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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Musso & Frank Grill Lunch!

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Musso & Frank Grill Lunch!

Mila Kunis dons stripes while heading to lunch with her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher at Musso & Frank Grill on Saturday (October 20) in Hollywood.

The day before, the 29-year-old actress and the 34-year-old actor were spotted heading to a foot spa in Studio City.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Mila Kunis

Mila can be seen on the big screen early next year in her upcoming film Oz: The Great and Powerful, also starring James Franco, Rachel Weisz, and Michelle Williams.

The flick is a prequel to the novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and centers on how the Wizard arrived in Oz and became the ruler.

FYI: Mila is wearing a vkoo sweater.

15+ pictures inside of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher grabbing some lunch in Hollywood…

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mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 01
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 02
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 03
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 04
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 05
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 06
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 07
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 08
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 09
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 10
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 11
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 12
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 13
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 14
mila kunis ashton kutcher musso&frank grill lunch 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
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    They seem like a nice couple. Wow what a shock the marriage with Demi Moore didn’t work! Oh, yeah, real love conquers all, they said – age doesn’t matter. Total crap. The fact of the matter is that it’s totally unnatural and of course Ashton would stray…give me a break. They should have saved themselves the heartache, expense, and not pursued that relationship…a 15 year age difference is too big when the female is the older of the two. That’s just mother nature’s work, ok? Perhaps Demi wouldn’t have had that emotional breakdown and everything if she had settled with someone suited to her. The marriage of Demi and Ashton was doomed to fail…from the beginning. It’s sad for her, but true.

  • LooseLipz

    Add Demi’s addictions and Eating Disorder to the equation….

    The marriage could have lasted …I know plenty of couples with the female being 10-15 years older who are still going strong…
    I think Ashton is extremely immature, and Demi was desperately trying to meet him on that level…
    That said, he could very well be a serial cheater…we’ll have too see how this relationship with the younger Mila goes.

    Lastly, she’s a bit too Tom Boy-ish in my opinion…I guess he likes that…I wish she’d dress a bit more feminine for more than just Red Carpet events. She’s a cute girl. Key word, Cute. How she got voted sexiest woman in the world, I dunno.

  • duuhhh

    umm fake couple

  • Jamila Frankunis lol

    The trailer for that movie looks insane!!! I can’t wait until it comes out! It’s funny though, and rather odd, how many movies she’s done with James Franco. After this Oz movie, she has TWO more coming out next year!

  • clarinell

    @duuhhh stop hating on mila and ashton u dont know anything about the relashionship none of us do and there is nothing fake about mila and ashton romance

  • Say Whaaa!

    @duuhhh: What does that even mean? Fake as in…..? Counterfeit? An imitation? It’s so easy to throw words around then it is to make sure they make sense and fit in within the context of what’s being discussed. I can easily say YOU’RE fake so, who’s to really say who’s right? Get it?

  • eastc

    who is that guy behind mila?

  • clarinell

    @eastc that is mila’s dad

  • eastc

    @clarinell i’ve recognized the guy int photos before. another site says this is her daddy jj says otherwise in her other photos

  • clarinell

    @eastc i think thats her granfather from her mothers side but the one on the picture from today is her dad mark

  • Bored

    @eastc: The man behind Mila (who was at the Baseball game with her and Ashton) is NOT her Father. Her Dad is the man in the cemetery pictures with her Mother in the same pics. I know this for a fact but if you need logical proof, look up the “personal photos” or “candids” in the unofficial Mila site, ,the .org one. There’s a pic of Mila, Macaulay Culkin, Emma Stone, Keiran Culkin (her then boyfriend) and Mila’s parents (the man in the cemetery pics being her father) and also, The Book of Eli premiere pics while you’re on that site, there’s certain pics where you can see him and her mother takin pics of Mila in the background. Not to mention other candids of Mila and Macaulay walking with her parents on the street (again, the man from cemetery pics) but I know it’s her Dad either way. The man in these pics is another family member. If you wanna look at more galleries of candids or personal pics, you’ll see her from various years, in pics with her actual Dad. And before anyone mentions it, yes, I did read the last 2 comments and was so bored, I done some investigating for those pics lol..

  • Bored

    @clarinell: Wrong lol, it’s the other way around only neither is her grandfather. Her grandfather is dead and her other grandfather is alive but MUCH older looking than the man in today’s pics (he’s about 90). The man in these pics is another family member, an uncle I think.

  • eastc

    @Bored @clarinell on these same fansites this man in this set of pics is listed as her “father mark” lol. no one can get it right, image sites, fansites or tabloid articles. maybe she has two daddies. lets face it

  • Bored

    @eastc: LOL Yeah, the fansite has it wrong too and I have a feeling they only labeled it as her father because JJ and other copycat tabloid sites said it lol.

  • millyx

    who the f cares who the man is or who or what her dad looks like? you tabloid writers need to stop having other people do your work. focus on mila and ashton’s happiness

  • AnonymousGuest

    I remember those baseball pictures and that does look like her dad. Don’t really know. Just remember a round gray guy. I definitely wouldn’t make much of a witness at a crime scene lol. Super, SUPER hot girl. But a very modest dresser ;p.

  • lori

    I think Ashton has a long way to go before he commits again. Mila is not a good looking girl. He can do better.

  • @#17

    @lori: HE could do better? Really? Is this Demi Moore? I bet if there was a poll on this thread, Mila would win by a landslide. If you go anywhere on the internet, you’ll read the same sentiment — SHE could do a lot better. I’d personally like to see her with Bradley Cooper or Chris Pine.

