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Vanessa Hudgens Gets Her Pink On to Fight Breast Cancer

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Her Pink On to Fight Breast Cancer

Vanessa Hudgens hosts Reebok and DSW’s pink-themed workout to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Wednesday (October 17) at Studio 450 in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress posed with a sign that read “I get my pink on because… let’s make a change, be the cure.”

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Vanessa has been spending time in the Big Apple while her boyfriend Austin Butler works on his new series The Carrie Diaries.

“My first slice of NYC pizza annnnnnd I’m obsessed!!” Vanessa wrote on her blog.

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Credit: Jerritt Clark; Photos: Getty
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  • Xo

    She looks so young and precious. <3

  • BO

    She looks happy , truly happy. Guess she had been spending loads of time with Zac .Lovely! I wonder what she did/ gonna do for Zac’s b’day .Must be something special considering this is their first b’day since getting back together !

  • intric8

    I see she had her hair rebonded. At least it looks longer. But that shirt is totally not right for breast cancer awareness imo. She looks slim too.

  • fan4life

    i see eyebags and crowsfeet starting!

  • thele

    wearing a skull and playing up on a breast cancer event? …doesn´t fit the the topic quite well

  • ehryle

    She is pretty and having a great time with Austin in NY while he doing Carrie’s Diary.. they really have each other wherever they will go.. Go V & A you deserve to be happy!!

  • BOJI

    She’s looking super slim, glad she’s making good use of her time in NYK. It is a workout, I see nothing wrong in the skull and bones top. If you’re thinking that it depicts death and therefore emits negative vibes, wrong. Cancer does not automatically mean death,it is just another common illness. i personally know of many survivors and besides, I think you are just looking for something to gripe about.

  • BOJI

    Besides I believe the skull and bone print is a fashion trend at the moment. Honestly, some people put too much meaning into things.

  • intric8

    @BOJI: I seriously wish she did not wear that shirt, but it’s probably not her fault. It was clearly ok with reebok and dsw, which was actually moronic on their part. Van probably has no experience with cancer awareness promotion, so we can’t fault her. Her fans won’t be critical about it but people on the patient care side will, just saying.

  • MoreThanWords

    @BOJI: I wear a lot of ‘skull’ themed apparel and jewellery but only because it is as you say a fashion statement, and has been for years. Case in point, Ed Hardy and Alexander McQueen. This isn’t the first time she’s worn a skull, and i doubt it will be the last. I do think she looks bloody amazeballs! She looks so young and very cute.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @BO: What?

  • BOJI

    @ Intric 8, I have family members who are cancer survivors and I known some who have passed on and i’ve seen it all and I honestly can’t see anything wrong with the t shirt. Some will even say black depicts death and mourning, other cultures white. For me I see it the skull and bone as part of the human body. Her skull has heart shape eye sockets and it looks to be smiling. Still see nothing in dem bones. It is all in the perception.
    @moreThanWords Yep, she’s looking superb Miley and Rihanna also have outfits with skull n bones designs.

  • mary



  • italian mom

    Super super nice sweet smile caught in these photos!
    I love the shirt very much. It makes us think about what matters.. Really a tender message of awaken awareness. In fact we all are here discussing. So…goal reached. Brava Vanessa!
    BTW the ancient Greeks said : Life belongs to Cure

  • Selma

    She’s so cute ! <3 Love Vanessa. She seems to be very sweet :)

  • BOJI

    I believe Death is but a transition into the afterlife. I also believe that just as we rejoice new life, we should also rejoice when a life ends as a befitting farewell. It is those that are left behind who feel the loss not the one who departs. I very much believe in life after life.

  • sjk

    Love her hair this length!! She loves adorable.:)

  • Leila

    Look how great she looks when she:

    A) takes a bath.
    B) doesn’t wear extensions.
    C) combs her hair.
    D) doesn’t wear a ho outfit.

  • Josh

    Cute but don’t get her shirt at a cancer awareness event.

  • maria

    LMAO. What is “rebonded” hair? Um, it’s simply straightened. Ya, know, with a flat iron. And as far as her top, it’s adorable. It was probably given to her for the event anyway. But it’s a cute skeleton, with a happy face, and totally upbeat. It’s one that defies death, which is exactly what breast cancer survivors do. I work with them EVERY day. I am proud of them, and honored to work toward their cure. They are my heroes, my patients. And this is not Vanessa’s first work with cancer awareness. She worked the Stand Up to Cancer telethon a few years ago, and Make a Wish frequently grants wishes for terminal cancer patients.

    AND she looks so cute here!! So happy she is making the most of her time while with Austin in NYC.

  • littlegirl

    omg! I love how she bites her tongue! It’s genuinly herself!!!

  • kelly martineau

    She looks like she’s having fun there. Don’t like her with straight hair. What is Austin working on in n.y.?
    That girl needs to start working again. Its been over a year. Wonder if baby is going to any yoga classes? She hasn’t been working out for two weeks know.

  • smart

    I could be Vanessa too

  • Leelee

    Go back to making bbw porn, pudge!

  • tamara

    She looks gorgeous

  • tamara

    No… Lol just no

  • tamara

    She has never done that

  • tamara

    @kelly martineau:
    Cant you read? He is working on his show TCD. Vanessa has been working this year, what about Spring Breakers and Machete Kills?
    She is happy in NY because she is with Austin, she is having an amazing time, and she has been at the gym and yoga all this time too.

