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Christina Aguilera & Matthew Rutler: Koi Restaurant Date!

Christina Aguilera & Matthew Rutler: Koi Restaurant Date!

Christina Aguilera hits the town with her boyfriend Matthew Rutler on Saturday (October 20) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

While they were out, the cute couple held hands as they walked inside Koi restaurant for a bite to eat.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Christina Aguilera

In case you missed it, make sure you check out Christina‘s duet with legendary singer Tony Bennett.

The two teamed up on the classic song “Steppin’ Out With My Baby,” which is on Tony‘s new album Viva Duets.

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  • Sushi

    OMG her outfit *-* She looks amazing & so happy <3

  • Anke

    they are so cute together.

    love Xtina’s hair

  • beast

    Still not taking care of herself. When will she?

  • ellen

    her recent comments are so nasty that it makes people overlook her vocal skills. she is curvy yes but why does she have to dress in extremely tight clothes why cant she wear clothes that compliment curves.

  • XxXxX

    With that hair and make up, I’m getting flashbacks of her in her early stripped era, love it!!! She’s BEAUTIFUL<3

  • Gwen

    She’s had this same boyfriend for a while.
    She tends to have stable relationships.
    Yes I know she got divorced but she was with him for some years too.
    And it’s relative to the partner-hopping a lot of Hollywood does.
    Taylor swift being the extreme.

  • LeeSeol

    They’re pretty cute together.
    Her boyfriend has a cute smile.

  • christina aguilera queen best

    best Queen so beautiful <3

  • Manoush

    I love Christina but she has to go back to her back to basics era, she was beautiful and stylish back then

  • Lily

    she looks really cute and she’s definitely losing weight

  • Dooley

    Fake Tan always looks Fake..But in the Fall and Winter Months it looks Ridiculous…Her Makeup is Beautiful but not applied over Fake Tan..Christina has become L.A. Tanning Mom.


    @Lily: She is not losiing weight. Put your glasses on. The woman is getting bigger. She needs to do what Lady Gaga did -TAKE CONTROL OF THE SITUATION BEFORE IT BECOMES OUT OF CONTROL. Christina Aguilera’snew album lotus will have weak sales like the horrid Bionic. Her fans will never admit she is a failure and thats why she will not get any better. The truth hurts sometimes but you need to hear it.

  • Thiefonce

    FLOOOOP 4 ever ugly b!tch

  • Leenah

    Tights are NOT pants!

  • novembertina lotuslera

    I love the denim trend these days! I wear my denim jackets and vests just like Christina.

    Christina Aguilera is the best singer on the planet right now.

    I cannot wait to buy the LOTUS album!!!

    The disc is coming in less than 1 month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Legendtina Voicelera

    Haters can stay mad about flops and sales.

    Christina and her fans are NOT here for that!!!!!!

    Christina Aguilera is the voice of her generation, a very important singer in the fake music industry.

    Christina is here to stay, regardless of it all!!!!!!!!!!

    Stay jealous haters. Your favs could never be like Xtina.

  • Dina

    @Legendtina Voicelera: lol, idiot.

    Realized now that christina has a tendency to date/marry very ugly losers who will never challenge her matriarchal authority.

  • christinalover

    She looks sooooo cute and absolutely fantastic like always, Love my Queen Christina!

  • haters are nervous


    You are mentally deranged.

    Nobody here gives a flying fok about matriarchal authorities or who Christina Aguilera falls in love with and chooses to be in a relationship with.

    At the end of the day, Christina Aguilera remains a flawless pop star + master vocalist. THE BEST.

    Stay jealous and demented, you foktarded haters. You are truly embarrassing.

  • cindy

    She looks adorable and so young and fresh!!!!!! Christina Aguilera love your boots!!!! You always wear amazing shoes girl!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Allan

    Is she getting slimmer???
    I am so ready with LOTUS era :DDD
    Xtina is here to SLAY

  • Dina

    @haters are nervous:

    evidently you’re worthy of immediate & intensive care in the psychiatric ward.

    her manic fans (like yourself though you won’t admit) yearn to know every intimidate detail of her life ESPECIALLY who she’s fcuking.

    this sloppy fat bitch diva hasn’t produced anything worthy since her early beginnings and has basically forgotten how to use her full range; all she’s capable of is yelling into the microphone and at her current boyfriend.

    and this is talent according to you, dementia incarnate.


    @Dina: Thank you Dina for your comment. As I said before, her fans will never admit she is a big fail. Bionic the album did horrible. The bionic tour had to be canceled due to weak concert sales. Christina Aguilera is a sad clown. Lady Gaga took control of her weight before it got out of control Gaga is a very smart woman and she knows image is everything. If you are a popstar, you can not look like a big fat slob like Christina Aguilera. Christina Aguilera needs someone on her team to tell her the hard honest thruth and that, Honey you are not 18 anymore and you look fat and stupid with those pink highlights in your hair. Girl, you are 30 something years old and you need to start acting like it. Leave the clown make-up and color hair extentions to the young girls.

  • Df
  • Df

    @Dina: You are a moron


    @Df: I would rather be a moran than a fat out of shape has-been singer who’s career was given a life-line from a second rate copy cat reality singing show the voice and Ms. Aguilera will always play second fiddle to Ms. Spears- Ouch that has to hurt. Christina Aguilera is a SAD CLOWN. The lotus album cover looks so stupid. She’s been done for a long time anyway. That was so disgusting when she says she does not wear panties. In this day in age, you can catch so many diseases. She had blood drippiing down her legs when she performed at Etta James funeral. She is so nasty. Christina Aguilera was on her period. Gross. Her fans are like the robot stepford wives. Bionic was a total big fail and the movie and soundtrack Burlesque was a big fail. The nail was put in her coffin a few years ago. She will always be remembered as the Girl who came after Brtiney Spears who sang about a genie in a bottle. Ha Ha Ha.

  • haters are extra nervous lol


    All I can do is laugh!

    You are so jealous of Christina Aguilera, it’s hilarious.

    Stay damn nuts, you foking dumb@ss.

    I am here rejoicing over the soon to be released EPIC LOTUS.

    If Christina is supposedly a bad singer that can only “yell”… well…… that means every other singer on this planet is the biggest piece of horse sh*t singer ever.

    Don’t get it twisted : Christina on her worst day, is STILL the voice of this generation.

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor haters, they cannot deal with these simple facts!!!!!!!!! Christina continues to sh*t all over the haters.

    I am a proud fan of Xtina. 2012 until infinity and beyond!! HAHAHAHA!

  • Haters are extremely mad

    My admiration for Christina VOICElera grows every day.

    Poor haters. They stay oppressed and distressed 24/7.

    They know Xtina makes their favs sound like exxcrement. LOL!!!!!!!!!

    It’s a funny situation.