  • anna

    I love Mila a lot, she is one of my favorite actresses right now, but Jared, please stop with these crappy pictures of them. They are just trying to have a good time. I am really not a stalker to know what are they doing everyday.

  • KiddingRight?

    @lori, first I heard that one. Mila is gorgeous and at the top of her game right now as an A list in demand actress. Ted just passed the Hangover’s grosses, and she received critical acclaim by critics for her supporting role in Black Swan. Gorgeous, talented, and in demand……Uh no, Ashton is the lucky one, but they make a good couple.

  • PR stinks


    Hi Mila!

  • Hornet


    you are on here looking so you are contributing to the stalking, you think jj cares what you think ? LOL dream on sis

  • @21 DORK

    @PR stinks: (Coming out of lurkdom to say) DAMN you’re fcuking annoying! I’ve seen you on every Mila thread accusing anyone that says positive things about her of being her “PR person”. I know sites have trolls but you’re hands down the most punch-worthy btich around. If you were ever infront of me, I’d kick your a$$ higher then that space diving guy. This rant may sound a bit over the top but I friggin’ meant every word. Serisouly, every fckin’ thread? Give it a rest, lady. No one gives a sh*t.

  • PR stinks

    @@21 DORK:
    Hey dork, why not find out how this business works first before getting all agitated? Say, find an intern that works for a PR agency and ask questions.. Seek info, make some effort and get a clue dork, don’t be a mindless sheep. There’s a difference between a fan post and someone posting lists of awards, movies and the usual PR $hit in every thread. Has your mental ability to understand and discriminate between relations been completely sucked out of you by a cathode ray nipple?

  • get a clue

    @PR stinks: You should follow you own advice. But nice to hear from you again Demi.

  • Nono

    Stop using demi name. She didn’t put a gun to his head for marriage he did it for fame, which is what he is all about. He said Demi completes him on Oprah. Shame how Kunis fans believe tabloids and accuse Demi of everything. Why don’t he file for divorce or settle this phoney money dispute.
    If you like them, then like them no need to mention Demi and why are they being followed on normal crap. If they were on a beach together it would be different.

  • hayley

    @@#17: No Ashton could do a lot better. He could get a super hot young girl not someone going on 30.

  • hayley

    @KiddingRight?: Hi Mila’s PR. She is pug faced

  • jensen

    @@21 DORK: You are naive if you think Mila isn’t a publicity seeker who sold out long ago. Her humble act is so fake.

  • Jesse15

    @Jamila Frankunis lol: Hi Mila’s PR

  • Nono

    He can’t do better. And why must a thirty five year old wear a baseball hat all the time. Rappers dont even do this anymore. And no matter who you are wearing a hat at a restaurant table is not proper.
    Just like a hick

  • WOW!

    Wowwwww the mental hospital must have left the doors open and al the patients escaped, found a computer, and somehow made their way onto this website… that’s how i describe the last 10 posts… and most other posts ever made on this site. Well done JustJared” you have viewers/posters that make Jersey Shore fans look like Einstein, and people, who even make Gary Busey look stable (Look him up if you’re clueless). Wow though… wow…it’s scary how sad the lives of these people must be, the pug face” person, the conspiracy theorist, the psychotic, obsessed Demi Moore fans, the equally psychotic Ashton/Mila haters.

    I just wanna send Dr Drew (or a doctor who doesn’t wanna exploit u on tv) into your bedrooms/basements and go to work on your scary asses! It’s a disease, just like alcoholism, only you idiots on the internet, created the term “troll” to describe it, even thought it’s 10 times more serious than that. Behind every obsessive hateful person, lies a world of sadness, bitterness, brainwashing and losing touch with reality,,, poor guys/gals. GET HELP NOW, i’s not too late for a phone call to some therapist/psychologist, although you’d need an assist doing it because most people with your kind of mental disease, have NO idea what you’re even doing is crazy. Zero clue that you’re actually spending every day of your life being hateful, it’s become the norm :(

  • Anne

    Funny. Everytime I see her she’s eating.

  • PR stinks

    Hey WOW, if anything your long post sounds pretty hateful, psychotic and scary + has very little info value. I’ll post some facts next time maybe, am too lazy to bother right now. However, I’m very concerned about your own health and safety of those around you, chill out dude, you aren’t possessed are you? No need to go out now and shoot up the joint.
    Btw, no hate for Mila here, she’s a beautiful woman, I would never make fun of her appearance, that’s gutter.
    If there’s one thing I hate, it’s the Machine that forces people (incl. Mila) to bend over backwards if they want a job in this industry.

  • Nono

    Come on wow we are Having stirring up the pot to see how others react. Your reaction is the best. Keeping looking out for us

  • csa

    oh, please no more photos of these two! show us some A-listers please!!!!

  • Jesse15

    @WOW!: WOW get a grip. Unless you are Ashton or Mila’s mum or dad I can’t see why you are getting so upset about comments about rich celebrities. Chill out and take care of yourself. You sound rather stressed.

  • Hayley

    pug faced

  • lucy

    well the hottest guy in the world likes an average girl so hope for average girls

  • sickofthem

    who cares about these publicity seekers

  • ted

    @sickofthem: obviously you do since you bothered to post.

  • sickofthem

    @ted: Yeah i guess so but they are becoming over exposed to point of annoyance and I used to be a fan.