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Gerard Butler: 'Chasing Mavericks' Premiere!

Gerard Butler: 'Chasing Mavericks' Premiere!

Gerard Butler flashes the shaka sign on the red carpet at the premiere of his new film Chasing Mavericks on Thursday (October 18) at the Pacific Theaters at the Grove in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actor was joined at the event by his co-stars Leven Rambin, Abigail Spencer, Jonny Weston, and Elisabeth Shue.

Chasing Mavericks hits theaters everywhere on October 26!

FYI: Leven is wearing a Timo Weiland dress, Neil Lane jewels, a Judith Leiber clutch, and Jimmy Choo shoes. Gerard is wearing Dolce&Gabbana and Rogue boots.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and others at the Chasing Mavericks premiere…

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gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 01
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 02
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 03
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 04
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 05
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 06
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 07
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 08
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 09
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 10
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 11
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 12
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 13
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 14
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 15
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 16
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 17
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 18
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 19
gerard butler chasing mavericks premiere 20

Credit: Jason Merritt; Steve Granitz; Photos: Getty; Wire Image
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  • UCLA Soph

    ugly old loser

  • UCLA Soph

    MY COUSIN messed with Gerard when he was actually still good-looking and famous!
    Madalina is getting a ‘has been’ loser with a rented house at the end of his fame. WHO CARES!!! He isn’t famous anymore! Just his really lame fansites care about him, and OLD LADIES!
    Wish him luck and move on!

  • Jeepers

    Sigh. Another Walmart $1 bin movie, eh Gerry?

  • Madalina IS NOT A MAN!

    Grow up people I saw the last thread

  • Toronto

    His fans are very bitter and wish Madalina was born a man so they could explain their own ugliness and short fatness HAHAHAH I agree with UCLA – people need to move ON and leave him alone!

  • Hollywood Jail

    The women are absolutely stunning at this premiere. Beautiful beachy dresses.
    They all look great. Kind of smart casual.

  • Alina

    Congratulations to the premiere Gerry! Cool!!

  • Luna

    People are just jealous. His film will do amazing and he will revamp his career and win an Oscar. Go Gerard!

  • angelsrock

    Is this Gerard Butler? Site?

  • I think

    —-this movie will do great! Rated PG the whole family can watch. Cinematography will win.

  • I think

    —Gerry is dressed really great. Where’s Alan??? Gerry looks good and he always likes to ham it up in front of the cameras. He is the only one I know that has danced up the red carpet in a tux.

  • Lol

    Hello. You want good comments and bad comments and controversial comments bc its keeps people talking and the PR machine happy. So obvious MANNY is here posting up a storm….oh and LORD LOVE A DUCK and maybe CUBEDWELLER and of course SPARKLEPONYSPARKIE. Keep it up people. Keep people talking.

  • UCLA Soph

    People need to leave Gerard alone and get over it!
    That last THREAD was ATROCIOUS!! He’s like…almost 50!!!!

  • Hello LOL


    Could you encourage posters to make some intelligent comments, too?

  • IQ levels have dropped….

    @Hello LOL:
    I agree. The IQ level has dropped since the last thread.

  • Tedd

    Johnny is so gay

  • I think

    @UCLA Soph:

    —-your like stupid!

  • blah-blah

    @Madalina IS NOT A MAN!:
    F/uck U:)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • mystic meg

    Looks like a pretty low key event, not even jj banner worthy. Gerrys the biggest name draw, and he’s on a downwards trajectory.

    I wish this film well, but fail to see any mass audience for it. Surfers will be interested. Those looking for acting quality will give it a wide berth when they see who stars. And you can get all the stunning scenery you want on Discovery or thea BBC documentary.

    I think the wallmart comment may be right. For gawds sake Gerry, it takes more than just a story. You need to have a broad market to get bums on seats, certainty about what the film is and who you target. Didn’t MGP teach you anything?

  • Alina
  • IQ levels have dropped….

    @mystic meg:
    For Pete’s Sake!
    Let the guy enjoy his premiere – even if only for 12 hours!
    He’s got an article out where he’s spoken about his rehab stint for the first time, he’s spoken about his girlfriend for the first time and both are receiving negative backlash.
    Honestly, let the man enjoy his family and premiere for a little while.
    You can rip him apart tomorrow.

