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Kristen Stewart: Katy Perry's Birthday Party with Marcus Foster!

Kristen Stewart: Katy Perry's Birthday Party with Marcus Foster!

Kristen Stewart chats with her friends at Katy Perry‘s birthday party held at The Magic Castle on Friday (October 19) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress attended the bash with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson‘s pal Marcus Foster.

“She looked happy and was surrounded by her friends the whole time,” a source told of Kristen‘s night out without Rob, who is close friends with the birthday girl.

Katy celebrated her 28th birthday that evening with a costume party. She dressed up as a vampire while her boyfriend John Mayer dressed as zombie hunter!

FYI: Kristen is wearing the Lacoste L!ve Plaid Bomber jacket.

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  • Farrah

    Gosh, she looks like an ‘Aunt Gladys’ with that expression, that hair and those nerdy glasses.

  • Mary

    now she make out with his friend too? whore

  • maggie

    hmm. she should wear glasses more.

  • Del

    Famewhores of a feather flock together.

  • LOL

    How sad that spineless Rob knows he has to keep one of his friends with her at all times in case she cheats on him again.

  • Kelly

    so Rob and Kristen are friends with Markus who is friends with Katy and Lindsay and Lindsay’s old assistant is friends with Rob. hollywood is so much like high school

  • Mary

    Rob, open your eyes and kick this famewhore to the curb

  • bahha black sheep

    time to promote twilight…wake up people they are a fake couple to promote a franchise, KStew cheated on no one……..

  • Joana

    i can’t believe. kslut never get tired. i don’t want see your face famewhore. stay in your home 4ever.

  • Laurie

    I see the fat nonstens are on here! Now go cry in your Rob pillow

  • maria

    More publicity stunt and now using Marcus. What do you want kslut? Prove all Rob’s friends like you? i’m sure all his friends hates the tramp

  • chakka

    meow! meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • emilie

    She really assumed her tramp side with this red lipstick.

  • liv

    5 bucks John Mayer try to hit on KSlut at the party. I won”t be surprised if the Jonh Mayer and Kristen hook up after the last Twilight movie. Sorry, Katy.

  • kim

    Rob, please you can do so much better. You should date a model or a hot actress like Scarlett Johansson, but not this tramp.

  • ksp

    @maria: Using Marcus? Oh man, he isn’t a kid..
    Please, get a life and just buy a dildo.

  • ksp

    @liv: Go write a book, you’re very creative and dreamer

  • britany

    this famewhore doesn’t like anyone. She only likes herself.

  • Kathy Giroux

    Wow, so many sad, jealous little girls on here, so hateful. I bet Rob is really ashamed of his fandom. Glad to see Kris out with their friends having fun. Don’t mind the ugly hags girl, you’ve got the love of Rob, a good man. The bitter hens just have their Edward posters.

  • ksp

    @emilie: And you must be a virgin… pop your cherry, baby girl

  • wowww

    WOWWWWWW Just jared are getting news from fandom’s tweets. SHAME!

  • Taylor

    Someone has to keep her away from Rupert. I bet she tried to escape the party to go see him.

  • liv


    With John Mayer and Kristen’s reputation…is that really far- fetched?

  • Britt

    The same people posting over and over again…Poor Rob, his fans are DELUSIONALS!

  • p

    @Kathy Giroux: LOL… that was good love this comment ! you hit the nail right on the head ….

  • judd


  • Laurie


    Rob fans are fats, ugly and grown women. They are such vile creatures. I don’t know how they can stand themselves.

  • ksp

    @Joana: I have a solution for u: rip out your eyes

  • ksp

    @Laurie: They’re totally irrational, crazy and lonely LOL

  • kathy

    I can’t blame Kristen for cheating on the wussy vampire. She needed to know what it was like to have sex with a real man and Rupert gave it to her real good. They rocked the mini cooper all day long! Now she has to go back to pretending about the wussy vampire because they have a movie coming out.

