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Mila Kunis: Workout Woman in West Hollywood!

Mila Kunis: Workout Woman in West Hollywood!

Mila Kunis hides her face from view as her and some pals leave an exercise class on Tuesday (October 23) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress and her friends grabbed some Starbucks before the class to fuel them through!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Mila Kunis

Last week, Mila and her beau Ashton Kutcher went on a date to Pampered Foot.

“They were quiet and didn’t speak much,” a salon source told People. “They were tired and enjoyed the massages. They were very nice.”

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  • Robsten_Fan

    Ashton is one lucky guy… :)
    Mila is pretty amazing woman… <3 :)

  • show begins now

    pass the popcorn…

  • Hakuna Matata

    I love her and she’s very beautiful but it must suck to have cameras in your face everytime you step out. It’s like the Truman Show. I can understand why she’s upset. I would be too. You can’t relax or do anything without it being put on the internet for all the world to see.

  • Green With Envy

    @show begins now: You have very low standards and no wit. This is what you call a “show”? Really? Um, yeah. O-kkkkk thennn…..

  • Riri

    Mila is gorgeous …simply adore her…

  • show continues…

    Yay, can’t get enough of Mila&Asston! Cutest couple ever! They’re so into each other & so anti-Hollywood, whopee! Mila can go out with no make up, she definitely ain’t no fakeout, yummy yummy real and funny, she’s totally one of us.. la-di-da..
    Totally keeping it real! Such a badass, you go Mila! She’s been like totally trending like for 3 weeks now, yay yippee, what a doll!
    And let’s not forget here Mila&Asston are A listers, SAG and GG nominations everybody! Omg, she’s the sexiest woman alive and I totally see an Oscar in the future…..
    Christmas poscard from Mila&Asston will soon be coming your way, lookie!
    Yeah b!tch!!

  • Fckin’ Loser

    @show continues…: *coughCRAZYcough* Lemme guess, you’re “PR Stinks”, right? Yeah…
    Once again, EVERY.SINGLE.THREAD. Makes me wonder why you’re talking this so personal? Does your hired boyfriend jerk off to pictures of Mila or Demi, is that you?

    LOL. Nerd.

  • ****

    she’s so unattractive, and her head is abnormally huge.. never got the hype over her..sure she looks good with tons of makeup and photoshop but who wouldn’t?

  • ryan

    @****: You, and she looks hot with or without makeup.

  • Stunned

    @****: Apparently the answer to that question is.. you. Sorry to interrupt :) continue on with your bitter, pathetic, jealous filled comments :)

  • C

    she’s surely pretty, but not the sexiest woman… fact

  • People Are Dumb

    @C: Yeaaah for sure! because comments from losers on the internet are FACT! and nothing else is! there’s no such things as personal opinions and retarded magazine titles, it’s just as simple as you put it, Mila isn’t the sexiest, but whoever you think is, it must be a fact! did you take the college class called sexiness levels 101? where they come from a book as facts? What if someone was to call a person you were attracted to, ugly? would they be wrong? They don’t know facts? LMFAO ok I’m done and made my point pretty clear and probably boggled your little mind. Don’t think too hard trying to process all this! you’re nerdy head might explode.

  • still continues…?

    @Fckin’ Loser:
    Would you prefer a boring & sterile thread where everyone agrees, with zero humour, no winding people up, no friction, no life?… do you also hate Ted or Family Guy? You see, I made you come out of your ‘lurkdom’ , you came to ‘life’ and that’s a good sign. Now, let’s wait and see if some PRs start crawling out of the woodwork and spice things up a little bit…
    @Stunned – barked up the wrong tree ‘****’ ain’t me, i don’t slam anyone’s looks. ever. cheer up.
    This is how you handle paparazzi with class and grace.

  • still continues…?

    @People Are Dumb:
    ‘Sexiest woman alive’ is a paltry & tacky ‘award’ which only made her a target of ridicule. I’d bet my left eyeball Mila would agree however, she simply had to do it..

