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Barack Obama Pokes Fun at Donald Trump on 'Tonight Show'

Barack Obama Pokes Fun at Donald Trump on 'Tonight Show'

Barack Obama is all smiles while making an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday night (October 24) in Burbank, Calif.

The President of the United States talked about the current election season, his wife Michelle, and the first Presidential Debate.

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“It plays different on the TV than when you’re on the stage, clearly I had a bad night,” Barack expressed to Jay. “The whole point of debates is to make sure the American people understand the stakes.”

He also zinged business man Donald Trump during the interview. “This all dates back to when we were growing up together in Kenya,” Barack joked. “We had constant run-ins on the soccer field. He wasn’t very good and resented it. When we finally moved to America, I thought it would be over.”

Barack Obama – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Part 1

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Barack Obama – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Part 2

Barack Obama – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Part 3

Barack Obama – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Part 4
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  • Serena

    B. Obama! Only you can do it!!! You are the best for America! I’ll Vote for you!!

  • dobbi

    Stay in CA and be a comic. You haven’t had a serious press conference in months. What a joke.

  • Annie

    Seems Obama is more interested in playing celebrity while he sidesteps all the important issues like Libya, Syria and national debt.

  • AMY

    Both him and Romney are no good for our country. Why can’t we get a candiate like FDR? He always got the job done.

  • ashley

    he makes me want to vomit.
    he is such a loser

  • U€

    Angela Merkel should be the president

  • KT

    Obama is the worst president ever.

  • Obamney Rombama

    all those that have died in these wars for resources and corporate greed–shame–
    but in reality he is a complete puppet like all our presidents after JFK
    Obama has agreed to be a front man for the powerful greedy elite of not only just our country but the world. Romney will do the same.

  • Fire Obama

    He’s moving to Hawaii..ho hum

  • Idiocracy

    Most treat this election at if it was a WWF wrestling match or a sporting event . This is our future. We have no real choice with these two candidates.

  • Journalistic

    Barack over Mitt but still, my ideal candidate wouldn’t be playing up the celebrity and hanging out with Jay Z. I can barely take this guy seriously and I think he acted childish in the debates.

  • reggie

    I would never vote for Mitt or the GOP, their attitude towards women’s rights dates back to the dark ages.

  • Lori

    Obama took Bush’s complete 8 year mess and did very little with it. (yes I know he did a few things which can be easily overturned)
    So disappointing.
    Obama continued the assualt on our Constitution, despite promising that he would uphold it and repair the Bush admin. damage, which is what I will always remember about him. Deceived.
    He is/was a ringer who contiued an evil neo conservative agenda.

  • take

    GOP hates women therefore I have no choice but to vote for Obama.

  • kev

    - maybe it’s me but seeing my Prez constatly cracking jokes does not give me much confidence in him

  • cosmos

    Ummm who cares if he went on Jay Leno? And for one who said he’s done very little, look at the congress he’s had to work with or more so against him. Do you think Mitt would be going after Bank of America or any other company Obama’s gone after? Or how about Freeport, Il? Go ask Mitt & BAIN about that shipping jobs to China. I’m sorry but if you look at the issues especially regarding women and women’s health, the economy the FACT the next President will nominate so many supreme court justices I would NEVER jump on the side of the GOP. And after Murdoch’s statement yesterday and Aiken’s a couple month’s ago regarding women, rape and abortion how in the hell could ANY women for for lying Mitt and anyone in his party. Who by the way lied 24 times in 31 minutes the last debate. Seriously?! You want to trust a lier and believe you’ll be better off?

  • Obama

    Voting for Obama and I will have to admitt that instead of voting for who will do the best job I have I was forced to decided, “which of these two could do the least damage”. That was a tough one.

  • truthhurts

    Mitt Romney is a snob who deceives humble ignorant minds. He’s no king of the world.

  • Gia

    This president has spent the last year campaigning, maybe if he would put some real effort into actually getting people to work instead of them having to understandably go to the food stamp line, we would be moving forward. Instead, he is on the View, Letterman, Leno…I’m changing my vote this election. My mom lost her job a month ago, we need action, not these appearances!

