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Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Set with Anna Torv!

Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Set with Anna Torv!

Joshua Jackson shoots scenes for the final season of his show Fringe on Monday (October 22) in Steveston, Canada.

The 34-year-old actor was joined on set by his co-stars Anna Torv, John Noble, and Jasika Nicole to film a scene in which the crew must escape capture by the army controlled by the Observers by hopping in a little boat.

Fringe returns with an all new episode on Friday (October 26) at 9/8c on Fox. Check out a promo below in which Peter (Jackson) appears to be caught in a powerful explosion and left at the mercy of Captain Windmark.

Fringe – “Resist” Promo

20+ pictures of Joshua Jackson on the set of Fringe

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joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 01
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 02
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 03
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 04
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 05
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 06
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 07
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 08
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 09
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 10
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 11
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 12
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 13
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 14
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 15
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 16
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 17
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 18
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 19
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 20
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 21
joshua jackson fringe set with anna torv 22

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Boni

    @BLANDlivia: why, the agent Josh does not pay reviewers to praise him in Los Angeles Times, EW, THR and to put it in the list emmy worthy,

  • BLANDlivia


    Because josh is honest and not desperate like anna.
    Joshua is young, he got time.
    Anna is mediocre at best, so she has to pay for good reviews.
    like i said, it happens all the time in hollywood.

  • Boni

    @BLANDlivia: You don’t actually believe any of the nonsense you’ve written, do you? Or has your boiling resentment really been able to put together such an interesting alternative reality?

  • BLANDlivia


    i could tell you the same thing: do you really believe anyone would actually dare to praise any “so called acting” from anna torv without getting paid?

    girlfriend is getting old and she never had one hit tv-show or movie, so she desperately wants some good review for her bad acting.

    In hollywood you can pay for everything: good reviews, an emmy nomination (but that costs a lot, and i dont think anna has that kinda of money), golden globe, oscar,…..

  • Boni

    @BLANDlivia: you are just a troll and, in fact ,is with jealous of the girl

  • BLANDlivia

    anna torv is boring, bland, dull, dumb, old, fat, lonely, manly. And she sucks at acting.

    She better get her useless, lonely ass back to australia after fringe.

  • Ronni

    Anna Torv is too good for this idiot. He is in the perfect relationship with the brainless slag Diane Kruger

  • naty.

    @Ronni: I agree, they both are mediocre, he must like her lack of hair, her flabby belly, her thin legs, her whole skeleton

  • U3


    + 10

  • U3


    Patty is the dangerous Joshua Jackson troll/stalker.

  • DUMBlivia

    The reason that this dummie doesnt have twitter, is because she doesnt know how to use it and she isnt able to make conversations. She is just too
    stupid for it.

    Unless, you talk dirty. Now that’s a conversation this WHO RE really likes.

  • WH*RElivia

    anna can only wish, she can ever be with joshua jackson. She is too fat, too serious and too stupid for him. She has no fashion sense (dresses like a grandma), and has a nasty personality (that’s why she is still single).

    But lucky for the sl*t, she can touch him during kissing scenes or go naked with him. I bet she really loves that!!!

  • HOTlivia

    Anna Torv is soooooo beautiful and she has a very nice smile. Josh and Anna forever!

  • Mary


    Yes THAT long. And he knows about her, so do his people. I’m sure they tracked her IP address and her location. They are watching her.

  • Joshua Jackson


    Hey Patty shut up before Fauxlivia kicks your <ass.

  • naty.

    Anna is an independent woman, and that has personality. She is youthful and sportswoman , she dresses in a simple and elegant, not like a clown, she lives her life, if she has someone or not, nobody has anything to do with it

  • baba.

    patty,I do not understand how you hates Anna and is a shipper polivia.

  • BUTCHlivia

    anna torv is a she-man. Manly voice and body.

  • OLDlivia

    anna torv is so independant that she married a guy who she knew for about a couple of months. LOL
    then she went on some talkshow and started gushing about him: He is my mate,MY MATE! (how embarrassing)
    couple months later, Mark Valley left her *ss. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    youthful: georgina haig is young, anna is old. You can especially see it when they put haig and torv nex to each other on screen. the wrinkles and neck lines on anna are soo visable.

    simple and elegant: yes, grandma’s also dress simple and elegant. They also think that the fashion this days are clowny. So anna thinks like a grandma to!
    Woman like anna’s age (38/40 years old) have to have at least some fashion sense. But she apparently doesnt. If only diane kruger (second best dressed woman in the world) even knew anna torv even existed, she may give her some fashion advice.

    they say the good ones are always taken.
    But anna isnt, so i rest my case!

  • hag

    Anna Torv cant stay in a relationship.
    Shes picking the wrong types of guys, she needs to grow up use her head and realize the clock is ticking and shes getting uglier by the day

  • sjssed

    I have to admit, the peter and olivia relationship is one of the reasons why I became so obsessed so quickly (and I mean that quite literally) with the show.
    One of the show-runners on one of the DVD commentaries said something about how remarkable Jackson’s smile is, and although I had never thought about it prior to that comment, I do agree now.
    I am in love with his smile. I love the way it’s so subtle, and how it crinkles his eyes, and how unbearably sweet it is.
    The way that he smiled at Olivia when she was explaining her ambivalence with Etta… I just love the two of them together.

  • MassEffect

    Polivia! Torvson! Josh and Anna have good chemistry.

  • Lucy

    @sjssed: patty,I knew, you idealizes him as Peter, not as Parcey, one of her biggest frustrations is Peter Olivia isn’t a couple in real life.

  • aimee

    I can’t wait to see Joshua Jackson shine in this week’s episode of Fringe. Peter can just break your heart with 1 look.

  • montana woods

    Patty or should that be “Batty?”. It would be most helpful if you just kept your legs shut and left the diseased comments to fester inside your fetid soul. Man…I hate to think what influence you are on your kids (if you have any that is to say or would anyone sane enough not be repulsed by the bile that you spew forth?).

    Shame to waste your life on such hatred, looks like your demon really does control you and is a cancer which has no cure or hope.

  • tadeu
  • Wh*relivia

    Well, that was really fun! Can’t wait for the next time! LOL!


    anna don’t forget: keep your legs crossed, lay of the cake, and go get some personality. i would say don’t get old, but your already there…..

  • lat

    you lost,stupid patty , as usual!

  • Insane


    It’s true, Joshua Jackson has the body of an out of shape 15 year old. His body is just gross.

  • lat

    True, he looks like a pig; I think Anna would feel no attraction for a man like him

  • come on

    They┬┤re not fat, please, are you kidding me?
    Anna and Josh are nice, good people, they love and respect each other.
    The end.

  • MassEffect

    Technically speaking, I would look fat too if my girlfriend was Diane Kruger. She looks unhealthy and looks like a skeleton wearing designer clothes.

    Anna Torv, on the other hand, looks perfect and healthy.