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Tom Cruise: Rupert Sanders Directing 'Van Helsing'?

Tom Cruise: Rupert Sanders Directing 'Van Helsing'?

Tom Cruise flashes a smile while exiting Scott’s restaurant on Saturday (October 13) in London, England.

The 50-year-old actor was spotted having dinner with Ridley Scott.

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Usher was also seen exiting the same restaurant as Tom.

It was recently reported that Rupert Sanders is in talks to direct Tom’s upcoming film Van Helsing, according to Twitch.

Tom is currently shooting his upcoming movie All You Need Is Kill, out in theaters on March 14, 2013.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise exiting Scott’s restaurant…

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  • krix

    TC wears 50 well!
    Business Casual in pic #12 – Cool shades.

  • Mari

    So directing crappy movies and cheating on your wife in public will get you big budget movies to direct.

  • Jennifer

    like Betty implied I cannot believe that any body can make $5901 in four weeks on the computer. have you seen this web page (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Jess

    Didn’t they just make a Van Helsing movie with Hugh Jackman in it a couple of years ago?

  • Melissa

    @Jess: Yep. Not sure exactly when, but it doesn’t seem that long ago.

  • Van Helsing versions

    Van Helsing/Hugh Jackman – 2004
    Alex Kurztman and Robert Orci (Transformers, Star Trek, Cowboys & Aliens, Fringe, Alias) are listed as producer and writer for the Tom Cruise/Van Helsing
    The writers have seem to have a good track record (no Epic fails in the theatre or TV).
    I’m curious to see their version of Van Helsing, so I’ll give it a chance.

  • siky

    He’s so cool!

  • Yohji

    @Mari: It’s not like the film will be good or anything so he can direct as many crappy big budget films as he wants.

  • Rebecca

    Wasn’t there already a movie called Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman. I’d rather watch Hugh Jackman than Cruise any day of the week. If they do another Van Helsing I will not go see it due to Cruise being in it. I don’t watch anything with Him in it.

  • Rebecca

    Wasn’t there already a movie called Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman. I’d rather watch Hugh Jackman than Cruise any day of the week. If they do another Van Helsing I will not go see it due to Cruise being in it. I don’t watch anything with Him in it.

  • Azahara

    Tom Cruise doesn’t look a year older than 30. How does he do it?!
    He looks thinner too.

  • cleopatra

    Tom !! he is so gorgeous so much , I can’t believe he has 50 years old !!
    But about he is doing role van Hesling …i don’t think so it will be succeeded ..I
    I am sorry tom , I love you but you can search another role that don’t provide before in the cinema .

  • danielle

    Well another weekend spent schmoozing with friends and eating out. It will soon be three months since he has seen Suri. Shame on Tom!

  • jenna

    Tom might be a wackjob scientologist but he’s got plenty of screen charisma and acting chops. I’m curious to see what he and Sanders will do with Van Helsing. fwiw Sanders is friends with Ridley Scott, who Tom was having dinner with.

  • Suri happy both parents busy!

    OWhat business is it of yours if he does not see Suri in three months. It is
    Katie who did not bring Suri to the set of the last movie just her!

    She brings them to his that Katie is busy with her play their will be no visits. Suri does not mind. There r no space ships in his life. He
    Is not with. .Scientology! They make up m all that crap! So he is having
    Agreat night life alone ! He is not doing Van Heisling movie! Besides
    Kaie will be 2 busy promoting and rehearsing at night 2 be with Suri!
    nanny time!

  • lucy

    to Mari

    honestly, Hollywood doesn’t really care if Rupert cheated on his wife. all that matters is if he is good at his job. the number of directors who have cheated is legendary.

  • danielle

    @Suri happy both parents busy!:

    I just find it very hypocritical of many of Cruise’s fans. They have unmercifully criticized Nicole on blogs for not seeing Bella and Connor even tho it was Tom that basically prevented it by supporting her being shunned as a suppressive with the cult. Many actresses are criticized for not seeing their kids for a long weekend, etc. Yet Tom Cruise is getting a free pass going on 3 months. If the roles were reversed and this was Katie Holmes not seeing Suri you can bet her threads would be even more vile than they already are. Tom may have charisma and be a passable actor, but he belongs to a cruel cult and it is unfathomable to anyone who is a parent that he feels it is okay to go three months without physically visiting his daughter–especially since he has the power, the money and the jet to do so!

