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Uma Thurman Reveals Daughter's Super Long Full Name

Uma Thurman Reveals Daughter's Super Long Full Name

Uma Thurman and her beau Arpad Busson have revealed the name of their daughter who was born earlier this summer.

“I would like to announce Uma and Arki‘s daughter’s name for the first time officially: Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson, better known to family and friends as Luna,” the actress’s rep told People.

“Each name has a special reason and meaning to her mother and father,” the rep added.

Uma gave birth to Luna on July 15 and is also the mother to two children from her marriage to Ethan HawkeMaya, 13, and Levon, 10. Arpad also has two sons, Arpad, 15 and Aurelius, 9, with model Elle Macpherson .

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  • seeaaaa

    How do you get Luna from Rosalind?

  • Leenah

    Poor child..

  • an opinion

    Uma looks better with more lbs.

  • Sutton

    That’s almost as bad as Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Jansen Tallen Hallen Svaden Svanson!… haha


    Oh great! I bet that their child will suffer when she started schooling! Writing a very long name in school papers!

  • Georgia

    Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence = Luna??? Sorry but I dont get it…

  • Ems

    Luna is from Altalune.

  • S

    Rosalind is better than Luna. Where did that come from?

  • LeeSeol

    The name is out of control.

  • ?

    So why not just name her Luna?

  • miss infamous

    ummm ok

  • Hallie

    What were they thinking?

  • Maya

    When I was 14 I sent Ethan hawke a fan letter and got a personalized autographed postcard back (still in my scrapbook hah!). When he named his daughter a year later I swore he must’ve gotten the name idea when he got my fan mail hee :-)

  • Becca

    Well that’s…interesting.

  • Pam

    That’s a whole A LOT of names!

  • Uma Is A Copycatter

    Yay, somebody finally has the same name as me!!!!! I’m not the only Rosalind Arusha Blah Blah Arkadina Altalune Blah Blah Florence Thurman-Busson in the world!!!

  • LilyMaggie

    Okay everyone Luna is obviously from Altalune – that should be obvious. But I can honestly see how one would miss it among all those names.

    Five last names is quite a mouthful. But it’s cool that they have a special meaning.

  • yuri

    @Hallie: obviously the parents couldn’t decide on a name so they gave her 5.

  • Peapo

    I have several middle names ( both grandmother’s names and a first name I don’t use) and it’s really no big deal because you don’t go around reciting your entire name. Just because it is on your birth certificate doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone you meet every single name. Her first name may be Rosalind but they may call her Atalune with the nickname Luna. I’m pretty sure Uma and her brother have several middle names too given to them by their Buddhist father. But you don’t see Uma calling herself all of them. The only time I ever had to use my entire name was to sign my marriage license.

  • LOL!

    Imagine the priest marrying off that girl and having to pronounce her name. “Do you John Smith take Rosalind Arusha Arkadina (takes a sip of water) Altalune Florence (snake break while watching a lil TV on his iPhone) Thurman-Busson…to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

  • Opal

    Beautiful name, baby Luna.

    Long names are quite common throughout the majority of world cultures. Only in boring Anglo-centric cultures are short names used. A name should be as unique as the person who bears it.

  • LOL!

    ***(snack break…)

  • Yohji

    I have no problem with the name, but I don’t get why celebrities announce stuff like this? And then they moan when they don’t have any privacy. Remember how long it took the press to find out Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher’s daughter’s name?

  • MAOL

    wtf the name? That can’t be serious

  • Charlotte

    If you gonna name the kid Luna since the beginning, why not just name her Luna??

  • ashhey

    another pair of moon worshipers… Luna = moon = selena. Very common these days..

  • lol

    could they be anymore pretentious?

  • taz

    ..and i just rolled my eyes — why do celebrities feel the need to pretend they’re gypsies with mysterious powers? they’re celebrities. calm down with the names. that kid has to go through life with it. they do realize how cruel other kids can be with ‘normal’ names, right?!

  • Jessa

    @taz: well, her name is uma. So it follows that she’d hippify her child’s name.

  • Lana

    Should’ve just named her Rosaluna.
    It’d make more sense then.
    Or just made her first name Altalune.

  • Josh

    When was the last time uma Thurman got this many comments.
    Name got her attention.

  • Guy

    Don’t ever let that child get a gun in her hands cause it’s over for you two if she does…

  • taz

    @Jessa: i have a weird name doesn’t mean i’m going to give my child one because like i said, kids bully the c r a p out of a person with a regular name, can’t imagine what they’re going to do to this kid. and her eldest daughter is maya.. nothing weird about that.

  • Elena

    I bet in a few weeks she will be changing her name. Something tells me it was just the hormones…

  • JAY

    @Leenah: Said the exact same thing

  • Nataliya (Natasha) Stasyi

    I don’t wanna joke or sth…but…. ok, that’s her child she can call it whatever she wants. But what’s the sense of it, I don’t understand.. Btw, Arkadina sounds like our Russian boy’s name Arkadyi.

  • love&hate&black&white

    Usually when a woman marries she loses her maiden/family name, unless it gets double barrelled like Thurman-Basson, so they get given names of family members, I suppose to keep the names (and spirit) going; it would be weird to add another name to Thurman-Basson-(egSmith), i guess, however, at the end of the day, it is an egotistical thing imo.

    Uma looks a little like a young Meryl Streep here.

  • Sheigh

    All that stuff for just Luna for friends and family ? I didn’t get it !

  • Courtney

    some of you are nitwits Lune & Luna mean the same thing moon and so what there’s always been long names in hollywood Isabella Fiorella Elettra Giovanna Rossellini & her Twin sister Isotta Ingrid Frieda Guilianna. as it says in the people article if you ever bothered to read it the names they chose for their daughter each have significance to them and besides what celebs name their kids isn’t for public record

  • uh

    @Courtney: except they announced TO THE PUBLIC so that makes it well… public.
    try again.

  • Yakasuri

    Arusha is a town in Tanzania.

  • brr

    @seeaaaa: altalune

  • brr

    @S: luna is spanish, it means moon

  • British Latin American

    @Peapo: Thank you for pointing out that in most parts of the world people have many names. People need to learn that.

  • Rebecca

    People who are complaining about the choice of such a long time needs to realize the many people have such long names and ONLY go by only one name. They also have to ONLY write the first and last name is school.

  • Philly

    “Altalune Florence”? – I’m thinking “Flatulence”

  • Lou

    Will she remember her FULL name ? :D

  • res

    Simply S I C K !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor child!