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Kristen Stewart: Florabotanica Live Chat - Watch Now!

Kristen Stewart: Florabotanica Live Chat - Watch Now!

Kristen Stewart shares a laugh with the moderator while participating in a live chat to promote the new Balenciaga fragrance Florabotanica on Thursday (October 18).

While the chat was expected to last a half hour, it was over in just fifteen minutes.

“Luckily I like the smell of the fragrance,” Kristen said of being a spokeswoman. “So I don’t have to lie about that, and that’s great.”

“It’s natural, which is really important. I just feel like it doesn’t smell like a chemical. That is so important to me,” Kristen added. “When I wear it I feel older, I feel mature. I feel a little bit more there… at the same time I think it’s very youthful.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière top, skirt, and shoes.

Kristen Stewart: Florabotanica Live Chat – Watch Now!
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  • RupertSanders


  • Risa

    This hoe is trying to make us forget her ‘incident’. Go away!! Just because you are a celeb doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.

  • Zoe

    As she’s stunning! I really think she’s beautiful :)

  • fleh

    still cheap

  • crisk

    She is a beautiful person, a great soul, I’m happy and proud of it!! She has the talent and intelligence to go where want!! Great future for Kristen, so authentic and so real, I am a big fan.

  • Jen

    I don’t understand… what this girl have? Everybody seems to love her, Robert Pattinson back to her, etc etc. And she looks just like an ordinary girl. But with serious issues.

  • Julie

    Kristen deserves to be happy, and I’m happy for her and Robert …… is a sweet couple!!

  • Emma

    Funny. She was making out with a married man (by the way, the director, on the set) and now everybody seems to forgot it. Her fans are really blind. The eyes see what they want to see…. period.

  • Olivia

    I like her but she’s a bad spokesperson. I mean she’s supposed to “sell” the fragrance, provoke interest but she doesn’t have much to say and seems bored. If you can’t do the job don’t take it for the money.
    Btw I really like that yellow jacket she wore during PFW

  • Anne

    She’s so ugly! And no talented at all… She always with the same boring voice, boring face and boring clothes! She even got facial expressions or voice emotions!

  • Jen

    Balenciaga must be so desperate to sell their products for teenagers that called her. Poor fashion line.

  • Simony

    Kristen is the only person I know who does not want to be better than others, it is a beautiful person, she is interesting and different, Hollywood can prepare, it is a tremendous success!!

  • Lilly

    Her legs shaking on this video is annoying! Look like she’s always doing something she doen’t want to do!

  • Lottie

    Half an hour and it lasted 15 minutes. Way to commit Kirsten. Yawn. I never liked her before any of the scandal, not because I’m a ‘hater’ because she’s so clearly not what she makes herself out to be. I worry for the girls who idolize her and who seem to think her behavior recently, or ever actually is acceptable.

  • Raoul

    Kristen is a great talent, a different personality, with great artistic value, it arouses envy and spite … but she is amazing!!

  • ZZ

    Kristen always surprises me, she’s so sweet and amazing.
    I’m with her for whatever comes!!!

  • Rose

    Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is the best fragrance ever… Florabotanica probably smells as hoboey/trashy as Kristen Stewart looks.

  • Because Kristen is an example?

    Because Kristen is an example?? She’s real, she’s just Kristen, she just bet on herself!! think its admirable way of looking at life!! We could have more people like her authentic and courageous!!

  • fine

    She is the most ungrateful and miserable actress in Hollywood.

  • Noreen

    Not this mouth breather again. She’s such a sell out and a twit.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …She’s such a fake. She started acting at 9 years old and after what.. over 15 plus films she becomes this super awkward person who’s so shy and not use to fame.

  • wren

    She’s very pretty, very young, very young. I don’t know how intelligent she is because her parents didn’t pay attention to educating her.She’s not as bright as some of her predecessors in edgy and tough. Poor chit struggles on her own, and this lifestyle isolates her while putting a spotlight on her. She is a good soldier though doing her job.

  • Lola

    Wow! Just wow! Bet the execs at Balenciaga are falling off their chairs in horror.. At least try and pretend you wanted to do this!

  • LaCroix

    this was embarrassing to say the least. Can’t act her way through Sh!t.

  • smellyho

    Everything “important “, seps for honesty

  • ohhh

    old yet youthful
    pure yet wh*orelike

  • yep

    so basically she’s an uneducated classless tramp…also talentless.