  • fake

    Vanessa radiates sweetness. I cant believe how she has those creepy haters. She’s so lovable.

  • tamara

    Oh GOD NO!! Hahaha Vanessa is with Austin in NY

  • tony

    But Zac is there too….

  • tamara

    Soo? Vanessa is there with her boyfriend, they are living together!
    Her ex is not relevant on her life anymore

  • Shaya

    Aw so pretty! She looks so much younger with her hair short. Reminds me of her high school musical days.

  • Yawn

    It looks like she has had a face lift. Her cheek bones are too high

  • ff

    stupid – she is at a breast cancer function but she acts like its a clothes function

  • BOJI

    Now look who’s stupid! Vanessa Hudgens hosts Reebok and DSW pink-themed ‘WorkOut’ to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
    Her ensemble was most likely sponsored by the two Labels. Read before you spout off. Othewise, It only makes you look stupid.

  • tina

    First off, let me say ‘I AM A SURVIVOR”. and I see nothing wrong with her shirt (as Boji points out DSW is a sponsor). Every year my family (spouse and sons) join me in an event that is capped by a 5k walk. Do you think we (survivors) are looking at the young participants and criticizing their wardrobe? If so you are wrong. I feel nothing but pride that they are giving their time to a cause, which in some cases has not effected them personally. Like I’ve said before if Vanessa jumped in to a lake and saved someones life, some of you would come here and take about her hair being wet, missing the importance of the event itself. As for her hair, (which looks great) I’m sure she’s happy to have her own hair back at length she likes. I know I am, I lost my hair, which was shoulder length and thick to chemo. On the day it came out I cried, put it in a bag then went on with my life. For six months I looked like tweedy bird with my big eyes and bald head (I can laugh about it now) but guess what, I LIVED. When I see her supporting a cause so close to my heart my pride in her grows. As for the stupid comment about her cheekbones (which have always been one of her best features) you do know that a ‘face lift’ pulls the skin back and has nothing to do with bone structure, right? Sorry, but this is what she got from her parents.

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessa looks so damn cute in these pics. You a-holes can nit pick every little thing but it’s never gonna bring her down.

  • Xo

    Man, she really can’t win can she? She’s at an event raising money and awareness for breast cancer and you people are complaining about her shirt. My baby niece has worn onesies with skulls and cross bones on it, it’s just a label. Get over it.

    @mary: lol no. Far from it actually. She’s there while the person she IS dating is filming his show. They’re living together.

  • BOJI

    @Tina, you go girl! Yes, and I have 2 close friends who are survivors just like you. My cuz has had cancer twice and 3 major surgeries plus 2 rounds of chemo. Yet she takes things in her stride. My two family members are living right now with cancer but life goes on for them. They all live their lives as normally as they can and with positivity and that is what keeps them going. Vanessa has the same spirit and I admire her for that.
    Tina, thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it, bless you.

  • tina

    Thanks, Boji, like I said, I go to this event every year, and when you see the kids who take the time out of their day to participate, the last thing on your mind is what they are wearing. The cheerleaders from the various high schools hand out water at different points, you can see groups of friends with signs like “for Jennifer’s grandmother” or “for Steven’s mother”. These are the young people that give you hope for our future and make you proud to be around them.

  • kami

    nice for her to bring more awareness to breast cancer. i have two friends who’ve had to deal with it and the treatments (because of research) have improved from what it was years ago. one of my friends had radiation injected into the areas where the cancer was removed instead of the “all over the body” radiation.

    also love vanessa’s hair like that. looks like that’s her real length now with no extensions. keep it that length girl.

  • jj

    Why do Vanessa Hudgens posts always get so many comments in this site? She hasn’t done anything note-worthy. Yes, she seems sweet but she’s not exactly an A-lister. I guess a lot of kids visit JustJared. It just boggles my mind. She doesn’t deserve this much attention.

  • Fearless4Efron

    Zanessa i wanna know why they broke up

    and vanessa said so herself back then…i think thats also the reason why she broke up with josh

  • tina

    @jj: Sorry not a kid, just a fan. Why does it bother you who comments on her?

  • Haters Suck!

    The zanessa conspiracy people out and about again. These people are never gonna let it go are they?

  • Wow

    @jj: I’m sorry, but you sound like a complete idiot. You are nobody to determine whether a celeb is receiving to much or not enough attention. She has quite a fanbase and following that regardless of what you think, vary in age. It’s sad to see when she and other celebs are out there doing good things for the community, helping to raise awareness for cancer and other diseases, donating their time, money, or personal items etc that there are people out there who have to complain about the dumbest things. Who gives a crap what she’s wearing, how her hair is, or how she posed; look at the bigger picture she’s helping/raising awareness for a good cause and hopefully that will encourage others young and old to do the same.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @BO: In what stupid dream world do you live? There is NO Zac and Vanessa anymore. Get it finally in your close-minded head, they are OVER for good. They have NO contact to each other anymore. Vanessa is in NY with her boyfriend Austin.
    Are you really that stupid or just to ignorant to accept the truth?
    They have broken up every contact. I can’t believe how bullheaded some people are. Vanessa has her boyfriend Austin. Zac has his career. That is what he wants and what he’s doing. Period.

  • Haters Suck!

    @revenge is sweet
    I’ll answer that for you. Yes bo is both that stupid and that ignorant to believe every word they say.

  • Xo

    I love how the crazy zanessa fans act like them both being in NY means anything. How many times over the past two years were they both in LA? Nothing happened then and it’s not happening now.