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Watch Town Hall Debate with Barack Obama & Mitt Romney

Watch Town Hall Debate with Barack Obama & Mitt Romney

President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney go head to head again in the second Presidential Debate of the election season on Tuesday (October 16) at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.

The debate was the second of four scheduled for the 2012 Election, with Obama and Mitt speaking to individual voters who asked questions throughout the evening.

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Barack and Mitt debated on topics such as education, gas prices, taxes, and women’s rights.

Watch the complete debate below!

WHO DO YOU THINK won the second debate – Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

Obama & Romney Second Presidential Debate

25+ pictures inside of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at the second Presidential Debate…

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barack obama mitt romney second presidential debate 23
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Credit: Rick Wilking-Pool; Photos: Getty
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135 Responses to “Watch Town Hall Debate with Barack Obama & Mitt Romney”

  1. 1
    bahha black sheep Says:

    Pack your bags Barack

  2. 2
    Peapo Says:

    Go Obama.

  3. 3
    Matthew Peters Says:

    Obama Clearly won. I don’t think Romney would worry about non-Republican Americans.

  4. 4
    Kirsten Says:

    Obama killed it tonight. He called out Romney on his bs. All I learned from Romney is he still will do nothing for the middle-class and he had binders full of women.

  5. 5
    LooseLipz Says:

    re-elect our Man O.

  6. 6
    bobbi Says:

    Romney came off as belligerent and didn’t answer ONE question with a direct answer.

    Obama 2012!!


  7. 7

    President Obama ate Romney up and spit him out tonight! Great shot with the last minute 47% dunk! #InTheHole

  8. 8
    Peapo Says:

    Mitt Romney cares about every person in America… If they have a few hundred million dollars.
    Vote Obama.

  9. 9
    Laurel Says:

    Mitt Romney came across as combative and easily rattled. Obama was calm, cool and authoritative. He brought up women’s health issues without even being asked. I know who has my vote.

  10. 10
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Enough with the talkie talk somebody hit someone already. Everybody knows you want to. It looked like it was close to happening tonight for a while there.

  11. 11
    taz Says:

    seriously, the way people act you’d think it was wild n’ out. im not american and to be honest if i was i’d have a hard time voting for either of them.. obama with his ‘i hang out with beyonce’ photos and mitt romney & his.. well.. just mitt romney being his usual self. i honestly hope americans will have someone in power that can take control and not p*ss around.

  12. 12
    bahha black sheep Says:

    Obama = Worst President Ever

  13. 13
    Romney Is a Phoney Says:

    Romney thought he’d lie again tonight and get away with it like he did last debate; little did he know Obama was prepared to come swingin’! Romneys’ inconsistencies were brought up. His 47% was mentioned. And his LIE regarding President Barack Obama not referring to the Libya attack as an act of “terrorism” was also shot down following a vivacious applause from the audience! 100% my butt. At this point, Romney will do anything–anything–to get into the White House. He even rehearsed his “I feel ya, poor people and illegal aliens” tone. Laughable performance. You’d have to be dumb or simply naive not to see it.

  14. 14
    Ash Says:

    Obama is the man!

    Romney should be ashamed of himself! He is bad news folks.

    I you really care about America……don’t let Romney in with his bs

  15. 15
    Adriana Says:

    If more of you cared less about Mitt’s stance on Big Bird, binders and his wealth, but more about Libya and Obama’s evasive answers on what happened.. *sigh*

  16. 16
    Anon Says:

    @bahha black sheep: Your name speaks volumes. Racist fool.

  17. 17
    justsaying Says:

    Romney is all fluff….fluffy fluffy fluffy. He was more interested in the people who asked the questions Names! I was yelling at the TV-”For the love of god…answer the question!” Romney lost after the first question! He didn’t even answer it-i loved Obama-”i got 5 answers for you…#1 etc…”
    He was on it right from the get go!

  18. 18
    justsaying Says:

    Oh yeah-one more thing..i don’t care-you don’t tell the President to shut up….rude Romney, plain rude.

  19. 19
    Miss Bird Says:

    number 15 you need to read comment nbr 13 again., Hope you are just naive and not dumb.

    Be a responsible voter and keep out the phonies like Romney.


  20. 20
    Malibumom Says:

    Vote for NELLIE!
    Errbody with kids that act up in school will lose their gov’t benefits!

  21. 21
    Xo Says:

    Even Romney knows Obama won, that’s why he stomped off like a child. I can’t wait for November so I can vote for Obama.

  22. 22
    Xo Says:

    Also, I’m so glad Obama got the last word and he used it to bring up the 47% comment. Romney is disgusting.

  23. 23
    Adriana Says:


    I’m not naive or dumb, nor is my opinion. SO WHAT IF WE HAVE TO PAY MORE TAXES???!!! Romney IS lying to appease you LAZY American people. HE’S DOING IT SO THAT WE AREN’T IN SO MUCH DEBT!!! WHY is that such a bad thing? People NEED to get off their lazy ass and NOT expect the government to care for them. ROMNEY for PRESIDENT– so MY CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN don’t have to deal with the mistakes my generation did.

    Check Yourself.

