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Kristen Stewart: 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Tokyo Photo Call!

Kristen Stewart: 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Tokyo Photo Call!

Kristen Stewart strikes a pose at the photo call for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 held at the Kumano Shrine on Wednesday (October 24) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 22-year-old actress arrived in town earlier this week to start her promotional tour for the upcoming flick hitting theaters on November 16.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen‘s co-star Robert Pattinson recently talked about filming the sex scenes for Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

“The sex scene in this one is pretty ridiculous as well,” Robert expressed. “You’re trying to think of things to make it sexy, it’s supposed to be about the greatest vampire sex you’ve ever had. You try and give a face of ecstasy; guys’ faces I don’t think are really designed to do that.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Louis Vuitton romper and an Iwona Ludyga Design bracelet.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the Tokyo photo call for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

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187 Responses to “Kristen Stewart: 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Tokyo Photo Call!”

  1. 1
    intric8 Says:

    F ucking gorgeous

  2. 2
    ellen Says:

    look who finally smiling so her career wont end up in the gutter. i bet a million bucks she wins razzie for breaking dawn.

  3. 3
    ann Says:

    good attitude!! what do you say now haters? those who say she never smiles! pleaseee..only if u would take yout time to look for pcitures to see that she is smiling often!

    she lookd gorgeoussss

  4. 4
    nightwish Says:

    Kristin! Good luck! You look fantastic!

  5. 5
    Loric Vilesilencer Says:

    Holy crap this chick is hot

  6. 6
    Annabelle Says:

    I really love her dress. Her shoes are cool too

  7. 7
    Lucas Says:

    Horrible *****.

  8. 8
    Sam Says:

    she is all ‘fierce girlfriend’

  9. 9
    Kate Says:

    This bi-tch sucks.

  10. 10
    Megan Says:

    Of course she’s smiling often. “The idiot came back with me rs”

  11. 11
    ugh Says:

    @ann: LOL!! are you 14? because she smiles one time that’s it… she’s your hero? congratulations!! this chick is doing damage control & all the tweens are eating it up. Wait 5 yrs then look back at your choices.. or wait until your married and your husband cheats on you then tell me how you see women like this.

  12. 12
    Rose Says:

    I find it odd that JJ had the comments disabled when this was posted…

  13. 13
    repunzel Says:

    This bi-tch sucks in big bucks because she is da sheet! You know you wish you were her. Don’t lieeeee hahaha you hating losers

  14. 14
    KSCREWED Says:

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.•´

  15. 15
    Diasydookie Says:

    Kristen mwah!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16
    Andy Says:

    It seems to me that she is rather desperate to show that she is a “lovely, smilling, grateful person”.

    Actions speak more then words Kristen!!

    Why smile now, show us your middle finger you know you want to……

  17. 17
    blah! Says:

    put this sh*t on just jared JR

  18. 18
    Tatler Says:

    @KSCREWED: Hey that’s Kristen’s hand, she is telling you to fu-ck off!!!

  19. 19
    Cool Breeze Over the Mountains Says:

    We should all find it in our hearts to forgive those who transgress

  20. 20
    Gun Says:

    She look like chess board

  21. 21
    doodley Says:

    BEST comment ever!
    Very much apppropriate & timely to this eternally dirty & smelly creature!

  22. 22
    doodley Says:


    BEST comment ever!
    Very much apppropriate & timely to this eternally dirty & smelly creature!

  23. 23
    eloise Says:

    it says a lot about a person when all the other cast members get along but you don’t have anything to do with them — wasn’t she best friends with nikki reed??

  24. 24
    jillyro Says:

    I can’t believe this is the actress that young gals are putting on a pedestal. They need a new idol STAT!! Hope she s over once this Twighlight movie is done. Because she is a HORRIBLE actress (anybody who says otherwise has no clue what good acting is). Plus she is SO unlikeable, she is a spoilt, sulky, awkward personality. And she looks like she could use a good scrub down, never looks clean (she’s like the brunette version of Lindsay Lohan when it comes to looking dirty). Did she even wash her hair here?!! On top of everything she is a hypocrite. she’s all smiles lately because her career is on life-support, yet normally she gives the finger to everybody. Young people need a better actress to overly-love thank this unlikeable gal.

