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Jennifer Lopez: Tweet2Meet Me!

Jennifer Lopez: Tweet2Meet Me!

Jennifer Lopez holds on tight to her cutie pie daughter Emme on Monday (October 15) while shopping at the Hermes store in Paris, France.

The 43-year-old entertainer and her little one were joined by her beau, Casper Smart.

“Trying something new! #Tweet2Meet send me pics of you with your tickets. The nite of show I will pick a winner to come back stage and meet!!” JLo tweeted the day before. “Tweet to Meet. Paris: Tweet pix me of u & your tix. I will pick one of u to come backstage! Ready Set Go. #DanceAgainWorldTour #LuvParis”

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez shopping in Paris…

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jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 01
jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 02
jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 03
jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 04
jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 05
jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 06
jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 07
jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 08
jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 09
jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 10
jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 11
jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 12
jennifer lopez emme hermes shoppers 13

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  • Girlfriend please


  • nixy

    Why the dour face JLo? Is Casper jealous that Ben still in touch with you.
    Cheer up Casper maybe you’ll find a “special friend” They don’t call it Gay Paris for nothing ..XX

  • Jlo and Ben

    Ben Is in Paris France right now 2! Wonder if they are going to have
    A secret meeting! Wow Ben and Jlo in the same city! Tweet 2 meet
    Me Ben! Casper will never know! Neither will Jen!

  • lexy hates bilson

    She doesn’t look like she’s holding the kid that tight JJ! Is she shopping at the Kohl’s in Paris???

  • ana

    where is mark?
    i never saw him with the kids since the split.

  • A


    You never see Mark at all he a privet person and says out of the media JLO is not she loves the attention.

  • @

    Did JLO forget she has a son also because she never seems to bring him any were and when she dose the bodyguard or nanny always has him.

  • Sunny

    JLo knew what she was doing when she had Mark Anthony as the father of her kids. MA has a bunch of kids with different women and he barely sees them.

  • April

    @lexy hates bilson: Why would Ben want JLo when he has Jen G (who is worth 12 of JLo)? He dumped her to get with Garner and besides, JLo would be a fool to go with him and ruin her chances with Casper (the closest thing to her latest ex Marc Anthony).

    Poor JLo, I truly wish she could find somebody willing to put up with her and who is more her equal. Her fans don’t have much respect for her if they want her to get with the only man who ever dumped her. Where is the respect?

  • April

    @Jlo and Ben: Sorry my comment was meant for #4 Jlo& Ben not Lexy. I’m sure Ben is happy where he is and not looking to go backward. He seems to be looking ahead as JLo should also be doing. She is not getting any younger afterall.

  • She Stinks!

    With all of the amazing art, tourist sites and culture in Paris, she takes her kid to a Hermes store, so SHE can buy stuff for herself and get her picture taken? What a rotten selfish mother. No class, no talent, just gross. Who wants to go see her backstage in that sweaty disgusting glittery catsuit? Oh, the mean girls, Mikee25 and that Sissi certainly do!

  • lake

    @Sunny: #9

    You don’t know how often he see’s his children. DO YOU live with him? Do you know him personally?
    Celebs don’t live their whole lives in front of a camera.

  • Elena


    I am sure Marc spends time with his kids, all of them. By all accounts, he is a great father but also a very private man. You will never see pics of him and his children because nobody from his team tips the paps as to where he is. You don’t really think that the photographers came upon JLo in Paris by chance, do you? How come they always know where she is, lol!

  • Sissi


    The same way they know where dbag Ben and boring Jen are!!LOL!!

  • Sissi

    @She Stinks!:

    Good morning Ojani Noa!!!

  • Nataliya (Natasha) Stasyi

    @She Stinks!: Haha.. Nice to meet you, Jen. G!!!

  • Kelli

    EW!! Her daughter looks like a little old withered monkey she is so unattractive. Not to worry Emme, I’m sure your plastic surgery mommy will have you under the knife getting nose jobs and skin bleaching like she did.

  • PuertoRicanGurl

    Marc is a long time crackhead with many children by various different women he never spends time with any of them.

  • Elena


    And you know that from ???? Many children from various women? WTF?
    Marc has five kids: A daughter from a relationship when he was very young, two boys from his first marriage and the twins with Lopez. Since when having children when married is considered a crime?
    I am a fan of Marc’s and have seen numerous pictures of him with all his children. Just because he doesn’t parade them in front of the photographers, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t see them. Lopez uses her kids as photo-ops but Marc protects them from the paparazzi.

  • Poor Children

    I remember a daughter he had a few years ago with a woman who had to hunt him down and drag him to court to force him to pay childsupport. Marc is never seen with his numerous children by various women because he is lost in the throes of his addiction.He is a terrible father and could care less about these twins which is why he abdicated the fatherly role to Casper the gay backup dancer. JLO is an idiot and the worst mother ever.

  • Sissi

    @Poor Children:

    “JLO is an idiot and the worst mother ever.”
    How do you know?Are you close friends with her or her family or her friends?Or a stalker maybe?
    And i don´t think an”idiot” would be “the most powerful celebrity of 2012″ according to Forbes Magazine!!!

  • Lenny

    JLO she is diferent when she is alone, she smiles but when she’s with Casper she looks angry.

  • Cindy

    Sorry Jlo but you have a very unattractive daughter.

  • Marie

    @Poor Children:

    “Numerous children by various women”? Not exactly! Marc was married twice and had children with his wives. Nothing wrong with that!
    And I have seen many pics of him with his kids, all of them. Just because he doesn’t invite the paparazzi everywhere he goes, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t spend time with his family.
    Don’t post ignorant and malicious comments about someone you know nothing about.

  • jen

    Will you stop talking about Ben Affleck already in relation to her. He did NOT want to marry her. I bet she’s the one who emailed him. That’s all. There’s NO keeping in touch there. As for Marc not keeping in touch with his children SHE’S GOT THEM OUT OF THE COUNTRY. HOW CAN HE SEE THEM!!!! Geez some of you say the stupidest things – GROW UP!!!!!

  • .


  • Marie


    Finally someone with common sense on this forum! I am tired of reading stupid comments about Marc. He sees his kids but doesn’t let the press know, it’s as simple as that.

  • Peapo

    I agre completely with what @ said. Does she realize she has a son? She constantly takes her daughter shopping or sightseeing and her son is nowhere to be seen. Once in a while you see him a few feet behind Jennifer being carried by a random bodyguard. It’s sad really. She even commented that her daughter got her through her divorce. When she was sad she went to her daughter for love. First,of all she should be the support system for her daughter (and invisible son) and second she never, ever said that was even present when she was going through her bad time. Shame on you Jennifer. Don’t play such obvious favorites.

  • justsaying

    Her son is always angry and in a bad mood. I have never seen him laughing or happy, She probably can’t take him anywhere. He’s always having a tantrum Umpleasant brat!!!

  • what

    who likes those big butts? look how ugly she looks, skinny woman with H_U_G_E ugly a.s.s.

  • JLo Fan

    The comments here are ridiculous.