  24. 24
    Adriana Says:

    @Xo: ROMNEY’S TEAM KNEW, before the debate, THAT OBAMA WOULD DO BETTER. After the last debate, duh. I can’t WAIT for the third debate.

  25. 25
    toni Says:

    I hope the same people who attacked Joe Biden for his action do the same for Romney because he was straight disrespectful to both President Obama and the moderator.
    Also Mitt was lying like a rug tonight talking about he cares about the middle class when he came out with his 47% comment months ago (thank you Obama for bringing it up).
    He also went around the mulberry bush with the questions instead of answering them directly.

  26. 26
    Meh Says:

    he lying because he see us all are stupid!

  27. 27
    Sarah Says:

    @bahha black sheep:

    That honor belongs to George W. Bush.

  28. 28
    Kevin Says:

    Romney is a fake. His phoniness is blatant, yet some people are falling for his guile. The guy has no plan. Imagine if someone told you to give them a certain power and once it is in his or her hands, the person will then tell you specifically what he will do with that power. Are you kidding me? The phony has no plan — he and his handlers believe the American people are dumb and will fall for this idea. Frankly, I am sick of his “no specific plan” campaign. Full of nothing, just hot air.

    Obama clearly won.

  29. 29
    Adriana Says:

    @Meh: No. HAHA. LMAO. He’s lying because if he said, “I’m raising taxes.” NO ONE would vote for him. BECAUSE Americans are LAZY and WANT to put off consequences for later. I WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO MY FUTURE KIDS.

  30. 30
    Florida Says:

    Please vote people. Tell your friends to vote. Obama!

    Romney simply could not rid himself of that one percent smell tonight — he is rather condescending and came off rather smug — I’ve seen people like him, utterly out of touch.

  31. 31
    Adriana Says:

    AND heeeell yea, to the mention of God in politics. Refreshing and new.

  32. 32
    Kenny Says:

    This is one way to win is to pick a dumb ! Politician! Just the last time!
    With Sarah Palin and knowing with her OBama would win! Wow
    Bush is for bringing down Saddam Hussen and Obama will go down for
    For killing Bin Laden! Yes Murdering a man who was not attacking
    American Miltary! Just blow his head off! Than hiding the fact that
    They put him out to see with out coverage! Really Obama! Where is the proof that he was sent out to see!

  33. 33
    Bill Says:

    Obama clearly won and Romney loves to lie. Romney revels in mendacity. When he is not lying that’s when he looks most uncomfortable. That tells you something about the type of person he is…

    No one is perfect — but I’d rather vote for Obama, then for a guy who relies on “trust me… I’ll do the job well” without any specification. Someone needs to tell Romney that just because most of the American people do not have an Ivy League education does not mean we are dumb. We will not fall for your illogical, nonsensical rants.

  34. 34
    Obama Kicked A--! Says:

    @Adriana: Relax! No need to yell. Geez. Typical Repbulican. Always throwing tantrums.

  35. 35
    Adriana Says:

    BTW, what being a Republican now is what was it to be considered a Democratic back then. It’s AMAZING how people STILL can’t have different opinions from the majority. Hypocrites and conformists. Funny how that works, eh?

  36. 36
    diana Says:

    Romney looked like the robot that he is tonight. That guy seldom has a candid moment, unless when he is stating behind closed doors that 47% of the American people are plain lazy and worthless.

    Romney reeks of pomposity. Plain and simple. I would not trust that guy with anything –self-serving Wall Street type — I recognize the type.

    Obama 2012

  37. 37
    Adriana Says:

    @Obama Kicked A–!: I’m not a republican. LMAO. Gotta put that out there. I believe in the middle. THAT is where I stand. Now that’s aside, typical Democrat. Always missing the point.

  38. 38
    Obama! Says:

    *****OBAMA/BIDEN 2012*****

    *****OBAMA/BIDEN 2012*****

  39. 39
    Greg Says:

    Spoken like the top 1%. It is taxing people who cannot afford more taxes that is drawing fire. Also going back to policies that got us in this situation in the first place. Obama caught his lies and Romney went from being a conservative to a moderate in record time contradicting what he has said in the past. You can’t trust him. He is saying what you want to hear.

  40. 40
    @32 Says:

    ” Yes Murdering a man who was not attacking
    American Miltary!”
    You’re right, he didn’t attack the military. He attacked and killed THOUSANDS of civilians. Men, women and children of all colors and creeds.
    He deserved to be hunted down like the animal that he was, and put out to “see”. Praise goes to President Obama for having the guts to sign the order.

  41. 41
    My body, my vote Says:

    As if I would let Robot Romney tell me what to do with my body. I’d rather get orders from an actual robot.

    Obama all the way. Vote people. We need to vote.

  42. 42
    Counselor Says:

    Adriana- 23

    OMG! You ARE naive and I guess easily mislead. Voting for Romney will NOT help your children/grandchildren. He is just all talk and lies.

    I can’t believe you are saying lying is ok. Oh man……that is a big mistake.

    I believe you should go check yourself someone safe.

  43. 43
    Sam Says:

    Folks…no need to respond to Adriana…she is clearly a child or teen…it’s that obvious.