  • Jessie

    Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman was a ridiculously movie and I don’t think it intended to be. Dracula was hilariously dumbed down and silly as well as his minions. Mind you, I liked Hugh Jackman’s part, but he just seemed out of place with the ridiculousness of the overall film. I don’t why they would want to remake this movie. Hollywood has truly run out of ideas.

  • angelina

    maybe its katie dont want tom cruise around suri she did everything to cut him away. i think there more going on.. maybe its time to bring the real father is her life.then

  • CF98


    I do too I think for all intents and purposes Tom is out of Suri’s life and he’s not her bio dad. Katie was going to expose that if he didn’t go quietly.

  • Peapo

    I’m sick of seeing this man’s face. I don’t think he is a good actor and his big cheesy grin just annoys me. The less films they make with him the better.

  • angelina

    yess thatswhy i think the divorce went so quickly he had no chance because he not the bio father, katie en tom used eachother tom is a closet .. and kate thought to boost her acting carreer but that didnt happen katie is not the greatest actress. i dont believe in the all innocent katie i think she sold her soul to the devil( Money) money will change everything, i never really saw chemistry between them. i only feel sorry for suri

  • jenna

    @Jessie: yes, it was a ridiculous movie.Didn’t do well financially either. That’s why they want to reboot it. They’re gutting it, in fact. This new one is supposed to be dark, gritty, realistic. No campy jokes this time around.

  • Suri the meal ticket


    The difference is Bella and Conner are Nicole’s kids, while Suri to Tom is a rental property to set up a facade that Tom was still young and straight.
    I believe it breaks Nicole’s heart to be apart and alienated from her children, yet for Tom, not seeing Suri might be just as well. The contract with her pimp mama Kho is not renewed, remember?

  • ozzie

    tom cruise is a generic actor who is way past his prime.

  • danielle

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    I’m not disagreeing that Katie shouldn’t have done what she did. But Suri was also had a brother and sister and considers Tom her dad. I think it was horribly cruel of Tom to ultimately force Nicole out of Bella and Connor’s lives, but think Katie in some respects did the same thing for Suri.
    And lets face it. We, as the public, don’t know what goes on behind the closed doors. Maybe Suri has seen bella and Connor or like with Tom she talks to them on Skype and the phone. I realize Bella and Connor are almost adults (late teens), but for a six year old I think it must hurt a little bit. However, I also think Katie has been planning this for awhile and it seems like she took steps to start separating Suri from Tom and the two kids.
    So basically who knows. I just think it is hypocritical for people to criticize Nicole constantly about “abandoning” her kids or criticize Jolie if she does a movie etc. etc. (just insert a name of a female actress) and doesn’t see their kids 24/7 and yet Tom Cruise is getting a free pass. It is, in my book and as a mother, unacceptable for EITHER parent not to see a six year old within this time frame!

    Okay I’m done.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Watched 1/2 of Rock of Ages. ….GROSS. Yes he played his role well but just gross!!! One more strike against his character. Run Katie run!!!

  • tiana

    @lucy:he deserves to get as much crap thrown his way as kristen has had to deal with, people are constantly saying horrible things about her yet all rupert gets is a slap on the wrist and a new movie to direct

  • MR

    I think he is abandoning Suri; no matter how much he skype her. He could come back to NY every weekend to see the kid, but he didn’t. I don’t believe the shooting schedule needs him 24/7 and won’t allow him to take time off. Just too weird.

  • Lianne

    i readed that tom want to win katie back. Dont do it katie! He never cared about her she just a beard the only thing what he lost is control and now he try to win it back. dont be a fool!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @ozzie: OLD BALLS!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @danielle: It’s like a bandaid: You just have to rip it off! I.e, sever the ties….. He’s bad news. Suri will be just fine.

