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Gerard Butler Opens Up About Rehab To 'Men's Journal'

Gerard Butler Opens Up About Rehab To 'Men's Journal'

Gerard Butler is manly as can be on the cover of Men’s Journal‘s November 2012 issue, on newsstands now.

Here’s what the 42-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On entering rehab: “When you hear the word rehab, you think, ‘He’s a mess, he’s f–ked up.’ But I’m glad I did it. I’ve made a s–tload of wrong decisions in my life. But I know I’ve made some right ones as well.”

On why he chose rehab: “I haven’t had a drink in 15 years. I was actually taking a minimal amount [of pills] when I went in. It was more about becoming a mental warrior and not letting pain bother you. The [instructor] would say, ‘I don’t want to hear about your f–king MRIs or your f–king X-rays…Let’s learn how to say to the pain, ‘F–k you.”

On a wave almost killing him during Chasing Mavericks: “We saw it coming half a mile away. But there was nothing you could do. It just went on and on. It was absolutely terrifying. You know how people say you get a sense of peace?I didn’t experience that. It was violent.”

For more from Gerard, visit! Bigger cover inside…

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  • Manny

    Wow Alan… don’t you think you better something for next week when CM actually hits theaters???
    Four threads in 3 days… hmmmmm…

  • Manny

    Better SAVE something…

  • mystic meg

    Omg jj is a one man GB PR campaign!
    Let’s hope GBs team actually have other strategies too.
    I think Jared has a little crush!

  • ellen

    in all honesty do people really want to pay for his surfing movie? just the trailer put me to sleep. I mean it looks like something to watch if it comes for free on TV. i like gerard but just on this movie, it doesnt excite me much.

    let the thumbing down begin!

  • mystic meg

    @ellen: well I for one just thumbed you UP and it registered as nothing!
    Jared really DOES have a soft spot for Gerry, lol!

  • retread

    This is a repeat of an earlier thread. Save yourself some time and review previous. JJ probably got his hand slapped for not giving a big enough credit to Men’s Journal.

  • retread

    This PR is backfiring. Everywhere this rehab stint is mentioned, it is getting comments doubting his story, and claims that he is drunk in the clubs. Might want to stick to saying nice things about your costars, Gerry, and focus on the damm movie.

  • Willow

    @Manny: Actually it’s 4 threads in less than 24 hours. Hmmm? Again, not that I mind lol. I think they’ve driven home the rehab point now.

  • Geez


    Maybe Vanessa Hudgins didn’t leave the house today.

  • where


  • W.

    I am soooo tired of hearing about that dam* wave that almost killed him. Yes, we KNOW about that now!! And he’s talking about making a s**tload of wrong decisions in his life, well, yeah, dating a girl who is nearly 20 years younger than him must definitely be one of them. F’cking creep.

  • sophs

    “On a wave almost killing HER(??) during Chasing Mavericks”

  • sophs

    “On a wave almost killing HER(???) during Chasing Mavericks”

  • miss

    Someone on the other thread said that GB mentioned Madalina in an interview. Which interview was that?

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Here is the Men’s Journal article and interview, courtesy of GALS:

  • Whatshedonenow

    Still not sure how much he is  into her. I think he is in dire need of an image change, because it’s unbelievably appalling.  He is no worse than a lot of other actors, but he hasn’t countered his bad reputation with good acting. So all people hear about him is that he’s a crappy actor who makes crappy films, parties a lot, sleeps  around a lot with barely legal girls and is a druggie.   So, it’s time to roll out a love interest – of his choice.  One big problem, his choice doesn’t appeal to women and not because of her looks, but because of her history and unattractive demeanour.  MG just doesn’t have a female friendly image. She comes across as really fake.  Probably because she is. I think he realises that now. I think he knows he made a bad choice with her, even if he does really like her. Also his latest group of films don’t look too promising.  I think that’s why he looks down. 

  • cupcake

    Thsnkd cge fir the article. Having trouble getting through but i will keep trying.

