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Robert Pattinson: 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Photo Call in Australia!

Robert Pattinson: 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Photo Call in Australia!

Robert Pattinson is dapper while posing at a Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 photo call on Monday (October 22) in Sydney, Australia.

The day before, the 26-year-old was spotted arriving at the Sydney Airport.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Robert Pattinson

Later in the day, Robert is scheduled to appear at a fan event in Australia.

Next month, Robert will be promoting his new film in the states on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. We can’t wait!

20+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson at a photo call for Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part Two

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robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 02
robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 03
robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 04
robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 05
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robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 11
robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 12
robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 13
robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 14
robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 15
robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 16
robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 17
robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 18
robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 19
robert pattinson twilight breaking dawn part two photo call in australia 20

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85 Responses to “Robert Pattinson: 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Photo Call in Australia!”

  1. 1
    R Says:

    this guy has become such a joke now.

  2. 2
    notman Says:

    Wow he look so insecure and shameful.

  3. 3
    RupertSanders Says:

    Twilight Sucks

  4. 4
    Carrie Says:

    You could tell how low his self esteem is. He looks absolutely ashamed in these pics. Poor guy. He seems very nice and sweet so that’s why I feel bad.

  5. 5
    jules Says:

    Ugly man.

  6. 6
    KDC Says:

    Guys stop it. I feel really bad for him. He’s one of the nicest guys out there and that is why he took his cheating girlfriend back. Let’s back off.

  7. 7
    deej Says:

    What are these pictures? It looks like he’s incredible embarassed by what’s going on… you know? But it’s his own fault. No one forced him to get back with that ***** of a girlfriend of his.

  8. 8
    Bing Says:

    Why does he look so sad?

  9. 9
    RupertSanders Says:

    I f#cked your girlfriend and it was good :)

  10. 10
    val Says:

    Looks like he’s really embarassed by she who shall not be named. He looks ashamed or something.

  11. 11
    kisses! Says:

    His skin is flawless and so gorgeous. What a nice guy to forgive his girlfriend who humiliated him all over the world by hooking up with her director. I say kudos to him.

  12. 12
    RobloserPattinson Says:

    Oh look Trampire’s boyfriend.

  13. 13
    Bells Says:

    I don’t understand why he looks like he has such low self esteem? He looks so insecure. What’s wrong? Be confident and pose straight.

  14. 14
    Pinkiswear Says:

    Poor Rob. He looks so miserable and sad. I’m not a fan nor do I follow his news but I’ve never seen a celeb genuinely look this upset and depressed in photos like these before.

  15. 15
    Jackie Says:

    Why is he cowering like he’s scared? I think he’s ashamed and embarassed but he didn’t do anything!

  16. 16
    belle Says:

    wish he would smile cos he has a lovely smile,he looks tired which is understandable

  17. 17
    Jerry Says:

    That facial hair is doing things to me.

  18. 18
    Sara Says:

    He is so,idk,miserably handsome and also a joke for the taking back the cause of misery for pr reasons or not

  19. 19
    wow Says:

    This looks more like a photo shoot than a photo call for a movie.. Which is strange I have never seen that before. Either its marketing for the film having him pose like this or he really is that unhappy…..
    Either way he looks miserable while promoting a film, something most actors never show because the studio heads don’t like it.
    They want actors to pretend to be happy while promoting a film…
    So he must be THAT unhappy that he doesn’t even care.
    Will be interesting to see him come November.

  20. 20
    ecca Says:

    LOL @ the emo poses. It’s like he’s thinking “I wonder if Kristen is cheating on me right now? I know I shouldn’t have left my best friend alone with her.”