  25. 25
    R Says:

    it is true that she’s sleeping with her bodyguard? I saw a picture where he has his hands on her azz all the time ….. but if it does not bother Rob ..

  26. 26
    anonymous Says:

    Not KS’s best look. She kind of looks grimy and dirty here and her hair looks nasty and in need of a brush. KS’s looks have faded lately along with her once-hot career, karma for her cheating ways perhaps.

  27. 27
    kim Says:

    OMG. She’s so cute. i love the dress, the shoes, the hair, the make-up. EVERTHING. Her eyes are amazing. *___*

  28. 28
    jaymes lover Says:

    You guys are very ridiculous! BUT, seriously man!

    She’s just a girl GOD!

    go to listen what other actors, friend , producers says about her!
    She’s a good person, and very good actress that have so much to learn, an most importan love her job Damn!
    they are people that really know her in real life !

    She has committed a mistake, but everyone needs a second chance!

    and an advice: you have a life? Well, live it!

    kristen looks beautiful and stunning.. as always.

  29. 29
    JOHN Says:


  30. 30
    Matt Says:

    No, marry ME

  31. 31
    kit Says:

    john + matt should marry each other.

  32. 32
    Pravda Says:

    Nice skin on this girl, like wow

  33. 33
    .. Says:

    @Pravda: in the real world they call it make up. check the last photo.

  34. 34
    Rose Says:

    Some of you are delusional… How does she look great when her hand looks filthy?? It looks like mascara and her eye make-up looks smudged…Let’s not even start with the greasy hair… I just don’t get it. Do you people lack hygiene as well if you think that’s an amazing appearance??

  35. 35
    ann Says:

    @ugh: no,you got it wrong! i was talking about all the people that always say she never ever ever’s not the case! she does smiles and there are tons of pictures of her smiling at the events and she is super nice with her fans,but noboy takes the time to search for photos! they only see some photos when she;s serious and they say she never smiles,but there are so many pictures of her smiling!

    that was all i was reffering to! i never said she’s my hero because she’s smiling! thaaaaaaa

  36. 36
    skylar Says:

    @Gun: Well, she sure does like getting played on.

  37. 37
    skylar Says:

    @R: Yep, Kristen totally f^cked her bodyguard

  38. 38
    pan Says:

    I love her whole outfit. She looks great. I love how some of the first comments are always her haters, like they refresh this site just to see if there’s any posts about Kristen so they can be the first ones to comment. That’s sad.

  39. 39
    Flower child Says:

    Kristen can’t act. That’s exactly why she gets the most coveted roles and makes more than any other actress around. That is also why she gets more attention than any other actress. Must be the complete lack of talent.

  40. 40
    Bethany Says:

    Love her hair! Go Kristen!

  41. 41
    hanc Says:

    @Rose: btw, her hands look dirty because she was signing for tons of fans outside. Markers and sharpie do that to your hand.

  42. 42
    ugh Says:

    @ann: really genius? you can’t sense sarcasm when it’s right in your face?

  43. 43
    Rose Says:

    @hanc: Her people don’t carry hand sanitizer or wipes?? She’s still a grease ball…

  44. 44
    mel Says:

    To be honest, she really does have good skin. Regardless of the makeup she’s wearing in these photos. I love that she’s moving on with her life.

  45. 45
    max Says:

    @Flower child: her mother is in the industry dumbas*s. its called nepotism. you can look it up.

  46. 46
    hanc Says:

    @Rose: she’s doesn’t care about that crap…that’s what’s awesome about her? She aint no diva.

  47. 47
    intric8 Says:

    Enchanting eyes, gorgeous smile, beautiful hair, long legs and a nice booty too. She’s got the total package. To quote Rupert, the girl is mesmerizing. No wonder he was willing to sacrifice his family for the her.

