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James Franco: Not Dating Ashley Benson!

James Franco: Not Dating Ashley Benson!

James Franco has spoken out about reports he is dating Ashley Benson, saying there is no truth to the rumors.

“I also hear that I’ve been dating Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Benson. Hot damn, am I a lucky guy,” the 34-year-old actor wrote in a piece for Huffington Post.

“I wish I had actually gotten closer than the 13th row of the theater in Toronto where Kristen gave her On the Road Q and A, but I didn’t; not only did I not talk to her, I didn’t even go to the SoHo house where I supposedly asked her out on a date. As for Gomez and Benson, those are [Justin] Bieber‘s girls and I wouldn’t dare tangle with the Biebs. I heard he wants to kick my ass. Yikes!”

James and Ashley were caught cuddling at Universal Studios Hollywood last week and were also spotted on a romantic stroll in New York City’s Washington Square Park.

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42 Responses to “James Franco: Not Dating Ashley Benson!”

  1. 1
    Megan Says:

    Good!! He’s way too good for her!!!

  2. 2
    Jade Says:

    OMG and I thought he was gay lol

  3. 3
    Lea Says:

    Nice to know he actually has a brain…he can do way better than ashley

  4. 4
    kljkdkld Says:

    James Franco is the man. He’s so clever and handsome. OMG. I died when he said apparently he wants to kick my ass. Hahaha! James is so REAL!

  5. 5
    haley Says:

    James is so HOT

  6. 6
    bahha black sheep Says:

    Lol…what about Just Jared exclusive that they are dating? No Credibility Jared.

  7. 7
    lori Says:

    LOL he is funny. He knows he is too good for them. All three of those girls are losers compared to him.

  8. 8
    Not Impressed Says:

    Not dating just f*cking when the wind blows.

  9. 9
    Amanda Says:

    You know James Franco, you don’t need to write an article or a piece every time you have something to say.

  10. 10
    Not Impressed Says:

    No strings.

  11. 11
    Carlito Says:

    @bahha black sheep: Just Jared mostly followes crap celebs and write bad things on the good ones. They looove to bring on usless celebs like minka kelly,vanessa hudgens,freida pinto,rachel bilson,etc. They are always seen shopping and hanging around LA then working lol. Atleast James is seen working his ass off.

  12. 12
    Scarlett Says:

    Do people know that was her in the pictures though? I don’t know because he use to put pictures of a girl with the similar haircut as ashleys……

  13. 13
    Anne Says:

    Ah! The Biebs!! That was funny! Good for him.

  14. 14
    Carlito Says:

    @Amanda: Maybe he doesn’t like these rumours? I don’t think he wants to be rumoured to dating these quasi-celebs. Found it funny when he said that 12 year bieber wants he kick his ass.

  15. 15
    try again Says:

    So JJ doesn’t know what they’re talking about? Shocking! -__-

  16. 16
    FrancoFan Says:

    James Franco just stated 100% clearly, that he’s not dating Ashley, Selena or Kristen, so why on earth did you still post “caught” and “romantic stroll”, when it clearly isn’t true.

    Shows how sad our society is that a picture of someone with their back of their head shown only coud be classified as his girlfriend.

    Again, this is why individual websites need to check their own facts “forget the source and go to the person directly” before printing such lame stories by just copying. I’m glad he came out and said something. Straight or Gay or Bi as long as his happy and making fantastic movies that’s cool.

    What surprised me was that Ashley who lives on twitter didn’t post something sooner to say it wasn’t true, especially if she still has a boyfriend. To be fair, I didn’t know who she was until Spring Breakers but at least this story builds up her profile for future Spring Breakers press interviews, as the focus was on the others.

    James and the girls on Spring Breakers seem to be good friends and are allowed to be seen together as friends, if they so wish but this story could have been killed off sooner.

    Certainly, Spring Breakers doesn’t need the publicity, it’s been getting amazing reviews from such Festivals as Venice, Toronto, Tokyo with more Festivals to come. I really hope James and the Director pick up an Oscar nomination because the movie is brilliant and will be remembered. Always, a FrancoFan..

  17. 17
    LaCroix Says:

    James you really are selling yourself short with all those girl.. you truly can get better than those non-talents.

  18. 18
    mmmmmmm Says:

    @Amanda: You don’t need to read it but you still do. Franco’s the best.