  44. 44
    Adriana Says:

    @Counselor: Yup, all talk and lies. That’s exactly why Massachusetts did so well, eh? Having the people get taxed more so that debt can be relieved? No, he couldn’t possibly be doing that… He couldn’t possibly want this country out of debt. And yup, because Obama did EVERYTHING he promised in his campaign in 2008. EVERY candidate lies, my friend. It’s sad you haven’t figured that out yet.

  45. 45
    Brian Says:

    Romney’s type is ubiquitous in high places. Smug look –check– big checkbook –check– offshore accounts–check– the type who will never be seen with the common folks unless it is for a photo op/ pr/image boost. No thanks. I’ll pass.

    Obama won tonight, thank goodness. I’m tired of these lies that Romney, his sidekick (Ryan) and his party spread — just plain rubbish.

  46. 46
    Karen Says:

    Obama is relying on Hollywood and the gay community to win him this election. Romney is relying on the American people

  47. 47
    Own it Says:

    @Adriana: Now we know why you favor Romney, you both have something in common — *coughLIEScough*. “In the middle” my foot. Your mind’s made up. #DramaQueen

  48. 48
    Adriana Says:

    @Sam: It’s a good thing I am. I’m rare. Our country is doing so well now *sarcasm*, because people like you have made it’s decisions. Unpopular decision is usually the best decision. Ever heard of that?? It’s very true.

  49. 49
    Adriana Says:

    “All progress has resulted from people who took unpopular positions.” Enough said.

  50. 50
    Coughcough Says:

    # 47

    Well said!

  51. 51
    Adriana Says:

    @Own it: I AM in the middle. Nor, am I voting for either candidate. Both candidate have their point. I’m simply stating which is better of the two. You have no right to define me based off a couple comments I have made on here.

  52. 52
    Adriana Says:

    You all back up your point SO well. Lmao. Gimme something good to rebuttal. This is just sad.

  53. 53
    not American Says:

    Could someone tell me why everyone hates on Romney ?

  54. 54
    Adriana Says:

    @not American: Because he’s white.

  55. 55
    AllYouGottaDoIsTHINK Says:

    @Karen: Nooooooo, Romney is also relying on Hollywood but for various reasons. To help him with his A-C-T-I-N-G. Where else do you think he gets his puppy dog faces and I-feel-you-poor-people tone from? Romney is relying on three things: 1.) His acting abilities 2.) His lies & 3.) Naive people to buy the previous two. And so far he’s proven to be an Oscar worthy actor because everyone who thought he “won” in the last debate, bought into his bullsh–. Example A.) He made a comment behind closed doors about 47% of Americans being lazy moochers. He then stood by them when he was called out in a press conference, and then later flip-flopped AGAIN when he apologized after he was still high from his first debate “win”. The only thing consistent about Mitt Romeny, are his inconsistencies! The man can’t make up his mind because he isn’t true to his values, his morals or his principals simply because they won’t get him into the White House! He says whatever you want to hear as long as you elect him. Wow, JUST the characteristic you’d want in a President running an entire country of 300 million+ /Sarcasm.

  56. 56
    leaning to Obama Says:

    after doing some background check on Romney, I feel disappointed he had four deferments and didn’t do military service during the Vietnam era, instead he went to France for his religion. Now all of his five sons are not in the military, is he willing to send his sons to fight the war on terror? or are they all “fortunate sons” By the way where is the 5 point plan. Romney is a spoil rich kid and will only cater to the rich. He doesn’t care about the 47%.

  57. 57
    Sure About Obama 100% Says:

    @not American: You obviously don’t pay attention to the news….

  58. 58
    Huh? Says:

    @Adriana: Is Romney running for Presidency in Africa or the Middle East?

  59. 59
    Anne Says:

    “workplace equality strategy: let female employees go home early to make dinner.” Romney

  60. 60
    baugh Says:

    Thanks Jared

  61. 61
    Dean Says:

    Romney so desperately want to come off average — he looks like a robot spit him out. He never answers the questions. He is always on the attack. He appears untrustworthy. Who is he kidding. He looks like he has been “groomed in a lab” to run for president.

    Won’t get my vote. He does not believe in the American people. He is just a pessimist pompous.

    Go Obama. Vote people.

  62. 62
    Dalia Says:

    There’s enough robots in Washington, DC. We sure do not need another one. Robot Romney is not for women rights. In fact, he appears to be for something else on any given Sunday, debate, or rally. He is a walking contradiction. He has more sides to his political beliefs than a dice. I have yet to learn what this guy stands for, aside from doing anything necessary to keep he and his cronies from paying their fair share/taxes.

    Barack has my vote. Albeit not perfect, our President has kept many of his promises, he continues to believe in the American people, he maintains his stance on bringing our troops home, he supports focusing on our many domestic issues, as opposed to depleting all our resources on wars, he believes in women right to choose (as well as religious freedom), he insists on people fighting their own wars — this is why it’s so important that we allow those we have trained to aid their own affairs and their own people. We cannot stay there forever.