  • Alina

    Gerard Butler smiles at premiere of surfing caper Chasing Mavericks – the film that led to his battle with painkiller addiction–film-led-battle-painkiller-addiction.html?ito=

  • mystic meg

    @IQ levels have dropped….: for someone complaining about the lack intelligent comment, you do operate on an emotional level!
    I repeat, I wish the film well.
    Perhaps someone else will debwte the appeal, targetting and marketing of such a niche topic.

  • Jasssie

    there is nothing but pain behind those eyes.

  • @Wonderlust

    These threads are really becoming more and more toxic. If you’ve had a bad day or a bad life, just come here and unload on Gerry and each other. What fun! Then if you don’t like what people say just thumb them all down. By the way thumbing down LOL is a good thing. I appreciate not seeing her/his posts. It won’t stop it from posting, but at least we don’t have to see them. And then there are the posts like Manny’s and her ilk. leading the pack of negative reinforcement. Manny, don’t you ever get tired of being a wet blanket? Really is this the legacy you all want to leave behind? I know you all can’t be this rotten in your real lives.

    I know this guy is no prince of perfection, but then who is. And I also know there are some decent humans beings here too, Lolita, cupcake, CGE, Angelrock and Autumn, Joie and God bless you all to name a few. I used to come here a lot to see what news there might be about GB. I was never interested in his love life or who he was “dating” to use the term loosely. But a lot of you people sit behind a computer and act like a bunch old hens pecking at the dirt all day and call it fun. I don’t come here that much any more because it’s become an on going soap opera of toxic waste. If this is what you want future generations to read about in their history books, I feel sorry for those coming behind us.

  • Jasssie

    “If this is what you want future generations to read about in their history books,”
    I’m sure future generations won’t be the drama queen you are.
    Did you seriously come here to let posters know that they suck? Why are you spending time even typing that?

  • Geez


    “If this is what you want future generations to read about in their history books, I feel sorry for those coming behind us.”

    WTH are you smoking? You think this garbage is going to make history?Seriously?

    You should probably exchange email addresses with the decent human beings you mentioned and all of you can talk to each other about vacations, quilts, what you had for breakfast, yoga, etc while the rest of us gossip. The purpose of this site is to give people the chance to express themselves – not to please other posters.

  • NitaLita

    Looking good Gerard!! Enjoy your time with family and let the good times roll!! :-)

  • I think
  • mystic meg

    Sarah Parrish just said America is in a golden age for TV miniseries. Any chance Gerry might take a break from the desert of good film projects and go back to his roots to resurrect his career? Or is the pay too low, the competition for parts too stiff?

  • surfergirl

    I was just over at the other thread and someone had read the Men’s Journal article and he openly talks about MG.
    “The action star explained to the US magazine that he was so lovestruck when he met stunning lingerie model Madalina Ghenea that he impulsively invited her to go to Iceland with him.
    As you do.
    But, while he admitted that some may view his actions as “impulsive”, Gerard has revealed that he has absolutely no regrets:
    “I’ve been impulsive, but not that impulsive.”
    “I just had a good feeling.”
    Well, there you have it ladies.
    I was thinking like others that with him looking so p/issy in the last batch of photos (after the ones of lunch with MG in France) that there could be trouble in paradise.
    But that article, coupled with the lunch photos, I’m convinced more than ever that not only is this a real relationship, but that Butler himself sees something long term with MG. It seems like it was love at first sight and they developed real feelings for each other.
    Also, they lived together for how many months in Shavenport?
    Plus the holiday to the Virgin Islands.
    And lastly, her FB posts obviously didn’t bother him either.
    He’s calling her his girlfriend now too.
    So basically, we have a Butler in love.
    It’s finally happened and he’s actually talking about it.
    There’s no denying it now. He is mad about this girl.

  • mystic meg

    @I think: massive burger and ketchup? No wonder the weight is piling in quickly. A man of bipolar extremes when it comes to food.
    Damaged index fingernail aside, the other nails are pretty grimy to be eating with.

  • surfergirl

    Was just thinking, if he’s THAT impulsive when he met her, with ‘no regrets’.
    I don’t think we’ll be waiting long for a proposal and then wedding.

