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Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis: Monday Morning Dog Walk!

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis: Monday Morning Dog Walk!

Ashton Kutcher and girlfriend Mila Kunis take their dog for a walk on Monday morning (October 22) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress sipped on her cup of coffee and walked behind her 34-year-old beau to hide from photographers.

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Make sure to tune in for the new episode of Two and a Half Men titled “That’s Not What They Call It In Amsterdam” on Thursday (October 25) at 8:30/7:30c on CBS!

FYI: Mila is wearing the Heartloom ‘Kate Wrap’.

15+ pictures inside of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis walking the dog…

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ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 01
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 02
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 03
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 04
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 05
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 06
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 07
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 08
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 09
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 10
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 12
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 15
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 16
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 17
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 18
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 19
ashton kutcher mila kunis monday morning dog walk 20

Credit: Merino; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Sam

    daww kelso and jackie

  • Gorgeous!

    Aw. They’re so ‘normal’ by Hollywood standards. Mila, looking gorgeous as always. You have to be a natural beauty to pull off the no make-up look. Lord knows I can’t leave the house without mine lol.

  • Anne

    Very cute couple.

  • Plm

    They’re such an odd couple!

  • Very Romantic

    @Plm: Odd how? Because they actually seem to really like each other and aren’t stumbling out of nightclubs or releasing sex tapes? What an odd comment. Anyways, Mila and Ashton spend A LOT of time alone together. How sweet! They’re obviously not bored. That 15 year history (as friends) is the perfect foundation for a lasting relationship.

  • Ramiya

    I love them so much… <3<3<3

  • Dude

    I think Plm means “odd couple” in the sense that they don’t seem very compatible (like a hot girl dating a nerd). I don’t personally see it since they seem like a perfect match (especially given their long standing friendship) but I don’t think he/she was calling either of them odd.

  • Philly

    Is this a statement? Good Luck to them but we’ve had sooo many pictures of them in the last 2 weeks that I’m starting to wonder.
    Notice there is no one else in these shots, so they KNEW prior that they were going to be photographed. Beautiful setting though.

  • Sarah

    Omg I love them!! So cute Mila and Ashton are meant to be together forever:)

  • kelly

    @Philly: How does that prove anything of the sort?? They are obviously on a walk in a residentail neighborhood, why should there be an expectation of other people being around? Far from the opposite, I am sure they hoped the paps would not be stalking them when they are just enjoying some personal time walking the dog.

  • millyx

    @philly yeah stepping out of your home to walk your dogs, you just know the paps are there! what an absurd statement to make. not like they’re smiling at the paps like cory and lea do after calling them themselves

  • Rani

    Man..they are so domesticated…any of these pics can be a post card..especially the one with them with arms around each other and the dog walking on the side… luvs…

  • Very Romantic

    @Dude: True, Dude (;-p). But I don’t think Mila really cares about appearances, afterall, she did date Macaulay Culkin! I see that a lot. Hot girls with mediocre guys. Women are more emotional in their choices. We prefer beauty on the INSIDE as opposed to big butts and chiseled chest lol.

  • Fefe

    they really are a lovely couple,but is justjared going to follow them around everywhere like they do with Kate Bosworth and that Polish guy ? I just don’t want people to get sick of Ashton and Mila like they did with them ( Bo and Po )

  • peoplerdumb

    you guys seriously need a lesson.

    JARED does not take these photos. as you’ll see there’s always a “credit: _____” with all photo posts. He only logs onto image sites and uploads these pictures.

    @fefe I don’t think you should be concerned about people tiring over Mila and Ashton as with kate and Polish guy. Mila and Ashton are both attractive and have careers and are highly talked about/cared about celebs. No one gives two shits about Kate Bos and her rando Polish guy flaunting their rings and skeleton bodies

  • mom

    she always looks so hung over to me, gross

  • Michael

    that is not their dog. It’s his dog. He had that dog when he was with demi.

  • LooseLipz

    Officially unimpressed. But..glad he’s not with Demi, who truly is an unhealthy needy person.

