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George Clooney: Carousel of Hope with Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney: Carousel of Hope with Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler attend the 26th Anniversary Carousel of Hope Ball at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday (October 20) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 51-year-old actor was honored at the event benefiting research and treatment for childhood diabetes.

At the ball, Stacy met up with her gal pal Julianne Hough.

FYI: Stacy is wearing a Monique Lhuillier dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Neil Lane jewels, and a Judith Leiber bag.

15+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler at the Carousel of Hope Ball

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george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 01
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 02
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 03
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 04
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 05
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 06
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 07
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 08
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 09
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 10
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 11
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 12
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 13
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 14
george clooney carousel of hope with stacy keibler 15

Credit: Christopher Polk ; Photos: Getty
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  • bahha black sheep

    George is a gay man

  • just saying

    Those gowns are not the greatest. Stacy and Julianne are wasting their time with the guys they are with.

  • anon

    darker hair does not look good on stacy and that dress is pretty ugly. Wonder when he’s going to get bored with her and date another irrelevant women 10 years younger

  • X

    Not sure why I actually care about this, but GC is a terminal bachelor. he has already been married. And it unfortunate no mattter how much he and his GFs enjoy each other he will never settle down and they will eventually leave him. He knows this, but he doesn’t care. I predict by next year this relationship will be over. And 5 months later GC will have another beautiful woman, He’ll be a whore the rest of his life and for what reason? Who knows… I’m sure it’s because he doesnt want the responsibility of being married and havin to make that committment… Too bad, he’s a beautiful soul..

  • Lol

    It suppose to be Clooney’s night. How come we have 12 pics with bimbo Stacy and just 5 with George? Looks like it pays off to sleep around.

  • to Lol

    are you upset that you’re not the bimbo George is with?

  • Kikicohen

    If body language holds any merit ( usually does)- this looks like one detached “relationship”. Clooney always looks uncomfortable with SK.
    Just plain weird.


    @Kikicohen: Yes it does look weird, I do agree. I wonder who they are trying to take a dig at? President Obama is fighting for re election, and we all know this ragged pair sure did not help matters any. I can smell the stank on these two clear over where I am at. Once trailer trash–ALWAYS TRAILER TRASH! Lol! Stacy kinda of reminds me of Elvira, Mistress in the Dark in this getup. Oh well! Halloween is just around the corner is it not?


    Also I find it hysterical how Kiebler is trying to scrunch and twist her body so that it does not look like she is towering over George. Forgive me, but she is screaming trailer trash Appalachia. Going back to her original hair color? One can only bleach out their hair for so long before it is toast. Okay, thanks for the laughs Clooney. I appreciate it. It has been a long day. Someone ask me to give you a message-wink wink. Lol!

  • Penelope

    Ewwww…These two look like a couple of gross old people, with George Clooney looking 65 and Stacy Keibler looking like a 50 year old Grandma with a botox forehead vein that is about to pop any second. Julianne Hough doesn’t look great here either, but at least she does not look like she got a senior pass from the old folks home to go out for the night. Stacy could easily pass for Julianne’s far less attractive mother and George clearly desperately needs glasses and a much better PR team if old skank Keibler is the best he can do.

  • Bing

    @ no.6
    Hello Stacy!!! You are stupid like hell.
    @Timekeeper, you are right. It’s not helping our President at all.

  • Penelope

    Oh, old $kank Keibler, then. :)

  • rachel

    grandma and grandpa

  • julie

    omg you people are so mean – she’s very pretty – i dunno what she sees in him but she is making money… she’s no different than any other girl in hollywood, or any guy for that matter. It’s all about making money so good for her. There are so many rumors about him being gay – who knows if that’s the reason he doesn’t stay in any relationship and if he is, why would she want him?

  • Hornet

    George is the only one in Hollywood with bulls b alls he will tell it like it is not like all the other phony bs in h wood

  • lolz

    although they are earning women, it’s a shame that they always look like they’re being on display. I doubt that this is intended but Julianne especially… she always going around events and she looks a lot mature than she used to be. Is this really worth the bf? Because ‘glamour’ isn’t the word that comes out with the consistently elegant’ dresses. You can be elegant but youthful. Check out Rose Bryne.