  • mystic meg

    What happened to the trim, sexy, fit guy who starred in PFK?
    He’s been replaced by a double chinned, paunchy, jelly legged bloated , old guy who stuffs burgers and chips , bad hair dye and an age inappropriate scruffy wardrobe.

  • IN THE KNOW…..

    HE WILL GET TIRED OF HER VERY VERY FAST AND DUMP HER VERY VERY FAST :( He falls quickly….but he also falls OUT very quickly. Every time he says the same thing too – just this time, having a PUBLIC girlfriend is part of the PR machine –

    MADALINA nothing different from any other woman he has been with in recent years – TRUST THAT. It’s just his PR wants him with someone so he is making this out to be 10% more than it is. Sorry if you are reading this Madalina :(

    And he will always have ‘others’ on the side no matter who he is with. Short attention span.

  • food 4 thought

    @IN THE KNOW…..: After reading the Men’s Journal article, I agree with you. He comes across as someone who simply cannot stick with anything. He jumps from one activity to another, he seems incredibly intense and scattered. I was exhausted just reading the article. Impulsive doesn’t begin to describe it. If he is like that 24-7, I don’t know how anyone would want to be with him. I actually feel sorry for him. He seems incapable of being calm and focused. It also seemed the “girlfriend” was brought out for show, while he was being interviewed. which seemed a little contrived. A man with no impulse control and no focus – not a man who could ever stay with one person. Just my opinion.

  • ????

    Butler has a great film script staring him right in the face. This board.

  • Has anyone

    noticed the photos on her web sites have become more modest???

  • Manny

    So are we guessing which dartboard PR move will be next?
    My guess… Lolita… On a walk… Not on a leash…

  • LeeSeol

    did not know he has been abstaining from booze.
    he seems drunk half the time.

  • Anyone

    that has ADDHD should not drink caffeine.

  • whatshedonenow

    @ Food 4 Thought

    OMG! Totally Agree. I just read the full MJ article. The man sounds totally delusional.  It’s as if he thinks he’s living in a glossy, cheesy after shave advert. He sounds totally hyper, as if  - I have to say – he is on drugs. He talks about MG as she’s some kind of bovine Betty Crocker and they’ve been married for years. Blimey. You can’t sustain that kind of  manicness. I get the impression he might be a manic depressive. There are definitely some mental issues going on with him. Definitely. 

  • food 4 thought

    @whatshedonenow: Manic is right. The thought of him at the controls of a chopper is very scary. What if he saw a squirrel? He gets lost in the car ffs. And the “girlfriend” waits in the house until summoned, to do her zoolander posing? While he goes ATVing with the guys? The whole article makes him sound completely bats.

  • ZAC

    This`s very interesting


    Здраствуйте леди! Я молча наблюдала всё это шоу. но сейчас, когда правда о нем как человеке начинает немного прояснятся, мне бы тоже хотелось сказать, что всё, что он говорил и говорит в своих интервью сплошная ложь! Ни одного слова правды,(может о маме не соврал!) Он великий манипулятор и лжец! Всё, что придумывает он и его команда (заученная наизусть как роль « история с волнами» ,ну вы знаете , о чем я!)- это просто, чтоб продать свои фильмы! Да ,он любит брать фото с фанатами, но не от «большой любви к ним», а к самому себе! Он знает, что вы все «ловите» эти фото, а это кормит его эго! Фанат для него- мусор под ногами! Ну а «love story» с этой…..- это уже падение ниже плинтуса! Говорю, потому что уже не секрет! Но они достойны друг друга! Продолжение ещё будет!! Он просто шут! С карьерой ему уже можно попрощаться! Так, стоп… наверное хватит и …..Мне вас жаль! Вы достойны лучшего кумира! Вы дествительно добрые все! bye бе