  48. 48
    max Says:

    @Rose: yeah i agree, she looks like they dragged her off the street. its just not fresh — shes too young for such heavy make up.

  49. 49
    lois Says:

    she’s human. she’s relatable. that’s why she’s always going to have a lot of fans. GET OVER IT. All these crazy girls wanna be her. It’s funny but sad.

  50. 50
    lois Says:

    @max: are you serious? why don’t you go tell other actressses that? LOL

  51. 51
    Flower child Says:

    @max: Your saying that she is not successful on her own merits? Moviegoers are hardly aware that her mom had anything to do with any of her casting. Seems like you can get help landing a part, but if you suck it will show in the grosses. Right?

  52. 52
    KEL_KEL Says:

    Kristen Stewart is gorgeous! Sorry B******…it’s the truth.

  53. 53
    hanc Says:

    @Flower child: people love to hate on what they’re not :)

  54. 54
    nemo Says:


  55. 55
    Artheist Says:

    One seductive look from her and i am mincemeat… putty in her hand hahaha

  56. 56
    SaLyB Says:

    Go Kristen! Give these haters something to talk about and hate on!!! Love her outfit and LEGS!

  57. 57
    intric8 Says:

    @Rose: Rose, really, the only criticism you can come up with is how her hands look dirty? How lame. You cant deny the fact that she looks smokin hot.

  58. 58
    HOLYSH*T Says:

    She’s beautiful!! She looks great. I can’t wait for the rest of this promo tour for all her other outfits.

  59. 59
    888 Says:

    Yea, soo true. Some of the first comments are her haters. LOL. If you hate her so much…why even bother to comment? Build a bridge and get OVER IT. She looks really pretty!

  60. 60
    MALE Says:

    YEAAAAA Kristen! Looking mighty fiiiine

  61. 61
    hanc Says:

    She makes an outfit look good. Loving it!

  62. 62
    shemale Says:

    She’s like cool

  63. 63
    loveeeeeTHIS Says:

    I love Kristen~~ <3

  64. 64
    natali Says:

    Kristen looks great, I can’t wait to see the rest of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 tour!

  65. 65
    Rose Says:

    @intric8: Smoking hot?? Uh, she’s filthy (hair, skin. clothes) about 99.8% of the time… I wasn’t aware that was the definition of smoking hot?

  66. 66
    mel Says:

    @KEL_KEL: She has really pretty eyes :)

  67. 67
    Zee Says:

    Wow after the cheating scandal she has become a completely different person smiling and waving at the paps and now posingso hard for them.

  68. 68
    KEL_KEL Says:

    @Rose: it’s okay Rose…stop hatin’

  69. 69
    kingkayski Says:

    Kristen looks drop dead gorgeous here,she nail her outfit to the T.Her make up ,shoes & outfit are to die for ,the girl got style,she really bring it!Her cleopatra make up suits her,she’s Elizabeth Taylor of her generation,just lovely all around.

  70. 70
    eye Says:

    clothing pattern = Illuminati symbolism
    subject matter = Illuminati symbolism
    behavior = mind controlled,disturbed
    Purpose= iconic influence over young minds, drawing them in with immorality,secrecy,darkness,money and power
    no uplifting positive message which frees the mind-creating true individual happiness and promotion of free will

  71. 71
    badgurl Says:

    @shemale: She smokes pot. Look at her eyes…

  72. 72
    James Says:

    Maybe she’s just really happy now that she’s moved on. People make mistakes. You guys are acting like she’s not a human being and that she’s not allowed to make mistakes. PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES!!! That’s life. She looks good

  73. 73
    KHo's Thought Cloud Says:

    ~~~~ WOW ! I can get away with Anything ,[smile] ~~~

  74. 74
    James Says:

    @badgurl: who doesn’t smoke pot now-a-days? LOL

  75. 75
    eeegirl Says:

    @badgurl: takes one to know one :)

  76. 76
    WoW Says:

    There’s a lot of hate for this girl. She’s nothing but human right? I think she’s allowed to make mistakes. Never seen these Twilight movies, but I loved her in The Runaways and Into The Wild.

