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Christina Aguilera: 'I Don't Like to Wear Underwear'

Christina Aguilera: 'I Don't Like to Wear Underwear'

Christina Aguilera makes an appearance on Chelsea Lately in an episode airing on Thursday (October 18).

“I’ve heard all about the sh-t Chelsea has talked about me not being a fan of wearing pants and proudly. So when they asked me to come on I thought, ‘I’ll do it, if Chelsea did one thing for me…’” the 31-year-old singer said to introduce a pantsless Chelsea Handler to the crowd.

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“I don’t like to wear underwear,” Christina added. “I like to be as free as possible at all times. It’s just who I am.”

Christina Aguilera – “Chelsea Lately”
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  • ashhey


  • Dooley

    Her Breast look more used than Octo Mom.

  • Stace

    Loving her hair! She looks great . Can’t wair for her album.

  • creed

    Maybe if she would have wore underwear she wouln’t have gotten period blood all over her legs at etta Jameses funeral.
    Maybe her leg fat closes up the croch


    The results on Google go past page 30!!!!!! It is really true!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not kidding Asians really can read minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dooley

    Lose 20lbs and Wipe away the FAKE Tan and Christina would be Hot…Don’t understand why someone would protect there skin from the sun but cake Fake Tan on it 365 days a year.

  • anon

    Trash. Xtina you can’t find ANYTHING else to say huh? I’m tired of these dumbas women pollluting our airwaves.

  • creed

    I mean, I go sans-pantys too but I dont go around telling people.
    Remember when Nastytina was hot. Stop Eating porky.

  • yuck

    Anyone who goes on that Chelsea lately show is ick nast & eww and uncool.

  • dooliloo

    oh boy… gotta do what you gotta do for that new album to make money eh..

  • trapper

    @anon: @yuck:

    I don’t get why every woman that goes on that show has to reduce themselves to the lowest level possible. Trying too hard. Handler is disgusting and she brings it out in all these women. Classless all around. Why did she need to say that. YOU are a successful woman a single parent; younger women look up to you and this is all you have to bring to the table. YOU don’t like wearing underwear.

    a woman of class keeps some things private. Every time I see her I’ll know that there is nothing between her and those ugly black legging she wears all the time.

  • Jade

    Xtina has never had a shot of her crotch unlike some popstars that will remain nameless

  • Eric

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find it unclassy in any way that she doesn’t wear underwear or the fact that she came out and admitted it. It’s nice to hear the truth. I can guarantee you that if a man came out on Chelsea’s show and admitted he went commando, nobody would say a thing. Why is that? Why is it so much different for women? Why is not classy for a woman to talk about sex, underwear, or anything of the sort? It’s perfectly okay if a man does it, but not a women? I find that a tad bit ridiculous. It may be too much information for some people, but I wouldn’t say it’s not classy to say that or even do that. Get over yourselves, please.

  • Melanie

    I’m all for freedom, but I don’t want to see Christina’s bits. She should keep to herself what she doesn’t wear. Have a little bit of class!

  • Jade


    Have you ever seen her bits? Nope! She may not wear underwear but she keeps her bits out of the tabloids. Unlike Paris, Britney, Lindsey, etc.

  • relucy

    OH ! Unbelievable..… My best friend has just announced her wedding with a handsome millionaire shortly after they met on ~ ~Richluv_com~ ~. This is a dating site where you can meet rich successful men and classy gorgeous women such as CEOs, athletes, doctors, lawyers, models, celebrities, etc….Maybe you can take a try.

  • ugh

    Fat people are usually ones to try too hard. I dont blame her, she’s super fat. Her vagina is probably shaped like a donut. Actually it’s likely.

  • yuri

    dirrty skankk hoe

  • Never saw her show

    I will never watch Chelsea Handler’s show unless she has Angelina on it. Guess I’ll never watch it then. Fine!

  • Toni

    @trapper: I agree with you and I can’t stand Chelsea and her dry unfunny self.
    She’s not funny and she stays making underhand racist jokes that aren’t even funny to me.
    Christina needs to keep certain things to herself because now when I see her in the same damn leggings I will be thinking about her being commando (which is just nasty if she does it with leggings).

  • Ruta


    She has a great voice but is tasteless and always manages to look very common. Perhaps her fans like that but appearing on that show is only adding to the cheapness.

  • ~Sleek~

    Ok…normally I like Chelsea. She is witty and I dig that. This episode tonight just killed it for me though. Aguilera is gross and throws it upon everyone. Ok I understand if your overweight. I’m a big guy..but to act like im still that 180lb muscle bound turd I was 15yrs ago is unreal! Xtina…give the F up! It would have been sexy as hell to hear about you going commando years ago. Not when you where bigger drawers than me. WTF happened???? Britney is old as shiz lookin and xtina is well….Miley watch and learn hun!!!

  • ~Sleek~


  • ~Sleek~

    @yuck: *wear
    really? How many shows have you watched? I agree some are nasty but everyone? Thats a broad spectrum.List every guest ever if your so versed on the show.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    …and the world barfed…

  • Tom

    One of Christina’s songs that comes to mind when reading all these comments. I’m referring to “Still Dirrty” from Back To Basics.

    “Why is a woman’s sexuality Always under so much scrutiny? Why can’t she do exactly as she please Without being called a million things?

    Now don’t you know There’s some women out there who talk and stare Who never seem to let down their hair Like to pass judgment but they’re just scared And don’t know what they’re missing so they better beware

    If I wanna wear lingerie outside of my clothes If I wanna be erotic in my own videos If I wanna be provocative, well, that ain’t a sin Maybe you’re not comfortable in your own skin”

  • wywh

    She always wear the same Louboutins. She probably has like a hundred of them.

  • me

    Christina need a whole make-over it’s too late to get rid of the butt implants she just got and her boob job doesn’t fit her body type but she sure can get rid of the ugly hair,too much make-up ,red lipstick,high up to there eyebrows and take out those blue eye contacts and be herself.Christina doesn’t see what a clown she looks like.


    LOTUS 2012, I think xtina was just trying to make a point that she doesnt really care about what people have to say about her. i guess people can’t take a joke.I thought it was pretty funny when Handler came out in one of xtina’s outfits.

  • Riri

    EWWWWWWW. What a trash bag. Thanks for sharing such a disgusting fact about yourself that NO ONE wanted or needed to know.

  • Missy

    ew her hair looks awful

  • marcus

    Oink oink.

  • so what?

    some celebrities really need to take some classes and learn how to speak, ya I mean speak with their brain.

  • YUCK!!

    I just checked the photos that everyone was mentioning from Etta James funeral. I never heard of this until this comando confession from Aguilera. I see that her pr peeps tried to pass it off as self tanner and anyone with eyes can see this person was on their monthly cycle! She is disgusting!! I mean a woman knows when her time of the month is coming, wear underwear if you may possibly be starting or started, just gross and no excuse!! I could have gone without that bit of information and have lost a lot of respect for her. She is too talented to be taking the low road for attention. Even lower to to be on Handler’s show.

  • Saha Khan

    she wantsto be free with underwear…….
    cool thing on earth ….No underwear feels free..

  • christinalover

    As a woman she wants to feel free around her pussy, all you haters should leave her alone. She is a sexy, classy woman with a beautiful smile!

  • chris

    Her legs look like balloons.