  • ksp

    @liv: oh man, I seriously worry for your own mental health.

  • Terri

    Kristen looks great and I’m glad she’s out having fun with her friends. I feel bad for Rob having such hateful fans that just love to bash his girlfriend. Just remember that Rob hates you for hating on the love of his life.

  • mcdonalds

    To Rob Pattinson fans/kristen haters…

    Go find a man or a woman IF that is what your into. Get a life, take a shower, SHAVE your pits and legs(SAD BUT TRUE LMAO)go to McDonalds go LARGE, get your ICE CREAM, wash your kids, read a book oh wait I forgot you can’t read again LMAO get F UCKED oh yeah that’s right you can’t you stink and are unshaved LOL.Ok really your all pretty sad picking on a man and women just because you will never be with them, have their money, have the type of family and friends that support them. I love that you spend you time talking about one girl you hate.DO NOT STOP YOUR MEDS. SEEK HELP CALL THE HOTLINE, GET HELP, TRY TO GET F UCKED LOL

  • ksp

    @Terri: She looks so cute <3

  • ksp

    @mcdonalds: ROTFLMAO!! i luv u, srsly

  • Wendy

    @Terri: Bobby Long isn’t there, he probably preferred to watch Cheaters on TV.

  • kingkayski

    Wow, poor nonstens ,Robs pillow must be soak and wet with tears and somethingelse,eeeeeew.

  • KP


    Yup, they are FAT and UGLY. See, no one wants to date them because they are fat… so they keep obsessing over someone they will never know or talk. And they hate Kristen because Rob is crazy about her. If the nonnies spend less time obsessing over Kristen, and more time at the gym, they wouldn’t be so FAT and probably more happy with their real life.:)

  • KP


    I agree with you… She looks so cute!

  • Susan

    I love this! Such a fun party! Happy birthday, Katy! :)

  • Lol


    Best Post Ever!

  • Laura

    @mcdonalds: Wow, you’re coming across as uneducated, trashy and ungrateful just like Kristen. Congratulations.

  • Sam

    I am happy that Kristen is going out and having fun with friends, and I like more Rob every day. I hope we get to see them together and out doing fun things. Kristen is very beautiful.

  • Andrea

    Rob your deserve so much better! Your being made fun of all over the internet for sticking with a cheater who messed around behind your back with a married man. Oh and your friend is there too…is he babysitting her just in case some older hot hollywood director should be at that party that she can cheat with again?

  • Words of wisdom

    Kristen fans always resort to personal attacks whenever someone points out the truth about Kristen and then they cry “Bullying! Bullying!” when someone answers them back.Let me tell you that being a fat,ugly,etc is much better than being a cheating home wrecker.Just because someone is fat and/or ugly doesn’t make them a bad person or a loser.Do you honestly think that having physical beauty is equivalent to having a good heart? Take a look at your beloved Kristen,she is a pretty chick (who dresses like a prostitute most of the time),she slept with a married creep after meeting his wife and kids which shows that behind that beautiful face lies a truly ugly person.

  • xoxo

    Watch out Katy, KSTOOL may boink your John Mayer afterwards…

  • Xxxx

    ROFL poor Rob now needs to keep his pals around Kristen to guard her vagina.

  • Hornet

    omg who cares about this white trash , seriously if she didn’t happen to land in that terrible movie she would be selling tickets a movie theater somewhere in the valley … omg stop the madness with this one no one cares

  • Hornet


    hollywood just blows each other basically it’s a smaller cesspool than you know !

  • A

    @mcdonalds: I don’t want a McDonald meal.I just want to know if John Mayer and Kscrew exchanged numbers ;) Rob is not in town and Marcus cannot keep an eye on her 24/7 you know what I mean ;) Everybody knows that John loooooooooooves easy chicks like Kscrew and he doesn’t care about STDs ;) ;) ;) He will screw the Stew