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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: French Quarter Stroll

Kate Bosworth  & Michael Polish: French Quarter Stroll

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish take an afternoon walk around the French Quarter on Sunday (October 21) in New Orleans, La.

The cute couple held hands as they enjoyed their romantic stroll together.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Kate has been down south working on her upcoming film Homefront, in which she plays the meth addict sister of a drug lord, played by James Franco.

Homefront is about about a former DEA agent (Jason Statham) who moves his family to a quiet town, where he soon tangles with a local meth druglord (Franco).

FYI: Kate is wearing a Tucker top.

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  • http://veryverysexyandhandsome sharyllee

    sick of them

  • sinca

    They look like dead people.

  • Gwen

    Her top, bag and sandals are cute.
    Cute outfit.

  • justme

    She’s so skinny! Being that thin is not healthy or attractive, in my opinion.

  • LooseLipz

    First of all..gag me.
    Second of all, he’s so unattractive, especially how he wears his hair and the beard. I’m not a fan of facial hair.
    Thirdly, she’s starting to look too thin with the body of a teenager.

    Their public affection is nauseating.

  • Merlin

    @LooseLipz: they’re just in love. put your heart on defrost.

  • miss infamous

    pale and scary thin is not a good look

  • Jess

    Her thin hair makes her look bald.

  • Kelly

    I’m pretty sure these 2 are the whitest people in America

  • jenoba

    WOW! i actually thought that she was angelina jolie in this pic! well, not hard to do when they are both so frail looking. i do like her outfit though..

  • Lou

    Doesn’t he ever wash his hair? This man is so bad looking.

  • kenzie

    omg, i thought it was AJ too!!!! i thought this ‘boho’ look went out of style years ago. there is not much difference in this style and just no caring what you look like.

  • chelle

    @Merlin: really?? I love my hubby more than anything but I don’t kling to him like a hemorrhoid…..just saying. So is she still in character cuz she looks like hell….

  • Jeannie

    Posing for the paps….again. So predictable.

  • Blackcat9

    WOW! Kate stills looks like CRAP! Yep! I was RIGHT it wasn’t the fine work of make up artists that made Kate look like a SKANKY METH HEAD! Kate REALLY DOES LOOK LIKE A SKANKY METH HEAD!

  • ladybug

    @chelle: I do think she may have deliberately lost a little more weight for the role, because she looks skinnier than normal and very ‘taut’. The outfit makes it look worse.

    @Lou, he does wash his hair. And then he puts waaay to much gel/brylcreem/whatever in it. It is not a good look for him at all.

    And JJ, why is every stroll they take a ‘romantic stroll’?

  • annie

    ugh ur right just me ,so thin nasty looking feed her mike

  • ladybug

    JJ, it’s Bosworth, not Boswoth.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: Because she really needed to lose MORE weight. She already looked like she was circling the drain. I still they they are both on the meth diet. Neither of them look healthy. He actually looked better before he was with her.

  • Bloom

    They resemble each other.

  • JJ spelling error

    Omg JJ your number 1 paid famewhoring client , and you spell her last name wronge what will Kate think of you now. Lol :)

  • myfamily

    Hey Jared, no pics of Brad and Angie? Sundays is usually the day they always turn up.

  • ladybug

    @chelle: But this weight loss is for her art!

    I can’t tell if MP has lost weight or not, I’m usually distracted by the brylcreemed hair.

  • LA

    He looks like he should have a guitar and be sitting on the sidewalk with a beanie for spare change and she looks like DEATH!! Match made in their heads. Could she please stop dressing the dude like AS it shameless. I know that her style but still Shamless.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: did he do that crap before he met her?They both look like they need a scrub in some borax and bleach.

  • Muffin meister

    @sinca: hahahaha seriously couldn’t stop laughing at that comment

  • chelle

    @myfamily: Are they as relevant as these 2????? LOL!!!!

  • Muffin meister

    my gosh her hair again if her hair wasn’t so lifeless i think she wouldn’t look so thin with hair like that she really looks like she has an eating disorder its funny how one thing can change your whole look.

  • ladybug

    @chelle: Well, there aren’t that many pics of him before he met her, mainly at film fests, but it doesn’t look like he wasn’t into the brylcreem then, I think he just cut it short. As for his dress style, he strikes me as a pretty casual guy, so I really don’t think she’s dressing him like AS.