  63. 63
    Marigold Says:

    Calm down. I’m not American either but to tell you the truth, this political system or we can call is control system that the world have not just America does not do any good for some of us if not all – it’s confusing and misleading for some(that includes myself, lol). To all Americans, fighting or debating who’s good or who’s not, or who’s lying or telling the truth is of NO use. I’ll say, good luck and just VOTE who you think has an honest HEART and intention, and VOTE for the person who has the ABILITY to MAKE things DONE. Peace!

  64. 64
    Steve Says:

    Romney and poser Ryan speak in such trivial terms about war probably because neither have to ever worry about going to war themselves or their children. War is bloody. Where is the empathy. Clearly a person does not have to experience something to imagine it.

    We have had enough of our men and women dying. And, no, Romney, I do not want the US to go to war with Iran. Your hardball business sense is not going to work in every scenario, especially in the name of diplomacy and international matters. Foreign policy should not be treated like you are on Wall Street –where cut throat, distrust, backstabbing, no honor etc are the norm…

    Obama understands that the truth matters. He also understands that sometimes you can agree to disagree and still manage to come to an understanding for the sake of peace, even if it takes time. I am not keen on having someone in the White House who thinks every international conflict necessitate a violent response. Obama has my vote.

  65. 65
    Texas Says:

    Equal rights for Romney as it pertain to women is nothing more than a political topic for the day. He is rehearsed. He has no affect, as he is merely muttering the words prepared by his handlers. Although most, if not all politicians have speech writers, some improvise, and make alterations extemporaneously –but not Romney.

  66. 66
    Pete Says:

    Regardless of political Party….take a long hard look at the shape America is in.

    Our National Debt is $16 trillion dollars!!!….That is an increase of $6 trillion in less than 3 yrs.
    Unemployment was above 8% for over 3 years.
    Food Stamps are up 46%.
    Americans in poverty has risen from 39.8 million in ’09 to 46.2 million in ’11.
    Gasoline has gone from $1.86 to $3.70 as a national average.
    Economic growth has been a dismal 1.5% or worse the past 3 yrs.
    Home values have decreased over 13%.
    America’s Competetive Rating has gone from 1st place in ’08 to 7th place in ’12.
    Our National Credit Rating has been lowered…..TWICE!!!

    Is THIS what YOU were promised? Are THESE the results YOU expected?
    These are not just EMPTY numbers people!!!
    This is hard evidence of a complete policy FAILURE!!!

    This is OUR country!!! We the PEOPLE PAY TAXES to our government to be used for OUR BENEFIT…..AND OUR NATION’S BENEFIT!!!
    Do YOU feel like you have benefitted from the policies of the last 4 years?
    Is THIS what YOU call…..SUCCESS?!?!?!?!!!

    Barack Obama came out in true campaign mode in the 2nd debate. Loud, rude, condescending, interruptive, dismissive…..Oh yeah, that’s sooooo Presidential!!!

    All of Obama’s ranting and accusations and preaching about how great HIS plans are….don’t change the fact that…..HIS PLANS HAVE NOT WORKED!!!!!

    Not only have they NOT worked…..they have FAILED…..and failed MISERABLY!!!!
    And you want MORE of this?!?!?!?!?

    God help us!!!

  67. 67
    Corey Says:

    Mr. President, you have my vote. Things are not perfect (it’s been a hard road) but you bet we are better off. I cannot imagine the disaster we would be in today if it were not for a change in leadership. I believe you when you speak, I believe you when you talk about your humble beginnings, I believe you when you are talk about women rights, I believe you when talk about the importance of education/opportunities, I believe you when you say you have much left to do.

  68. 68
    @66 Says:

    “Loud, rude, condescending, interruptive, dismissive…..”
    Funny, you just described Romney in the first debate.
    He tried it here, too. But he was caught in so many lies that he had to shut up. Even the moderator fact checked him into silence.
    BTW, the debt has increased because we are still paying for two wars that george W didn’t pay for. And the fact that the republican congress refuses to let POTUS raise taxes on the wealthy.
    Unemployment is going down, more people are going back to work here in America. Romney only fires Americans to send their jobs to China. That’s his specialty, yet you think that he will fight for us?
    Detroit is alive and well thanks to POTUS. Romney would have let those jobs disappear.
    Oh, and in early 2008. gas prices were over $4.00 per gallon. I remember that well, because we purchased two economy cars and got rid of our guzzlers, just for that reason. Prices dropped nearing November because big oil wanted a republican in office, and tried to make them look good. They went down even farther because of the recession caused by the policies of a republican president.
    President Obama respects the middle class, where Romney disdains it.
    The President’s policies are working. It just takes time to dig himself out of the hole that Bush left him in.
    President Obama has my vote…AGAIN!

  69. 69
    Jeff Says:

    The thing I find odd is, Romney seems to prepare his rebuttals/and attacks on Obama with precision, yet he fails to offer any of his so-called plans. What a joke. I am not falling for it! Romney does not talk about the specifics of his plans because he knows the American people would be mortified. Currently, he just thinks the American people are plain dumb devoid of critical thinking skills so he is just spreads vitriol and smack with no substance.


  70. 70
    LOL Says:

    My favorite line tonight?
    Mr. President: “Get the transcript”
    Mr. Romney: “DOH!”