    Hello ladies! I silently watched all of this show. but now that the truth about him as a person starts a little clearer, I would also like to say that what he said and said in interviews all a lie! Not a single word of truth (can not lie about my mother!) He is a great manipulator and a liar! All that comes up, he and his team (memorized by heart as the role of “the story of the waves,” Well, you know what I mean!) – It’s easy to sell their films! Yes, he likes to take pictures with the fans, but not “great love for them,” and to himself! He knows that all of you “catch” these photos, and it feeds his ego! Fan for him, the dust under your feet! But «love story» with this ….. – this is falling through the floor! Say, because it is no secret! But they deserve each other! Continuation will still be! He just fool! With his career is already possible to say goodbye! So, wait … probably will be enough ….. I feel sorry for you! You deserve the best idol! Valid all you good! bye bye.

    enny is his sister

    you guys are so stupid, and believe that those pictures were taken in southern France, last weekend. He lies about how, when and where he met the Romanian prostitute

  • Phoenix


    Re: #16

    “He is no worse than a lot of other actors, but he hasn’t countered his bad reputation with good acting. ”

    And I think that’s the thing. I’ve often wondered how men like Clooney, Di Caprio, and others of their ilk, often manage to escape the womanizer image, and just come off simply as “ladies men”, if you know what I mean. You’re right, it is the counteraction of good, solid acting. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of either man, but you cannot deny they’ve got “it”. They know how to bring it. And so… they tend to be left alone about their private lives. We let them slide, but WE still know the real deal.

    GB is the complete opposite from this. He is talented, but he’ll never go down in history as a great actor, because he hasn’t cared enough to tend to it the way he should have done. Sadly, what clout he could have had in Hollywood is very, very close to being shot. His “private life”, and all that it entails, has overshadowed just about all of it. Slowly but surely he’s starting to reap what he has sown.

    In spite of what I’ve just posted, I sincerely hope his film finds an audience, and does well.

  • dargabriel

    This movie will do great…… Not his Truelove, mg person, I know this heart, he would’ve had her on his arm at the premiere, regardless of her schedule, he wouldn’t tolerate that, not for a minute, He will prevail. Have a beautiful night. Love,dargabriel

  • Trying to figure it out

    Glad you made it safely back to your mountain. I don’t envy you the early snow but it probably gives the mountain a pristine, peaceful look. I love freshly fallen snow. I hope this movie does well; I think the cinematography might pull people in, those waves look awesome.

    @Food 4 Thought

  • Trying to figure it out

    @Food 4 Thought
    Sorry, about the aborted post – finger slipped and hit the send key!

    I was going to say I just finished the MJ article and like you I felt worn out. I would go nuts living with something like that; I’d have to tie him down. I also felt that a lot of the stuff is a rehash of things he’s said before; I really think he should move on and drop the old stories. Being that impulsive makes me think that he ran head-long into this romance without any thought and it may come back to bite him in the butt. Time will tell.

  • dargabriel

    @Trying to figure it out: Awwa,Thank you. I’m looking so forward to the snow, gives me great driving challenges , get great on curvey mountain roads, kind of like the indy 500, lol. I know this movie iwill go to the top, I’ve the utmost faith, I also feel he doesn’t have to push this one too much, it will be magical. Trust me, the divine is at work, go,go,go, gerard. Love and light my friend and jj. Love, darbar

  • lynley

    I’ve followed GB and a few other actors for years – and although I commend him for not impregnating desperate girls (a la Colin Farrell) -
    I think its clear that he has some serious mental problems.
    I recently read an interview with CF, and it’s the same BS as Butler.
    It’s as if these guys have their canned AA story of “how I got my sh*t together” – truth is many of these Hollywood types are truly suffering from mental diseases and have learned to talk the talk, just saying what people want to hear.
    They have too many enablers and too little incentive to grow up and be men.

  • Another Opinion

    The PR continues but check out who’s in the background – the one and only Jeannia Robinette. He surely is multitasking. The guy seems to keep as many women around as possible- some are for PR, others attend to his emotional needs and another type satisfy his sexual needs. Butler allegedly got a job for JR’s boyfriend in the razor commercial. It seems that if you endure the torture of being Butler’s cheated-on girlfriend behind the scenes and stick around for long enough, there are some benefits involved in the long run… Hollywood is definitely not a place for the faint-hearted.