  • rikki

    he’s annoying but she’s really cute. :)

  • where’s the bucket

    These two sure love being papped, don’t they? Although they’ve been living together for months paps didn’t used to camp out in front of Kutcher’s house.. until now. Did they finally strike a deal with them two private rock stars?

  • ExtraExtraReadAllAboutIt!

    @where’s the bucket: Darn. Busted. And here they were thinking nobody would catch onto their sly games but little-miss-smarty-pants “Where’s the bucket” used all her Edumacation to put the pieces together in order to solve one of the worlds most haunting mysteries. Dun dun dun DUH! Yes, you’re correct. Ashton and Mila call the paparazzi, roll out of bed with messy hair and no make-up on to set up “oops” photoshoots so all the people thinking they’re “super sexy” would stop with the insulting abomination. And then they PRETEND to look peed-off so movie execs could find that behavior endearing and give them big parts in movies! An elaborate scheme, but obviously not elaborate enough for Sharlock “Where’s the bucket”. /sarcasm.

  • where’s the bucket

    your post made me chuckle, →thumbs-up.

    Before I drop an ugly hint about this very private Kunis&Kutcher story, let me pose a few questions here:
    What is the one thing humans have always been drawn to? This perhaps → ? ← Most popular stories very often revolve around? yretsyM & ecnamoR ←
    Next, what strategy do some big companies use when they need to raise more media attention? Ever came across those unconfirmed rumors & strategic leaks of blurry photos, someone somewhere got hold of some parts which then led to more speculations.. the usual marketing cr@p? What purpose, do you think, can possibly such hush-hush strategy serve? Not a valid marketing strategy, you say? Ever heard of one company which utilizes such strategy with great success.. called Apple? Can we grasp the concept?
    Now here’s that ugly hint and Mila’s fans can hate me for it much as they want since that’s not how they wish to perceive her. Neither do I. The whole media frenzy wasn’t caused by the fact those two were dating at all. That alone would have made a few headlines however…, it’s the story’s most important ingredient – the initial aura of secrecy and hiding – which fuelled speculations and guaranteed constant media attention. Without them playing along and without Mila’s denials the story would have never worked the way it did.
    Without this → ? ← there’s zero to speculate about and the attention would have been less intense and persistent.
    Countless threads on the net including these posts here would not exist. Fact. Millions would still be unfamiliar with the name Mila Kunis. Fact.
    It’s called advertising and this businesses will not survive without it. Deal with it or keep holding on to your illusion – it’s your choice.

  • Sammysparrow

    JARRED SAYS ‘Mila walked behind her 34-year-old beau to hide from photographers.’. What a lot of bull. These photos are arranged to show how ‘down to earth’ they are and that they got a rescue dog. Many of the positive comments on this blog are put there by Mila’s PR. Readers are so gullible!

  • Nono

    So if that’s his dog and he had it awhile, their only being pictured now? They never walked it before after 6 months together. Obviously someone is assigned to his house to watch them. No one does this to Pitt or clooney.
    Why are they so interested in overloading us with Mila.
    She was more interesting when we knew less. It’s killing it for me.

  • Tasha Cohen

    @ExtraExtraReadAllAboutIt!: The messy hair is all part of the PR strategy. Don’t you realise that the negative comments then make other readers come to the defence of Mila. Women jump up to defend her messy hair because ‘she is one of us’. She is the fakest actress in Hollywood because she refutes all this in her interviews.

  • sickofthehype

    @LooseLipz:How would you know?

  • Jasperbob

    @millyx: Are you knot smart enough to see that not smiling is exactly how they give the illusion that the paps took unauthorised photos. Don’t you do Media Studies at school?

  • Jasperbob

    Oops suppose to be ‘not smart enough’ My bad. Ha ha

  • linda


    Eh there is nothing special about her. I look good without make up and so do many other women. gosh

  • African Girl
  • ted

    @linda: LOL, yea sure you do. We all look forward to your next photo spread in GQ. Of course there are many beautiful women in this world that aren’t celebs…..but please, Mila is a beautiful woman, deal with it.

