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Kate Bosworth: 'Homefront' Set with Jason Statham!

Kate Bosworth: 'Homefront' Set with Jason Statham!

Kate Bosworth takes a lunch break on the set of her upcoming film Homefront on Tuesday (October 16) in New Orleans, La.

The 29-year-old actress rocked a pair of short shorts as she walked around set before sitting down with a pal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Also on set filming that day was her co-star Jason Statham.

“Day 1 #homefront” Kate tweeted, along with a pic of the script! In the film, Kate plays the meth addicted sister of James Franco‘s character.

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  • n

    they don’t even look like ‘short-shorts’ bc she has no bum!

  • Skin

    Before people start commenting on how terrible her face looks, I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s tired, meth addict make-up. Her face looks abnormally lighter than her legs is why I’m making this assumption.

  • John Mayer

    29? Looks 49.

  • Texaswede

    I’m back!! She is sooo ugly. She must have been on her knees to get that role.

  • Michael Polish

    I have to live with that creature all the time.

  • chelle

    I see she took off her makeup…. otherwise nothing else was needed for this role! Same crap clothes and same greasy hair.

  • Blackcat9

    @Skin: That’s NOT make up SILLY! That’s what Kate look like all the time! Like a used up METH HEAD! What a perfect part for KATE!

    Are those pathetic looking bones she calls legs MAKE UP TOO?!

  • mforman

    JJ is going to probably be posting daily photos of the creature on this set. Isn’t it amazing how a pap just happened to be there and I would love to know who this “pal” was since we all know she doesn’t have any.
    The person sitting across from her was probably a crew member trying to enjoy their lunch and than that thing had to sit across from her.
    Amazing how the creature is looking right at the camera.

  • Lolita

    She looks gross and sickly.

  • may

    Oh, what a surprise! i thought that this girl never eats.


    @Lolita: She’s supposed to look gross and sickly! What a bunch of idiots! All the little (or not so little) ASkar fangurls scurrying over to hate on Kate. Do you gurls realize people laugh at you?

  • Macy

    I don’t see how someone who works on the production can be listed as a pal, especially on her first couple days but whatever. Tiny plate of lettuce, some lunch! Is there no wardrobe? Because that’s her own shirt. Must be before she got into costume.

  • chelle

    @HAHAHA: typical response from KB troll…. I have an idea why don’t u go suck a big one

    Sorry for responding to troll but tired of everyone that hates this twit being accused of being fat jealous fangurl

  • ladybug

    JJ, KB doesn’t ‘rock’ a pair of short shorts, it’s not something she does, anymore than she does ‘casual chic’ or whatever trite phrase you’re favoring.

  • ladybug

    Am I hallucinating or does Kate’s ‘pal’ have a tattoo of Florida on the back of her neck?

  • Good one!!!!!!!!!!

    her hair just droops it has no life but then every other girl ive seen with super duper thin hair is exactly the same

  • chelle

    @Good one!!!!!!!!!!: mine is like that and that is why i keep it at my shoulders. Fine, thin hair does not do well with extra weight due to length. She actually looked much better when her hair was shorter.

  • Good one!!!!!!!!!!

    @chelle: Yeah i dont have thick hair i just have medium hair and mine even looks better at my shoulders its a pity she doesn’t keep it short it just gives it more life


    someone send her a can of beans…i swear if she gains 15pounds she’ll look good, healthy and attractive as fucc…atleast she’ll look healthy.

  • mforman

    I cannot believe it another ridiculous Daily Mail article.
    Bare-faced chic! Make up free Kate Bosworth shows off her toned legs in tiny shorts on the set of new film
    Daily Mail
    The creature is definitely paying them, there is no other reason why the reporter would write this disgusting and vomit inducing nonesense. I love they also mention how she is eating but they have a photo of her pouring a glass of wine in one of their shots that JJ obviously didn’t want to show. Wow, she is so healthy, a few leaves of lettuce and wine, what an example to follow, all you young girls out there.
    I love that he/she said that she is “fairytale gorgeous”, stop just stop. Now it is getting to be absolutely stupid. The funniest thing with these DM articles is all they really do is just write what they have in previous pcs.
    The fact they always post right along with JJ only backs up my theory the creatures camp is paying them both.
    Also, you guys are right she has worn that shirt before, the makeup department must be thrilled they have to do nothing with her. Let us see, anorexic, check, disgusting, filthy hair check, horrible face and complexion check, nasty attitude, check, wow guys put her in dirty clothes and the drug addict comes to life. The makeup people are getting paid to not touch her.

