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Jennifer Aniston Talks Engagement on 'Chelsea Lately'

Jennifer Aniston Talks Engagement on 'Chelsea Lately'

Jennifer Aniston makes an appearance on an episode of her pal Chelsea Handler‘s late night show Chelsea Lately, which aired on Monday (October 15).

The 43-year-old actress got teary eyed when talking about her engagement to Justin Theroux.

“I just got verklempt,” Jen said, to which Chelsea replied, “You are so happy. He’s the greatest guy ever. You guys make the greatest couple ever. I’m so happy for you, too.”

“When Jen comes on the show, there’s always something where are nipples are very, very pronounced. Not today, I can’t see them. … Oh, actually I can,” Chelsea added. Lol!

Jennifer Aniston Talks Engagement

Click inside to watch another clip from Jennifer Aniston‘s appearance…

Jennifer Aniston Talks Playing a Stripper
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  • http://Justjarde Ann


    I have a feeling that every time Jen step out from the door. All loons and this two bloggers get emotional.I have a feelings they shouting she out She out. I can feel their collective emotional cry

  • http://Justjarde Clark

    So happy fer Jen love her

  • jilly

    She looked absolutely beautiful and SLIM. So you can all shut your traps about her being fat. It’s very obvious that she loves Justin very much and being so happy about their engagement. Something you don’t see with the JP supposedly engagement. They put the rock on and let the jewler annouce their bogus “Promise Ring” exchange and never talked about it again. WISH YOU THE BEST JEN!

  • toria

    Ya know everyone–you don’t have to dislike Jen and like Brangelina. I’ve never liked Jen, never watched more than 5 minutes of her show, have walked out of a couple of her really lame movies (which starred others that I wanted to see). Quite honestly, only a die hard fan could have found anything to praise in her Derailed performance. When she got shot and died at the end the entire theater was laughing because the acting was so staged and poor.
    Yes, maybe she is a nice person, but her acting stinks big time. She should stick with TV and romo-comedies. Think about it. What is her claim to fame? Her hair and being divorced from Brad Pitt. She has taken that divorced and whined her way into more than 15 minutes of fame.
    I don’t see any of you Jen lovers criticizing her for breaking up JT’s relationship with Heidi Bievens which lasted 14 years. I’ve seen Jen fans saying things like -oh it really didn’t count because they were only living together. You don’t think Heidi was hurt? Maybe devastated? Oh, but it doesn’t count how much Jen and Justin hurt Heidi because they weren’t married? Talk about a double standard!!! Now Heidi is classy. Not one word from her unlike Jen who still manages to take pot shots and eggs on her bestie Chelsea to call the mother of Brad’s children vile names. A truly classy person would have zipped it like Kidman, like Bievens, like Holmes.
    Again, I dislike Jen’s acting, am not a Brangieloon, and much prefer Streep, Kidman, Blanchett, Dench and Mirren as my acting idols–why? Because they can act. And they are all fairly classy too.

  • and so we begin….

    @FUNNY AS HELL!!: Haha, you should read what he writes about Skankalina. And, he’s stated numerous times his fondness for Aniston over the Womb Raider!!!

  • Sorry, and so we begin

    Who is skankalina is that new name for Aniston and her dried womb???

  • Strange

    Who goes on tv just to promote their engagement!!??? This coming from someone who her fans claim is private.


  • and so we begin….

    You Loons really need to give it up. You constantly talk about how she can’t act yet she’s a multi millionaire from doing just that! You constantly say she’s ugly, yet she’s been voted the sexiest woman in the world before, You constantly say she’s so mean, yet everyone that’s worked with her says how sweet she is. You constantly say she has no fans, yet anytime she steps out of her home she’s photographed and on a magazine cover. My point is that you people are living in delusion! Angie is beautiful too, but they are polar opposites in terms of looks and even acting genres. One is an action movie star, and the other excells in rom-coms. THEY ARE BOTH DIFFERENT AND BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR OWN WAYS! Grow up, get off the childrens playground and quit kicking sand in the face of the girl you have a crush on!!!!

  • JL

    People without acting talent

  • Durp Nation

    Her enterance walk always reminds me of a old lady, using her arms as momentum to walk..just very hard stomps. deffinately not cute . She needs coaching.

  • sotiredofthis

    Strange, you do know that Jen wasn’t there to promote her engagement. She was there to help Chelsea celebrate her new studio. But you knew that already right? Brangelina fans wanted Jen to find somebody so the press would write about that and leave Brad and Angelina alone, but now you are mad she has somebody and you’re hoping it wont last. Are you not confident that Brangelina is the read deal and happy and so you take it out on Jennifer?

  • JL

    @Durp Nation:
    You may try the heels like her
    and you will see
    HOW it is.

  • JL

    Chelsea’s new studio for bushing Jolie is good.

  • JL

    Bashing Jolie is a profitable thing.
    Because people LOVE IT

  • jentheho


    The same goes for Aniston. Why don’t you stay here and bash Jolie. But I you wont. You love the Jolie Pitt more than you love it here.

  • jentheho


    Oh please. Who are we kidding? You dumb Aniston fans actually believe that.

  • Yawn

    I see angies pr team is here again.

