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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Foot Pampering Couple!

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Foot Pampering Couple!

Mila Kunis and her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher spent some time together at Pampered Foot on Friday (October 19) in Studio City, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 29-year-old actress and the 34-year-old actor were spotted walking their pet pooch in Los Angeles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Mila Kunis

Ashton‘s show Two and a Half Men pulled in 13.6 million viewers this week, with the help of Miley Cyrus appearing on the show.

10+ pictures inside of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher heading to a pampering session together…

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mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 01
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 02
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 03
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 04
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 05
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 06
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 07
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 08
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 09
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 10
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 11
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 12
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 13
mila kunis ashton kutcher foot pampering couple 14

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Lookin’ Goooood!!!

    It’s crazy how fast she does things. She learnt (I’m Canadian so yes, we go either way; Learned or Learnt ;p) English in record time. Now she’s also losing weight in record time. Can’t wait for her movies to come out with Channing Tatum and James Franco!!!

  • A

    Why does she always do that stupid thing with her mouth? It’s not attractive and it makes her look like an old granny with no teeth.

  • creed

    they are good together. I dont like them and never seen 70s but it is really sweet that they got together after so much time. Wasn’t he her first kiss?

  • Mila Effin’ Kunis!

    @creed: He was. He also use to help her with her science homework. Kinda awkard, but whatever.

  • kc

    Kutcher remains one of the luckiest guys alive. Mila is a beauty.

  • eastc

    Even when dressed hardly done up, both of these two manage to look great, especially together. Hot couple! Can’t get enough pix of them. Today was Christmas with 2 sets of pics of them!

  • ^_^

    Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum are two of the hottest young stars in Hollywood. With them making a film together, I wonder if they’ll pull a “Brangelina”? Two people that goodlooking, working THAT closely together…sparks are bound to fly! She has chemistry with ALL her male co-stars.

  • jizz

    What’s with the pout, Mila? somehow… it doesn’t look good in some angles. :( but anyway, ur still hot.

  • Well Matched

    Can’t believe they’re a couple. Always though Kelso and Jackie were meant to be together. They were so young and adorable with great chemistry on the show. 15 years later and back together, that’s deep.

  • Green

    He’s such a social climber…Kunis is closer ot the A list than he can even dream to be

  • Whadda Gal

    @Green: Kunis IS apart of the A-list! She has proven herself to be quite the talented little actress. I definitely see an Oscar in her future (she already has SAG and Golden Globe nominations). But I also like the fact that she isn’t a ‘film snob’. You’d think with such critically acclaimed films as Black Swan, she’d stick to that more ‘artistic’ genre, but she’s done romcoms like “Friends With Benefits” and “Ted” (another hit) shortly right after. AND she still loans her pipes to “Family Guy”!

  • tt

    she is fat bloated

  • C

    now is this the sexiest woman? why?

  • Danae

    @A: I bet you’d be very content if a bunch of paps would follow your every step.

  • Eh, A!

    @Danae: Yep. I also bet “A” has the face not even a mother could love.

  • Erect Punis

    @Whadda Gal:
    :-D You should really ask Nanci for a pay rise for posting all the PR stuff on here.
    Oscar in the future LOL. She’s hasn’t yet played a single serious character role let alone a leading role. So far it’s been about either ‘being cute’ or window dressing her bad acting with sex scenes…or both.
    As for Mila’s fake humble act – she’s so grounded that she only dates the highest paid child actor & now the highest paid TV actor.

  • Smurf

    And this is the sexiest woman alive

  • anonymous

    God she always looks so sulky.What a madam.He does not look madly happy either. She has him wrapped around her finger.Hope this lasts about 5 minutes.She is so FAKE

  • IsThatANail File In

    It looks like somebody is really ‘excited’ about getting their foot pampered but it ain’t Mila….

  • A

    @Danae: It’s not even about that because she always holds her mouth like that, even in editorials and magazine covers. It’s like she’s trying to make her lips bigger and more pouty but it just looks like she’s sucking on a lemon.

  • jp

    He’s hot! Love them together

  • Ceara

    I love these two together. I hate the Jesus comment Mila said though but they still are a beautiful couple. I hope it lasts.

  • Octoberfest

    I’m not a Mila fan, but she’s waaay too good for that douche.