  • LooseLipz

    Clooney just doesn’t exude sexuality to me….
    I agree that he has no intention of marrying these women, he just likes an arm piece to accompany him to all his functions…
    Stacy looks a lot like an Ex of his, the French one. He has a ‘type’, just not sure he cares beyond their looks.

  • LitCrit

    I think you meant the Carousel of Old and Ugly — speaking of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler respectively. I mean I seriously just threw up in my mouth quite a bit so please get this has-been and his ridiculously unattractive hired h* off the front page of JJ. Thanks.

  • noelle

    Even Julianne and Ryan make a much more believable couple *cough* than George and Stacy. But, hey, keep it up you crazy lovebirds because maybe some day someone will actually be clueless enough to buy into this farce.

  • Charlotte

    Clooney looks like the drunken old uncle the other family members are pointing at with their fingers and whispering behind his back.
    Keibler is clinging on him like Canalis did.and she is posing so hard like it was a photo shoot for amateur models.
    Pretending to be classy doesn’t make her classy, but probably she made a job out of pretending being a public pretender: Pretending to be a real girlfriend, pretending to be all sweet and good looking, pretending to be healthy, pretending, pretending, pretending……

  • Charlotte

    …pretending to be an actress…

  • lauren

    The skit is about to end, I think Clooney grandfather is waiting for the U.S. elections to give the giraffe, I wonder who was tanned so absurd and ill-matched couple bad…worse than she just Larson, but she was a waitress. Give us back the Elisabetta Canalis much better than this, at least made him look more’young.

  • wren

    I want to like George Clooney, I really do….talent, smart, politically savvy…a do gooder. But I see photos like this and realize that there is a reason Angie doesn’t like him much…..and it’s not because she is worried about losing Brad to George.

  • katryn

    The Keibler wrong thought it was Halloween night, dressed horrible even my grandmother would dress like that. Has neither ‘class I’ style…

  • whatever

    Please George has zero zex appeal. What happend to the days of the movie One Fine Day? He was so sexy back then. I agree with the others, being with Clooney will gain you nothing in life. It’s all about how important it looks for him to have a trophy girl at his side. The big question is WHY? Is it part of a image he wants to convey?


    @julie: We are mean? Are you F*U*C*K*I*N*G kidding me? Pot kettle black! This has been a very long time coming! People are speaking their truth and had it. Many people have been on the RECEIVING end of some very nasty smear campaigns, and actions on so many levels and you know it! I would not be suprised and I am expecting one day when it comes out about the “key” parties, and other sordid sex trade games that are conducted in Hollywood between major players, and them passing wives and girlfriends off to warm the beds amongst each other. It is worse than the d*a*m*n* Mile High Club! Puhleaz!

  • mimi

    What happened to her hair? Dark and short, thin and ugly! She really looks old in grandma dress and who´s the guy next to her? Is it Clooney?? Hard to tell… WTF

  • cowbulls

    Until I see pictures or hear it from George’s mouth, I believe he is straight. A very large percentage of divorced men that already have children would love to be in George’s position. He’s dating one of the sexiest women in the world. He has been very upfront with her and every other woman he has dated recently in that he doesn’t want to get married. What’s wrong with that?


    @cowbulls: Oh the calvary is coming to the rescue! I see from other pics that the stupid skank is trying to copy a classical hair do from someone else. Why don’t you tell her to get her own style! She is trailer trash and she is copying out of her league. George thinks he is aggravating, but he is only drawing attention to the fact that he cannot do much better. Oh keep in mind that in order to imitate someone, once actually have to have true class and style to begin with. Idiot boy fails to realize that people do laugh behind his back. I notice he has Bill Bellamy singing his praises. Lol! Bellamy is trying to gain A-list status, and of course he would do that. Sick, perv and a true bas*tu*rd. Guys, what we are seeing is Rosenfield’s workings behind the scenes to take digs into someone. Keep digging. If we are lucky, this joke of a scenario will bury itself alive.

  • cgh

    Relax, okay? Publicity trades aren’t meant for others to blow their corks over. Nothing that no one else hasn’t tried before. This way it looks nice and neat and pretty but there is no obligation beyond what was agreed and in the end it very neatly disappears.