  19. 19
    emesj Says:

    Maybe this girl PR was the one behind the story, so that why she didn’t say anything. Had no idea who she was before, and probably won’t remember her afterwards.

  20. 20
    Mary Says:

    Ashley had chances to tell the truth, but fell into my concept supporting a rumor just to promote herself

  21. 21
    Call me french Says:

    @FrancoFan: I totally agree with you… And I also find it funny that ashley, just now tha James denied the whole thing, posted something on twitter, its almost like she wanted people to belive, cause come on, “dating” James got her more buzz than everything she’s ever done!

  22. 22
    lily Says:

    They’d make a strange couple, not because of the age gap, but because they just seem so different… I’d love if he was dating Vanessa, though, they really got close, and seem to be good friends.

  23. 23
    Adrian Says:

    LOL even though they are early 20s, these girls are still kids. One is dating an talentless idiot who mocked Prince William apparently, yes mock the future king of england. He won’t dare to mock Franco though.

  24. 24
    James Lover Here Says:

    Funny, because they were seen together last week, Rosario Dawson was with them! Vanessa must be the only one he can be a friend of the girls, much more mature than “girls Bieber” lol
    anyway, rocks James!

  25. 25
    kami Says:

    so they’re not dating, just having sex, right? that’s the way it works in hollywood.

  26. 26
    blip Says:

    Of course he’s not dating her. He’s gayer than Timberlake.

  27. 27
    Kim Says:

    @lily: IA! Vanessa and James would make a cute couple, they both got the hipster vibe going on lmao

  28. 28
    Green Says:

    While they’re no longer dating, they so totally did it.

  29. 29
    Kim Says:

    @Green: They didn’t date, but i bet he f-cked her, i mean, she had a boyfriend while filming spring breakers yet she allowed him to touch her a ss, she ratchet

  30. 30
    Elena Says:

    it’s cute how she posted that tweet only AFTER he published the article. she clearly was trying to get people to know her name (she’s good friends with jared, so i’m sure he asked her about before it went up on his website), only to have it backfire on her when he published that article. to sum it all up, ashley: keep it cute. it’s too early in your career to be f*cking up like this. keep it up and you’ll be considered a basic b*tch in no time.

  31. 31
    y so mean Says:

    why are you people so mean to Ashley on here. Jesus

  32. 32
    guys Says:

    Maybe it was a publicity stunt for the movie from both camps
    don’t always blame the girl, solely. even if they did hook up it would have been both sided. It takes two to tango.
    also if she did confirm it after him so what, at least she did it. Maybe she wanted go through with him that it was okay to deny the news.I mean this came out when two days ago. It took time for him to deny too.

    btw there is always so much shamming on this site towards women, **** shaming, body shamming. Guys calm it down, some of the stuff written is down right disgusting

  33. 33
    wink Says:

    Franco, KRISTEN fans will love you. just make a pass at her; Kristen will do the rest. She would love a new flavor. You can replace RP in two months time. We are sure that her bodyguard boyfriend won’t mind. She will teach you a dog style of loving.

  34. 34
    KeepitReal Says:

    @guys: James Franco is an Oscar nominated actor with respected movies to his credit. An A-lister who is very well known, as he’s involved in many outside projects.

    It doesn’t take two to tango if it NEVER happened like Franco says. He probably didn’t deny sooner because he has a million things on the go and that was his best option. He could have gone through his publicist faster but decided to do it himself.

    Ashley on twitter 24/7 said nothing until Franco. Agree, it does matter now the story is DEAD, and Spring Breakers is getting enough positive buzz, but all helps. Yes, the hate on JJ is shocking, sad.

  35. 35
    creed Says:

    wow jared!! Didn’t you ‘confirm’ this! I guess your site has a ton of cred!

  36. 36
    Steph Says:

    File this under no one cares

  37. 37
    Dave Franco Says:

    Jared, you’re a joke. The only reason I come on here is to correct you because you are bad at fact checking… your love affair with these B listers is laughable.

  38. 38
    John Mayer Says:

    I’d like to see Franco and Bieber throw down.

  39. 39
    wtf Says:

    But there were pictures of him and a blonde cuddeling?? And dailymail wrote it was ashley benson..

  40. 40
    Sheigh Says:

    Who is Ashley Simpson sorry Benson ?

  41. 41
    What Says:

    So who was the blonde in those pics?

  42. 42
    steph Says:

    even if it was ashley in the pics, its not like they were making out just hugging, friends can HUG

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