  • mforman

    Sorry to post again so quickly but something has been bothering me about the Daily Mail. How come there is no reporters name ever associated with the stupid and ridiculous posts about the creature. Under the headline it always says, “Daily Mail Reporter”, is that person embarassed to have their name associated with the nobody or is the DM just printing something they receive from the creatures people that they in turn print for a fee. It seems very, very strange to me and really makes me wonder.

  • ladybug

    @mforman: “Toned legs”? That would be no.

    The article from a few days had a reporter’s name attached to it, but you’re correct that most of them don’t have anyone but ‘DM reporter’ attached to them. Either way, they’re even more ass-kissing than JJ’s, it’s as if they take a prewritten script and make even more nauseating.

  • Gemma

    I loved Wonderland and The Girl In The Park. Kate is great in these gritty roles. Most actors love gritty roles.

  • Blackcat9

    @Gemma: WHAT?! Kate’s an actor? You are right about one thing Kate sure is GRITTY! DIRTY! NASTY! Just PERFECT for this role! It won’t even require much acting!

  • Sunny

    I think Kate has finally found some happiness. Her boyfriend doesn’t have fangirls who hate her like Orlando’s and Alexander’s did. She’s getting smaller but better roles, so there’s no pressure for her to be A-list or try to carry a movie by herself. She still gets the best designer clothes, which she loves. She has a stable revenue stream with JewelMint and she’s still relevant enough to get a cosmetics contract. Maybe it’s time to grant her her happiness, wish her well, and let her fade quietly into obscurity.

  • mforman

    @ladybug—-That whole DM article was filled with the most ridiculous comments about her but my two favorites were “fairy tale gorgeous” and “toned legs”. I am truly starting to believe they are just getting these press notices directly from KB’s famewhoring circle, something is definitely up with the DM. You are so correct they are worse then JJ, but I also find it amazing the two of these kis* ass*s write very similiar articles right after each other.
    @Blackcat9—That was one of your best posts, I haven’t stopped laughing.
    @Sunny—-I am sorry to burst your bubble, but I have dislike the creature, way, way before she started dating AS. You trolls need to stop blaming our dislike of her on the fact we are fans of his. The majority of us find absolutely nothing and I mean nothing about this creature to even find remotely worth liking. KB is a vapid, void, smug, selfish, famewhore, who loves herself and only herself. If you do not believe us, just look up so many of the articles on the internet. KB was never an A lister ever. Cher gets her the designer clothes and even now she is not getting the top of the line in designer clothing. She didn’t even go to London and in NY she attended 4 very small shows, none of them were top designers, that too has stopped for her. JM is no longer featuring her name or photos on their facebook page and on their website her photos have also been removed. If you notice she doesn’t even wear JM in public anymore like she used to, I cannot remember the last time I saw her wearing a pc. In my opinion that contract is done and Beachmint didn’t renew it, after the two years were up. The creature will not allow herself to fade away, she needs to famewhore that is how she survives, that is why she loves the bad publicity, because it gets her notice.

  • ch12

    First time since she got engaged that i don’t see her engagement ring, and that is only because she had to took it off for the movie . hahahaha

  • Lillyfairy

    She has such an empty look in her eyes and I’m pretty sure that her hair gets thinner and thinner due to her bad eating disorder. It never used to be like that in her long ago Blue Crush days. I bet she and her fiancé have a competition going on about who can eat the least…he is just as thin and unhealthy as she is.

  • fyathyrio

    SSDD Just another nothing role in a nothing movie. At least they don’t have to spend much on her makeup artist. She does the empty, unhealthy, drug addict look very naturally.

  • ladybug

    @Sunny: “Maybe it’s time to grant her her happiness, wish her well, and let her fade quietly into obscurity.” I’ll agree with that part, but the rest of it’s not really accurate. Homefront is her first role in a year, and we have no idea how much ‘better’ it’ll be than her previous roles. We don’t know how she is in Big Sur because who the heck knows when it’ll ever see the light of day.

    JM looks to be going by the wayside, and she’s not really getting the ‘best’ designer clothes either. She’s still getting freebies, which she indeed loves. And yes she’s got the SK-II gig, though I’ll be how successful she is as an ‘ambassador’.

    I don’t wish her unhappiness, but I’d actually thought that once she got ‘settled’ with MP she’d be less annoying. Instead she seems to have gotten worse.

    “Her boyfriend doesn’t have fangirls who hate her like Orlando’s and Alexander’s did.” But she’s still hated/disliked, so maybe it’s not a fangirl thing? Which some people have a very, very very hard time grasping.