  21. 21
    BEBE Says:

    its must have been hard for him to open with public by doing this promotion tours, gives people criticize and judging his private life, oh rob, why you embarrassing yourself this low?

    if you really love her, she shouldn’t treat you wrong. you were so nice that in the end you can be kind to her, but you are an actor, your whole life is open to the world, your girlfriend cheating pictures is everywhere, embarrassing you, how can you not know this before you back with her?

    go strong rob, if you love her, be with her…best wishes for ya

  22. 22
    llkyut Says:

    I saw all the pics from this Aussie tour and I must say that Rob doesn’t look genuinely happy like he usually does during promo tours.Maybe he is tired or….maybe he is just worried about certain someone opening her legs for free in LA since he is not there to control her :p Its okay Rob just tell her to use condom and destroy all the evidence this time ;p

  23. 23
    lookey Says:

    Robpoo’s FAVE pics of her only-ever-most-beloved KPIG – check it out & scroll down…–Robert-Pattinson-Issuses-Public-Apol?page=71

  24. 24
    rob d miser says Says:


  25. 25
    BrunoPowter Says:

    just as Joel explained I am stunned that a mom able to get paid $5586 in 1 month on the internet. did you look at this website (Click on menu Home more information)

  26. 26
    wendy Says:

    Rob is looking so hot in the pics …love his smile in one of the pics !!!!

  27. 27
    Amber Says:

    Rob handsome even when jet lagged ….loved the interviews as well !!

  28. 28
    Amber Says:

    looks like Krisbians have hit the site because Rob does not get negative comments on Just Jared .

  29. 29
    Lena Says:

    Rob has become a butt of jokes since he took her back .dont know why he does not leave her and start a new chapter in his life .

  30. 30
    Lena Says:

    Rob is looking so hot guys …these are not the best of pics go chk out RP life or Robsessed . anyway i am excited about the Bd2 the final chapter . cant say i am going to miss it …so looking forward to seeing Rob with a new female lead .

  31. 31
    Anne Says:

    the only thing i am going to miss about Twilight is the big premiers with loads of Rob interviews . hope his new movies do well so we get to see him more and more . and hope he gets rid of her …..cant stand her .

  32. 32
    ashley Says:

    I have always liked Rob he is a class act ….a nice man inside out . but i mean taking her back after she cheated does not reflect good on him as a man . her negativity just Rubs on him wish he would get rid of her .

  33. 33
    magic Says:

    love the guy wish i had a magic wand to make her disaappear from his life !!

  34. 34
    Kelly Says:

    Poor bloke looks like between being on a promo tour for this joke of a franchise and his cheating (ex?)gf,he likes neither and ashamed of both

  35. 35
    erin Says:

    Rob is a great guy , KRisten is the only irritating part of his personality . just dont understand how the hell can he take her back after what she did

  36. 36
    Linda Says:

    Sod it,mate,she’s a wench:p

  37. 37
    Rita Says:

    I love watching Rob movies dont like Twilight but since he has taken the trampire back I am finding it hard to watch his movies …that girl is bad news .

  38. 38
    jade Says:

    was so looking forward to Rob’s career after Twilight ….but his taking her back has made me question his sanity !

  39. 39
    Jennifer Says:

    Wow, a lot of the comments on here are SHAMEFUL. Jared, can’t you start moderating them?

    The worst thing is that a lot of the criticism towards Rob is probably from former “fans” of his who suddenly hate him because he’s back together with Kristen. Grow up guys, and re-evaluate your views before you post them.

    Great photos, he looks so handsome and mature

  40. 40
    apsara Says:

    he does look great in these pics , just love him loads …cant get enough of him !

  41. 41
    apsara Says:

    give the guy a break friends …he is human …probably jet lagged . but he is looking seriously hot in pics i saw at RP life and Robsessed

  42. 42
    joke Says:

    Rob becomes a joke the moment his name gets associated with her ….other wise people like him .

  43. 43
    apsara Says:

    looking forwad to bd2 promotions and the movie !!

  44. 44
    Freya Fetter Says:

    Summit made him responsible for the success of the final installment, forced him into the pitiful ‘reconciliation thing’. Now he has the franchise on his shoulders and tons of insulting comments – no wonder he looks so unhappy and washed-out.