  71. 71
    Ryan Says:

    I guess America got a glimpse of Romney today. He is one pompous, privileged, lying, jerk. He could barely hide behind his mask. He keeps citing his so called “corporate business experience” as the reason why he would perform well as president. Hmmm.. okay… we all know what goes on in corporate America, Romney, and it’s ugly. No thanks!

  72. 72
    HardWorkingLutheran Says:


    Did you watch the complete Mother Jones video from the fundraiser or are you regurgitating sound bytes? He did not say they were lazy I quote:

    “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. And I mean, the president starts off with 48, 49, 48—he starts off with a huge number. These are people who pay no income tax. Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax. So our message of low taxes doesn’t connect. And he’ll be out there talking about tax cuts for the rich. I mean that’s what they sell every four years. And so my job is not to worry about those people—I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. What I have to do is convince the 5 to 10 percent in the center that are independents that are thoughtful, that look at voting one way or the other depending upon in some cases emotion, whether they like the guy or not, what it looks like. I mean, when you ask those people…we do all these polls—I find it amazing—we poll all these people, see where you stand on the polls, but 45 percent of the people will go with a Republican, and 48 or 4… [Recording stops.] ”

    We never hear the rest of the statement. But my point is this is a fundraiser talking approach to the campaign. In regards to the statement “And so my job is not to worry about those people—I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” taken out of context is very damaging but if you see the whole statement and place it in the perspective of a fundraiser not so.

    As for the 47 percent read this post it might bring you some enlightenment:


  73. 73
    cara Says:

    It is true that it is easier to keep track of the truth, as opposed to keeping track of lies. Romney clearly looked befuddled because he lost track of his lies. How does he expect me to vote for him if he cannot even manage his lies, let alone voting for him to manage a nation!

    Obama has my vote. Perhaps when Obama has some time he can teach Romney a thing or two about decorum and civility. What a jerk that Romney is — I guess money cannot buy class, not even for a few hours for a television debate!

    Go Obama!

  74. 74
    Bryon Says:

    The people who try to make excuses for Romney’s dismissal of millions of Americans when he thought no one was listening are delusional. Romney could careless about the American people, so much so, he has not even bothered to tell the American people EXPLICITLY what he plans to do if he were to be elected. He is merely counting on us being dumb enough to let him in with his evasive responses to important issues. Romney is a joke.

    Obama all the way. Go and vote people.

  75. 75
    Annie Says:

    According to my dad Romney looks like a “sleazy London bank manager”. Just thought that was funny.

  76. 76
    hd Says:

    you live in a fantasy land if you believe anything will change with obama in the white.. Romney 2012 VOTE folks

  77. 77
    Frozoid Says:

    @toni: Stuff and nonsense.

    Romney/Ryan 2012.

    By the way, did you happen to catch the undecideds in focus groups on MSNBC and Fox? They’re all breaking for Romney.

  78. 78
    Frozoid Says:


    Huh? Obama didn’t answer the man’s question about security in Libya.

    Undecideds in focus groups say Romney came across as more presidential.

    It’s over for Obama. Undecideds breaking for Romney at a record speed.

  79. 79
    Frozoid Says:

    @Ash: Gee, if Romney is bad news, then you should boycott AMC movie theaters, Staples, Dunkin Donuts, Dominos Pizza, Toys R Us, the Weather Channel.

    Romney helped all these businesses become a success. What part of those businesses don’t you like?

  80. 80
    Frozoid Says:

    @Romney Is a Phoney: Obama lied repeatedly.

    Again, if you don’t like Romney, then I expect you to start boycotting all businesses he helped make a success like AMC movie theaters .Staples. Dunkin Donuts.

  81. 81
    Frozoid Says:

    @Kevin: How is he fake? Have you seen or heard about all the people he’s helped, paralyzed in accidents? Did you know he gave three million to charity last year?

    Did you know that Joe Biden gave just $547 to charity?

  82. 82
    Frozoid Says:

    @leaning to Obama:

    Um, did you know that Joe Biden got FIVE MILITARY DEFERMENTS so he wouldn’t have to go to Viet nam?

    Was Obama in the military ? Was Bill Clinton? You know he dodged the draft, right?

  83. 83
    Bria Says:

    Romney talks about women in a very foreign, unfamiliar tone. His women in a binder comment was very awkward for someone who is trying to position himself as some kind of pioneer for women advocacy. Who is he kidding.

    Ironically enough, Romney was completely dismissing the (woman) moderator as if she was not there, as if she was beneath him. He probably mistook her for the help. I guess she was not in that binder he spoke of.

    Obama has my vote. And I sincerely hope the people who Romney believes are imbeciles do not vote for him. Show him you are smarter than he would like to give you credit for.

  84. 84
    Lola Says:

    Romney, I am a woman, and I am not interested in being told what to do with my body by a condescending robot.

    It appears there are a few trolls here, spreading their venom under identical and phony aliases–trying to paint Romney as a saint. What I find perplexing is that these individuals are always on the defense bashing.

  85. 85
    jean from TX Says:

    Romney was rattled tonight, was funny to watch a robot rattle.