    And I see JJ (or a staffer) has read the thread and has now corrected the ‘Boswoth’ spelling, even in the url.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: They just both always look so dirty and smelly when out and about not so much when at events. Kinda like the rolled out of bed and (sometimes) run a come through hair, see which outfit doesn’t stink off the floor and go. Sorry I’m actually pretty OCD about bathing. I have to deal with smelly people all the time and it can make you paranoid. I bathe several times a day sometimes…LOL!

  • happy

    i thought she said when she is happy she puts on weight. She looks very very skinny here. Should I assume she is UNHAPPY and just putting on a show.

  • ladybug

    @chelle: Going back and looking at the first few months worth of pap photos of their life partnership he didn’t really seem to use the brylcreem. So why he now seems to be bathing in it I don’t know.

    @happy, she’s playing a meth addict, so she’s not really supposed to look healthy. As I commented earlier, I can see her losing a few extra pounds to look even more the part.


    justjared…why dont u send her and her boo some can of beans…they look like they need it.

  • whosthatbitch

    Mother of god, did she lose more weight??? Because this is simply painful to look at. Am I seeing things? Because for a while, I had gotten used to her look and it became less jarring to see pics of her. But now … it’s worse, isn’t it? She’s definitely a lot thinner than she has been these last couple of years.

  • Come On

    She’s playing a meth addict! She lost a few pounds since Australia. Did you see any pictures of AS while filming Hidden? He looked incredibly drawn and thin.

  • sure

    @Come On:

    Yeah but he doesn’t almost always look ilk he is dying, but she does and she didn’t have to lose any weigh she was already in need of food and looked like a needle. Please! i am sure she going to use this bull to say that’s why. She has been looking thin from before the summer and that was before she had a acting job.

  • Macy

    How many pounds can she possibly lose? She’s underweight as it is. Another pap fest. These two are uber annoying with their ploys for attention.

  • Fashionista

    Kate and MIchael make a great couple. I love seeing them together because they seem so happy. Good for them! I wish them all the best.

  • mforman

    The Daily Mail strikes again with another disgusting and ridiculous article about the creature and the hobbit.
    Cuddle me, Kate! Michael Polish can’t keep his hands off Miss Bosworth… as she shows off svelte frame in tiny shorts
    Daily Mail
    The thing I find so funny is that after it was mentioned here that a reporter name was never on any of the articles about the creature, all of a sudden the last 2 DM articles have included a reporters name.
    This truly leads me to think that the DM is being feed this information, like JJ is and that is why they are writing about her so often.
    I mean seriously the articles are now including her twitter photos, they couldn’t get them that fast unless someone is giving it to them. It all seems very strange.

  • Kelli

    He is a creepy looking guy. Something about him i don’t like..

  • mforman

    @Kelli—To be honest they are both creepy looking.

  • JEN

    nice trachea KB

  • thele

    she starts looking like she stopped looking after her. maybe it´s really due to the weight loss (her hair and skin lack nutritions) or they probably really take drugs and lost it- i mean they don´t even seem to see that they aren´t with an attractive partner anymore…they´re both looking bedraggled(not unusual for drugabuse).

  • lol

    ok i know her skin on set was bad cus of makeup but here her skin looks so dull!! and shes not on set so no excuse. she is ovb not using SKII

    @Mforman DailyFail always copy articles from us gossip sites. don’t worry the commenters cant stand her either,

  • ladybug

    @Come On: I knew someone one was bound to bring that up. But he never looked that bad even having lost 16 pounds, and he’s already gained it back. She’s so tiny to begin with any weight loss is obvious and she seems to not gain it back.

    @mforman: svelte? Really? This was the problem withe the toned tummy crap from JJ’s earlier post. She’s playing a meth addict she’s not supposed to be svelte or toned, she’s supposed to be underweight and unhealthy. What a wonderful example they’re trying to set by equating meth weight with sexiness.

  • Fefe

    I never thought I would be genuinely sick of people I don’t even know ..Until they ( and the Kardashians ) came along ..!

  • Macy

    His arms are almost as skinny as hers are. Gross!

  • It’s all a game

    The best thing she could do would be to stop with these stupid sitings, chill out with the twitter crap and lay low for a while. I know she can do it because she went MIA for a bit before Alex made it obvious that he was single and she promptly unveiled MP. Since then it has been a progressively worse spiral of shameful sitings and self promotion. I used to like her, but she makes it impossible to tolerate her at all with her antics.

  • donnadew

    Can’t you imagine the casting session for this movie months ago? Producer 1: Who is grimy and emaciated enough to play the junkie sister?
    Producer 2: That’s easy! Kate Bosworth! And she won’t even need makeup!

  • EAT IT

    I will donate $1,000,000,000.00 to your favorite charity, for each hamburger you eat!