  45. 45
    kingkayski Says:

    People doesn’t realized what they’re doing is bullying the person they used to like,yup that’s right,it’s bullying.You can’t expect to overtake his personal life just because you invested 4 yrs.of your life with him.Stop Rob bullying.

  46. 46
    S Says:

    You would be tired after a long flight. He doesn’t seem to be all that happy…l guess the last couple of months have been a form of hell. Rob all you need to remember is you and Kristen are the ONLY ones that know how you really feel and what really happened. If it means anything l firmly believe that you both were set up whether by the director or summit and neither of you could do anything. The only thing l can say is hang in there, LOVE CONQUERS ALL, you and Kristen keep fighting for ‘you’, to fight for love makes our lives worthwhile.
    P.S. If the assumed ‘cheating’ is true and you have forgiven Kristen, remember it takes a strong man to do this, an extremely strong hearted man..All the best

  47. 47
    Macy Says:

    Wow rob why so hot!

  48. 48
    LWren Says:

    You look so good in Sydney Rob…..

  49. 49
    Lily Says:

    He is completely working the camera, haha! Brooding. This photocall is more like a legit magazine photoshoot!

  50. 50
    SL Says:

    FUNNY how it is the same person posting hate over and over. GET A LIFE!!!! Go on a date.

  51. 51
    Kstewsbitch Says:

    Rob must be back with Kstew as she is starting to rub off on him. Look at the video interviews …He’s befuddled when asked wht name he prefers to be called, yawning in the midst of an answer, grabbing at his hair while tryng to answer the simplest of questions. good grief!

  52. 52
    T Says:

    @Kstewsbitch: rob has always been like that in interviews

  53. 53
    truth Says:

    It wasnt such a big surprise that Kristen cheated on him. He must be unbearable. Just by reading some of his interviews you realize that he says really weird and stupid things.

  54. 54
    A Says:

    @S: “If the assumed ‘cheating’ is true…” –ASSUMED?!? Are you on drugs?

  55. 55
    eve Says:

    I love Rob, he is gorgeous, but that facial hair is horrible.

  56. 56
    Jiselle Says:

    There’s nothing strange about thinking that the cheating was staged. Rob and Kristen separate and magically everything is great when the last installment of Twilght is about to come out? And then Rupert and Liberty are seen reconciling in the same week? That’s a lot of coincidence in a short period of time. Liberty Ross went from being a nobody to a somebody, Kristen and Rob have been talked about since August….a lot of publicity.

  57. 57
    Sylvia Blackwell Says:

    Walk tall do not allow yesterday to steal your joy. Rob, you and Kristen need to open up to your world, along with other things,you need to let the media in, have a interview with Kathy, Opera, any one you can feel a good connection with, you and Kristen are no longer vampires, its is rough but it needs to be done. Do you plan to be a on fire movie star, if so then we need to know who you truely are and what you want from us. You are such a beautiful person, remember twilight was wonderful, and there is more to come. Don’t allow human error to keep that scowl on your face. You are an actor, fake it until it’s yours put a smile on that handsome face.

  58. 58
    Sylvia Blackwell Says:

    walk tall, smile big unless you feel small and sad, anyway you are actor fake it, until you feel it, Dress the part you want.

  59. 59
    Rob profession grow Says:

    Rob profession grow
    Rob pattinson next projects


    2_Queen of the Desert




    6_the band

    7_Unbound Captives

    8_Hold on to Me

  60. 60
    erica Says:

    looking forward to all his new projects ….after watching cosmopolis I have just fallen in love with guy ….he is amazingly talented .
    minus KS

  61. 61
    jade Says:

    loved cosmopolis too …he is amazing in it …cant wait for his carrier to develop . he is a nice chap .