    On the basis of education, equal opportunity, political diplomacy — I cannot bring myself to vote for Romney. Not happening.

    President Obama, while not perfect, is the clear choice. I’m an Independent, former Republican. Vote people.

  86. 86
    some never learn Says:

    …watching the American idiots bite at the ancient divide and conquer,,,doesn’t matter who wins you all lose because the real issues that effect everyone’s lives are never pick your tribe and satisfy your ego wanting to be on the winning team while you all get taken for idiots by the powers that be

  87. 87
    lari Says:

    obama for the win!

  88. 88
    @72 Says:

    This quote; “I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”, proves that he has no idea about the way normal Americans live, and CAN’T be taken out of context.
    He thinks that if you don’t pay taxes, you aren’t working. Well, Mittens, many people who don’t pay taxes are working two or three low paying jobs, trying to make ends meet for their children. Or seniors who have worked their entire lives, and now draw social security. Or the disabled, be they veterans who risked their lives to protect us, or those dying fom cancer. And yes, Mitt, our soldiers across the globe who even now are under attack, don’t pay taxes either. Are they “victims” to you?
    You see. Mitt only understands the wealthy. He has no busines being president to us all.
    President Obama will be getting my vote on November 6th.

  89. 89
    @frozoid Says:

    Why don’t you talk to the Americans that Romney and his cronies at Bain put out of business? All of those jobs that he outsourced? Hmm?
    And sure he gave three million to charity, and paid more than he should on a tax return during a year he was running for office. Why won’t he release more returns? Because they would show how crooked his business dealings are, that’s why.

  90. 90
    Frozoid Says:

    Ok, all of you who say Romney is a liar, then I am expecting you to boycott each and every business he helped make a success.

    Here’s a PARTIAL list:

    AMC Entertainment
    Burger King
    Burlington Coat Factory
    Clear Channel Communications
    Dominos Pizza
    Dunkin’ Donuts
    Guitar Center
    Sports Authority
    Toys ‘R’ Us
    Warner Music Group
    The Weather channel

    Bet you don’t have the guts to boycott. Seems hypocritical of you to blast someone whose stores’ you patronize.

    Just sayin…

  91. 91
    Frozoid Says:


    Um, hell? Do you happen to know how many tax returns John McCain released in 2008? JUST TWO AND NO ONE PROTESTED. And Mccain was married to a beer heiress.

    Additionally, during the primaries in 2008, Obama nagged Hillary Clinton to release her tax returns. She never did.

    You can spout all the bogus obama lies you want but you are not going to win with me.

    As stated, Joe Biden gave just $547 to charity AND he evaded serving in the Viet nam war by getting FIVE Deferments.

  92. 92
    Frozoid Says:

    @jean from TX: Really? Rattled? Then how come all the focus groups of undecideds called Romney presidential and authoratitive?

    Riddle me this: Why has there been a huge surge towards Romney in swing states? Why is he winning more Hispanics than Obama in Florida? Why has he surged with women and they’re now even?

  93. 93
    Frozoid Says:

    @Lola: Um, I think it’s the other way around, painting Obama as a saint.

    Last time I checked, this was an entertainment site, not a conservative or liberal site, and there’s such a thing as freedom of speech.

    Romney supporters have as much right to post here as Obama supporters.

  94. 94
    Frozoid Says:

    @Xo: Can you show me the link where Romney “stomped off like a child?” I’m waiting…… tick, tock, tick tock.

  95. 95
    Frozoid Says:

    @Corey: I already voted for Romney/Ryan in a swing state.

  96. 96
    Frozoid Says:

    @Ryan: Yes, that’s right, a pompous privileged work who gave away three million to charity, paid for the hospital and college expenses of two boys who were permanently paralyzed in a car accident in Massachusetts, came to see them on Christmas day.

    Shame on you for your comments.

  97. 97
    MrJeffery Says:

    Go Obama! Romney is not trustworthy.

  98. 98
    Dd Says:

    The people here are the sand who thinks aniston is an A-list.

  99. 99
    @91 Says:

    You’re defending Romney by using another republican who refused to come clean?
    And BTW, Ohio, a CRITICAL swing state, has The President leading the polls.

  100. 100
    @Frozoid Says:

    Any woman who votes for Romney is an IDIOT.

  101. 101
    he'th my heeero Says:

    Romney is a white shoe country club poof.

  102. 102
    Obamathewinner Says:

    Folks….let Obama finish off what he aimed to clean up after Bush. Bush and the republicans did so much damage it will take time.

    I really hope people dont vote for Romney. If so, that tells you how many dumb Americans we have.

    I shudder to think what Romney would do to this country folks…..don’t
    allow him because I truly believe we will go down bad.

  103. 103
    Zoom 400x Says:

    & you too can see Satan in BO’s purple facial berry.

  104. 104
    leaning to Obama Says:

    Romeny “binders full of women” was LOL, watching him make a fool of himself was pricelessl

  105. 105
    leaning to Obama Says:

    Big Bird speaks. Injustice Binders full of women sold for $0.77 at Staples. Binders full of men selling for $1.00.