  77. 77
    pan Says:

    @WoW: I loved her in Into The Wild. Thought she was great :)

  78. 78
    In her own words... Says:

    No, not this “miserable c**t” again !

  79. 79
    mel Says:

    @In her own words…: It’ll be ok! You didn’t have to comment or click on this post :)

  80. 80
    rosie Says:

    she looks so skinny here

  81. 81
    Natasha Says:

    Kristen looks REALLY amazing! This will the first out of her many great outfits for this last promo!

  82. 82
    brooke_v Says:

    I think she looks great :) Can’t wait for the rest of the promo to kick start! We’ll be seeing more of the whole cast!

  83. 83
    A Says:

    @Flower child: Casting couch has its own advantages you see ;)

  84. 84
    BOOYAH Says:

    @A: that’s getting old… HAHA come up with better rants.

  85. 85
    hanc Says:

    @A: you would know?

  86. 86
    Dee dee Says:

    @kingkayski: Please don’t say that.Elizabeth Taylor had a unique beauty AND she was actually talented.

  87. 87
    BOOYAH Says:

    @Flower child: people are just using excuses for everything. obviously she still has a lot of fans that will pay to go watch movies that she’s in. she doesn’t have to prove anything to people. Don’t mind these haters.

  88. 88
    Vivian Says:

    She’s so gorgeous, especially when she smiles! Glad to see her happy! :)

  89. 89
    A Says:

    @hanc: Its obvious ;) A talentless piece of trash like her can never succeed on the basis of her ~acting skills~

  90. 90
    OV Says:

    @A: well, as you can see…she IS surviving and she comes home sitting on a pile of money. something you probably don’t have. but that’s ok.

  91. 91
    hanc Says:

    @A: YOU can think whatever you want. she’s still making movies and people still pay to go watch them. In the end of the day, she doesn’t even know you exist but YOU know she does! Happy DAY

  92. 92
    Honey Says:

    She tries way too hard to be all cheery and happy now.Her PR team must have told her to act as a ‘good girl’ so that people can forget about the scandal LOL She is so embarrassing.I’m sure soon she will start wearing cute girly outfits and parade in front of paparazzi photographers.Her PR team is working overtime to repair her image… all they need to do is persuade her to seek help to resolve her carefully hidden issues.

  93. 93
    MALE Says:

    @A: Yep! Because she’s definitely not successful at her age. LOL. She’s more successful than you’ll ever be honey buns *wink*

  94. 94

    @Honey: you clearly follow her. LOL

  95. 95
    Honey Says:

    @ MALE,hanc, OV Its not hard to figure out that you are the same person ;)

  96. 96
    hanc Says:

    @Honey: unless the other two are gay. then yes.

  97. 97
    OV Says:

    @hanc: LOL

  98. 98
    harry_kitty Says:

    aw, I love her outfit! :)

  99. 99
    kingkayski Says:

    @Dee dee
    Kristen Stewart has a unique beauty as well,that’s the reason why people are talking about her all the time,her talent will improved as she gets old,she’s still so young ,give her time.People cant’ get enough of her ,maybe it be haters or fans,she’s got this unique charisma that other actress doesn’t have,that’s why you’re here talking about her instead of other actress,love her or hate her,you will always follow her.

  100. 100
    queenBeez Says:

    kristen…you go girl!

  101. 101
    where does evil comes from? Says:

    Doesn’t matter
    what you do,
    how you do it ,
    or who you do it to,
    as long as you are sitting on a pile of money at the end of the day

    ugg, ,,, working out real well on planet earth : P

  102. 102
    hanc Says:

    @kingkayski: Amen sista/brotha?

  103. 103
    A Says:

    @MALE: I’ve never seen a male call someone honey bun JS And IA with Honey its funny how some hoe fans with weird monikers have same way of writing and they are commenting back-to-back .I think I know who is behind this.