  • Sunny

    @mforman “JM is no longer featuring her name or photos on their facebook page and on their website her photos have also been removed”
    I stand corrected. I just checked the JewelMint site and her pictures are only in the archives section, but maybe she’s still behind-the-scenes because the BeachMint site says “October 2010 marked the launch of BeachMint’s first exciting new fashion e-commerce site, JewelMint. This luxury jewelry collection fuses the eclectic tastes of style icon Kate Bosworth, and celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter. Kate and Cher’s unique vision is brought to life by JewelMint’s personalized shopping experience.”

    @ladybug “But she’s still hated/disliked, so maybe it’s not a fangirl thing?” I would have no idea she even existed if it wasn’t for dating Orlando Bloom, so that was certainly a good career move for her.

  • Tulip

    @Sunny: I think Cher and Kate signed on to JM for a year. BeachMint is re-introducing many of their pieces with different stones or metals which is good for C & K since they’ll continue to profit from it. Both ladies are involved in other opportunities. Cher with AG (I don’t know if she’s still doing that or if it was one line she designed) and Kate with SK-II (I’m sure that’s a highly lucrative contract) and it sounds like she might have something with a clothing line in the works.
    @ladybug: Nobody is liked by everybody but I continue to disagree with you that it isn’t just OB/AS fans who dislike Kate. It’s those fans who feel the need to bash her. Let’s face it, most people who post at message boards are all about bashing. The people here are the same fans who are posting non-stop on Alex’s boards about how perfect he is, how much they love him, and if he’s dating someone (god forbid).

  • justine

    Im sorry i dont live in united states (my mom is american but i never can trip to America) here in my country we dont know Kate Bosworth. I dont understand why she has so much posts in this page and another gossip pages close to another big and really famous Hollywood stars. Who is she? which movies she shoot in the past?. Sorry for my ignorance and my bad english. Kisses from Argentina. I love your beautiful country.

  • Justine

    @ladybug: I also agree with that last part of Sunny’s comment. This girl just needs to fade away and we should all help her with that in whatever way possible.

  • Belle

    @mforman: I agree, mforman. But do you remember the first time I brought the Daily Mail vomit-inducing ‘articles’ on Bosho to the attention of your good self and the rest of the JJ KB thread girls here and I remember at the time that there was an ‘author’ for the DM article I tried to copy and paste for you all to see and I hypothesised that it must have been JJ who wrote it. Now to ensure there is no quizzing or discussion on who the author is, they have made it cryptic to stop us from making an educated and informed guess and thus to conceal and ‘protect’ the real author of this ‘work’. On the other hand, your view that the articles are planted by KB’s ‘PR people’ is also a very reasoned explanation for the Daily Mail Reporter authorship nonsense. So lazy but probably so true hahahahaha!

  • n

    @justine: In my honest opinion she is famous for being skinny – not saying she does it on purpose but her weight loss gets posted on all the gossip mags and the paps take pics bc of it. Idk if her PR ppl are involved in it in any way, but that seems to be the case. Personally I find her ho-hum in looks and acting so I dont get why she gets as much attention as she does. I just find it moderately sad bc of her weight loss, but she is a grown woman, it is her choice even if it is an ED (in the fact that she doesn’t get treatment).

  • mforman

    @Sunny #31—-I think the creature and Cher had a two yr contract and that expired this month. JM has been very quietly erasing any trace of the two of them, it will be interesting to see who they bring on next.
    I really do not think she was behind the scenes, because my belief has always been that she just curated the pcs and Cher was the true mastermind. I used to love when Cher would share her sketchbook with how she saw the jewelry before they made it. The thing seemed just like a hanger on.
    @Belle #35—-You make a great point about the author of these disgusting DM articles is JJ, that would explain why they are always so similiar and are posted right after each other, but I do not know why I have such a strong feeling that the so called author is someone in her well paid camp. There is just something about the articles. I have a feeling it will eventually will come out.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: “most people who post at message boards are all about bashing. The people here are the same fans who are posting non-stop on Alex’s boards about how perfect he is, how much they love him, and if he’s dating someone (god forbid).”
    Must be reading different JJ threads and forums than I, because while there is crossover from AS to here, there’s not that much, and if you actually read the comment you’d note that no one thinks he’s perfect.

  • Pipa

    I think you’ve all lost it!

  • ladybug

    @Pipa: Why? Because most of us don’t agree with you, so we’ve ‘lost it?’

  • deby

    shes just very pretty