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Honey Boo Boo: Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Fun!

Honey Boo Boo: Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Fun!

Honey Boo Boo is excited as can be to make her selection at the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM on Tuesday (October 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 7-year-old reality star was joined by her mother June Shannon. At one point, Honey Boo Boo stuck her face inside the dispenser slot to see where the cupcakes dispensed from!

The child star recently endorsed President Barack Obama as her choice to continue his run as Commander in Chief! Check out Honey Boo Boo‘s endorsement of President Obama on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below…

25+ pictures inside of Honey Boo Boo and her mom at the Sprinkles ATM…

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honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 01
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 02
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 03
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 04
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 05
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 06
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 07
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 08
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 09
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 10
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 11
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 12
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 13
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 14
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 15
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 16
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 17
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 18
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 19
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 20
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 21
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 22
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 23
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 24
honey boo boo hits cupcake atm 25

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  • Leenah

    I don’t usually judge kids..but Alana needs some help,she’s so many ways…people shouldn’t find her amusing.

  • Bailey

    Hope she doesn’t grow up to be a fat pig like that disgusting mother of hers.

  • Molly

    Oh for crying out loud.

  • Good one!!!!!!!!!!

    Use Americans that watch this kids show are disgusting look at the size of this little girl she is way over weight im not saying she needs to be stick thin but god damn she needs to go on a diet maybe if use would stop watching her show they would get less money and have to feed her less GROSSSSSS!!!! id be so worried if my daughter got to that size

  • Good one!!!!!!!!!!

    @Bailey: She has already started can you not tell

  • AMY

    Oh Sh!t! She’s even on this website!

  • honi bu bu

    Yes! Dear america you deserve this cr@p.

  • ian

    This is just wrong in so many ways..
    That lil girl is so unpolite .. & how people watch and cheer her is just disgusting..

  • San

    the fact that this kid gets so much publicity make me lose faith in humanity …

  • ?????

    It’s the dumbing down of American pop culture. It’s like it’s entertainment’s goal to appeal to the lowest common denominator of society….that is the only explanationas to why this Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians are so popular and score such high ratings. And for every person show complains and then sits around and watch this are the cause of this problem.

  • ?????

    I meant to say for every person who complains about this show and then sits around and watches the Honey Boo Boo marathon…you are part of the problem.

  • Albert

    I am very proud to say that in the UK we don’t have that kind of things. I really feel sorry for this little girl, very sad…

  • Annabelle

    @Albert: How could you? You’ve got like ten channels over there.

  • Georgia

    @Annabelle: You must recon that american TV is very very bad…

  • Charlotte

    @Georgia: I think that there are good shows, like majority of cartoons, or Modern family, Dexter, The walking death… but the quantity of bad programs no compensate at all the good ones. @Annabelle: Like that?? Sorry but no.

  • maggie mae

    I feel horrible when I look at Alana because it’s learned behavior as all kids are innocent. She’s going to be a terror when she’s older lol.

    As for these pictures… save yourself the embarrassment and go inside and get a dozen, June! LOL. I love the photo of her thinking of the next flavor she’s going to order.

  • San

    @Albert, @Albert: Geordie Shore, Take me out, Made in Chelsea, The only way is essex. Need I go on?

  • amy

    I absolutely LOVE there show! Cannot wait for new episodes. They are a normal family. Unlike the family who are famous because the sister did a porn, mother sold it and now almost all of them have had so much plastic surgery they do not look normal, they have made millions, got freebee’s upon freebee’s. I have stopped watching them because they honestly think they are celeb’s and are better than the average American. At least June and her family don’t BS us.

  • Albert

    @San:There are kids being ridiculed in them? That’s all.

  • toni

    I have never watched her show (she makes my head hurt and just seems too extra) and I won’t be watching it in the future.

    Basically sums up what I was about to state.

  • Georgia

    @San: MTV tuning, Jersey Shore, Teen mom, 16 and pregnant, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Parental control, Pauly D project, Snooki and JWOWW, Beavis and Butt-head, Friendzone, The real world, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, ridiculousness, 16… and an enormous etcetera. Now go on if you want…

  • Susan

    So many uptight people on this post.

  • Meh

    why you have to care about how that person look like? not everyone is perfect, so just let it go.

  • so what?

    it is just American pop culture taste standard. People judge badly about them just because they were redneck, bad eating habit, little miss pageant. If a reality show about 8 kids, 19 kids, and rich, the comment seem way better. People only judge and tolerate on what they see (sweet 16, keeping up with the Kardashians etc) because admiring of the rich and famous lifestyle.
    If a show about low income family, overweight; harsh comments attacks and make overweight is a worst crime. People only love the good looking and seeing good physically appearance is the benefit.

  • Anne

    @Meh: You’re silly. This is a child. Parents have the obligation of feeding their kids healthy food and trying to figure out how to raise emotionally balanced and educated people, instead of ruining their lives exploiting them for money and letting them become fat and unhealthy!

  • MR

    First of all, I think they are exploiting the child. But her home life is as it is and she looks happy. She probably has better childhood than some celebrity kids. Mama June is also smarter than you think !

  • ghoul

    I’m happy to admit that I have no idea who the porky family is. Ha!