    But somewhere the charade grows tired just as the actors are readying for the curtain call and then the real performance begins … the one that calls for neither audience nor critic.

    Buying time of this sort is but a mere detour from a destined third act. Give a lukewarm applause for the lukewarm performance and await the third act. Mystifying, magical, miraculous, and mind-bogglingly beautiful. Like a voyage on the Argo. You’ll be begging for an encore!

  • Charlotte

    Since when is butterface one of the “sexiest women in the world”?
    Must be a poor world you live in.


    @cgh: Relax? It is about someone being and acting like a total a*s*s*h*a*t* and jerk. It is about having someone copy and emulate someone who has intelligence, class, and elegance and tried to transport to someone who is just trash. Charade or not, it is pathetic.


    Also keep in mind that more than likely, Stacy has passed her body around like party favor. The boyfriends and husbands take the women to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases, and the lunacy takes another round. It is part of the negotiation of deals, and cementing of relationships/friendships in Hollywood. The sick part is trying to break the spirit of the individuals who rather not go that route because in their sick perv minds this is the only way to conduct your career. Not all of Hollywood does this, but a major portion does. Then let’s not also forget how the ones who stand up get blasted, slander, and defamation. So yes, Stacy has paid her dues. Just not with her talent, or should I say lack of!

  • Al’s Marmot

    He should be ashamed of himself. He’s a coward, and he won’t end the fake girlfriend publicity contract until after the presidential election.

  • iee

    keepler is so important ? Until after the presidential election he can end the fake gf publicity contract? He wants so badly oubama to lose?

  • Sandy

    She looks awful in that dress,her hair is dark without real color or gloss, she looks much older than her years. NO chemistry between them. eewwwww.

  • Ewwwww!!!!

    Suffering from Body Dismorphic Disorder trying to lose weight off her massive bone frame. Still huge!! Still sturdy man’s legs. Sure, Hulk Hogan has 42″ legs too.
    What a hideous face she has. Bland & broken nosed.
    Her hair’s shedding so fast she’s almost bald.
    And Elisabetta Canalis was another defective ho-bag. The Steven Tyler horse face with the short-limbs, bandy legged, flat ass….
    No decent woman would want him after the last hideous disgraces he’s “dated.” He’ll hump anything!!!

  • Public Deception

    NEEDS support on the red carpet in the form of a female chaperone. Let’s play pretend, huh?? Less attractive than him, lest they steal his limelight (and bruise his inflated ego).
    Women so desperate to become celebrities at all costs as they near the expiration date of the image they try to sell… which never amounted to much, but they deceived themselves that a bit more T&A would do the trick each time.
    A typecast, and they never really change:
    From flossing one’s ample rump for beer money in public to riding a bike, legs spread-eagled flashing in desperation … tut tut…
    Dilly-dallying in any kind of entertainment that may lure men’s attention by exposing themselves. The PR network sniffs them out and approves this broken-record strategy…
    Of course, they may be pleasant people in person.
    His “crutches” on the red-carpet, he calls each homely-looking disposable Z-lister hired-help.
    That’s right. No conspiracies here. No baloney blackmail of compromising photos of him by Scientologists & other crappola.
    Nope, just an insecure man who cannot live his life earnestly because he feels the need to “pretend” to the world he’s in a relationship. And as cool, calm & collected as he appears on the red carpet… he’s not. Conceals his nerves via displays of bravado & machismo. Not relaxed.
    Meanwhile, the PR network dangle the carrot to the temporary “daughters.” You’ll get more mileage if you lose 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs…
    The bimbos are addicted to the lifestyle by now. They’ve had a taste of the limelight. They want the adulation, glory, glitz and glamor at all costs… even if it’s a far cry from reality.
    What a waste!

  • AngeloftheAM

    Wow — all these negative comments here suggest some ex- paid g/f is filling up the comments because she’s jealous her contract was up. Let it go, babe.
    Like you, his current honey is just trying to advance her career, or transition into something related. And she probably gets wardrobe, and other perks. What’s more, she’ll pay a huge price when the ride is over — so extend the woman some sympathy.