  • amy

    Never have I seen a President who is constantly hanging with either Oprah, Wil Smith, Beyounce, and other celebs in Armani suits. I don’t know much about what he has actually done for hard working Americans. The only time you see him with normal people is when he is looking for votes. Then you see him dressed like “us”, rolling up his sleeves, seriously? I don’t live in the US. Looking from the outside. Your President certainly does the hanging with Rich celebs, Alottttt. As for who to vote for, Hmm, well either an ex lawyer or ex businessman. I’d probably vote for the exbusinessman. I mean first off what has Obama done for you? not with celebs, but you? Second, an exbusinessman may know a thing or two about how to run things. Third, seriously what do you have to lose?

  • Bathhouse Barry LOST

    Obama’s internal polling shows he lost. The Pritzkers are secretly planning his retirement to a 35 million dollar Oahu estate and McCormick Place has been selected for the concession speech election night according to Hillbuzz.

  • ! , ?

    Romney is surely another Bush, yikes, been there done that,
    and I’m still not clear who Obama is after four years.

  • Missy


    Cosmos, looks like you’ve bought into the Democratic propaganda. Distract women and the American people from the real problems!!!

  • reggie

    If the world had its say, this election would be a blow-out favouring Obama.
    That’s according to a BBC World Service poll taken in 21 countries. It found for the most part, foreign countries preferred Obama. The only exception was Pakistan where more people said they preferred Romney.

    Who endorses Romney – Donald Trump (an idiot – sorry he is)
    Who endorses Obama – Colin L. Powell (former Republican secretary of state)

    I seriously hope the majority of Americans are more intelligent than Donald Trump


    Why is the corrupt Entertainment and News Media working soooooooooo hard to get the WORST prez ever re-elected……
    Seriously we are worse off in every way, the Economy, Jobs, Food, Gas and Energy prices.


    @reggie the BBC is LEFTIST propaganda, those countries don’t have a FREE Media neither do we.

  • reggie

    You mean like the time when the GOP party nominated an actual actor to be president – and still thinks he was one of the best.

  • wake me when it’s over

    When Bush did it – Bad
    When Obama did the same – Good
    If Romney does it? – Bad
    When Bush did it – Good
    When Obama did the same – Bad
    If Romney should do it ? – Good

  • reggie

    Right, like when the BBC uncovered the story that the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was a flat out lie by the Bush government. And we all know now that that was a lie. The BBC was the only news media Europeans could trust during WWII. LEFTIST, please give me a break, how about the truth.

  • kenny

    Seriously, if the prime minister of my country would ever appear in talk shows poeple would be outraged. But i guess in America it is normal…

  • idiocracy

    The Republicans have their usual election fraud (republican ownnership of voting machine companies, hacking, and meddling with vote counting in key states)
    The Democrats have voter fraud (vote and vote often, aliases, dead people etc., intimidation)

    can’t wait to see who is more corrupt on election night
    my money is on the Republicans

  • siennagold

    This president spends so much time doing talk shows lately.

  • Leni

    Hey Barack, Canada is in Afghanistan too…

    I’m a big fan, but come on.

  • Truth

    ****************************Great News***********************************
    Many White House staffers are jumping ship early and actively seeking employment before January.They don’t want to associated with a failed administration.

  • Truth

    Obama’s internal polling shows he lost.
    The Pritzkers are secretly planning his retirement to a 35 million dollar Oahu estate and McCormick Place has been selected for the concession speech election night according to Hillbuzz.

  • Karen

    he acts more like a celebrity than the freaking president

  • http://hotmail byebye


    It’s a good think you are one of the few! Not all woman whats free contraceptives. Some woman who are spending 3,000.00 /year for birth control will surely vote for Obama. What’s with democrat woman? No wonder you all like celebrity so much, just like your for former pres Obama.

  • llestra

    Jeez u guys! give him a break! Just cause one night he cracks jokes doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be president!! He deserves too have a little fun just like the rest of us! if he didn’t crack jokes you also would be criticizing that too! and as for him not doing nothing these 4 years is gonna take more than 4 years actually it could even take more than 8 years to fix America! He is just one person trying to do his best for millions and millions of people he cant please everybody!

  • keka

    @byebye: you realize that birth control isn’t only for people who don’t want to have babies, right? it’s also prescribed for irregular menstruation and a whole host of other reproductive irregularities. do your research before sounding like an ignorant moron. You should also learn to spell check because it’s pretty hard trying to understand what you’re writing – “not all women whats free contraceptives” ? nice.