  • jentheho
  • Josh

    I’m surprised Jen didn’t talk about her tacky and desperate engagement ring.
    Probably because she had to buy it herself! LMAO

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    It’s funny to see the Loonies STILL hating even after all these years. ahahahaha You think they would be too busy stalking their favorite circus family.

  • WOW

    wow why so much hate people, so much negative coments about this woman and (thousands of other people). I am not a fan of anyone, but according to you people this woman can’t apparently do anything right. Please tell her and everyone else how to live their lives. hm the hair, the face, her love life, her body, her anything is wrong according to you people. why, why so much hate, it is so unnecessary. if you are bored watch friends or some other show on tv, People do not hate poeple! :)

  • Chelsea Handler is a COKEHEAD

    How come Chelsea called Jolie a “homewrecker” before but doesn’t call her BFF Jen one? Jen homewrecked her way through Justin’s 14 year relationship with Heidi Bivens!!! Jen and Chelsea are both hypocritical talentless fame whores so it’s no wonder they are friends!

  • JL

    So what is this reason?
    Can you explain in two-three words?

  • JL

    @Chelsea Handler is a COKEHEAD:
    If you can’t get the difference
    between relationship and marriage
    the COKEHEAD is you

  • Superpop


    So you think there is nothing wrong with Maniston breaking up a 14 year relationship just because they weren’t married?!?!? Jen lured Justin away from Heidi and into her middle aged dried up vagina the only way she could…..her bank account!!!!

    You’re a pathetic hypocrite just like Maniston!

  • JenTheMan

    Keep showing us your nipples you desperate hoe, they really do take attention away from your ugly man face. Such fake behavior from these two desperate old wh0res.

  • pathetic

    Two disgusting ho’s promoting each others ho ways! Way to go Huvane, now you can add pimp to your title proudly since you have been doing it for decades for dollars! Your sham just like your clients shelf life is OVER! LOL!

  • JL

    See -
    this is HEIDI’S GUILT:
    Heidi Bivens has not enough money
    to keep Justin.
    No need to blame someone else…

  • soline

    How sweet! She deserves to be loved!

  • soline

    Heidi Bivens has moved on! Move on you too Brangelinas!

  • soline

    I also think that Justin Theroux is the greatest guy ever and that they are the greatest couple! Hapiness is so marvelous!

  • soline

    oops! Happiness is so marvelous!

  • seriously

    i just love how all the positive comments have the low ratings and are hidden but the negative comments have the high ratings. Jen is a better person than you haters will ever be. Aim for the higher.

  • xxx

    LOL an interview to promote her engagement? And her fans are STILL saying she’s not a famewhore and doesn’t use her love life to remain relevant? tsk tsk

  • Josh

    If it wasn’t for Pitt and then Jolie… Maniston would still be doing TV shows now like the rest of the friends cast. Instead she gets to make flop romcom after flop romcom because she leeched so much fame off of Pitt and Jolie who are both talented GENEUINE movie stars. Maniston tabloided her way to movie stardom even though she can’t act and most of her films bomb.

  • sigh


    I have never gotten myself involved with a taken man like Jennifer nor do I hang out with racists like Chelsea Handler so thanks for trying but I think I’m a better person.

  • Sarc

    I wanna say congratulation to this lady but then again why bother when this coment is gonna be unliked. But I understand you guys word congratulation is mean, hatfull, and just awful thing to say.

  • FACT

    haters are jealousy cause they know that aniston is better, so much better, than jolie!!

  • @Josh:

    That is what you think!

  • lol

    Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that Jen fans think EVERYONE who is anti-Jen is a Brangeloonie? And they claim Brangeloonies are obsessed with Jen? Newsflash: many people hate Aniston and can see through her fake, calculated PR bullsh*t all while not caring one bit about Ms. Jolie or Mr. Pitt. Your man faced fame ho “goddess” isn’t as well liked as you all think (which is evident in that every movie where she’s the star bombs). Sorry to break to you all.

    Also, have NONE of you ever been in an Ang or Brad post? It’s riddled with crazy a$$ anti-Ang/pro-Jen commenters just like this post is riddled with crazy a$$ anti-Jen/pro-Ang commenters. At least I’ve never seen an anti-Jen commenter wish death and aids on her and her family like I’ve seen anti-Ang commenters do.

  • think so


    Yes You are the only one!

  • Chuck Bass


    Funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  • Moira

    what a cute relationship!

  • JL

    @think so:
    :) :) :)




    While this silly child-woman plays at life, a real woman Angelina Jolie is concerned and taking action to help other real women in the world like the courageous young woman, Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year old Pakistani student who was tragically shot by the Taliban for exercising her fundamental right to an education.
    Aniston is a continuing embarrassment to women.

  • Billie

    Two WHITE TRASH WOMEN so alike in so many ways…EVIL, NASTY AND GROSS..

    Maniston, have the decency to wear a bra that doesn’t expose your nipples. I think you do this on purpose. Always trying to seduce because
    you have NO SEX APPEAL.

    You’re the only one in Hollywood who does this (well, except for Madonna – whore)
    Not even young starlets, like Dakota Fanning, might do something like this, make their nipples visible.

    Maniston, you’ll never have class. Homewrecker – yourself – Fu _ king hypocrite

  • Billie


    You’re FOOLING yourself, dude.

  • Billie



  • penny

    they seem to be perfect for each other.