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Gerard Butler: 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' Appearance!

Gerard Butler: 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' Appearance!

Gerard Butler waves to the crowd as he makes an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night (October 22) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actor chatted about his new film Chasing Mavericks and what it was like working with professional surfers.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

“These guys are the real deal, they aren’t what you would expect from surfers,” Gerard told Jimmy. “They’re incredibly humble, they love to do what they do.”

Gerard Butler: “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Visit

Click inside for part two of Gerard‘s interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon…

Gerard Butler: “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Visit – Part 2
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Credit: Lloyd Bishop; Photos: NBC, Getty
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  • So&So

    Looking good Gerry! Been waiting a long time for the talk show interviews! Can’t wait for more this week! :)

  • Crawdaddy

    Love the jacket!

  • Cindy

    He looks great.

  • Mandyy grey

    so lovely nice articles..

  • Kace

    Oh God, his voice!! Yum

  • DarlingPenny

    That is a legitimately terrifying story. Brrr. So glad they all made it up all right.

  • Notice

    The soccer game was really funny!

  • NitaLita

    Looking good!! :-) Looking forward to see the film!

  • BrunoPowter

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  • TeaCakes

    I’ve never heard him talk so much about a film. I have yet to see a critic’s review of it. Does anyone know of a legit review in print anywhere? I also think he lost his edge. He’s not goodlooking at all.

  • Hmmm

    Yep their in love…#NOT.
    That kiss is so false..both have their eyes open..then she is looking straight for the camera taking the pics.

  • Link
  • SouthernBelle


    Looks like he’s kissing the side of her face, bodies aren’t touching, purse is between them and her hand is not touching his neck ….. and then there’s that camera that she just loves. Doesn’t even look like lust – more like a shoot.

  • dargabriel

    Greetings to all, in this photo of butler and m lady, they aren’t even really kissing, she isn’t kissing his lips, not love, wow, gossip is something else, but it sure makes the big bucks, I don’t believe any of this mumbo,jumbo. Gerard got her a job and she’s thankful for it, just like he’s done for many, he loves everyone from his heart. This is all fake, not true love, believe me if you want ot let the rumors be told. Love, dargabriel

  • Trying to figure it out

    The ring’s back on her left hand again. I just wonder how many sets of photos are out there waiting to be published.


    @dargabriel: a hui to vstal….

  • Sad State of Things

    Are they kidding with these PDA photo ops??? Look at the rest of the JJ site. You can see truly candid shots of couples sneaking kisses or just holding hands walking out of a Starbucks. Full on make out session in the rain in France with pap cameras right there.

    Give us a break!

  • Flying

    @Link: Did he fly out after Kelly and Michael today? Did he teleport? Is this last week?

  • ARGO

    Moi tebe pozdravlenija, chuvak…

  • just

    No, it’s always that weekend

  • cupcake

    Hello ladies those pics are from last week. He has one more nyc appearance the jon Stewart show. Then i think it’s off to los Angeles. Maybe.

  • Prprpr

    This relationship plays like a dream. Wonder when Gerry falls back into reality?


    @ARGO: spasibo…tolko za chto?

  • Ana Bella

    I wouldn’t moved out of my hotel room….
    ….well, then the paps. couldn’t see us :)

  • Kali Orexi

    More staged PR photos as Macaroni looks AGAIN straight into the camera! It’s just to bl00dy obvious …..

  • food 4 thought

    What bs. These two can’t muster up enough acting chops between the two of them, to make this believable. Miss “LookAtMyBvtt” can’t tear her eyes away from the camera, and he just looks like a p*ssy-whipped goofball. Please take your PR circus elsewhere, GB.

  • Kali Orexi

    @Kali Orexi:

    and the DM calls her SUPERmodel. I don’t think so, she is no way in the same league as a Cyndi Crawford, Christy Brinkley etc.

  • Prprpr

    Can’t believe CDAN have nothing on this farce!

    They state a short thing on his accident. Did Butler buy off the paps?

  • DocP

    I loved the bubble soccer skit, that looks fun. Funny he didn’t mention MG in this mornings live with Kelly and mike either. I would have thought that would have been the place to bring it up. Perhaps he doesn’t want the attention but she does. She always finds the camera with that come hither look, perhaps she has a camera fettish. What’s with her butt being pushed out in the one pic?

  • Indeed

    @DocP: Gotta get some mileage out of those butt implants.

  • WF

    The next new thread is up!!!

  • Trying to figure it out

    So, Butler and HER driver are shielding HER from the rain in the last photo each with their own umbrella. So in the photo where they are smooching is the driver behind Gerry, and are you seeing the side of the driver’s umbrella? Both umbrellas are the same. IMHO staged photo op.

  • littlebirdie

    I just cannot shake the feeling that Maddie is playing him. I have never seen anyone play to a camera as much as she does. I had to laugh in one interview where she said she didn’t think she was beautiful. Yeah, right! You can tell that by the “few” sexy photos she has placed all over the Internet. She sees the camera and then leans in for a kiss! How calculated! I was on the fence for a while but she is just way too obvious!

  • LOL

    “I was on the fence for a while but she is just way too obvious!”
    You were never on the fence, who are you kidding? By your own admissions, you are an older woman who has been writing all kinds of posts here on JJ about how a young girl isn’t right for GB. Who are you to know what and who is right for him? let’s face it, you are nothing but a jealous old hag with delusions that your sagging old cr@ppy body can satisfy a much younger man who has needs and likes his GFs YOUNG, not old and decrepit with delusions. Accept it and move along. We really don’t care about you declaring your fence stands, because you’re way too bitter and frustrated he has a woman at least 2 ½ decades younger than you. Must be very hard to take old hag, eh?

  • Seriously

    @dargabriel: You’ve lost every iota of credibility you had with these comments.

    They are obviously crazy about each other. I shield my costly bags from the rain also. Had it not been raining, their positioning would likely be different.

    Give it up and accept the fact that Gerard is in love with a beautiful sweet woman who is in love with him.

  • Michelle


    Who is we? You’re very uninvolved. At the end of the day, life is very short and all people are people. If you’re still so shallow that age is all that matters you are really pathetic. I used to be like you, but not anymore. i changed a lot after a bad illness at 27. You think nothing can make you sick, nothing can kill you. Was I ever wrong. I appreciate every kind word and gesture and see the value in more than a snug cooch, and a vacuous empty mind. All women are PEOPLE. You must honestly be 16 years old. If we adults weren’t so mature we’d probably kill ourselves the way the victims of bullies do. But it’s like water rolling off a duck. You’re a complete loser and you will can an answer back, it’s how karma works. You really just shame yourself. Repeatedly.

  • Lala

    Maybe now he will move back to Europe where he belongs. More pictures planned to be put on the paps I am sure. Very planned out, step by step. Maybe they are engaged or married already.

  • Julia

    He might not be the most charming guy, but I still like his Humor. I wonder what will be his next movie about…