  • guest

    How old are you? My 75 year old father was a child when FDR died. You do know we are in the 21st century. Would FDR win the presidency today if people knew he was disabled? Can you imagine what chance he would of had running for presidency when you have the likes of Donald Trump and Fox news, Social Media. Poor FDR would have been ridiculed, or they would have declared him damn near death if they knew he had a handicap.
    I do agree, reading history books he was a great President but FDR running for President in 2012 would probably have lost the election. It’s a different climate my dear.
    In 1932, I would say the ethnic make-up of the US was probably 70%+ caucasian, with African Americans being 30%, if not less, Hispanics/ Asians less than 5%. of the population.

    Vote Obama/Biden 2012. Please not for the party that thinks a 12 year old raped by her stepfather should be forced to have a baby or discount 47% of the population, even better yet think they have a better chance of winning the presidency if only they were born an actual Mexican. It sounded no better than the Miss America contestant who spouted she had a better chance of winning if she were Black after 3 Black women won the crown in its 50 years history.

  • Incredible

    Instead of taking care of his business and trying to get the country out of the mess, he’s clowning on talkshows. Yeah, what a disgrace.

  • amy

    @guest:are you mental? or just like to preach? From the looks of things YOUR President hangs more with RICH & FAMOUS PEOPLE and he is on alottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt of talk shows ie, the view, tonight show, jay leno, etc

  • Vanessa

    You’re a big joke OBAMA!

  • porquenon


    amy, projection is a problem for the Republicans not the Democrats. You’ve fallen for Rovian psy ops which he learned at the teat of Lee Atwater (and look how Atwater ended up). Karma is a b*tch.

    Choose America not the Caymen Islands!

    Choose American jobs not Chinese slave labor!!

    Choose Choice not Criminalizing Doctors and Women!!!

    Obama/Biden 2012

  • susana

    @reggie: @take:

    so, by your logic maybe I should actually vote for romney?
    Who endorses Obama-Honey booboo child and every other mindless celebrity lemming who has their blinders on from real issues and just thinks with what the masses and propoganda tells them.

    I was a democrat before this election but Obama has had his time, he has done nothing and we need someone with real experience. Sorry, I dont care if my president has Jay-z on his ipod…

  • Me

    I will never watch Jay Leno again…I can’t stand the sight of Trump, but Barack HUSSEIN Obama makes me want to throw up in my mouth…This man is soooo busy trying to be in the celebrity world he has lost sight of the job WE PAY HIM TO DO!!! He should be answering the questions as to what happened in Libya & why he lied his azz off about the truth…He never should have been voted into office to begin with…He has no experience to do his job…He has done absolutely nothing for the American people except make all our lives miserable & kill our bank accounts…Just the fact that Jay had him on his show will stop me from tuning in ever again…I loved the show, but now Jay is in the same catagory as HUSSEIN is…We will be attacked by Iran for sure if HUSSEIN gets back into office…He!!, he will probably help Iran make it happen…He looks the other way when we get attacked in other countries…Why wouldn’t he look the other way if America is attcked again…He will be the downfall of America…He is not my president…I didn’t vote him in…Mark my words, Iran is coming after us because they know we are weak now that we have HUSSEIN in office to allow them to attack us…He could care-a-less about our economy…This was his plan all along…Cripple America & then take us down!!!!!!

  • scallywag

    Either way one has to wonder how the political process has regressed to a kind of inane name calling, baiting and shrill accusations that in the end does little to address the wide social and economic issues that imperil most who live here in the United States, something that may suit the plutocrats who many argue have already bought the election to begin with and of course the side show that comes with that….

  • porquenon


    Me – were you this angry at Bush and Co when they lied about weapons of mass destruction to get us into an unneeded and unpaid for war with Iraq? Thought not.
    p.s. you’re a racebaiter too? How unAMERICAN of you.

    Obama/Biden 2012

  • Yes

    Wake up people! Most of those jobs are NEVER coming back. Your GOP shipped them overseas where wages are lower. They have NOOO incentive to bring jobs back to America. Romney can’t create jobs here because to do so would go against every bottom line corporate ethic there is.

  • reggie

    I am pretty sure I am not voting for a political party who failed to protect the country from the biggest terrorist attack in it’s history and the biggest financial downfall in 80 years. A political party who’s members think rape is gods will is not what I want to see in January 2013.