  • annie

    i’ve said it a thousand times and still feel it, I just continually have a feeling of mistrust towards Tom,
    When Tand K were together, she went to all his movie sets, staying weeks at a time, it’s only towards the end she stopped going.
    Toms movies , take months to complete, and whatever you think of her career , she is still has a career, and that’s where the problem is , I think, he didn’t respect what she wanted.
    In one of his recent interviews he said that his family understands him , and that they are always with him
    However , which family is this/ his mother , sisters , family, / the older children who fly in to see him, because obviously his wife stopped understanding him, sometime ago.
    Tom married an actress, whose career was just starting to take off afer Batman / Thank you for Smoking, which for some reason did not do any promotional work for that movie whatso ever.
    All everyone did was ctiticise and mock her, something that never ever happened to her before she hooked up with Tom.
    People are looking at her differently now, she’s getting good press in everything again like she used to.
    I really think that she loved Tom, and for a couple of years things were good, or she was very much in love and tended to overlook things, but things changed, and you could see it in her.
    I do believe that Katie has a lot on Tom/ Scie. According to Scie isn’t Katie and Suri SP’s.
    Saw a pic that Conner posted on his twitter——-my family, dad and Bella, no little sister Suri included in that pic, she’s not my family the boy has been taught well, so maybe and, I don’t put it past him Suri is no longer Tom’s daughter, or is she their little sister.
    The reason and I absolutely believe this, is that the divorce went so quickly because of the horrible press Scie was getting.
    As far as Tom is concerned, it looks like Scie is everything to him, and I can’t help but wonder sometimes what sort of treatment Katie got at their hands, if they could do what they did to that Iranian girl, including Tom’s shabby treatment of her, don’t put anything past them- the lot of them.
    What man knowingly allows people to brainwash his kids agaist their mother, even tho she put her career in front of them , and I don’t want all the Kidman supporters coming out to to defend her either, like normal.
    If he eventually takes time out to see his daughter, and I truly believe it is his daughter, it will be a big photoshoot, look everyone I’m here , just like he did with Katie and Suri in Melbourne Aus, when Katie was filming DBAOTD, and he wasn’t around for a month, but she had to be around for him on his sets.
    He’s as shallow as they come, never stops acting, and the biggest liar on earth.

  • CF98


    That’s bogus if he really wanted her back he should’ve thought about that during the divorce.

    She’s done with him that much is obvious.

  • tiana

    @MR: tom gave primary custody to katie which means he most likely has certain visitation rights that probably state when he can visit suri plus he is the one responsible for paying all of suri’s expenses eg school,medical care until she turns 18

  • woohoo

    A midget playing a monster hunter? Give me Hugh Jackman any day.

  • Tracy

    Tom is looking good he looks nothing like a 50 year old…

  • justsayN

    This is the type of father Tom has always been. Absent. People are only noticing it now because Katie has Suri and is photographed daily. Bella and Connor were always in LA with Tom’s scientology sister and flown in maybe once to Tom’s film location for a photo Op to pretend like he was father of the year. Now people see what kind of father he is. Plus Suri is an SP now and he doesn’t care anymore.


    Vile dwarf.

  • harper

    Great, one disgusting douchebag will direct a Sci controlled, clueless dolt. Yea, sounds like a winner.

  • shannon

    eeewwwwwh! I just threw up in my mouth.

  • probably

    Yes, technically Katie AND Suri are labeled Supressive Persons in the lunatic Scientology cult that Tom is so beholden to. As such, he is to forever break all contact with both of them. I stopped going to his movies a long time ago because all I see when he plays any character is a dude full of “try”. He’s always trying to be a’s kinda of pathetic, especially now that he’s getting old. Wish directors would stop wasting time and money on him and look for someone else because his cheesy grin reeks of phoniness and deception.

  • Hamlet

    Why are you even here, #9?

    Don’t be so sure of that, #13.

    Cruise didn’t prevent anyone from seeing anyone, #17.

    You’re a moron, #24. You’re incorrect, #25.