  62. 62
    woohoo Says:

    master of the constipated look

  63. 63
    Claire Mélusine Says:

    @RupertSanders: LOL

  64. 64
    Xo Says:

    At least he’s still hot. Could use better taste in women though.

  65. 65
    Jennifer Says:

    what a faker he is…i cant even look at him after everything he said about relationships and marriage then he takes back kristen who cheated with a married man…how low and trashy…he disgusts me now…just a fake guy with no balls or backbone and sh*tty taste in women!

  66. 66
    sexy rob Says:

    Rob is looking sexy …love the back drop !

  67. 67
    erin Says:

    Rob you are the best …please leave her she makes you a laughing stock

  68. 68
    erin Says:

    people love you and respect you but only say bad things when you are coupled with her .

  69. 69
    sam Says:

    Rob is looking so damn hot !!

  70. 70
    sam Says:

    fans were so happy to see Rob …turned up in huge numbers inspite of pouring Rain

  71. 71
    Xo Says:

    @RupertSanders: omg lol

  72. 72
    anymouse Says:

    OMG, didn’t you even read the story??? He’s TIRED, JET LAGGED.

  73. 73
    lynnette Says:

    Rob looks scrumtious ! loved the interviews and envy the fans !!

  74. 74
    LaCroix Says:

    so sad this poor soul is the laughing stock in all of Hollywood because of that sh!t of a gf. one day perhaps he will wake up & realize he can get much better.

  75. 75
    Monica Says:

    Go back and look at him for the Cosmopolis promo and now. There is a big difference in his look and demeanor. The trampire has sucked out whatever soul he had left after selling out for Twilight. I used to feel bad for Rob, but he made his choices. He could have been a leading man instead of a punchline.

  76. 76
    KissThis Says:

    He should really just move on from she who shall not be named. It seems the whole thing is really taking a toll on him. It’s unhealthy. He doesn’t look too content or rested.

  77. 77
    ashley Says:

    he looks like a different person …she took his soul that we all loved . feel very sad .

  78. 78
    pup Says:

    He’s a joke with absolutely no self respect or self esteem. Still being with the trampire PROVES IT.

  79. 79
    yesiam Says:

    I love Rob, but this is the weirdest Photo Call I have ever seen. This looks like a straight up magazine photoshoot! All the brooding pictures put together look hilarious. Oh man…

  80. 80
    yesiam Says:

    @anymouse: I’m sorry, but that not jet lag. He is totally working the camera with brooding pics. Nothing wrong with it. It’s just a bit weird (and funny) to see, specially at a Photo Call.

  81. 81
    Janice Says:

    The Australian media is saying the questions about his relationship with KS were off-limits and that no interviews with media were allowed at the red carpet of the fan event.

  82. 82
    Heather Says:

    Leave him be. Go talk about someone else, since that’s what you’re all good at.

  83. 83
    qhgc Says:

    i just don’t get you people! first of all why waist your time to write something negative about someone you don’t even care or know. second, who gives a damn s**** with what he’s doing with his life and his decisions, does it affect you in any way? third, people are at first: poor rob, and now you are like stupid rob, why did you take her back?! if those are the fans, it’s disappointing, you should be ashamed of yourself. Fourth, you don’t even know what the heck is going on in his life, he hasn’t said anything and you haven’t even spoken to him yet. at last, fifth, if its about Kristen and about the cheating scandal, so what? haven’t you made mistakes in your life and latter regret them. and you don’t even know if the cheating scandal is true! so you better shut the f*** up!

  84. 84
    chris Says:

    He’s no James Dean, that’s for sure. Why does jared keep showing this homely guy.

  85. 85
    rob fan Says:

    @Jennifer: totally agree with you, the majority of people on this site are so full of hate it really scares me what society has come to, I dont think rob looks miserable its all in you twisted heads, he is doing a photoshoot,its called posing! its not like they caught him off camera being pissed off or something. I have to say the majority of the people on this site and celebitchy are the worst and need group therapy together for anger management asap!

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