  104. 104
    MALE Says:

    @A: just because my name is “MALE” doesn’t mean I’m a boy. I happen to like men. (sorry hanc)

  105. 105
    queenBeez Says:

    @A: maybe you and Honey are the same people too? With the internet…it’s hard to tell

  106. 106
    mel Says:

    @MALE: LOL. I love that you put (sorry hanc)

  107. 107
    Dn Says:

    Kristen is like road pizza. You really don’t wanna look but something makes you slow down and take a glance.

  108. 108
    hanc Says:

    @MALE: no offense taken

  109. 109
    Dee dee Says:

    @kingkayski: Kristen is currently unemployed.Before this scandal broke she only had one role in her purse.People are talking about her because of her affair with Sanders I wouldn’t consider that as an achievement . Just because I clicked on this link doesn’t mean that I’m gonna follow her sheez.Most people outside Twilight fandom think that she is a wooden actress so idk what you are talkin ’bout

  110. 110
    A Says:

    @queenBeez: ROFL Maybe you are MALE I’ve noticed that both of you don’t capitalize the first letter.Interesting,no?

  111. 111
    kingkayski Says:

    @Dee dee
    The fact that you’re hell bent on on making an effort putting Kristen down and arguing with people who actually like her, makes you Kristens follower,(maybe in the closet) but nevertheless a follower.Don’t be shy,i understand.

  112. 112
    Dee dee Says:

    @kingkayski: A follower means someone who supports a person or a cause.You know what they say right? Its hard to take your eyes off a train wreck.I’m sure you think all the people who take a good look at a train wreck are its supporters.You are a bright child.I’m not shy I just don’t believe in butt kissing.I know you understand what I’m sayin


  113. 113
    queenBeez Says:

    @A: NAH. I’m not MALE. MALE wishes she was me

  114. 114
    laters___baby Says:

    I am lovin’ this outfit. Thanks Louis Vuitton! Can’t wait to see this movie

  115. 115
    MALE Says:

    @queenBeez: wow…really?

  116. 116
    beatles Says:

    WHY CAN’T WE JUST ALL GET ALONG? :] Kristen Stewart is pretty BY THE WAY!

  117. 117
    MALE Says:

    ok…back to life. pease out motha f*ckaaas

  118. 118
    kingkayski Says:

    @Dee dee
    There are 2 kinds of follower my dear,one bully follower or haters (the kinds that spew hates on their favourite actor to bully,)and the classy followers (the kinds that spread nothing but love to their favourite actor.)I think you know which one you are.I don’t know what’s the point of following somebody you hate,it’s just a waste of time and energy,not unless you’re obsessed with Kristen,which i’m sure you’ll say you’re not.If respecting somebody is butt kissing,what do you call somebody who follow the person they hate………obsession?

  119. 119
    A Says:

    Holy Cow! Is this a chat room? I love Kristen’s eyes and her eye make-up. She has nice legs too. Her outfit, reminds me of a chess piece! But maybe that’s the point? Since the last books cover is a chess piece. In that case, that’s pretty cool of them to think that.

  120. 120
    A Says:

    Uh-oh. There’s anoher person as “A”…

  121. 121
    queenBeez Says:

    It’s A-ok “A”… ^^ the nice A not the mean A!!! this has turned into a chatroom fsho

  122. 122
    Dee dee Says:

    Stop butchering English language,there is nothing called bully follower.Calling someone bully follower is just absurd.Do yourself a favor and 1.Stop telling others what to do 2.Accept that many people don’t like KS 3.Understand that just because I read a gossip piece on a celeb that I don’t like doesn’t make me”bully follower” .There’s no point in arguing about this,its pointless.

  123. 123
    >. Says:

    @Dee dee: RACIST.

  124. 124
    hanc Says:

    I think it’s safe to say that we love Kristen Stewart

  125. 125
    kingkayski Says:

    @Dee dee
    Bright one ,nobody’s telling you what to do ,you like talking to people that likes her,you can’t tell people not to like her just because you hate her now,can you?By the way ,don’t get upset,we’re only talking,we may disagree but there’s no need to throw tantrums.