  • ExtraExtraReadAllAboutIt

    @where’s the bucket: Props for admitting you got a chuckle out it. Very classy. I would also like to point out, you completely refuted the fact that “truth hurts”. Turns out, it can be funny, too ;-p.
    Do I think Lance Armstrong ran a “sophisticated doping scheme”? Sure. Do I think Mila and Ashton are running a “sophisticated publicity scheme”? No. Not that celebrities are above it; many of them actually rely on propagandas to keep them relevant in the news and on the minds of sponsors, but I strongly doubt that applies here. If it’s one thing I learned from ScarFace, is that “the eyes chico they never lie” (lol). Mila (who according to “People Magazine” is already “tired” because of her “intense schedule” due to her back-to-back projects) and Ashton (who also has a full-time job as the main lead on a hit television series) DON’T NEED anymore publicity then they already have–which is evidently more then they can handle.

    C’mon. Lets be smart here. Don’t fall into the category of “Those People” (Conspiracy Theorist). I’d like to believe you’re better then that. Sometimes it’s fun thinking UFOs exist or that 2Pac is still alive but reality is, life is so boring that we need a little excitment to spice things up. We, as people, like to think there are things beyond the horizon because the mystery of it is simply fun. How boring would things be if we took everything for face value? If you don’t like Mila and/or Ashton, you’re going to try and nitpick on things just so you can validate your own personal feelings. I mean, you have poster #25, @Tasha Cohen, claiming the reason Mila ‘supports’ messy hair is to orcestrate sympathy on the internet! Does that sound rational to you? Come on.

  • ashhey

    this woman always looks dirty and unkempt. I wonder if she showers once in a while..

  • where’s the bucket

    No, I don’t think messy hair is part of some strategy and personally don’t care about this bit at all. Neither do I think they run a ‘sophisticated publicity scheme’, it’s actually pretty trivial and quite common. I knew you would brush this off as some conspiracy theory as it’s the easiest thing to do. I think I have already explained that this is a common marketing practice and why it works so well.
    So this thing exploded in April with such big hoopla and with all media making concerted some kind of a spontaneous unintentional act? Only because two actors who’d known each other for years were leaving a restaurant – while other celebs can hang out together without press making big fuss over it? Ok then.
    As for they ‘DON’T NEED anymore publicity’ – it’s actually the opposite. You know well Kutcher’s show is dependent on ratings, if they drop considerably the show gets cancelled and he and others are out of job. Movie making is a risky business and the pressure in Hollywood for movies to do well is huge. Do you think when Mila is hired for a movie that costs megabucks to produce, she doesn’t need anymore publicity? Seriously? Why the photos from movie sets, photoshoots for glossy magazines, sexiest woman awards then? Or do you want people to believe the recent PDA photos from Central Park were purely accidental,..paps just happened to walk by and took some pics? I am not saying she’s not fed up with all the attention (hell I would be), but to say they both don’t need it is simply not true.
    Look, do you think I would ever bother to write all this if I didn’t like Mila? Think about the reasons Mila was liked by many people and think about what’s been happening in the last 2 years.
    Now, there’s one important clue for you a few posts back from ‘Nono’ – it’s in the last sentence.

  • csa

    so they took some crap! such important news!!!! Mila don` t hide behind Ashton , we can still see your silly face!!!

  • anonymous

    He has had this dog for a long time. It is his dog from his time married to Demi.Why all of a sudden is he being photographed walking the dog?Coincidence?

  • cece

    @anonymous: More conspiracy talk…lol….it’s called being in a new relationship and having the paparrazzi stalk you to the point of hangng out in front of your home early in the morning to catch anything they do, such as the mundane acts of walking a dog.

  • anonymous

    @cece: ————what the dog only got a morning walk last week twice in all that time they have been at the house?

  • nailey
  • damon

    @anonymous:I agree cece, it’s not like they would be there to take a picture every time, but it’s pretty obvious that the paparrazzi are all up in their grill since its the new relationship….in a few months they’ll be on to the latest couple.

  • Tasha Cohen

    @ExtraExtraReadAllAboutIt: It is exactly what PR do-manipulate the public with images. You are too trusting.

  • omd

    i like them together. somehow she makes him seem less douchey

  • Billie

    Mila is such an airhead and Ashton is a smart businessman. He will eventually go for someone who is more intellectually stimulating perhaps.