  • reggie

    Hopefully it’s just a showmance because she could do so much better!

  • observer

    she usually looks so serious when she is with Ahston..hmm.. she should relax and be happy of being the sexiest woman alive..and for being with him, i think he really likes her :-)

  • sol

    Ashton looks good

  • Nono

    Did you see 2.5 men this week. He has the body of a 12 year old boy

  • LOL

    So many pics of them 2gether in the past 2 weeks.
    Is it a statement? Are they gonna get married?

  • stella

    mila is so badass

  • ash

    Hope he won’t cheated on her like what he had cheated on DEMI MOORE. Shameful act.

  • zurichgirl

    She is not sexy at all !!

  • Nono

    This is no statement. It’s the paps profiting cause the movie fans of today love the fact that ashton is sleeping with the the girl he called his little sister and she was a costar friend to him and his wife. Who they betrayed and people applaud this and it sells.
    Ashton and Mila really dont like to be followed and when paps are not around they are nice to their fans

  • csa

    this is the sexiest woman alive???

  • bella

    sorry but she is clearly gaining weight like basically on the daily now. she is work-out outfits but clearly not working out.

  • TI

    She is beautiful, not that chick frm slumdog millionare. That girl is fugly and can’t act.

  • ted

    @Erect Punis: Thank god someone said it like it is!

  • Logia

    I think she looks good with James Franco, hes a much better actor,better looking and much more succesful then this guy, even though he ruined the 2011 oscars lol. Ashton is still doing TV series. He did some movies and came back to doing TV. Why?

  • chad

    she looks pig faded and old looking

  • hayley

    pr called the paps again

  • kelly

    Trolls are out in force I see.Keep bringing the hate,but facts don’t change that she is gorgeous.

  • Erect Punis

    Hey Nono – it’s not just the paps profiting from the shots and stories. Here’s a clue for you – TMZ ‘s owned by Warner Bros and guess who owns 20th Century Fox – same people that run a network of tabloid media incl. those glossy gossip mags. Ever heard of Rupert Murdoch?
    90% of these stories about celebs are run for publicity purposes, they’re just tools to promote the showbiz industry. Mila has some big projects coming out next year that need to sell so she’s currently being pumped up in the press. I hope she can handle the attention, poor girl.

  • Nono

    And Warner brothers loves kutcher. They were offering him batman and gave him Charlie sheen spot. I think he is in the same kabblah sect as the hack kutcher.
    Poor Mila become a cliche with this dope. Goes against everything she said the year before and her fans won’t call her out on this except me.
    Also great friends with timberlake where was Mila wedding invitation?
    She needs to watch what she says in interviews

  • Get a clue

    @Erect Punis: Demi Moore, is that you? Get some pride, women, and move on with your life! He just ain’t that into you! Read the book…or, what the movie.

  • Get a clue

    @Erect Punis: Sooo anybody that likes Mila has to be from her PR team? O-kkk, since we’re using that logic, can I assume anybody that DOESN’T like her is from Demi Moores’ PR team? Or someone from Macaulay Culkins’ side? Dumbarse.

  • fallon

    Ashton S STILL MARRIED!! Mila be proud!!!

  • john

    dont understand why either she has no body at all and her face is ok

  • tj

    @Erect Punis:
    Way to demonstrate you don’t have a clue of what you are talking about. Friends with Benefits wasn’t a leading role? Black Swan wasn’t a serious character? Book of Eli wasn’t a serious character? Not to mention several projects upcoming that have been completed or will be filmed soon. And exactly how does dating Kutcher have ANYTHING to do with her being a grounded person, that totally gets the Hollywood scene……it doesn’t. But I applaud you for being wrong on all aspects, well done.

  • marcus

    She is cute but not sexiest woman alive worthy especially in these pics

  • Geez

    @fallon: Do you really call what he has a “marriage”? If you do, then I feel sorry for YOU. Um, get with the program, pal. They’re only married on paper. Huge difference.

  • anonymous

    Both of them are average to me. They dont look bad together, but I don’t really care. She’s a cute girl, without makeup she’s still cute, but its really the pro makeup that makes her look more interesting/glamorous/sexy… Without it she looks like a lot of other women, which isn’t bad, but Im just saying most celebrities look more plain and ordinary without all the makeup and styling. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and people will always have different opinions.