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Taylor Swift: 'Billboard' Magazine Cover Girl!

Taylor Swift: 'Billboard' Magazine Cover Girl!

Taylor Swift is chic while posing with her guitar on the cover of the latest issue of Billboard magazine, on newsstands now!

The 22-year-old singer talked about how she collaborated with her musical team to make her most ambitious album yet.

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In a recent interview with Time magazine, Taylor talked about how she came up with the idea for her single “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

“I actually came up with the melody on piano, and brought it to [producers] Max Martin and Shellback and said, I want to finish this, and I want to make it sound as chaotic as that emotion felt. I’ll sing the base line. I just want it to sound like this: poom poom poom poom poom. And they’re like, maybe we can infuse a little bit of dubstep. It’s one of the most adventurous songs on the record, soundwise. I love it. I’m so proud that it’s sitting at number one on iTunes,” Taylor shared.

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  • Maggie

    I love her and I can not wait until Monday. I will finally have some new tunes to listen to in the car. I also hope she announces her 2013 tour schedules soon.

  • Texas

    She looks gorgeous as usual. I seriously am dying to buy her new album. Monday can not come soon enough. RED RED RED!!!

  • charlotte

    red is a really dumb title.

  • LeeSeol

    rolling my eyes and lol at this.

  • Viv

    just listened to the song.
    it’s horrid.
    and the part she claims that is dubstep… omg lol.
    it’s insulting to dubstep.
    Martika did it 1000x better in the 80s.
    and Martika sings better.

  • ryan

    nice highwaters.
    bad cover.
    she looks like a geek.

  • Dave Franco

    It is just me or is she getting a ton of press on here? The girl is known as America’s sweetheart but not to me. She is two-faced.

  • Dave Franco

    She seems so fake to me. I don’t know why.

  • DemiTasse

    Ugh! They start promoting her for months before anything drops and then for months after, then she biys all the music awards she can grab and then it starts all over again. She is constantly in your face and I cannot stand her. She write garbage and then the Nashville “song doctors” fix it for her. All hype. Her marketing people have to realize there is a backlash and a lot of us either never liked her, or are now sick and tired of her. Her constant marketing campaigns are exhausting.
    She should disappear for a few years. Like maybe the next 60 years. LOL!

  • ems

    the song is already on it’s way down the charts so others think it sucks too.

  • lili

    i lover her so much

  • ross

    @Dave Franco: nobody cares what you think, she has millions of fans and you are nothing

  • amanda

    her lyrics are about as subtle as a jackhammer

  • paig_998

    @amanda: that’s what I love about her

  • sam

    she is so perfect

  • dada

    she’s a famous country singer who earned many millions of dollars why is she dressed like that?

  • kelly

    @dada: open your ears, taylor swift IS NOT COUNTRY.

  • jerry

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  • http://Comcast Pam

    I do not get it ??? I try so hard to like her voice and her music, seems so childish.

  • kellyLove

    This song sounds like it’s about Jake Gyllenhaal. I don’t know but it seems like she’d write something like that for him. Not very subtle :D

  • Dooley

    Taylor has been dressing like 1960s Jacqueline Kennedy since she started dating one.

  • Dooley

    How does she get away with sleeping with all these Stars and no one calls her out…Britney and Christina were called Sluts and worst with a lot shorter list.

  • perfect

    Well, Ive just heard for the first time ‘we’re never ever getting back together’ and I don’t like it.

  • Viv

    @Pam: but Pam, you do get it. Her music sounds childish because it IS.

  • hawehaveitnow

    dont love this album. I am not sure where she gets her material. Maybe from friends. She has not had time or experience to date as much as she writes about. She dates someone for a week and writes a song about this
    person. I use to find her inspiring for young girls. Now it is wearing on me.

    She needs to take a break for a while or find different material

  • Kaylee

    I love her and she’s so beautiful and haters are burning cause she has sold over thousands of her (awesome) ikywt garbage(!!!!!!) in the first day on itunes. Haters better step back plz she just needs her fans to support her not u to insult her. And have u ever been in her house for a night to see if she sleeps with his bfs????? The ones u named are truly b**ches and are proud of it but she ISNT!!!! Omg what a terrible way to make a bad image for sb. So sorry for all of u.

  • Kim

    Oh I didn’t know my grandma was on the cover of Billboard mag!!!

    For real, WHY would someone dress her like that for a cover?

  • pickles

    If she did get invited into someone’s home common decency would tell you that it’s a invasion of their privacy to go there, then write all about it. She is disgusting. Very immature and untalented. No one begs to get back with her. She even said herself, and her people confirmed it to Us Weekly that Jake Gyllenhall dumped her over the telephone. He didn’t even go to her birthday in December or invite her to his. They were over “back in December la, la, laaa!” I go shopping and they are piping her music into the store alllll the time. Cannot stand her. Scalded cat.

  • evie

    fake fake fake

  • belle

    there is just something about her that i don’t like.she was asked in an interview why should we would torment a former boyfriend and her response was “because it’s fun”. no wonder guys break up with her

  • lola_uk

    #TotallyRandom I had a dream last night that Taylor Swift died in a plane crash en route to Paris and even though i’m not even a fan of her’s i was completely devastated. woke up this morning like “Wtf was THAT all about?”

  • belle

    @belle: *she not should

  • jessa

    @Kim: clearly she dressed herself for this one..

  • http://com PIP

    The song about Conner will be funny when he dumps her, because it is something about her, that boys and men run from.
    She reminds me of Jennifer Anniston, always a victim.

  • quinn

    @PIP: she’s a stage 5 clinger for one. and she falls too fast. it scares them off. on top of that, she has a fantasy in her head about what relationships should be like. basically it’s out of a disney story book (see once upon a time show and twilight perpetuating the same sh*t) that no guy in real life could possibly live up to. it’s unrealistic. so all her relationships (if u can call them that, really they are 10 minute FLINGS) will all FAIL.

  • salany

    You guys can keep complaining. She’ll be enjoying her 6 Grammys in the meantime.