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James Franco & Ashley Benson: Universal Studios Sweethearts

James Franco & Ashley Benson: Universal Studios Sweethearts

James Franco puts his arm around new gal pal Ashley Benson in this photo snapped at Universal Studios and posted on Instagram!

James Franco gettin’ it in right in front of me,” the Instagram user captioned the pic.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ashley Benson

Earlier, it was confirmed by that James and Ashley have gotten hot and heavy! The Spring Breakers co-stars have been spotted out and about holding hands.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ashley Benson and James Franco as Hollywood’s newest couple??

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Instagram
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  • MO

    Jared seriously man. you pimp free publicity to james and ashley too. i thought it was only hudgens.

    i don’t understand why this site keep pimping worthless celebs like minka kelly , lean rymms , frida pinto , vanessa hudgens , and theres other few i don’t even remember names of. its obvious jj is getting paid.

  • Steph

    Lol since ash and just jared are such “good” friends seems pathetic she will do anything for attention

  • RupertSanders

    pr couple, desperate for attention

  • ha ha


  • anyonmous

    Doesn’t she have a boyfriend?

  • taza

    i think james franco is a pr&ck who has no problem bashing other actors for their work and yet is now on just jared, pimping out his faux-relationship.

  • Stacy

    whoa, I actually don’t have any words
    I love Ashley. She actually seems like a great actress, by live streams and interviews a cool person. Beautiful obviously, My favorite on PLL
    I had suspicious about Ryan and her being over for a good while now.
    but this, no just no

  • yuer

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  • uh

    @MO: theres been a lot of nobodies on this site lately and a lot of ppl who you’d never see on a blog like scarlett joblow who always covered her face. but celebrity is changing, its not about the actual talent, its about who has more fans on twitter, or more stupid GIF love on tumblr.

  • creed

    This smells of PR. Its one thing if we found out they have a relationship from these pictures but it was announced yesterday and suddenly we have pictures… Another thing, they dont seem compatable. They are both lovely and cool. But by hWood standards Franco is very smart and reclusive,

  • creed

    @uh: I love you.



  • Leah

    she is so teen
    I mean, would not be so weird if were vanessa hudgens
    I do not know what to think about this couple
    but I have the feeling that it does not last

  • jamiehsu

    I thought she’s still with ryan good

  • Elena

    lol its kind of embarrassing how terrible this PR stunt has been executed. c’mon jared, you can do better.

  • Paulie

    So fake. I love how we’re all so much more aware of these PR arrangements.

  • try again

    lol. No.

  • A

    There’s quite an age gap between them. Either it’s PR, won’t last, or she’s just a plaything

  • Lana

    it’s so sad she had dropped her boyfriend for him, because everybody knows that it will not last and he will never take her seriously
    he will never take her on a red carpet
    she’s just a teen with a serie

  • Kim

    WOW Jared you are just sad. This is almost as bad as your consent useless coverage of D list celebs like Minka Kelly , Lean Rymms , and Vanessa Hudgens.

    How about oh I don’t know, reporting on people who are REAL celebs and who have good careers?

    If anyone tries to say this is anything other then a PR set up you’d have to be stupid.

  • lana

    @MO: I totally agree. All of those celebrity are worthless to be on this site.

  • tan

    lucky girl.

  • Jade

    I used to like James Franco but I think he’s just a TOOL.
    I’ve heard he’s arrogant as hell.
    Such a turn off.

  • MO

    @uh i don’t think having more fans on twitter has to do anything with it. we all know jj pimp these z list celebs cause he get paid to do so. jared must love it.

  • Ruta


    She’s nearly 23 and quite old enough to date an “older” man – wow, he is actually 34! Well that just makes him more interesting. James can be many things but I’m sure that he doesn’t date women for PR stunts.

  • Ruta


    Do you mean that James Franco is a “Z lister” – with his list of films, nominations etc?

  • uh

    @creed: haha :)

  • uh

    @MO: yes it does & i’m referring to celebrities in general. its not even about the craft anymore. its about who makes it into the tumblr hall of fame.

  • Vamp

    Okay, I don’t get how ppl are bashing Vanessa because of this…… She is not a d lister by any standards…. Geez….

  • Nisha

    Hasn’t anyone noticed this is NOT James Franco?
    You can see it clearly from his profile.
    It’s probably just a guy who looks like him.

  • eyesonly

    They look good together physically. BUT They are 12 yrs apart. Such relationships work sometimes but mostly when the girl is above 25. Like Lizzy Caplan – Matthew Perry’s relationship worked. She’s just 22. She is using Franco for publicity just like Minka Kelly uses Chris Evans. And Franco is after young meat.

  • coco

    Guys, you do realize that in this picture you see only the hair of the girl??
    There’s no certainty whatsoever that this is Ashley Benson, it could be anybody!

  • eyesonly

    Ugh. Too much of SHOWMANCE. Good publicity stunt for their movie and Ashley herself. They are 12 yr apart and I don’t think they have many things in common. Great fling for playing and publicity

  • OOPS


  • maria

    This is nuts. Spring Breakers does NOT NEED a so-called Shomance to promote it. It’s gone to multiple film festivals and had great reviews, without this now known romance. Duh. Actors meet on set all the time, why is that such a crazy possibility that they liked each other?? Honestly, I think they seem good together. Both a little crazy and both won’t care what you all think. So what if they date?? You people need to chill.

  • k

    @maria: because he’s known to like the fellas — and people are leaving comments because THIS IS A BLOG!!!

  • Fer

    @MO: Yeah! And Jared, everybody knows that James is gay and that he used to date Ricardo Tisci, from Givenchy. Get over it.

  • laniey

    @MO: yes I agree with you. especially with minka kelly and indian lady from slumdog millionare, do they have any fans at all? Some of the comments on their jj posts are like how are they lol. Def PR. James was great until that stupid oscar show he hosted and acting in crap movies now. Now he is doing fake romance like Emma stone-andrew garflied with a girl who is the same age as Daniel Radlcliffe? james you are better then that!

  • laniey

    sorry i mean like who are they,not how are they

  • andrea

    i rather james to date vanessa haha but i love ashley anyways.. i don’t think that they need any kind of PR or whatever, Spring Breakers was at the Venice Film Festival, and TIFF.. i mean, it has a lot of good reviews.. your comments are nonsense

  • mizr

    This is PR trick. Sorry don’t buy this. Spring Breakers got early release to be closer to the Oscars lol. Why is he acting in a movie with a bunch of disney kids anyways? Does he need the employment or what. Yeah I agree about the Oscar hosting he went downhill. Anne Hatheway did very well with the Dark Knigh Rises and has Les Miserables coming out.

  • andrea

    @mizr: the fact that they were from disney doesn’t not mean that they can not act..