  106. 106
    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012 Says:

    To quote NBC:
    “Groundbreaking on new U.S. homes surged in September to its fastest pace in more than four years, a sign the housing sector’s budding recovery is gaining traction and supporting the wider economic recovery”
    Unemployment is down and new housing starts are surging to their highest level since July 2008.
    Let’s keep going forward!
    Vote for the man who cares about the middle class. President Obama!

  107. 107
    Jen in Rehab Says:

    ObamaCARE’s that’s why I am voting for him. He answered the questions with specifics, unlike the tired game show host Mitt LyingRomney HE NEVER ANSWERED THE QUSTIONs

  108. 108
    Suzanne Cummings Says:

    Mitt Romney will win in a landslide. Frank Luntz’ focus group of “undecideds” figured out they really liked Mitt and didn’t like O at all. O has NO AGENDA…like, what is his plan? He never says a thing. How can anyone support THAT? Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

  109. 109

    It’s too late for Obama. The first debate was the most watched and he did not take it seriously. Mitt Romney will be our next president. Thank you GOD. I pray for America the eagle that President Romney will keep us safe and get the jobs we need to get America back on track from the terrible policies that Obama put in place. America is number one. PLEASE VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY. He truely loves America and will never apologize to the world and bow down to a Saudi King like Obama did a few years ago. America is the greatest country in the world. Don’t ever forget that.

  110. 110
    porquenon Says:

    “Um, did you know that Joe Biden got FIVE MILITARY DEFERMENTS so he wouldn’t have to go to Viet nam?

    Was Obama in the military ? Was Bill Clinton? You know he dodged the draft, right?”

    Obama was 10 during Vietnam so, no, he didn’t serve in the military and is not of a generation where there was a draft. BIDEN had the same number of deferments at **** CHENEY while MITTENS dodged the draft on religious grounds to spend two years biking around France as his “missionary work” for his church.
    MITTENS comes from a family where THREE generations of men including his father, his uncles, he and his cousins and his FIVE sons and their cousins have NOT served in the armed forces even during wartime.
    Romney has no problem sending other peoples’ children to die if they’re poor or as a way to get a green card but not his own kids who are “serving their Country” by working on their father’s campaigns as “Patriotic Americans”.

    Biden’s son Beau served in Iraq – heck even Palin’s son served in Iraq!

    Romney has nothing to offer the military but more wars for the enlisted and fewer benefits for those veterans who have served their country.

  111. 111
    @109 Says:

    Romney still thinks that Russia is our greatest enemy. How can a man that CLUELESS and out ot touch POSSIBLY keep us safe?
    President Obama made us safer by getting rid of Bin Laden. Something that Romney, and Bush, thought wasn’t ‘that important’.

  112. 112
    porquenon Says:

    @Suzanne Cummings:

    Frank Lutz would have been right at home working for Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany.

  113. 113
    blimpy Says:

    Candy (never met a piece she didn’t eat) Bar Crowley was a disgrace with her constant interuptions.

  114. 114
    @113 Says:

    Hey moron. It’s called ‘moderating a debate’. Romney kept trying to interrupt HER, while she was doing her job. Romney also interrupted THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Romney was the disgrace, no one else.
    Or are you just butt-hurt because she wouldn’t let Romney get away with lying?
    yeah, that’s it I bt.

  115. 115
    LOL Says:

    why in the hell is everyone here for Obama. Obama can’t run on his record because it is crap. Things are NOT better than they were 4 years ago, they are even worse. People can keep blaming bush, but obama had 4 years to make some progress, but he went backward.

  116. 116
    Melody Says:

    Binders aside, I was offended at Mitt Romney’s reference to working women as being able to get home in time “to cook dinner”. It is perfectly in line with Mormon beliefs, that’s for sure. Btw, George Romney’s father had to flee the US for Mexico because he had a Binder Full of Wives! That is the only reason, Mitt Romney’s father was born in Mexico! I’m sorry but there just isn’t enough degrees of separation there for this woman.

  117. 117
    Dietz Says:

    WOW…what a bunch of non thinking drones on here…..continue your spoonfed diet

  118. 118
    Sue Smith Says:

    O, we don’t want 4 more years of blah, blah, blah.

  119. 119
    Joe Says:

    @OBAMA/BIDEN 2012:

    Keep watching NBC and sipping on that kool-aid, liberal…. The days are numbered! It won’t be long now and WE will have an American President who loves this Country and doesn’t want the government running our lives which, is exactly what Barry wants.

  120. 120
    leelee Says:

    Romney is so out of touch with social policy it’s ridiculous. Women get to go home early so they can cook dinner? Single family households are the reason for gun violence? Immigrants are only valuable serving in the military? Really?!? Good thing they didn’t bring up anything in the gay community because he would have gotten his ass handed to him.

