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Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake: Just Married!

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake: Just Married!

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have tied the knot!!!

“It’s great to be married, the ceremony was beautiful and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends,” the couple said in a statement to People.

Justin, 31, and Jess, 30, kept relatively quiet about the details of their wedding – they even were secretive to their guests! There was much speculation that the duo would wed this weekend, but nothing was ever announced.

Stay tuned for more wedding details and some pictures from the magazine, out next week.

Congratulations to the happy couple on the news!

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  • alex

    ew. i just barfed. i give them 3 years max

  • Robsten_Fan

    Love them… <3
    haters to the left.. :d

  • Octoberfest


  • Kay

    I don’t get the hate, they’ve been together for a long time

  • ugh

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see it lasting. Not even jealous or anything, there is something off…

  • creed

    Well, they have been dating for a while and both have chill personalities. Hope they can make it work! Even if the odds are against them. Congrats!

  • amanda

    all about the publicity….look at anne hathaway or even blake lively…managed to go the whole weekend at least….these two drop the news like seconds after the got married through People Mag…..he’s a serial cheater so either she turns a blind eye and sticks it out or this wont last

  • Anonymous

    Who are we to say who should marry who? I don’t get why people give this couple a hard time. I’m sure no one would want that happening to them. I wish this couple the best of luck and a prosperous married life.

  • Nooooo

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Jess, the guy is a jerk, you will be another Jen Garner, might as well stay single.

  • Curious

    Why on earth would she marry a bonafide cheater? Unless she just looks the other way. Best of luck sweetie. You’re going to need it.

  • toni

    Congratulations to them and I truly hope it last.
    Now besides that
    1)Jessica’s hair looks horrible in that picture.

    2) they are probably one of the most boring and anticlimactic couples I have ever seen. I mean even Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds entertained me more. The just look boring like I want to yawn when I see them, but this might be a good thing because they might actually last.

  • belle

    congratulations to them

  • alex

    Awww! Maybe he’ll actually stop cheating on her now

  • John Mayer

    I almost feel bad for Jessica thinking this marriage will help her career.

  • yep


  • anon

    There’s a blind iten floating around about these two. I don’t know. I dont see the chemistry between them. Next – - ->

  • jessy


  • sunshine

    Finally sunk her claws in!

  • Strange

    I hope they can make it last . In hollywood standards most never do . i wish them the best .

  • just me

    Who cares ! She could have done better than to go back with him. She didn’t give her enough time to date other people. Both was very deperate to do this. Her career will go bad now.that she married him. No one knew who she was until she met him. All celebrities do things to make their career better and this was wrong to do. She is no natalie portman that can stand on her own with or without a man. And people feel sorry for her when things not right with her. This publicity for Jessica biel and she knows this. She should have waited her career was right. Don’t care about the details or pictures or their wedding. Both Jessica and Justin needs help. He only felt sorry for her cause she didn’t have nothing going for. Hate that Jessica did this for her career. Thought she was smarter than that!

  • yawn

    Congrats but I think they both think this will boost their careers. I can’t stand her latest hairstyle and JT as a grownup is blah. This is the most boring celebrity wedding announcement I’ve ever seen. I’m actually yawning while typing.

    [Stay tuned for more wedding details and some pictures from the magazine, out next week.]

    No thanks..

  • solecito

    …and so the countdown to divorce starts…

  • laura

    Why all this hate? They’ve been together for like 3-4 years, still going strong, so I don’t really get why you’re writing all these nasty things..

  • annie

    congrats to them. shut up the haters no wonder this country is in trouble nasty nasty morons

  • annietoo

    I don’t think people are being nasty, I think they are being realistic.

    Couples who get married after being on-again off-again for so many years rarely make it after getting married.

  • laura

    But they haven’t been on/off.
    I think maybe just once they broke up for a while and got back together shortly after, but a part from that it’s never been the on/off kind of relationship…

  • jaded

    I know it’s cynical but I don’t think they will last either. I think she will be pregnant in the nexxt year or so same for Blake Lively.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Now she can just sit back, get fat, pop out a kid and live off the alimony when they get separated. Much less of a hassle than booking an audition.

  • jess

    Why was it necessary to release a public statement? That douche complains about privacy all the time but has milked this wedding to the max.

  • mary

    Congrats to Justin and Jessica Timberlake have a long and wonderful marriage.The hater’s do you think that Justin and Jessica give a Damm!!

  • emma

    Nobody knows what their relationship looks like from the inside, stop judging, guys !
    Hope they are widely happy.
    Congrats !

  • carrie


  • LooseLipz

    Did he ever go through puberty? She needs a real man…not this boy.
    As for his cheating…most men do.

    She probably gave him some drastic ultimatum…marry me or I’ll write a “tell all” …. Lol. She’s be pregnant with twins soon and he’ll be having a 3-some while she’s out shopping for baby clothes..

  • rosie

    marriage doesnt save the relationship and i think thats what they thought

  • Moreen

    i wish them the best,i really do

    but why did they have the need to go out minutes after the wedding and make a statement?

    Justin and Jessica i really don’t care that you are married…so please don’t bore us with wedding pics and videos!

    anyway congratulations

  • laura

    Well, probably because they are celebrities and the press have been talking about their marriage from ages before they even got engaged, so probably they thought “better to say it now then to have them haunt us down forever”…
    I think it often works like that for celebrities: they reveal something to be more in control of the situation. This way the public is satisfied and the paparazzi and the magazines are less harmful.
    Guys, stop criticizing everything and start thinking!

  • DB

    Regardless of what came before, they took the plunge and are now married, so I’m going to wish them both the best of luck in a long and happy relationship.

    Life is all about growing and evolving, and the journey to finding who you are, both as an individual and as a couple, is not usually problem free.

    But if they worked through things and found a love solid enough to make a marriage out of it, then I think that’s pretty great.

    A happy future to you both. :)

  • LeeSeol

    Nobody cares.

  • Me

    Sorry, but they are boring… Justin is ok when single.. but them together = jawn

  • Josh

    Won’t last.

  • yuck

    Can’t stand either one of them.

  • carrie

    She will never leave him no matter how much he cheats on her.

  • NE1

    I really hope that isn’t the dress.. and I hope she trimmed the bangs. But he’s in a tux..

  • nyob

    I hope she wore a different hairstyle for her wedding because this one is just plain ridiculous. She should fire her stylist or whoever told her this look was a good idea.

  • Jessica

    They are a really really sweet couple. I’f you a real fan of Justin you’r only must except it! be happy for them!!

  • rachel

    divorce in a year and he be dating mila kunis.

  • Mia

    She’s pretty but I think dhe doesn’t look good with a fringe.

  • Nataliya (Natasha) Stasyi

    Haha, he FINALLY did it!

  • somali girl

    Divorce in 3…2…1

  • http://Ipad Pip

    Justin is in for a rude awakening, and mommy will not be able to fix it when he runs to her.
    Any man that cheats on a women, and she is aware of it and then marries her, is in for a rough marriage, because she will never forget or trust him. Don’t asked why marry him, women are a mystery.