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Tom Cruise: 'Jack Reacher' Trailer - Watch Now!

Tom Cruise: 'Jack Reacher' Trailer - Watch Now!

Check out Tom Cruise in the theatrical trailer for his upcoming action packed flick Jack Reacher!

The 50-year-old actor stars in the film as the title character, a former policeman for the military who digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims.

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Also starring in the movie are Rosamund Pike and Richard Jenkins.

Look out for Jack Reacher, in theaters nationwide on December 21 of this year! We can’t wait!

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  • RupertSanders

    Looks great…Tom always give 100%

  • AnnieP

    Just in time for the holidays~! YEA~! Another great action film by Tom Cruise……

  • tsquared

    Awful depiction of Jack Reacher. Unfortunately for Tom, the Jack Reacher books have a huge following and Cruise is NO JACK REACHER. Reacher is 6’5″ with a deep voice and an XXXL chest. Tom is short with a high voice and probably on his best day a size M. This is a horrible betrayal of all Reacher fans. About as bad as Katherine Heigl playing Stephanie Plum.
    I bet the only folks who will like this movie will be those that don’t read the Lee Child series. This is awful.

  • Lynne

    Tom Cruise is no Jack Reacher. In the books, all of which I have read, Jack Reacher is a 6’5″ ex military cop. No way could Tom pull that off. They are going to ruin the whole series.

  • dani

    Tom Cruise is NO jack reacher and it shows. What was the author thinking about when he agreed to the casting of Tom Cruise. There were several other A list actors who at least look more of the part than Cruise. Just awful casting.

  • Guildish

    Liam Neeson was always my choice for the Jack Reacher character. But I must admit that I’m so excited they are finally bringing this series to life that (despite Sci Nutcase Tom Cruise) I will be watching this in the movie theater. Let’s hope they don’t totally kill the series!

  • DB

    This is not the Jack Reacher of the books, not just because of the size of the actor. The story appears significantly altered. The car? ’nuff said.

    That said, if they had wanted to stick with the character as originally written, I think Joe Manganiello would have been a pretty interesting choice. He’s 6’5″ and 240 – Reacher is 6’5″ and 250 And he can look pretty broken up and scraggly when he needs to.

    Could be an interesting flick I suppose, and I am a fan of many of Tom Cruises movies, but I’m not sure how it will play out for fans of the novels.

  • ellen

    I loved the trailer, I will definitely watch.

  • deadpool

    No watching this bullshit. The guys too much of a midget to take seriously anymore. Might as well have had danny devito play this role – that show ridiculous he looked.

  • Message

    Horrible. Awful. Please… Make it stop.

  • sivi

    Cruise is remaking Gran Torino…

  • Kizbit

    He is such a bad actor. That’s why he surrounds himself with action…hoping people don’t notice how awful he is!

  • Peapo

    Two thumbs way down.

  • Meme

    TC basically plays the same kind of character now in all his movies. Who’s he trying to impress? He’s getting to old to keep playing mr. macho roles. Tom is just not a good actor. He had looks at one time, that held your interest, but they are fading and his acting chops are not any good soooo! He needs to try maybe getting behind the camera or something. Go and try to be a good Dad to your kids and leave the acting to the ones that can.

  • Krix

    Awesome! Looking forward to it.

  • DB

    Is it ok to just avoid this movie because it just doesn’t match the book series at all?

  • Sincerely concerned

    Hasn’t gotten an award in years. Waiting!

  • dani


    It isn’t that the movie doesn’t match the books–it is the fact that Jack Reacher is larger than life. Part of what makes him so effective in the books is his height, his mass and his looks. The author, Lee Child, certainly goes over his physical looks in each book. Then you have Tom Cruise playing a 6’5″, with a 50 inch chest, weighing between 210-250, Jack is muscular with ice blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Very stoic, doesn’t speak much, has a low voice, preferring to listen.
    Lee Child has emphasized this over and over.
    So exactly how does Tom Cruise match this description–short, light weight, dark hair, not stoic, hazel eyes, high voice, and certainly doesn’t look as muscular as the fictional depiction of Jack Reacher.
    Total miscasting. Child even said on his website that he’d rather have an A lister than a B lister that met the physical requirements. Stupid to do that to fans of the series.

