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Robert Pattinson: 'Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2' Featurette - Watch Now!

Robert Pattinson: 'Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2' Featurette - Watch Now!

Robert Pattinson dons a “New York Bad Boys” beanie while arriving at LAX Airport on Friday (October 19) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week, the 26-year-old actor suited up for the 2012 Elle Women in Hollywood event, where he was seen posing with Jaime King.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Robert Pattinson

Robert will be flying overseas to promote his upcoming movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Sydney, Australia.

Check out the newly released featurette for Robert‘s upcoming film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 below!

Robert Pattinson – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Featurette

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson flying out of LAX…

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robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 01
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 02
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 03
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 04
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 05
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 06
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 07
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 08
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 09
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 10
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 11
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 12
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 13
robert pattinson twilight breaking down part two featurette 14

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  • Intric8

    Kristen looks awesome. So does Rob.

  • elanor

    please tell me this is the last movie so that teenagers can go back to watching something that doesn’t depict an abusive relationship?

  • tye :)

    they are too young to be having this on and off type of relationship
    he looks like an idiot now..idk
    but ill be watching the movie. *sips tea*

  • aussie gal

    you wont be needing the jacket and hat we have been having perfect weather here nice and sunny!!!

  • Ninja

    This loser…

  • Everhart

    Im gonna miss these two on film together!

  • Blair

    Poor guy clearly has such low self esteem, insecurities, and no self respect. I feel bad for him. Even when I watch his interviews. He’s a very nice guy but has no confidence whatsoever.

  • bluez

    Oh look the poster boy for wimp.

  • JJ

    Hopefully he disappears for good after this.

  • A

    Poor Rob needs to do the K-stew thing now i.e wearing headphones while walking through airport.He knows that paps will yell mean/crude stuff about Kristen and their reconciliation.But trust me Rob avoiding their comments won’t the change the facts and the general public’s opinion about all this.But then again taking a skank back has it own consequences and right now everybody from paps to general public everybody thinks that you are a wimp :( In Hollywood having a good image is very important if you want to be a relevant actor/celeb.Lets hope it doesn’t affect your career in long run

  • Kelly

    Sort of feel bad for him. He’s become a joke after all this drama and he didn’t deserve it but then again he deserves a cheating girlfriend if he’s all these photo ups with her.

  • well

    @aussie gal: i hope the October rains start soon (but yeah, happy that its disgustingly hot & humid)

  • sookie

    thanks God it’s finally over

  • kscrew

    The fact that he’s already taken his wh0re of a girlfriend speaks volumes. It’s only been like 2 months. Have some dignity man.

  • Honey

    Just a random thought — I wonder what Rob’s family thinks about his decision to take that cheating home wrecker back.Rob said that his parents have been married since a long time so its obvious that they consider marriage as something sacred and not a matter of chance.I’m pretty sure that they are not too excited about the fact that their son is still dating a chick who willingly slept with a married father of two kids and decided to do their son a favor by ending the affair only after she was caught.Rob may be a good guy but he definitely has some serious self esteem issues.
    He needs to realize that its only matter of time before Kristen opens her legs again.She may try to be faithful for 2-3 years to win his trust back but when that guilt fades away her cheating impulses will start getting best of her but she will extra careful that time.

  • Kannada

    I was starting to like him and was rooting for him because he’s such a sweet and nice man but after this whole hoopla, I’m not standing by him. He took back a homewrecking crass chick who has no problems sleeping with her bosses. It also says a lot about his morals.

  • http://yahoo ashley

    Rob has been through a lot these last 3 months , he is a nice guy , wish him all the best and am looking forward to the promotions and breaking dawn 2 .

  • http://yahoo Lena

    yeah , I think looking at the weight loss I think this scandal has taken a toll on him , he is a basically a nice chap , dont want to judge him . he has some nice work lined up ….and am looking forward to it . wish him all the best .

  • http://yahoo apsara

    Really excited that the promos are starting and am looking forward to all the fun interviews and another dose of the gorgeous Rob . BD2 will be over and we will be seeing Rob in all those lovely new roles . cant wait !!!!

  • http://yahoo apsara

    Please guys give him a break …he is human !! Kristen has really messed up his life , i really hope he ditches her !!! I trully think he is a good stand up guy caught in cicumstances beyond his control . lets wait and watch .

  • Pilar

    If he really wants to hook up with a trashy, common, no-class wench like KStew, then I have no respect for him at all. And he is extremely stupid if he can’t see how common and low-class she really is.

    It’s a good thing he’s made so much money off the Twilight movies he’ll never have to work again if he doesn’t want to, because I’m betting that his film career is headed into the toilet. He’s a mediocre actor with a limited range. He’s made it this far mainly on his looks, which won’t last much longer. I have a feeling he’s going to be his generation’s Mark Hamill.

  • A

    @Pilar: Some people are already calling him next Orlando Bloom.Orlando was considered to be a rising/promising star when Pirates of the Caribbean hit the theaters but his acting career turned out to be mehhh outside the franchise

  • http://yahoo Amber

    Rob ‘s coming to Aussie Land really excited !! He is looking hot in the BD2 promos . wish him health and happiness .

  • http://yahoo seinna

    NIce to see him without u know who …i wish he really dumps her . he deserves so much better .!

  • http://yahoo erin

    I think summit is making him do things he doesnt want to do …i hope he ditches her after BD2 . really like the guy and love the direcion in which he is going with his career . Staying with her brings him so much negativity otherwise people want all good things for him .