  121. 121
    MJ Says:

    The moderator on the debate last night was clearly leaning Obama. You can see how many times Candy interrupted Romney but allowing Obama to respond on what Romney was saying. You can see also that when Romney blocked Obama’s sight on Candy, he tried to lean on the side and look on Candy that he wanted to stop Romney on his point. Obama kept pressing Candy to watched the time for Romney but not on him. As for Benghazi, Libya, people that watched the news since Sept. 11, 2012 know that Obama and the rest of his administration were lying about it. Last night if Obama said that he called the attacked “act of terror” then why did he blame the video for how many days? And when Obama said that he doesn’t want Romney’s side to politicize it, why not? Four Americans got killed because of this administration’s foreign policy. This is not the same as the Colorado theater massacre or Arizona massacre but remember when the Arizona massacre happened, Democrats were politicizing it and jumped to a conclusion that the killer did it because he is some kind of a right wing radical and it turn out the killer was not a registered republican, in fact he is more liberal. And for the family of the four American got killed in Libya, this is the right time to talk about it on how, what, when, why and who are responsible to their death. This is the right time because there are some people who will be in your side. You don’t want the four american’s death will be buried like the death of the border patrol agent, black panther case on 2008, voters fraud like Micky Mouse voted 1000 times that got wipe out. You don’t want that to happen in your love one’s death. You need to find out who is responsible and punish it. This is your time, don’t give up.

  122. 122
    jane Says:

    Only a Democrat could prevent a depression, end a war, get bin Laden, double the Dow, repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, sign the Equal Pay act, lower unemployment then be told he can’t run on his record.

  123. 123
    jane Says:

    And from the Associated Press today: US home construction jumps 15% in September to 4-year high of 872,000, permits also up.

  124. 124
    @jane Says:

    that’s because the republican drones are too ignorant to understand that their media (fox “news”, hannity, limbaugh, etc) are LIARS.
    And for the idiot at 119…
    if Romney loves this country so much, why did he out-source so many AMERICAN jobs? why did he close so many AMERICAN companies? Why did he want the AMERICAN automobile companies to go bankrupt?
    And Romney doesn’t want government running our lives? How can you say that when he wants to be able to tell a woman what to do with her own body? if that isn’t government running our lives, then I don’t know what is.’

  125. 125
    lol Says:

    We live in a Oligarchic Plutarchic Kleptocracy
    Rule by the corrupt wealthy few
    It all happend while we slept
    It is the way of goverments throughout history
    and it matters not who is President now
    Only to those who like to arrange deck chairs on the Titanic
    We will arrive at the very same place no matter who the prechosen leader is
    A slightly different path is only taken to satisfy the egos of hypnotized incurious tribe members
    To watch you all trade pointless barbs is entertaining

  126. 126
    Billie Says:


    I really don’t CARE what the rest of you say.




  127. 127
    WTF MISSY Says:



  128. 128
    WTF MISSY Says:


    Why don’t you be more disciplined with yourself so this way you won’t have to worry about abortions.

  129. 129
    WTF MISSY Says:



  130. 130
    porquenon Says:

    What nasty piece of work you are. Neither Christian nor Patriot. Pathetic misguided troll.

  131. 131
    @billy/wtf missy Says:

    Mysogynistic and combabtive?
    no wonder you are a Romney fan.

  132. 132
    MJ Says:

    So after the debate last night, we found out that someone is lying in this administration about the death of the four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. We don’t know which one was telling the truth, is it Biden or Obama? According to Biden during his debate, he said that “we don’t know it was a terrorist attacked” and blame it to the intelligence officials that they got misinformed but according to Obama during the debate last night, the next day after the death of the 4 Americans, he called it “act of terror” but obviously it showed within 2 weeks, he was still blaming the video. If it is true that he knew it was an act of terror then who told him it was the video and who told him it was because according to Biden, they did not receive an information that confirm it was a terrorist attack? But the good thing about last night’s debate was at least Obama said he is the one who is fully responsible for the death of 4 Americans. So, the investigation should not stop on Hillary Clinton or Susan Rice, it should stop on the one who is fully responsible for it. In my own belief, I had a feeling that Obama knew about the terrorist’s plan. This is just my analysis of the possibilities on what happened. Before the DNC convention, maybe there was a deal from the terrorist, either Chris Stevens’ head or changing the Democrat’s platform, taking out GOD and Israel and they did. But on the day of their convention, they put back GOD and Israel even the majority of the votes said they don’t want GOD and Israel. So for that moved, it was Chris Stevens head was the terrorist picked in celebration for the 9/11. If I am wrong about my analysis then question yourself who commanded Chris Stevens to go to Benghazi if he originally was in Tripoli specially at that time there were incidents of a terrorist attacked in Benghazi? And what a coincidence that the two navy seals were there too and why they were there?The death of Chris Stevens was obviously the terrorist’s plan and someone was approving it. The investigation should dig on who was approving it and should be punish for what he/she did. Hopefully, the facts will come out before the end of the year.

  133. 133
    @132 Says:

    Any attack on an embassy, whether it is by a hate group, or from a protest, IS an act of terror. No double speak by either man.
    As to the rest of your comment….are you off your meds?

  134. 134
    porquenon Says:


    Oh, go back to World Net Daily since you obviously have such a tenuous grasp on reality and the facts.

    (Israel was not “taken out” of the DNC platform – the platform did not define Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. The platform was later amended).

  135. 135
    Debate - Julio Says:

    This was the most interesting of all discussion. I thought Obama did well react and work harder. It was also essential thrust or the rudder which gave Biden his vice president in the discussion of vices.

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