  • The Instant Trailer Review

    What You Should Expect to See: Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise. Robert Duvall being Robert Duvall. Car chase. Head-butting. Fist-slamming. Angry phone calls. A few Hollywood-added jokes. Minor quibbles from the Jack Reacher readers.

    What You Should Not: “Tell me, Marlowe.” Blond bombshell turns out to be femme fatale. Brass knuckles. Pocketknife. Mission: Impossible. As many plot twists as The Long Goodbye. As much racism as The Long Goodbye.

    Likelihood You’ll Actually See It: Medium-high if you’re a Herzog or Duvall fan. High-high if you’re a Lee Child fan, obviously.

    Read more:

  • Paramounts version

    Cruise has come under fire for his casting, particularly because Reacher’s big build is a large part of his identity – in the books, he’s described as being a hulking 6’5″ beast – but the actor has repeatedly sounded off about the role and his take onit. However, previews of some of the film’s footage have played quite well, so it’s possible that Cruise has made the role his own and will dash any misgivings when it hits screens later this year, on December 21st.

    Moreover, tossing aside the source material’s title as the film’s actual title in favor of a simple character name title likely signals the obvious – that this film is meant to kickstart a brand new franchise for Cruise and that Jack Reacher will serve as an introduction to, well, Jack Reacher.

  • Lillian

    I read many books with this character. tom is so misast in this it’s not funny. reacher is a huge guy, 6’4- 6’5 not a 5’7 midget. Tom may have Reacher’ face but that’s all. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out

  • Lee Child Explains

    “Obviously, Tom Cruise doesn’t match the physical description of Reacher in the books… but the movie is not going to match the book anyway. More than that though, which actor does match Reacher physically? What people forget is that Tom Cruise is quite possibly the best actor of his generation.”

    “If you look at what McQuarrie [One Shot's screenwriter, whose previous work includes The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie] and Cruise have done before, I think this Reacher will be more clinical – the scapel rather than the sledgehammer.”

    “I think fans of the books will go to the movie and be a little weirded out for the first five minutes, but then the question is, what will happen after the first five minutes? If it’s as done as well as I hope it will be, I don’t think it will be a problem.”

  • DB

    It’s not just the casting.

    Dude has a CAR

    Also, the story is actually not the same as the book. It has been altered for the film. Just don’t know how much yet until the movie actually drops.

    It might be a great movie – but it just doesn’t seem true to the Jack Reacher character or series of books.

  • gwin

    I can’t wait to see this movie!!

  • ADM

    Looks like a fun holiday movie.
    I’ll probably go with a group of friends to see it during th break.

  • Doug

    As one of the worlds #1 Jack Reacher fans I am 100% convinced from this trailer that Lee Child is not going to let us down. Tom Cruise looks intense and dangerous in this. That phone call is exactly what I’d expect from Reacher. I can’t wait for the movie!!

  • Doug


    DB, what are you talking about?! It totally feels like a Jack Reacher movie. I’ve read every single Reacher book. I have been VERY skeptical about this working. But man, this trailer proves they totally get it. Give it a shot.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Haven’t read the series. After reading these comments. I think I’ll read one before I see the movie. Good to see TC on task. Just because he’s not marriage material, doesn’t mean he can’t have a life.

  • johny griffin

    Bad casting at its best.. Liam Nesson gets the nod, hands down. Tommy is no Jack Reacher. Now when I listens to audios 5’6 155 lbs guy is ripping up bad guys. How do you cast a John Wayne character with Mickey Rooney. One of the many very, very disappointed JR fans

  • Smullins

    Looks awful. I haven’t taken Cruise seriously in years and this doesn’t help. It should be retitled “Overcompensating: The Movie”