  126. 126
    Heather Says:

    Haters love to hate.
    She looks great and is a very good actress. Haters most likely havent even seen all of her movies. Sad people.

  127. 127
    kingkayski Says:

    @Hanc,nice A,MALE,queenBeez

    Bye chicas !Continue Kristens love,life is calling on me!

  128. 128
    dude who set up the posters? Says:

    ..she banged him

  129. 129
    Agnes Says:

    F*ck you, she smiles. As a fan of hers for several years, she does smile and you blind fools just assume she doesnt when gossips say so.

  130. 130
    hanc Says:

    @kingkayski: Bye :) Kristen is awesome always. Good looking out

  131. 131
    justine Says:

    No one gets as much comments on their post like Kristen does. She always seems to bring it. Love her

  132. 132
    Paige Says:

    The problem is Robert and kristen don’t have any real fans. They have the crazy twilight fans that really believe they are Edward and Bella that don’t support them in anything outside of Twilight. Then they have the same people that hate them soooooo much but still find time to bash them on every post about them. Kristen usually looks frumpy but she looks really good here. Rob looked good at his photocall too.It’s not my place to judge them on their personal lives because I’d don’t know them. Get a life people. Some people seem too invested in theirs. It doesn’t affect you in anyway at all.

  133. 133
    nepenthes Says:

    [“The sex scene in this one is pretty ridiculous as well,” Robert expressed. ]

    Omg, this had me laughing for a while! Love ya Rob!
    As for this ******, what else to say, she has YET AGAIN unkempt hair, it looks so dirty in the roots. Jeez…

  134. 134
    OTR Says:

    She always smiles…its just jared is now posting pictures of her smiling. Thank you Jared! Wish her all the best! Love what she is wearing.

  135. 135
    OTR Says:

    As always haters come here to bash this girl. Honestly I wonder what you haters look like? And it’s quite sadistic that you find enjoyment in tormenting this girl.

  136. 136
    yesiam Says:

    I’m not on board with the Kristen train, but I do like her clothes on this one. I’ll refrain from saying anything else. Keep on with your battles, everyone else!

  137. 137
    Mallory Says:

    Not a Twilight fan much. But I must say, Kristen Stewart looks pretty.

  138. 138
    rudi Says:

    kriston stewart is one very foxy lady,get use to her people,
    she will be around a very long time,so get over

  139. 139
    KS is a dog Says:

    Crap…..she really look like a S>lut!
    When karma hits you (homewrecker) it will be BIG that you wont be able to show you two front big teeth!

  140. 140
    Ellie Says:

    Wow. She is one beautiful two-timer…

  141. 141
    KS is a dog Says:

    Kristen Fans is soo happy that Kristen has another lover, her own BODYGUARD. Look how they stay soo close together. He puts his hand on her butt and they hold hands, how sweet. Kristen fans would love to know – their idol is very satisfied, They know that she can not have just one! Too obvious they have relationship. Since Rupert his third lover was been identified in public, for now she will settle for just two.
    To think that she spend more time with bodyguard lover, she officially cheating him with Robert! I think it’s about time she introduce her bodyguard lover just like Klum!

  142. 142
    Kris Says:

    Looks great, and her body became amazing! She is not skinny anymore! She looks healthy!! Keep doing the good work Kristen!

  143. 143
    KS is a dog Says:

    Kristen is so lucky that her fans love her even if she is a S>lut and a homewrecker. They must be like Kristen, same feather flocks together. Can’t blame them! If I were her bodyguard boyfriend I will demand that Kristen dump Robert. Robert should know that he is breaking up a relationship between Kristen and her bodyguard! How dare you Robert; you have no morals and shame. Let go Robert, it’s a good thing Kristen and her bodyguard are not married yet. If Kristen will have a baby now, her bodyguard will be the proud PAPA!