    BUT she’s famous. She is a prime example of succeeding not with your brains but by sleeping your way to stardom.

  • Good one!!!!!!!!!!

    She seems so nervous still, i guess half those questions were ridiculous and must have been hard to answer cause half of them were the same but asked differently and she had to think of new answers every time, i do have to say it would be hard to do a interview about perfume very odd and i agree with another comment about it being embarrassing i feel embarrassed to watch her cause of how awkward she is.

  • KStew

    ” It doesn’t suck”
    ” It makes me feel a bit more there than here, till I’m gone”

  • oh nana

    I feel so embarrassed right now .

  • XxXxX

    She lacks vocabulary to describe the fragrance……. I mean, she basically didn’t answer most of the questions…. That answer to Lisa from France when she said “She’s gonna get it, I’m sure” O.o I was like really? And she was so hesitating to answer. It’s like the damn questions annoyed her. As it’s about the perfume and it just seems like she doesn’t know how to talk about a fragrance! She’s talking ish all along, I’m sorry. That’s how I felt about this video

  • KissThis

    Watching her do interviews is SO painful. Most awkward girl on the planet. You would think her people would have made her take lessons on interviewing ages ago.

  • Krii

    I used to like her now I think shes just another whore in holliwood

  • Lillian

    All of these were really stupid questions from people. what movie could this fragrance represent. Oh, c’mon people. How would you answer that. she looks uncomfortable answering these and I don’t blame her. she is who she is. Edgy, and that is precisely why Balenciaga wanted her

  • Lillian

    Fame is a double sword. Many people would love to have it but very few are prepared for it. It invades every aspect of your life and it’s terryfying. Kristen loves her job but hates being a fame whore like so many untelented people in Hollywood. Stop bashing her for it. She does what she has to do but it cleatly shows that she is not into fame

  • Warren

    Hot, beautiful woman.

  • annie

    yikes, she’s dumb as a bag of rocks.

    this would be a great time for her to step away from the spotlight and get an education. jodie foster is so eager to stand up for her — why doesn’t jodie try to encourage her to educate herself!!

  • and concurrently

    @Anne: If she is ugly, wow, you must look like Grace Kelly or someone like that. I wish I was as ugly as Kristen Stewart!

  • Roxy

    RIP Balenciaga. They used to be a very good fashion house.
    Cristobal Balenciaga, forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing to your name.

    I like this girl, but only as a cute face for Seventeen or something like that.

  • what

    She looks fat faced and ugly.

  • A

    Kristen doesn’t have any star quality she has purely made it due to her luck.This girl may be a filthy guttersl*t but you can’t deny that she is extremely lucky….or maybe her BJ skills are freaking good! Idk for sure I guess I’ll have to ask Rupert Sanders ;)

  • xeexee

    I see a DEVIL smiling… eeehhh!!!

  • sangfroid

    I seriously BET that she would BanG those executives of Balenciaga Florabotanica if they wouldnt renew her contract w/ them.

  • Ann

    I actually don’t mind her regularly….however, she came across very rude in this video.
    Awkward does not seem to fit exactly….she just seemed very full of herself.
    I hope that’s not her attitude going forward from this cheating debacle.

  • geryl

    Bugs Bunny teeth.. at least Bugs Bunny is smart & likeable… & no wonder she rarely smiles..

  • Guest

    I don’t understand how could Balenciaga go with Uncharismatic Kristen after such classy actresses such as Jennifer Connely and Charlotte Gainsbourg?? This girls doesn’t have charm, she always looks akward and canteven sell the product, except repeating the same words over and over again.

  • jaded

    There’s noithing sensible coming to her dirty mouth most likely she got no active brains for it but I bet if you couid ask her her favorite *sex style position & or her favorite one-time fling^, she could name a bunch dozen!

  • Lona

    She sounds so stupid in this chat. She needs some confident when she talks.

  • belle

    There’s a quote i’ve heard and it goes like this “The things you say about others, also say alot about you”, is your life really that boring that you spend your time commenting on a post about someone you do not like. saying horrible things bout someone else is a reflection of who you are as a person,you care too much about the life of someone else, but the truth is everyone hating her is just as imperfect and insecure as she might be but don’t have the whole world following your every move.

  • ed