by the way she can have a much more mature man, not some over posessive 25 yr. old using her for money and fame. He’s immature and stupid, can’t explain a sentence to save his life and is from what I see is uneducated, he sounds like a 12 yr. old kid instead of a grown man. The whole relationship is stupid and they look like mother and son. He’s so unattractive it irks me to look at him. He’s creepy looking, why would Jennifer pick him? It seems like she can’t let go of this little boy for some reason, what does he have that other better looking mature man have? She needs serious help psychologically about men. She seems to can’t live without a man. Its not a bad thing to live alone, you have your family including your 2 beautiful kids, people in the industry, business manager Benny Medina, he’s the godfather of her twins. For godsake you’re not alone! If this kid takes you for all you’ve got, then you pretty well deserve it because you were warned countless times about this kid and so far you’re not listening. The 24hr. Peepshow he went into and the appointment only massage parlour should’ve woken you up by now, that was a warning sign about his immaturity as well, and his don’t care attitude. Your tour isn’t over until Dec. 22, 2012 that’s a good while down the road yet, don’t let him take advantage of your kindness, that where you’ll see the signs of him developing. You need to listen to your family, they’re just trying to help you from getting heartbreak from this little boy that might take advantage of you. Don’t all of sudden go soft on him just cause you’re sleeping with him. You’re a 43yr. old woman rich and famous, having a brain wouldn’t hurt! USE IT! You have everything a woman would die for. It’s about time to let your foot down and step up!

  • She Stinks!

    @Jester: I can see all of the mean girls are out in full force! Waaaa! I’m so scared……you girls crack me up. JHO is a washed up has been with no talent, taste or class. Not everyone likes your old HO, get over it.

  • Madrid

    Will this tired old PuertoRican sit down and be quiet already.

  • Sissi

    @She Stinks!:

    Ok you made your point (again!!).You are SOOOOOOO obsessed with her….I wonder why!!

  • csar

    Jlo is super her.

  • Jester

    @She Stinks
    Go to the bathroom and wash your filthy mouth.