  144. 144
    queenBeez Says:

    @KS is a dog: What the hell are you talking about? LOL. If you go on a rant…at least have it make sense. Amateur.

  145. 145
    KS is a dog Says:


  146. 146
    wonder... Says:

    I wonder why there’s soo much hate for Kristen when Rupert Sanders clearly also should share the blame. Yes, she messed up but he’s also the homewrecker. Oh well…people make mistakes right? That’s what makes us human beings.

  147. 147
    unFAN Says:

    NOT a fan of Twilight (shoot me now) BUT I must say, I really like Kristen Stewart. She’s got balls. I’m sure all the people who talk trash can’t even begin to walk in her shoes. You guys won’t even survive it.

  148. 148
    mel Says:

    SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. 149
    KS is a dog Says:

    @queenBeez: if you really love the S>lut at least accept who she trully love her…bodyguard boyfriend. The pictures speak the truth! Poor Rupert he got busted! Hooray to S>lut future father of her baby!

  150. 150
    queenBeez Says:

    @KS is a dog: I don’t care what she does in her private life. She can be the biggest sl*t for all I care. I love the movies that she’s in.

  151. 151
    Vanessa Says:

    Kristen looks stunning gorgeous!! I love her outfit from head to toe – girly as the same time! LOVE, LOVE her endearing smile.

  152. 152
    jonahh Says:

    I dig this girls style. She’s easy going and laid back but she can dress it up when she needs to. I like it.

  153. 153
    halle_to_the_B Says:

    she’s got a nice body and smile

  154. 154
    Sean Says:

    Yummy! I’d love to lick those legs all day!

  155. 155
    nadia Says:

    This is to all you haters- just keep in mind that Kristen has beauty, fame, money, loving fans and an amazing boyfriend. What do you have? A twitter and a just jared acoount? PMSL. Carry on hating on her cuz it’s making her more famous, and she’s gonna carry on getting movie roles cuz she has a massive fanbase even with all the hate, so you’ll be seeing a lot of her for a long time ;)

  156. 156
    Her fans are crazy Says:

    Poor girl…her fans are crazy and they are the biggest trolls on internet(usernames,insults etc)

  157. 157
    Cyn Says:

    Gorgeous as always! I love this girl!

  158. 158
    LaCroix Says:

    I love the analogies from KStew’s fans .. Kristen has fame & fortune & blah blah .. you seriously point out things that Kstew herself says she doesn’t care about perhaps you should rethink the reverse psychology. KStew sucks & always will. PS I have money more importantly I have class & morals.

  159. 159
    yes! Says:

    @LaCroix: haha I love your response! these fans should be called psychoobsessivefans.

  160. 160
    nt Says:

    @LaCroix: @LaCroix: You forgot one more thing or should I say person that she has and you never will and that is Robert Pattinson btw ET Canada said Kristen took the best dressed over the duchess of cambridge by 65% with that little black and white number she had on today and also a thumbs up from Louis Vuitton by tweet oh that must really chap your azz some more!LOL

  161. 161
    Nau Says:

    @ugh: Amen. Smug smile because the doormat fell for her drama. Cheaters are just so low. And people praising her for being brave? Tell that to Liberty and her kids, gullible idiots.

  162. 162
    blahblah Says:

    I agree totally with the fan that ks has a amazing boyfriend bodyguard. Now we know if other bodyguard touch her she will scream at him! This boyfriend bodyguard can touch her anytime on broadaylight.
    Now it make sense that ks and Rupert was busted. Her boyfriend is the one who told the papz the location of ks and Rup. He is jealous. Make sense,he does’nt want hisGF to have 3rd lover. Hoping her other lover RobertP will dump kristen when he finds out she was making out like a DOG. In two months time he can have his girlfriend movie star by himself. They actually look good together.

  163. 163
    yui Says:

    @LaCroix: why are you always hating? just curious

  164. 164
    marsha marsha marsha Says:

    I actually like Kristen Stewart. There I said it.