  • In Awe

    @still continues…?:
    Is it a law/rule that you should wave with a big fake, crap eating grin on your face, and not just a wave, a wave to someone who stalks you in the bushes.. for money, and not even good money, depending on the paparazzi and the shots taken. Instead of being annoyed (a REAL emotion that goes hand in hand with stalking). Before you say anything about “Hey, free country, it’s not stalking, it’s their jooob yayyy” or anything like it, yes they’re doing their “job” but it’s still stalking and nobody has to enjoy it if they don’t want attention on the street. The media and the world of an actor, although they both involve Hollywood, are two different beasts. Plus, it’s easy to say “if you don’t like your picture taken, quit your whole career and sit at home or work in mcdonalds” lol

  • In Awe

    @still continues…?: I never claimed the award wasn’t tacky, hence why I even called it “retarded” in my above comment. And yes of course, Mila would probably would be the first person to agree and i’m sure she does as the shoots are going on, before anyone even sees the pictures. The facts remain that she has a job to do, she has to promote her movies, she has to promote her career, she has to agree to at LEAST a few magazines on a list that is given to her and anyone else in the entertainment industry. She said no to certain magazines for a reason. She never does scandalous stuff and anyone who sees her esquire shoot as “scandalous” or “disgusting” is clearly severely repressed, sexually. Probably oppressed too. For anyone who isn’t an internet zombie and virgin (to everything, including sex) Mila’s shoot for Esquire was very tame and the bed sheet pic is classy, no ass, no boobs, no vagina shown, which is the classy way to do a nude pic. Anyways, whatever, this is all pointless to life lol. Moving on..

  • Billy

    @still continues…?: Who ARE you and why are you always camped out on Mila threads? For somebody that hates a person who doesn’t even know you exist, you sure spend alot of time banging your head against the wall for her. Here’s a little piece of advice: Turn your Mila Alerts OFF. There’s no need to post your venom each time there’s a new post about her. At first you were annoying, now I just pitty you. You are a sad, sad little creature. I really am starting to think it IS Demi.

  • Billy


  • mission accomplished clicks up


    yada yada.. none of my posts was ever as hateful as yours, think about it for a minute. I get it, Mila’s imagine is being dumbed down so as to appeal to a much wider group of zealots, all the way down to the level where certain individuals are unable to make basic distinctions. Just to help you out a bit – I feel big fat “0″ hate towards Mila Kunis. Hate is like drinking poison and wishing someone else would die. This is not about MK or whatever concept of MK you have in your mind – it is about you. Don’t take it very seriously, it’s all just ones & zeros. And no, I don’t post in every MK thread by far but maggots sure amuse me.
    Or… is it you Ashton?

  • mission accomplished clicks up

    @In Awe:
    @In Awe – apologies girl, not enough time for a lengthy response, gotta watch my trades now…. however, I do agree with some of your conclusions. Your posts were by far the most insightful here, let’s keep it that way….
    If not I’ll be back again;)

  • csa

    Boring, plain face…she looks miserable..

  • laughable

    @csa: Regardless of how miserable you THINK Mila looks (oh btw, there is a swarm of parasites with cameras looking right at her and her friends) nobody could ever match your level of misery, I bet. Clicked on JJ pages numerous times for a long time now and it always says “CSA” i the comments and it’s always pure hate. I think it’s blatantly obvious to anyone on here with a brain (hard to find) that you are utterly and completely miserable, beyond belief lol. Another thing I learned from past posts, is you’ll probably reply, either completely deflecting the comment onto me, Mila or whoever, or you’ll completely ignore my statement and instead of debate or deny it, you’ll just change subject back to something like “typical pug face Mila fan” or some other pointless nonsense lol. Face facts, you need extensive help. Not a week at the school therapist, try 10-20 years under the best of the best psychiatrist’s supervision lol. Or maybe just be forced to have your computer taken away (WHO gave you a damn computer to begin with lol) so you’ll be forced to go outside and get those short term things called a life :)

  • csa

    LOL are you serious??? you are stalking me??? hahhahahah i` m sorry but i do not like Mila Kunis…

  • **Kisses**

    @csa: You don’t like Mila Kunis, then what are you doing here and putting yourself through all this misery?!!! Go away and be happy! As for poster @mission accomplished clicks up, you came here looking for “insight”….women, on a damn celebrity blog?! Girl, go to Church or a shrink to find that “insight”! Geez. So much foolishness going on here tonight. Good Lawd. Mila, keep on doin’ what you’re doin’, you’re damn HOT! Love ya, babe!

  • ted

    @csa:what? you don’t like Mila, nobody could ever have guessed that with the endless negative posts you make on Mila Kunis pages, and an obvious obsession you have. So sad to be stuck in such a bitter place that you are so obsessed with it you most comment in your usual crass and nasty way, but whatever floats your boat.

  • Nono

    As stated in the past less popular and less in public eye is more interesting. She is becoming played out cause the little twitter children of the world love Jackie and kleso together when they never been in a real relationship themselves.
    Grow up focus on the movies not the person leaving the gym or out on a date. She would hate these people especially since they repeat all tabloid nonsense. Kids today are said

  • YesYes

    @Nono: First of all, what you’re saying isn’t even English. Second of all, you know another expression that’s quite popular, “distances make the heart grow fonder”. Instead of repeating the same thing in every thread, ad nauseam, as if you’re the Pope or something, why not hold your breath for awhile and come back when we’ve, you know, forgotten about you for a bit.