  • surfergirl

    by the way, I’m basing my opinion on the fact that he’s like 43 next month and she’s always talking about wanting kids. I’m just doing the math.

  • surfergirl

    Where’s DarGabriel now with all her predictions…..
    Wonder what our resident psychic has to say about how Butler talks about this girlfriend.
    Sorry Dar, but you were wrong. Unless you just couldn’t see MG in your visions.

  • I think

    Interesting because I think that interview was done in June for MJ—So how long have they been seeing each other????

  • surfergirl

    @I think:
    I’m not sure how long they’ve been seeing each other. To keep it safe, I wouldn’t say before April because she was apparently still with Brody then. So it’s a safe bet that it was late April/early May.
    Even if the article was written in June, the lunch photos don’t lie and they certainly don’t look like they hate each other in those.

  • I think


    We know they went to Scotland together but when else was he out of site to go to Iceland maybe in the past year???
    I know he loves Iceland—-didn’t he go back there last summer???
    Some of the other ladies may know.
    Anyone know when he could have gone to Iceland in the past year or so????

  • swoon…thud…..yum

    the handsome gerry is baaaaaack, love the shorter hair, just wish it was natural color is all……

    hope the movie does well….good to see him with family again and back in LaLa land.

    mmmmwha big guy :)))

  • surfergirl

    @I think:
    It may have been just before Cannes OR the article confused Scotland with Iceland.
    I’m just saying that because if she was with Brody up until April, it doesn’t leave much time for them to have had a separate getaway to Iceland.
    He took her to Socceraid, so he they were already pretty cosy by the time Cannes/London – Socceraid was on.
    I’ve got a feeling the journalist may have made a mistake and confused the two countries.
    I don’t like thinking about the alternative because it leaves only days/weeks between Gerry and Brody.

  • I think


    May be a mix up between the two countries—but strange since he is from Scotland.
    I still think they may have been seeing each other off and on for longer than what we know.
    She may not have been as lovestruuck with him like he was her so that is why she saw LDC and AB.

  • surfergirl

    @I think:
    I think you’re right.
    Something about the Piers Morgan interview that he did in October 2011 makes me think that he was describing her, but without saying her.
    Like he said his ideal was like ‘monica bellucci’ which is what Madalina is labeled in Italy.
    I think he’s had his eye on her for a long time and waited for the right time. I guess when Brody and her split, it was the right time.
    There may have been something going on before Brody even. Not saying either cheated but maybe the timing wasn’t right.

  • Reality

    @surfergirl: Then why does he look so sad? if he is meant to be so happy in love?? Don’t remember him ever looking so sad.

    Hope he is okay.

  • I think

    We have to wait and see—I think he is much more into her than she is him at this point.

  • blah-blah

    Shut up already! Your Madalina is a pro/stitute! Enough already about it! ‘m Sick of it! The same for 5 months! How can! Go to her site and sing there! ….Fu/ck you!

  • surfergirl

    I think he looks sad because with the France lunch photos coming out, he’s realising how much backlash there’s going to be because of her age, her dating history. He’s not as popular as he used to be, but he is sort of a punching bag for bloggers and having a lingerie model as your girlfriend kind of screams cliche doesn’t it?
    But then again, he could’ve been sad about how bad the food was. Who knows?

  • surfergirl

    Honey, you aren’t mad at me.
    You’re mad at Gerard for acknowledging her.
    I’m not pro-Madalina.
    I’m just going on what HE HAS SAID…..
    you’ve got issues, take it up with Gerard.

  • I think


    I know I read some where that during the filming of Attila he fell in love with Iceland and at some point he went back there but I can’t remember when he did that or when the article was written, but I read it in the past 9 mo.
    Your right about Piers Morgan he described her exactly and when she came in the picture all I can do is relate the two. Way to coencidental IMO

  • nyob

    he looks cheesy in these pics . . . “the old guy in the club” look going on here

  • surfergirl

    @I think:
    “Way to coencidental IMO’”
    Scorpios plan and wait for the perfect opportunity. I wouldn’t put it past any Scorpio to sneak underneath his friend’s armour for the right girl.
    Physically, she is perfection in his eyes. I can’t say anything about her personality except, they’ve spent over half a year together. They obviously have something more than just s/ex in common after all that time.