  165. 165
    keg Says:

    @LaCroix: Sounds like you know her well buddy :)

  166. 166
    DocP Says:

    @Annabelle: I don’t think its a dress, looks like either a short set or a short pantsuit. It is cool looking, however it reminds me of Nascar.

  167. 167
    marsha marsha marsha Says:

    @DocP: it’s a romper. Louis Vuitton

  168. 168
    ros Says:

    fake trampire!!!! bad actriz

  169. 169
    jens Says:

    she looks flawless, her legs, her smile, her body, just perfect!

  170. 170
    Halie Says:

    I like Kristen I agree she is the highest paid actress because producers know they can get a little something-something on the side while filming. Good old casting couch. No Wonder the movies are lined up.

  171. 171
    KK Says:

    @Her fans are crazy:

    hmmm nope, ROB fans are crazy and they are the biggest trolls and haters on internet (usernames,insults etc)

  172. 172
    LaCroix Says:

    @nt: great response. (not) actually Im not a Rob fan Im not an anybody fan from this ridiculous franchise. I wont respond to you anymore cus you sound just as retarded as your idol.

  173. 173
    LaCroix Says:

    @yui: hating is not in my vocabulary this is reality .. truths.. use a different word already you guys sound ignorant..but what do I expect from KSTEW fans?

  174. 174
    O RLY? Says:

    @nadia: O RLY? Universal dropped her from SWATH2 and then back peddled on their decision when they got **** from her fans and media.She has no movies lined up,yeah I’m sure everybody begging to work with the trampire PMSL.Lets see where she is when Twi ends,shall we?

  175. 175
    R Says:

    @nadiaStudios do not give a f* about her hysterical fan base, she has not a single project in horizon.: her career is on coma or dead.

  176. 176
    peach Says:

    @R: kristen has been working non stop for the last 5 years,maybe she has decided to take a break and actually have time to relax.nothing has been confirmed for SWATH2, don’t think there is even a script.

  177. 177
    R Says:

    @peach: hahahahaha, so funny!

  178. 178
    Val Says:

    She’s quite beautiful but I still can’t understand how she got her roles in certain movies. She’s a terrible actress and I’m not just talking about Twilight, I completely understand why they chose her for that one..

  179. 179
    lana Says:

    @ann: she smiles? woohoo big deal. I guess she showed emotion number 2, while she is emotion number 1 aka lazy eyes and poker face all her movie career

  180. 180
    selma Says:


  181. 181
    KissThis Says:

    She’s gross. Her poses, smeared looking makeup. She screams tramp these days. I think she actually loves the attention she’s gotten for her affair.

  182. 182
    mac Says:

    Yeaaa Kristen!!! :)

  183. 183
    Comprendez Says:

    Is she a smoker? Pretty but strange teeth. She seems like a neurotic basket case with a warped personality…can only imagine how painful it must be to have a conversation with her.

  184. 184
    opinion Says:

    she always looks ill at ease. An awkward lump.

  185. 185
    Jracked Says:

    I USED to see Kristen as an overpaid unqualified cheeky young and naive actress,however; I see someone different now. Personally, she really is Bella because of her smokey sultry glances that convincingly reel you into her character -she makes good goo eyes. She’s a fierce and tuned in actress and I don’t think anyone can deny her style of acting. The Huntsman was a movie that really allowed her to play on looks, non verbals, personality, and strangeness -she was awesome. It was in the Huntsman when I started to embrace her talent. I started to see her as a dark uninhibited challenging actress. I probably still cannot entertain her as the’ it’ girl because she is so socially awkward and I cringed when I watch her be interviewed. When she was on Letterman one night, she appeared high, but she wasn’t -she’s just immature and unpolished. So, it’s pleasing to see her actress side is her confident alter ego.

  186. 186
    omd Says:

    she is cute when she smiles. kind looks like riley keough. but her normal douche attitude sucks.

  187. 187
    manda Says:

    @jillyro: and you know acting because..??? you sure are quick and sure of your judgement. says a lot about you and how bad of a person you are!

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