  • YesYes

    @Nono: Oh, btw, your comment about Mila being photographed too much, thus taking away her ‘allure’, is completely ridiculous. As if she controls the media. What is the girl suppose to do? Hibernate with the bears every Winter and come out during the Spring? What makes you think her purpose in life is to make YOU happy?

  • Jasperbob

    @show continues…: sorry I pressed thumbs down when I read first part and then realised what you were saying. So true!

  • peter

    @Fckin’ Loser: Wow you seem to be taking the Mila loving very personally.

  • jesse

    @****: YES her head is huge. It looks funny on her small body!

  • zoe

    I love how people get so worked up about a rich celebrity on this post. I don’t like Mila because of her fake image conjured up by her PR who set up many of the photshoots. Just ask the papps who lets them know where she is.

  • illak

    You are right her head is so big. I can’t stop looking at her now.

  • jasper

    The girl in the photo in front of her is better looking and would look more like the sexiest woman if airbrushed liked Mila.

  • Nono

    I have accomplished pissing off another tabloid twitter loving Jackie and kleso fan. Love it.
    On to the next one

  • jasper

    @YesYes: Mila’s PR set up a lot of the photo opportunities.

  • notamilafan

    @laughable: Chill out fan of pug faced Mia. It is just a blog

  • damon

    The trolls have decided to invade, lol… jealous of a beautiful woman like Mila.

  • Silicon Valley

    @damon: Nope. It’s just one troll posting under different names. Notice the consistency in tone and times. Mila is making/siging movies, posing for magazines and chillaxing in her multi-million dollar home while these hygienically challenged Nobodys’ stress their pudgy little fingers on their keyboards. They’re most likely typing from their mommas’ basement whilst waiting for their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches–minus the bread crust, of course. Guess the hand is better on the keyboard then it is on your you-know-what while watching reruns of The Teletubbies. Creepy, isn’t it? No need to look around, I’m not directly looking at you. Just psychic.

  • csa

    LOL i` m just too bored to post in different names…i` m CSA…the Legend hahahha and it` s not only me who dislike your Mila …sorry! but i agree with notamliafan, it` s just a blog you guys! relax!!!

  • csa

    even Dior fired her because she has no class…

  • bubblebustin justin

    @Silicon Valley:
    that was a sharp piece, totally nailed them. so cool&witty, RESPECT man. i bet you could do even better if you put the shades down and take off the fake leather jacket you got from walmart.

  • Nono

    I don’t post under different names either. Having fun with the overly obsessed. Love Mila always will. Ashton is a no talent famewhore hack

  • notamilafan

    @Silicon Valley: It is rather sad that you have such love for an actress you are not personally acquainted with. You are nothing in her life so don’t take it all so seriously. We are just having our say about Mila. There is no hate involved.

  • Laughable

    It’s frightening how in denial you are and you proved my point about deflecting/twisting the topic, since it’s hilarious that me seeing the letters “CSA” on page after page, followed by a hateful comment, is considered stalking you LOL! It’s called being observant, a common trait that most people have (provided they’re not completely brain-dead). Still in denial? Probably, and most likely will be the bane of your existence until you go to your grave, UNLESS you got help, but you already seem to far gone, just based on your comments alone. No helping you, unless you stand up and be brave :P and admit your unhealthy obsession with someone you apparently hate lol does it not embarrass you to be so obsessed with negativity?

  • Laughable


    What a lovely, happy, charming, not torturous at all, life you lead :). Good luck with that LOL

  • notamilafanbutloveashton

    @Laughable: Get a grip. What hateful comments! You are a mean person.

  • saywhat

    @notamilafan: And it is rather sad that you have such a hate for an an actress you are not personally acquainted with either. Many people do not share your opinion and they have a right to express it as well. What a hypocritical thing to say.

  • saywhat

    @notamilafanbutloveashton: And how could I forget the hypocrisy of calling someone out for hateful and being mean when you use terms to describe someone as pug faced. Seriously?

  • notamilafan

    @saywhat: No hate for Mila. Why would I hate someone I don’t personally know? Her false personality annoys me and that a lot of fans fall for it annoys me so I express my opinion about that. I am commenting about her but not talkiing directly to her. But you verbally attacked someone directly on this post. That is not cool.