  • safireskeye

    I don’t even care that this is everything wrong with our society. I love her and I love this. Get it, Smoochie Smoochie!!! Haha!

  • lol

    there’s something wrong with that kid. Mentally, I mean.

  • test

    [img][/img] – Twilight – angelishi

  • test

    [img][/img] – Twilight – angelishi

  • Isha

    I think she’s a pretty little girl.

  • emma

    i was at sprinkles for my friends birthday and i said its my friends birthday she looked at us gave us a face like who in the world cares rolled her eyes and turned around…. i really don’t see how she is famous… she is just a child who is ruining her face with makeup… but if she is in beauty pageant when she’s older she is gonna have consider a diet.

  • Marina

    How is this legal and not considered child abuse?!

  • Hornet

    i saw her at the grove on monday and i thought she was 10 years old. they def exploiting the hell out of this kid, so sad, and anyone who is using this kid to make money is irresponsible esp when they are promoting her rude behavior !

  • Denise

    She DOES seem mentally challenged.

  • Juicy Lucy

    In general, I’m not the type of person who would pick on anyone’s child, but there is nothing remotely cute or endearing about this overweight cash cow. I’m also not one to pick on overweight people but let’s be realistic-there are overweight people who are fussy about thier appearance and have a jolly personality and there are overweight people who dress rather sloppily and have a bad attitude about life. When I look at June, I see an unhappy woman who is content using her child as a meal ticket. There is nothing special about Alana to merit her getting a reality show. I have seen the show and it didn’t impress me one bit.

  • Maria

    These parents should be put in jail for child exploitation!!! How can some people in the US laugh while watching a family turn a child into a retarded, obnoxious and fat adult?

  • jean

    The LAST thing they need to be eating is cupcakes.

  • My3cents

    This is not entertaining. I hope these people are saving the money they’re making now because when this little girl starts growing up out of her “she’s just a cute kid” phase and becomes an obnoxious and crass teenager, there’s going to be some serious let downs in that family. The mother will probably try to spaun another one or the girl will end up on drugs. I see nothing cute about the child, however, and anyone who does just enjoys the freak show of it all. They’re a carny act, plain and simple.

  • Sean

    It’s sad we’ve come to accept obesity now

  • me

    Does she even go to school? My guess is the mom is home schooling her.Wonder if she has the credentials.Looking at her child,I didn’t think so!

  • Jay

    I love me some honey bo0 boo child

  • Nikko

    Judging by the way they eat it seems like they really love cupcakes! lol

  • meh

    so?? that is the reason you want to judge her alone?? bad eating habit is not new in here. There are some school practicing healthy eating, reduce greasing foods. Do you know what the kids do? boycott because no french fried, no pizza, whining. And one thing you have to remember, Alana already have bad eating habit even before she have this show, so I don’t get it why you relate money and fat together.

  • meh

    if you have your own child, people calling your child retard just because she is fat and ugly, will you happy for that? you have no different from other bully who calling people names.

  • so what?


    I thought obesity is part of the america culture, don’t they already existed more than decade ago??

  • Anne

    @meh: “bad eating habit is not new in here.” Exactly! And instead of fighting that and promoting healthy eating, some TV channel and an unhappy woman child have decided to use something that is wrong to make money out a this kid’s misery. Besides being fat, she is becoming a delusional, rude and uneducated human being who will be addicted to some crap pretty soon, when she grows up and there is nothing left of her that can make idiots in the US laugh.
    I live in France, where kids have no choice other than eating what it’s put in front of them. If they whine, the parents basically tell them to shut up… once. That is called “education.” Compare the rate of obesity in the US with the rate in France…

  • Maria

    @meh: I’m not attacking the child, I’m attacking the mother… and I am a mother. And you know what? It is pretty easy to have a child with a healthy weight. Very simple: you start giving them decent food from a very young age, tell them patiently why junk food and too much sugar is bad, teach them to enjoy exercise. That was how my mother educated me. I just had McDonald’s once in my life and vomited just after leaving the restaurant. My stomach wasn’t able to keep that****.

  • Thin and proud of it

    A healthy lifestyle just doesn’t happen – it’s a way of life that is taught and lived from birth. My kids never had sugar coated cereals, they ate whole grains like Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Cheerios, Bran Flakes. Pan cakes were made from scratch. I made their school lunches or they came home for lunch. Their dinner always included two vegetables, a green and a yellow vegetable. Sodas were only allowed during birthdays and holidays. Fast food was never eaten unless we were on a road trip or away from home at dinner time. No junk food or processed foods in the house. No cookies or cakes. Maybe the occasional ice cream or graham crackers. Fruits and vegetables were plentiful and encouraged. That’s the way I was raised and guess what, that is how my children are raising their children. When you grow up with healthy eating habits from the time you learn to walk it becomes a way of life and it’s carried down from one generation to the next. I was 14 before I ever had McDonald’s and it felt like a grease ball in the pit of my stomach and still does on the rare occasions I have it – maybe twice a year. Exercise and outdoor activities were year round, All of us now, kids and grandkids included, are at our ideal weights with no trouble maintaining the ideal weight. Like I said, healthy lifestyles start at birth and is handed down from one generation to the next. When I see kids and adults like the ones above it and the incredibly obese people everywhere I look, I’m amazed – how did America turn into the land of slobs and low lifes.