  • I think

    —-the RU photo catch proves what I have been saying all along that they have been seeing each other longer than what we think. It also shows more about MG’s personality and how devious she truly is. She shows a picture of her brother on her FB page and she and G are in it and wanting people to see them together. Posting the pic had nothing to do with how she felt about her brother —it was all about her and getting the word out about her and G. This woman is scary.

  • I think

    —-or he has hired her off and on for a few years.

  • twitter

    PremRock @ PlanetPremRock
    My job isn’t boring I’ll say that. As evidenced by a drunk Gerald Butler making small talk w. an anti-social Russell Simmons last week

  • ..

    Gerard Butler Has a Picture of Himself in a Wig on His Phone

  • blake

    @ellen: I totally agree with you. I for one wouldn’t pay up to see a surf movie… hell I don;t even know if I would see it if it was on Tv for free ;)

  • Ooooh


  • Blonde PR Machine Maven

    REHAB was very bad for his image: the old actor, career kinda on the downturn (since 300) – more known for womanizing than movies. IN order to get him back in ‘good graces’ especially with a new film coming out – what better way than to have him ‘come clean’ about his rehab stint AND have him have a ‘girlfriend” cookie-cutter of his type that no one knows or cares about (blank canvas). It’s all a machine, people. Remember when the story of him breaking up a marriage was coming out he was ‘spotted’ with that fitness model from years ago in Austin? Pretty convenient, don’t you think. I’m sure that was set up as well to take the steam down from the p0rn star story getting any bigger.
    As soon as his coming out with the rehab thing and the movie fanfare dies down and goes away – so will his love for that Madalina girl.
    Seeing how we do our job should be easy. I do not work with Gerard but I work with other celebrity types. JK

  • NO Thanks

    I would NEVER go see this TURD of a movie.
    Some old guy surfing? And almost busting his
    Haha no no and no.
    This guy is a HAS-BEEN!


  • Manny

    And here is another RECENT drunk spotting. I will say this, possibly it could not be alcohol but him on something else recreational drug related. But whose to say, I wasn’t there.
    @Blonde PR Machine Maven:
    Thanks for your comment. I’ve been really p!ssed with these latest PR stunts because it’s like they think the public is just stupid (and some are). If he really wanted us to believe the fauxmance pics he should have picked a better actress for the part. Macaroni is too busy making sure her best side shows for the camera than to act the part of a loving couple trying to not be noticed.
    I was also incredulous that he would involve his family again in his high jinks. When the fauxmance shriveled on the media vine then let’s rollout the family and leave it to the actor in the bunch to carry the burden of looking p!ssed the paps were shooting pics of his family. Nevermind he took them to Sunset in the middle of Papland and sat them all outside so they could all go unnoticed/photographed… Sheeeesh…
    His camp really are PR buffoons IMO. It is so easy to see through their tactics.

  • Ooooh

    I agree with you, but I can not help thinking that he’s g.ay! Why I don’t believe in this “love story”? There’s no chemistry between them! All staged look for me.!

  • he WAS.. for pay.

  • whatshedonenow

    The best PR he can do for himself right now is to be as honest, mature, and measured as he can, which I know is a massive ask for him. Then after all the promotion is done and what ever the next film is has been completed, he must go back into rehab and stay there, do a proper programme and then go about getting himself a real life. His best birthday or Christmas present to himself should be rehab.

  • whatshedonenow

    Methinks it’s time for Mr Butler stop living the dream and get back on to terra firma.

  • Hello

    @dargabriel: You are being asked for on another thread. #179 Think your help is needed Dar. Stay warm.

  • Manny

    I don’t believe he is gay just a sl*t.
    Mature? Butler? *giggling*
    Rehab is definitely needed if he wants any semblance of balance and mental health. But alas that is a hard path and not for the faint of heart. Not sure he has the stones for it…