    Nobody abandoned anyone, #26. That’s just tabloid drivel.

    His kid is in school right now and adjusting to a new house, #29.

    It’s disgusting to accuse a man you don’t know of being an absentee father, #38. While the kids were growing up, he was and still is one of the least prolific actors around and spent plenty of time with his kids. Stop spouting Scientology related conspiracy theories!

  • annie

    You know Hamlet for so many years we’ve been on the same side, and it feels wrong now going against you but you defend someone, who…..yes I don’t these people, ok nobody knows what happens behind closed doors, but there are things that are so obvious, that you can’t deny.
    Whether you know them or not, and I understand Connors loyalty to his father, concerning Katie, but not his little sister.
    His family is Tom and Bella according to him, for everyone to see.
    Which it isn’t, his mother is also his family, and 2 little sisters from there also.
    I get it that he loves dad and Bella, but do you think it’s right in light of everything that’s going on not to include Suri as his part of his family.
    I didn’t see Tom coming out defending himself, about anything in the tabloid drivel as you say, except the Nationl Enquirer story.
    It’s Scie that says everything are ridiculous lies, not Tom.
    Tom didn’t come out to deny, that horrible little fact about people turning his kids against their mother, is it because there is evidence of that fact maybe?
    Obviously there must be something lying around about Tom and
    his wife auditioning practices, and how uncaringly treated they were.
    Do you stop to realise how awful everything makes him sound.
    What did somebody like Tom Cuise do, that he scored only visitation rights with Suri, and Katie is in control
    of every aspect of her upbringing.
    You can say as much as you want, and I’m not saying that he doesn’t love Suri but Tom has not been a big presence in his daughters life, and skyping, and phone calls are not the same as physical presence. He has money , planes, everything at his disposal. So it’s easily believable then when it’s written that Tom, maybe, has to disconnect from her. It’s not that anybody on the outside can see any different.
    Is he not allowed to see her.
    Is her mother keeping her from him, for almost 3 months, doubt it.
    Always thought money talked , obviously not.
    I always have said that I had trust issues with Tom, but I somehow liked him with Katie, don’t you realise how hard it is not believe everything out there, because you think how shitty can somebody be,and there is no proof of anything different, no proof that what is out there are lies, except a lawyer, or a good friend coming to his defense, nothing from Tom, just like Scie does, comes out and talks for him, but nothing from his own mouth.
    So really as much as I honestly don’t want to go against you , things don’t look as you say them.

  • Jazz

    I watch most of Tom Cruise movie. but if that will be directed by Rupert Sanders, I will boycott the movie.

  • jenna

    Boycotting movies because you don’t approve of the director’s or actor’s private life?? That’s some seriously self righteous behavior. There won’t be many films left for you to watch because NO ONE in HW is above reproach.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: No doubt KH bailed for serious reasons. Don’t get good vibes about both Conner and Bella either. I think Suri will do just fine. But only time will tell. This is the epitome of $$ cannot buy u happiness…..

  • Don

    when Tom jumped on Oprah’s couch he made Katie holmes famous for one good reason it was out of his character he was always private always resevered. Never ever discussed his personnel life. If Tom was drunk then his behavior would have been totally acceptable.” Katie is an amazing woman.” Tom said, well we all wanted to see amazing I just saw a pretty girl not amazing. katie might have an amazing personaity but thats it. I always thought penelope was amazing, after Tom left Nicole another beauty. Katie has a life she has benefited of Tom.Katie holmes likes attention good or bad katie likes to be noticed. and the way she left him was it 2 or 3 days before his birthday Tom has not been too nice her or maybe katie was planning this. Frankly I never thought they were a good looking couple. Tom manages to maintain his looks though. It’s over let it go katie said she did not want to be Mrs.Cruise anymore now your turn let it go. Katie also said she wanted to date Taller men oowch. I’m sure tom’s happy about that comment….

  • pr person

    It’s Crazy Cruise.. big whoop.

  • aNd yEt……

    @pr person: U sTiLL CoMMenteD :-/