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Emma Roberts & Evan Peters: Tyler Shields Photo Shoot!

Emma Roberts & Evan Peters: Tyler Shields Photo Shoot!

Evan Peters holds his real-life girlfriend Emma Roberts close in this new photo shoot from Tyler Shields.

The 25-year-old American Horror Story: Asylum actor plays a man in love with a blowup doll in the short film that accompanies the shoot.

“Betsy. That’s my girlfriend Betsy. We’ve been going out for about a year and a half now. I guess you can say things have gotten pretty serious,” Evan says while playing the role. “It started as sex, but it moved to a whole other level of connection and meaning. I mean, I’d come home after a really long day at work and you’re just sitting there and like ‘Jesus, I need someone,’ you know? You get really lonely. She fills that.”

Emma Roberts & Evan Peters: Tyler Shields Photo Shoot!
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  • milena

    Evan Peters is a bit strange!

  • maria

    Well, those are tacky photos.

  • Fars


  • miss infamous

    I thought she was dating someone else

  • Barbra

    I laugh at him. I bet he’s had sex with many young girls but still unable to have a gf. Grow up little man!!

  • Kimmy

    Goddamn this just killed my attraction to him. Hes a great actor and all but the fact that hes dating Emma Roberts and did this film- I am pretty sure hes a huge douche in real life.

  • maria chiara

    Barbra, re you kidding? I hope you are, that was clearly made up. it was a joke. have you read the article “Evan says while playing the role”.

    for the record, he does have a girlfriend. that would actually be Emma Roberts, the one who’s in the picture and in the video with him. the “real” girl.


  • Barbra

    maria are you serious? For an instant, I thought he really said that.

  • maria chiara


    why is he a douche? you should not judge someone by such things. I think this video was, yes, a bit stupid, but also auto ironic and funny. and tyler shields has taken some really pretty pictures of him. he was asked to play this small “role” (even though that’s not the proper term), so why not doing it? I bet he had fun. it’s not like he decided what to say and do.
    as for emma roberts, I don’t love her either. but who knows, maybe she’s nice. you so like judging don’t you?

    you wanna know what I judge him by? his acting skills. he’s awfully talented. he’s a freaking good actor who deserves respect and praise.

  • maria chiara

    he was just acting. it was a joke :)

  • Barbra

    @maria chiara: I dont think he’s so talented. After watching the video I realized it was joke. And then I read the thread carefully.

  • Barbra

    @maria chiara: That’s all :)

  • Kimmy

    I worked as an extra on one of Emma’s films and met her several times in real life. She has no class and is a stuck up biatch.

  • Kimmy

    I also said he was good actor- way to read carefully

  • maria chiara

    @Kimmy: sorry, I completely missed that part. anyway, I do hope he’s not a douche. maybe he simply got to know emma better than you did and she turned out to be this amazingly beautiful and exquisite person.
    I’m not a fan of her, never really liked her. she does look like someone who puts on airs. but still, I wouldn’t want people to dislike him just because of the girl he’s dating. but hey, maybe he really is a douche and my fantasy with evan as mr perfection is just that. a fantasy. :) I’m truly sorry if I was offensive, I got a bit carried away, but it’s just because I really appreciate him as an actor and I’d love to think of him as a nice person as well.

  • ashhey

    The pictures with the doll are gross. Why the heck are they published? Why were they even taken?

  • Prezes

    Her hair style is awful. She looked great in “Valentine’s Day”, but lately she’s been doing weirdest things with her hair.

  • creed

    I take it Maria Chaira either works for Emma or IS EMMA.

  • Nepotismma Roberts

    Do these idiots actually think that doing this makes them look, to utter a cliche phrase….’cool’? Whatever happened to actors wearing regular boring clothes and just smiling into the camera for a photoshoot?

  • Nicole

    I’m so jealous of that doll..

  • Breanna

    Just watch one of his interviews lol
    I mean he seems like a royal duesche in reality!

  • Kevin


  • Kevin

    This is quite funny,

    If this the best thing Hollywood has to offer then there in trouble.

    1. He’ can’t at for sh**

  • Susan

    He seems like a bit of a d-bag in real life. Comes off as bored and snooty in interviews and is dating what seems like a trophy. Maybe that’s the beauty of this ‘piece’. Is it actually a joke played on Evan and Emma insinuating she’s interchangeable with a blow up doll? Lol. That’s what I’m gonna go with. This is a guy who wanted to act so he could meet the Olson twins. *shudder* Love his characters in AHS, think he’s a great actor. Great person? Dunno. It’s mostly speculation but we can use deductive reasoning to suss out some things.

  • LAbaby.

    I’ve met Evan, and he’s not even close to douche level. he’s actually a really chill guy and super nice. He’s just uncomfortable when it comes to interviews. Emma is highly replaceable. The several times i’ve met her, she’s been, well a cunt. She’s the type that if your not wearing brand names or catering to her every whim, she’ll treat you like utter shit. Everybody is saying what a douche Evan is, yet have failed to realize that Emma seems to date these guys when they are super relevant. Chord Overstreet, look what happened there, as soon as he wasn’t relevant anymore, Emma moved on. She’s done that with every guy she’s dated.

  • Lauren

    God, I wish I was that blow-up doll.