  • Danae

    @JJ: Why? He’s a talented actor, I’d like to see him in better movies. Hope that when the Twilight fever is gone forever people would stop associating him with Edward.

  • belle

    @erin: if people really want good things for him they should respect his decision to stay with kristen. you don’t have to understand his reasons for it but sometimes personal decisions made by someone aren’t meant to be understood just accepted.

    just glad i don’t have the world criticizing every personal decision I’ve made

  • jak

    Rob pattinson next projects


    2_Queen of the Desert




    6_the band

    7_Unbound Captives

    8_Hold on to Me

  • doc

    hot hot

  • star

    Rob beautiful

  • belle

    @jak: 4-7 aren’t on his imdb page

  • http://yahoo lynnette

    Rob looks hot . excited about bd2 promos and the film . Love Rob ..but cant like Kristen she is poison .

  • http://yahoo sam

    he is looking good , beanie looks good on him !

  • http://yahoo sam

    hope he is still with her only for PR . i dont mind that at all , guy has a job to do like anyone else . I just hope later she is out of his life for good .she is trash and Rob is a class act .

  • Diane

    Wow, a lot of you guys need to calm down and stop being so bitter towards Rob. Whoever he chooses to love is his own business, not yours. He’s clearly happy with Kristen, the photos showed them loved-up with their pets around. Rob doesn’t need you judging his personal life, and Kristen doesn’t need you to define her by one awful mistake.

    Oh and I’ll bet everyone who is claiming they’re relieved to see Twilight end is just covering up for the fact that they already bought their tickets to see Breaking Dawn Part 2.

  • daniel

    the loser is you and when you say all the “public opinion” you speak only idiots like you on this site because we are hundreds even thousands of hundreds of people who support him 100% in his choice because that’s the role of a true fan and have fans who are “public opinion” you know you obsessed degenerate the mental that you can go down to as y ‘will still want it more people to support your “public opinion” is only seen by the choice of your words I see that you have not exceeded the age of 4years mind this is also valid for
    Kelly kscrew, Kannada, Pilar, seinna, erin go make you life because you see your opinion does not rob especially interrested person that I can assure you there is one thing you need to know they have never broken and he even confirmed that in some interview but smart as you are that you missed, Honey I just found out that idiocy was a human form. I feel sorry for you.
    kristen has never cheated Pesque successful media have their knowing they were suddenly hit empty brains like yours
    kris and rob you had your eyes to weep bitches.
    once again “public opinion” were his fans, co-stars, producers and directors who have liver and it also.

  • Words of wisdom

    “People who truly deserve your trust are those who will never have the courage to lie to you. ” -Unknown author

    I hope you’ll learn that someday,Rob.

  • S

    It is a sad day when society decides that one mistake is one too many. The reality is we do not know what happened….just because there were a few photos doesn’t mean anything.
    We can only imagine the love these two have together, so it should be up to them to decide what they want. We do not have a right to judge and label because we think we are right.
    All we can do is wish them the best and focus on our own lives and aid in forming a society that is unbiased, king, compassionate….which unfortunately is lacking here

  • Lola

    Rob needs to grow a pair and kick that cheater to the curb once and for all..his parents must be so proud..smh!

  • http://yahoo wendy

    Rob looks good …have safe flight Rob !!

  • Ally

    He’s someone who has been put through hell..If anything I support him more!

  • Grace

    Above all, he’s an actor and his career choices is what interests me most, cause I like Pattinson as actor and singer songwriter.

  • LWren

    Rob is phenomenal actor, he is who he is, like him or leave him.It’s simple.

  • Lana

    Okay Robssesseds stand firm! support Rob for the great guy he is, don’t jump ship the moment it gets rough.

  • blopina

    OMG i cannot wait until this twilight “toilet” garbage is over!!

  • do the math.

    I don’t think Summit is the one pulling strings. Could just be the paycheck.

    Go to and check out both Kristen & Rob’s payout for these films. They both stand to get 7.5% of the total gross of the film—that is already on top of $12.5 million each. I don’t really know or care if their relationship is real or fabricated; BUT the math/money says that they both stand to gain a ridiculous payday if the second film does as well as the first BD.

    And I’ve begun to wonder if her “anxiety” during interviews is b/c she knows she’s lying to her fans for money, and sadly, we all know what is defined as in Webster’s dictionary.

    But hey, at least she can afford to buy an island.

  • nepenthes

    Looking good, Roberto!

  • Just Curious

    why does his films never gain much interest with audiences at the box office? There’s no connection between him and a paying movie going audience. Movie reviews give him sometimes good critiques but sometimes not. Still he never resonates with the general audiences.

    Twilight is a bunch of tween girls and Twi-moms ao go to see Stewart, Lautner Pattinson and the otehr actors..yet on his own his films are lukewarm and barely standout.

  • http://yahoo sheila

    @Just Curious: his films get a fair response water for elephants , and remember me did fair amt of business , if you havent seen them , see them they are good . cosmopolis got him critical acclaim as an actor .
    his next choices are pretty interesting and am looking forward to those .
    there is another movie of his i recommend that is LITTLE ASHES . he has lot of potential .
    really hope he gets out of this mess soon .kristen is the cause of so much suffering in his life .

  • samlin

    He could never be a perennial leading man. HW doesnt even take a second look to some p*ssy wuss!